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Thread: Nibiru this year?

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    Default Nibiru this year?

    I do not think so, but two trustworthy people have suggested it. That caused my to write this thread.
    I am talking about Bob Dean and Alex Collier.

    Taken from an interview in 2008 of Bob Dean with Kerry Cassidy, talking about Niburu:

    BD: And I think thatís the end of the Great Year that weíre going through. Weíre going through the end of a 26,000-year cycle.

    BD: I tell you, 2012... phhhft, donít matter! First of all, Christ was born seven years before. And this is a fact. And if you donít believe me, get Sir Lawrence Gardner, who is probably one of the best historians weíve got working today. Lawrence Gardnerís got the facts. Jesus was born in 7 BC, on the first of March.

    Now, if you want to count from his birth, like we supposedly have been doing, add seven years to 2008. You end up with 2015. Thatís pretty close to 20...

    KC: Oh, so youíre saying we are actually in the year 2015 now.

    BD: Weíre in the year 2015 right now.

    KC: Right. So that means that Nibiru... When you say itís coming in 2020, itís actually due in about five years.

    BD: Probably.

    KC: So, weíre looking at 2013 by our calendar.

    BD: Well, no later than 2017 [smiles]. Iíll throw 2017 out.

    Let us take away the confusion caused by the year of Jesus birth, Bob Dean seemed to think 2016 is the year of the coming of Nibiru, given that we are in the year.

    In a recent interview, Alex Collier went so far as to say Nibiru is coming in late April or Early May this year, and he warned of damaging meteor showers:

    Our two trustworthy friends were certainly telling what they believed. Is some sky event going to happen?

    I believe Nibiru is undoubtedly real, but it won't come for another few decades. However, two things happening in recent years may suggest some sky events are going to happen soon. They are the "heavenly signs" of illusive meteors streaking through the night skies and the mysterious sonic booms. I can imagine they together form the image of meteor showers hitting the earth and exploding.

    If the Heaven does warn mankind as is in the Bible or beliefs in some cultures, this is a possible interpretation and we may have some killing meteor showers. Even so, it does not mean they are caused by Nibiru. It may be that the earth is really entering a debris zone of the Milky Way.

    However, the probability of a group of large meteors coming in two months undetected by astronomers and scientists is smaller. The probability of a large size meteor hitting near you is also very small even if there are tens of thousands of them. So there should be no fear.
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    Default Re: Nibiru this year?

    Nibiru is a comet , a fragment of a planet brought here by the destoyer, it has a 3,500 year orbit...the plejaren say even in the past our ancestors were obsessed with its mystery ... they say it is a comet devoid of life and not home to the fictional Annunaki ... ( their take on Nibiru)...
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    Default Re: Nibiru this year?

    I have been reading up on the various posts on you-tube.com/planet x and ancient prophesies. One prophesy says it will pass several times and kill the earth on the sixth pass. However, that sixth pass may be around the year 3797. However, Nostradamus says the sun will expand past the earth and it will be curtains for us. I think that is the real reason the government started the Mars program, which is the closest address upon which man can survive around here. Interesting prophesies attributed to Baba Vanga are worth reading on you-tube.

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