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Thread: Who Owns The World - Article by Taetm Moon

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    Default Who Owns The World - Article by Taetm Moon

    Who Owns The World?

    Children are naturally curious of the world around them, and that is why they ask so many questions and are labeled as having great imaginations. I remember asking my mother as a child “Who owns the world?” I thought if we have leaders for the countries we were born into, then there must be a leader for the entire world. Who is the controller of the collaboration between peoples from different countries? Who designed the cultures and systems that most societies in the world run by?

    But of course my mom knew nothing; she was an insurance broker. She was not a dictator, a president, a politician, a business woman, or anything but an insurance broker that sits in their desk all day staring at a computer screen, doing paperwork, and dealing with angry customers yelling at her out of frustration. How would my mom know who runs the world? She was the born the same way I was. I'm sure she wondered the same thing at some point, to then have her mother tell her the same thing that my mother told me: “There is no leader of the world, just many different governments”. So now the question comes to mind: “Do we need a leader of the world? Would it be a better place?”

    The United Nations is the best leader we have; a unity of many different countries working together towards their common wants, needs and agendas. If there can't be a one world dictator, or someone leading the entire world and its people as a whole, then everyone needs to at least work together and follow similar systems and cultures for this thing to work, right? We can't have one person hoarding all of the money, gold, and resources without the other one getting angry. We can't have one society using a completely different system than another because then it could harm the other society and cause chaos. There needs to be some kind of balance. There needs to be some kind of collaboration. We can't live in an uncivil free-for-all.

    With so many people in the world, how would we be able to choose only one leader? Throughout time, individual leaders, presidents, or dictators have maintained much power to a point where they either became greedy, or arrogant to a point where they thought they were doing good, but ended up creating more poverty, pollution, and dystopia rather than equality, paradise, and utopia. We tried enslaving people for power, but it never worked. We tried hoarding resources and building empires, but ended up polluting the air we breathe, and allowing terrorists and criminals to get their hands on weapons of mass destruction and large amounts of resources. A leader can think they are doing good for themselves and the people, but in the end there will be both pros and cons; like a balance.

    So now the question comes to mind: when will humans ever learn that we cannot enslave the people, we cannot run a successful society based on greed and dictatorship, and that there needs to be a more of a contribution by the people to the method or system of civilization in order for a utopia to occur. I don't think labor is going to fix this mess. Focusing more on the physical realm is what got us in this mess to begin with. If we want to have fancy possessions, and possess nuclear explosions that could turn this beautiful planet into a nuclear wasteland, then we must mentally or spiritually evolve in order to comprehend and maturely manage this advanced technology and physical power so we won't abuse it.

    Look at the problems that we ALL have in the world today. How much worse can it get if we continue to make our decisions based on our arrogance and abuse of power? When will we realize that collaboration between ALL peoples is key to the worlds problems? We are all unique. There never has been and never will be leader or dictator with the most superior knowledge, and we will only discover this upon abandoning our natural arrogance and begin to include regular people or civilians into the governments. If governments are the controllers, and the protectors of the people, then shouldn't all people have a larger say in world issues and systems regardless of our profession? A multi-skilled population will be better than a single skilled one.

    - By Taetm Moon AKA TheInBetween. Probably gonna write a book about this. And expose a lot about secret societies because they're pissing me off lately lol.
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    Default Re: Who Owns The World - Article by Taetm Moon

    Adnan Sakli owned the world, as we know it, until he died suspiciously in his hotel room last year. Now with his removal from the system, it's a free for all. His assets, the world and its financial systems, are now being played off against each other, by the possessors of his estate... So, in answer to your thought, now that Adnan is dead, nobody owns the world, but lots of competing groups would like to.. Look into it, Adnan Sakli..

    If he had played the game and had hired a blackwater esque army to guard him, he would most likely still own the world... His arrogance in his safeguards and his position was his undoing, IMHO, he failed to see that no one knew about him or his stake enough to protect him and failed to see that possession of an asset is nine tenths of the law..

    Here's part of a Skype chat before he died... N

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    Default Re: Who Owns The World - Article by Taetm Moon

    God bless this soul that tried to buck the corrupt system.

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