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Thread: Witness to 'When the Horses Whisper' author, Rosalyn Berne

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    Default Re: Witness to 'When the Horses Whisper' author, Rosalyn Berne

    I realize this is an old thread, but I just read it. I started crying when I read what the one horse said about it being it's third time here and how hard it was to learn to be here. Oh, how beautiful. I do not understand cruelty to animals on any level. They are our brothers and sisters.

    I have two horses; one a rescue mini who is a companion to my horse, a mare who is half Icelandic and half Missouri Fox Trotter. She came from a farm in Michigan and had been trained using natural horsemanship. There is some sadness in her that I sense, but would desperately like to know what I can do to make her feel useful. She is extremely bright.

    I am going to contact Rosa. Thank you so much for this beautiful thread. During my awakening, I communicated with a little dog. It was the most stunning, unexpected thing. I leaned down and asked him how his day was going and he had the most beautiful, earnest look on his face when he replied so deeply from the heart. I wish I could do that all the time. They need us to understand.
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