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Thread: 25-year-old interview with Oprah and Trump

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    Default 25-year-old interview with Oprah and Trump

    If you're following the US election show, you'll find this interesting on a number of levels. I'm sorry to not offer a summary but it's only a 3 minute video and it speaks for itself.

    Very, very interesting if you ask me...and I don't even plan to vote.


    "The world is made for people who aren't cursed with self awareness."
    - Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham

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    Default Re: 25-year-old interview with Oprah and Trump

    Oprah could have planted the seed in him 25 years ago. She was instrumental in Barack's campaign. Notice how he didn't say the word DEAL.

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    Default Re: 25-year-old interview with Oprah and Trump

    "and I don't even plan to vote."

    Is this an awakening or what?
    Love and Hope

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    Default Re: 25-year-old interview with Oprah and Trump

    Quote Posted by Tangri (here)
    "and I don't even plan to vote."

    Is this an awakening or what?
    Regardless of what you think of Trump this is an "event" ... no idea where it will go ...

    This from a long time political insider (for several administrations) ...

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    Default Re: 25-year-old interview with Oprah and Trump

    Too bad that vision will create more battle on earth, more distortions in synchronicity, more global unbalance and ultimately the recall of whatever money, pride and power gained, causing huge costs on the global level, benefiting only the very richest in terms of money, but making everyone into losers.

    I believe in a world that wants to discover what peace is like, what it means to remove separation, what it means to collectively and globally build something that is founded on a true synchronous ground rather than on a fake battleground.

    Trump's proposal is heavily overestimated. When will people learn that truth is in peace and the false is in everything else. When you build something around the false, it means the acceleration towards positive polarity increase stops. The acceleration is only possible when you keep clearing that what holds the negative polarity. For that to be possible truth must a very central part of what drives you forward. This is why I am many times saying that be real, no matter what, be real, because that is what allows you to over time clear the negative polarity attached to your being, so that the acceleration of your density from the dark to the light can be boosted.

    Being real is about being true, in truth, seeking more truth. It is very real to love, especially when it is unconditional. Because unconditional love does not deny or hold back any part of the truth, it is in its own fullness and truth. Then you will discover that using your free will in that way will bombard you with that which is subject to that love. And the more true you learn to be, the clearer it will get how you want to direct your free will and the stronger that attraction will become until there will be no separation between the two. So the truth causes an upward acceleration cycle of stronger and stronger attraction until the unconditional love is so strong that any separation in between the two cannot be anymore. This is a path that leads to peace and true everlasting joy.

    So the success of taking money back, building the military strong or whatever, that is just going to build a thicker layer in between the truth and you, by not allowing the natural acceleration of attraction build according to the plan. You see, when bad things happen to you and you direct your free will into it, with or without lots of money in your pocket that is going to cause you great suffering. But when you decide to keep focusing and directing your free will into that which is true, then it is peace you are accelerating to and that means overwhelmingly great emotions lining up.

    Think of life as a series of still images reflecting the total polarity caused mutually by the product of the polarity contained within the free will of each side - attractor and attracted, from point to point. Through each point/still image, there is potential and with greater acceleration comes a greater potential and a greater chance of a greater realization of the potential. 50% of this happens naturally without you having to do anything because nature constantly accelerates, 50% happens through your own tuning process that boosts the process. This tuning process is really about clearing the false which holds negative polarity. Therefore, every time you use your free will in a particular direction, the total potential of that is going to be increased. This means that ultimately you could end up in a single point in time, when the potential is infinite and the release/realization into that truth is infinitely likely.

    Free will is mutual. Any free will denying the truth of unconditional love, only means the next image is going to be something else you've loved. So the thread is yielding ever more true images when you direct your free will that way. Herein lies the multi-dimensional nature of time and space. Every time a potential is unrealized a thread switch occurs. The existence of the original thread is still there so is its total potential, but the next time you cross it, the potential at that state is higher and the chance of the realization of that potential is going to be higher as well, because the attractor and the attracted are going to hold lighter density that time having gone through a series of lighter density threads needed to criss cross into this same image at a higher chance of realization that time, which is the will of total unconditional love to happen no matter the thread. It is your density that determines the potential and the combined density that determines the chance of realization of that potential. This is why everything could be almost perfect, except the timing, because at that time the attracted density might still be a bit too much out of phase.

    This means a few things. What you have loved is never ever lost. Its yours forever. Loving A, does not mean losing B. Loving B, does not mean losing A. Unrealization on thread A image A might move you to thread B image A. Unrealization on thread B image A might move you back to the exact same thread A image A for a re-try, only this time your density is lighter causing a greater potential and the combined density is lighter causing a greater chance of realization. So thread switches are always according to unconditional love and free will, but the exact same combination of potential and realization chance through a particular thread's particular image never is identical, because the density of attractor and attracted is always different when crossing through that particular thread's image. Now, what happens when there is a potential realization is that you both progress to the next image on that thread, which is perfect relative to the image before it, it has greater potential and greater chance of potential realization. Both are still able to use free will though to switch thread. But at some point both are going to feel so at home on the same thread and that's when the acceleration really picks up.

    The emotion starts to build when you reach lighter and lighter density, when you feel more and more peace, when you can see more and more clearly how nature operates not against you, but with you, on your side, as your friend, loving you unconditionally always. It leaves free will to attractor and attracted, but it orchestrates the thread switches so that when they happen your potential can get maximum acceleration from the density gained in the previous state. An unrealized very light density is protected by the thread switch to limit the negative density catalysis of the unrealization of potential on the previous thread, since otherwise the confusion could lead you into using your free will into emptying your collected density bank from a very bad catalysis into extremely bad catalysis on the threads that would follow, which would then mean the sequence would not be the result of your positively polarized free will but the result of the negatively polarized use of free will by someone/something else. So I bet that if you would be able to really see these thread switches from a higher perspective, you would find that it is perfect and that it progresses exactly the way it needs to.

    Due to this, I therefore think that whatever has ever been in someone's free will driven love, will ultimately realize, and it will realize when the timing and potential is perfect. Humans around you cannot decide your destiny. Your free will is respected in creation. Let me give you an example. You have got a new workplace. You love it there, you love the people there and now your boss says your contract is going to end in 2 months. That really at that point means absolutely nothing. Because at that point creation has ensured that person A is working there, a person it knows you love and it has no plans to disconnect you from that love, only if you choose it will, but if you choose not to, it won't, instead it will relocate your boss and rearrange your conditions. It really is like this. It is however different if you at that point start using your free will in a totally different direction based on that particular event. Then things might form according to that news you got. And then there is this middle ground, when you decide such, which might mean the contract is prolonged a little or that you get a new contract there quickly thereafter. But the choice is to a great degree yours, because love is not a low order aspect of thread orchestration. It's not like a boss is suddenly going to dictate how everything is going to be. Because your boss is not God. Your polarity boost by the catalysis of the negative density from that person's side by telling you and arranging this, might be exactly what you need to avoid that workplace switch scenario to occur. So from the perspective of truth, what to the physical mind might mean A, might actually in the perspective of truth mean B. The boss says: You are going to quit in two months. But what it really means is this: I am going to quit in two months, you are not going to do so unless you don't like it here up until then and decide to use your free will for something else. And one thing more, within a short amount of time you are going to experience a very powerful love connection towards person A, that has been placed for you here to ground you here if you want to, because it knows you might want to stay here. But here comes reality: What happens the next day is that you meet person B there and you also love that person equally unconditionally.

    Be aware of where your love is and how you are using your free will relative to that, because that's where the truth is and where your future is going to be, that's where your power is and it is there for you to be used by you by your free will. When you learn to see through the upper layers of confusion and things that appear meaningless down into the stream of unconditional love underneath, you also discover the greatness and miracle of creation. You are loved.

    In fourth density, which is in peace, the acceleration is really quick, therefore the connection between love and manifestation realizes much more instantly, in that the potential is much greater and the speed to realization much quicker. In third density this realizes too, but my experience is that it does so with slightly greater swing and at a much slower and initially as a bit more fragmented manifestation process, probably because the acceleration is not up to the fourth density level yet, which maybe means you do much more thread switches with more degree of change within that spectrum. The fourth density on the other hand appears extremely synchronous, everything there is extremely light moving, your body is lighter, your emotion is deeper and much more stable and constant. You envision something and then you suddenly just find yourself experience that, as if every blink is a switch into a new dream coming true. That truth of peace, when every moment is a direct confirmation of the obvious grandness of creation in how things are there for you, that's so so incredibly sweet to experience! And that's truly something different than what the current Trump proposal promotes.

    This is the way I perceive reality right now, kind of like this infinitely great multi dimensional crystal consisting of threads of light that cross through an infinite set of densities, so that at the denser densities the light passes less freely and more slowly and at the lighter densities the light passes more freely and less slowly. I think that the speed of light is not a cosmic constant that applies to everything in creation, I think it is basically bound to the density it is in and at that density it travels at a certain speed which is in our density 299792458 meters per second. How the light then criss-crosses between threads and points on threads is really an intelligent orchestration where unconditional love functions at the highest level in combination with free will, for the light to pass in an infinitely intelligent way. From this perspective there are no limitations, everything is possible. You can for instance shift into a lighter density to overcome distances present in a more dense density. This is I think how UFOs operate, they have learned how the multi dimensional crystal works, they have connected to peace and thus reached truth, in doing so they have chosen to use their free will to reach the fourth density reality. At that density, at that angle of observation, at that level of truth, consciousness moves differently within the same density, it is less constrained in time and space, in more/higher intelligence also because when you are more truth bound/aware you are automatically also more intelligent. Hence it can then also travel into the third density if it uses the free will that way, because at that level of truth it overcomes the density barrier that is present, it phases in and out of it.

    We are commonly referring to power as a dark force that uses its energy to exploit, use and mislead beings for selfish gains. That idea might be a truth that is very limited to a certain fixed segment within creation. I think the true meaning of "power", is at the fourth density level "peace". And with peace comes a certain level of truth, a certain level of intelligence, a certain level of unlimitation. But then as you as a spirit evolve, you evolve beyond peace. Because unconditional infinite love is so much beyond peace. Infinite unconditional love is an extremely light density level of existence. But because creation is infinite, going into infinite unconditional love, might really be like waking up from a beautiful dream and now you are suddenly at a density beyond any kind of thought or experience that we currently have access to in terms of imagination, whether it is in real life or in dream.

    When I went into infinite unconditional love, I went all the way. But I was not able to bring the memory of that other side with me down here other than I got the sense that I became love itself which I think is the truth but that this is also a form of being at a higher level that I cannot really understand, it could be because of memory limitation boundaries of the human mind - simply that the human mind has not been designed to hold that amount of information in its memory and hence is not able to recall that experience. I only know it was something so incredibly profound, something so extremely sweet that it really is beyond my ability to describe it. But I was able to perceive a portion of its grandness at a profound level of truth. And unconditional love was of great significance in it.
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