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Thread: Our Moon

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    Default Re: Our Moon

    Quote Posted by Solon (here)
    There is no proof that the Moon or even the Sun are visible from outside of Earths atmosphere. All light and heat experienced on Earth are generated in Earths atmosphere, including moon light. NASA will not perform the simple experiments to prove it, but Neil Armstrong said quite clearly that from cislunar space, the sky was black. nothing is visible. The greatest scientific fraud of all time and nobody can see it.

    Quote Posted by Nick Matkin (here)
    The Hubble Telescope is outside the atmosphere. Faked images?
    THOUSANDS of faked images? not to mention all the other imagery.

    Knowing how light works,why would anything be anything but MORE visible outside of the atmosphere?

    Why would interaction with the atmosphere change the nature of light's propagation?

    Why have we not shown this to be true with terrestrial vacuum chambers? ( we have some BIG ones)... this just doesn't make any sense at all.
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    Default Re: Our Moon

    Moon will be made of cheese next.....
    JLW videos are fascinating, innocent and open to discussion. Helvetic usually doesn't promote nonsense...
    Nick, my radio-consultants friends are all 'at-sea' at the moment, there is a huge argument over HAARP, and linked-in technologies. There is also the radar/nexrad implementation affecting the geo-engineering actually proven effects on our locales in most points globally.
    Then there is the anomalous incoming niggling doubts of something which is almost here, almost admitted, but putting a 'toe' in the controversial hot-water is almost tantamount to 'credibility suicide'....
    I love the dedication of those who go above and beyond the strait-jacketed 'common-purpose' education, to get us to reality, the truth, no matter what...
    The love you withhold is the pain that you carry
    and er..
    "Chariots of the Globs" (apols to Fat Freddy's Cat)

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    Default Re: Our Moon

    I just saw this article......

    Moon used to spin 'on different axis'

    2 hours ago
    From the section Science & Environment

    llustration of the shifted axis of rotation Image copyright James Tuttle Keane

    The scientists suggest volcanic activity generated the "wander"

    The Moon used to spin on a different axis and show a slightly different face to the Earth,
    a new study suggests.Using data collected by Nasa's Lunar Prospector mission in the late
    1990s, scientists spotted two hydrogen-rich regions near the Moon's poles, probably
    indicating the presence of water ice.The icy patches are opposite each other - the line between
    them passes through the middle of the Moon - so it appears that this used to be its spin axis.

    The work appears in the journal Nature.

    It describes a gradual wobble, or "true polar wander", adding up to about a six-degree shift altogether.

    A likely explanation for this shift, which the researchers suggest took place over several billion years,
    is volcanic activity in a region called the Procellarum.This swathe of territory includes most of the Moon's
    dark patches that are visible from the Earth. Volcanoes and associated geological activity would have
    made it warmer and lighter than the rest of the Moon.According to Matt Siegler, from the Planetary
    Science Institute in Arizona, and his colleagues, that drop in density produced enough wobble to explain
    the two "palaeopoles" they detected in the Lunar Prospector data.

    "The Procellarum region was most geologically active early in lunar history, which implies that polar
    wander initiated billions of years ago," they write.

    illustration of the location of the ancient poles Image copyright James Tuttle Keane

    The presumed icy patches are opposite each other, nearby the present lunar poles

    Dr Siegler and his colleagues discovered the hydrogen-rich patches in data from the Lunar Prospector's
    neutron spectrometer: measuring the neutrons bounced off the Moon's surface by incoming cosmic rays.
    That hydrogen signal is taken to indicate the presence of water ice, which can - and does - exist in
    permanently shaded craters at the Moon's poles. Precisely why it has persisted in these regions, which
    have now drifted away from the poles and into sunlight, is a mystery.

    The researchers suggest it may have been buried by asteroid impacts, but this will require further investigation.

    Previous studies have suggested that the Moon may have wobbled around to an even greater extent
    - perhaps as much as 35 degrees.

    The lead author of one of those earlier papers, Ian Garrick-Bethell from the University of California Santa
    Cruz, wrote in a comment piece for Nature: "A key goal will be to reconcile these many stories of the
    changing orientation of the Moon, and to determine what density changes drove it to wander."


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    Default Re: Our Moon

    Quote Posted by Nick Matkin (here)
    The Hubble Telescope is outside the atmosphere. Faked images?
    Hubble uses still classified Military technology, first developed for the ICBM program. Why do you think no other space capable nation has a telescope in space? Why do you think NASA will not let these talented groups put a conventional telescope in space?

    Testbed Paves Way for Amateur Space Telescope

    Quote Telescope Alpha" is only the first step in a much more ambitious plan. The League hopes to convince NASA to attach a telescope 14 to 16 inches in aperture to the International Space Station sometime between 2008 and 2010. Controlled remotely by a team of amateurs on the ground, the envisioned telescope would concentrate on "taking pictures of the universe that interest the whole human race," notes imaging expert Richard Berry, who is coordinating efforts to gain NASA's approval. "All of the images and data from the ISS-AT would be available for use in the classroom and as a basis for observing proposals from educators and their classes.
    Sounds like it was a wonderful project.

    Quote The Amateur Space Telescope project got its start in early 1979 when a handful of enthusiastic students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY realized that they could build their own space telescope using off-the-shelf hardware and launch it as a payload on the soon-to-be-introduced Space Shuttle. The AST would be the amateur (and much less expensive) equivalent of NASA’s Hubble Space telescope (HST) then under development.

    Quote Knowing how light works...
    You don't, nobody really does, except the Military. And the Vatican, which is where the technology originated, and was developed by Les Officine Gallileo, now owned by Finmeccanica. The Vatican still has much of its pension funds in the company. And if you want to go anywhere in space, you need a Star Tracker, which even if you could afford, they would not sell to you without an extremely thorough vetting. It uses similar science to Hubble and the ICBM star sensors.

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    Default Re: Our Moon

    Well I do not know but this is fun....ish?

    Synopsis: During the construction of the universe, a young member of the Cosmos Corps of Engineers decides to break some fundamental laws in the name of self-expression. 16mins long or about that!

    The Looking Planet

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    Default Re: Our Moon

    Quote Posted by lake (here)
    Well I do not know but this is fun....ish?

    Synopsis: During the construction of the universe, a young member of the Cosmos Corps of Engineers decides to break some fundamental laws in the name of self-expression. 16mins long or about that!

    The Looking Planet
    Thanks for posting this great film lake.
    It is one of my favorite finds in the 'Dust' collection.

    Maybe this is how it's all done out there

    A great film to broaden ones views on higher dimensional beings and how easy it all might be for them haha.
    I'm a simple easy going guy that is very upset/sad with the worlds hidden controllers!
    We need LEADERS who bat from the HEART!
    Rise up above them Dark evil doers, not within anger but with LOVE

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    Default Re: Our Moon

    There are dozens of moon threads (do a search with 'Moon' as the search term with results as titles) — but this one seemed the most appropriate for this video.

    The video starts with an explanation of the moon's relative motion around the sun that makes it unique in our solar system. (I never knew this.)

    And then go to 5:45 to see how a certain relationship of moons of moons of moons ('mini-moons') would describe an orbit in the shape of Homer Simpson. (Yes, really!)

    The video soon heads towards some quite advanced math, but the start of it really is quite fascinating.

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    Default Re: Our Moon

    Around 2009 when Jose Escamilla came out with his wonderful movie "Moon Rising," I scoured every small section of that video by stopping its motion. I viewed what appeared to me to be Giants in robes among TREES. In one particular section with is still viewable in "Moon Rising 1" on You tube.com, a scene shows what is described as the possible outlet for an atomic energy generator and to the right of that is what appears to be a huge cannon described as having a bore of one mile in diameter. Hardly noticeable to most people except scourers like myself, the far wall of this crater's depression shows a large number of people either lined up or walking in a line from a cave exit to the side of the crater holding up the cannon. The picture of the Atomic Energy Generator's Chimney is said to be two miles wide. That would mean that the people in the picture were EMENSE GIANTS.

    In another view of Jose Camilla's film, "Moon Rising 2" (which is no longer on the internet for some reason...it was too convincing and revealing...is shown several human GIANTS, male and female in long gowns among TREES. I clearly saw bushes and trees in his video. However, I got a confirmation from a woman who worked at NASA (this is on Youtube.com) who spoke with another employee who was brushing out things from the photos taken on the Moon showing a UFO floating over "TREES." I inspected the cliffs to its left and deciphered tiny human forms among what appeared to be huge stone cliffs which in several located clearly showed the shape of a door portal, clearly rectangular.

    Now if there are forests and trees there must be water, oxygen and clouds. On the subject of GIANTS, a great many very complete human heads and faces stared out at me as (corpses) being a part of the ground. These GIANTS may have been one or many more miles in height. Add this to the Alien, but human looking female corpses of ancient pilots found and removed from the moon by NASA, and you come away with the conclusion that one or more terrible wars occurred on the moon, leaving the structures of a previous civilization behind. I also viewed what appeared to be openings, like windows, in the faked rocks of the moon with human faces in what must have been those of Giants looking through them. There was also a scene of very tall humans around a pool. I think that Jose was stopped from showing his original video which was too explicit.

    My conclusion from the above and other information is that the Moon is spying on earthlings. Possibly, we are some sort of experiment to be observed, to have horrible genetic tests torturing us and when they are through with that, they likely kill us all off and on to the next experiment. The Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa says the Moon only moved into position thirty thousand years ago and the two main Annunaki, Enlil and Enki, were aboard. Put that together with the story that they created us 250,000 years ago. Something smells somewhere. This is my contribution to Avalon. Hope you read it and keep it.
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    Default Re: Our Moon

    An atmosphere on the Moon would be clearly detectable from Earth by any amateur astronomer with a small telescope by watching the Moon's atmosphere affect the light from stars as the Moon moved across the sky.

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