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Thread: What the Governments are prepping for!

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    Default Re: What the Governments are prepping for!

    Quote Posted by seah (here)
    the government is anticipating a global catastrophe and we heard it from youtube?

    What now, brothers and sisters?
    I absolutely think they are, but it sure as hell isn't "planet X" it's a much more reasonable and historically proven "rogue meteor" that could end nearly all live on the planet (as "it" has done multiple times in the past).

    Here's more info than you are willing to pay attention to on this very topic:
    Hard times create strong men, Strong men create good times, Good times create weak men, Weak men create hard times.
    Where are you?

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    Default Re: What the Governments are prepping for!

    Kameron Fally/Faily of recent Camalot interview fame- He refers to the Bowie song "Black Star" due out on Bowies birthday (soon to be 69 years of age -one of those numbers) as being an Illuminati type warning of what is to come. I will say it is creepy and curious- I wanted to switch it off-

    Mr Fally claims the original lyrics contains a date at the end -the 1st of August 2016, he suggests this may be "the date" of the Earth changes. Who knows? See what you think.

    There is another video of similar solar eclipse theme/style by the "I am a fire starter" group https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mq2mPJH0Aw

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    Default Re: What the Governments are prepping for!

    Good morning >><< Apologies for the unnecessary nothing post.
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    Default Re: What the Governments are prepping for!

    Quote Posted by sheme (here)
    Who said thank them? So should all life of a different vibration than our own be destroyed ? - does the diversity create harmony- or shall we assume the Mother is tolerant to a degree?

    Camalot -Kerry Cassidy has an informative series of interviews with Karmeron Filey-This is endurance listening -but packed with information- a date for the three days of darkness -and the pole shift where given , talk 2 seemed very credible to me.
    If I remember the material right and I am not sure if it was called the hidden hand or something else, the concept was that some of the more advanced souls play the role of the bad/evil/mean, and in the case of most of Avalon, successful, so to give us the experiences we need to grow. Not saying I believe it, just something that popped into my head when you talked about the wolf.

    EDIT: Yes it was the Hidden Hand. The full interview is on the bottom of this page which I guess summaries it for you. I would guess it was discussed on Avalon a long time ago.

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