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Thread: The poisoning of America: Glyphosate, Statins and Vaccines

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    Default Re: The poisoning of America: Glyphosate, Statins and Vaccines

    There is a confluence of factors at play and we MUST gather force and stop the ridiculous divisive hoohah. IMO if not able to rally, we will just fade out and That's THAT for the line of sapiens.

    Quote Glyphosate Linked To Aggressive Breast Cancer, Alarming Generational Changes In Offspring, New Studies Find
    The Highwire
    October 6, 2019

    Two new studies add to the body of science, showing glyphosate— a key ingredient in Bayer AG-Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup—is harmful to living systems. The studies point to convincing evidence the chemical can alter DNA by actively working at the epigenetic level.

    These alarming studies strongly suggest glyphosate is affecting human chemistry at the genetic level to turn on negative, disease-causing traits – even into future generations. These study results indicate glyphosate progressively weakens the genome of living systems exposed to the chemical. It increases susceptibility to health problems and increased infertility.

    These discoveries come from a collaboration of scientists from Purdue University and the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM)/Institut de Cancérologie de L’Ouest (ICO) in Nantes, France. Together, they found glyphosate can lead to mammary cancer when combined with another risk factor. Their work was published in Frontiers in Genetics and shows that glyphosate primes mammary cells for tumor growth by reprogramming epigenomes.

    “This is a major result and nobody has ever shown this before,” says Sophie Lelièvre, a professor of cancer pharmacology at Purdue’s College of Veterinary Medicine. “Showing that glyphosate can trigger tumor growth, when combined with another frequently observed risk, is an important missing link when it comes to determining what causes cancer.”

    What other frequently observed risks propelled breast cancer growth?

    It is assumed that only 5–10% of cancers are directly caused by inherited genetic abnormalities. The remaining 90% of cancers are linked to environmental factors that directly or indirectly affect DNA.

    The researchers discuss environmental and lifestyle factors as other “oncogenic hits,” including diet, tobacco, infections, obesity, alcohol, radiation, stress, physical activity, exposure to heavy metals, and other pollutants.

    Therefore, glyphosate is one “oncogenic hit” that, combined with another oncogenic hit, promotes the development of mammary tumors. A+B=C(ancer)

    For the study, scientists exposed noncancerous human mammary epithelial cells to glyphosate in vitro over a course of 21 days. The cells were placed in mice to assess tumor formation. Although cells exposed to glyphosate alone did not induce tumor growth, cancerous tumors did develop after glyphosate was combined with molecules that were linked to oxidative stress.

    Oxidative stress is a chemical reaction that occurs as a result of aging, diet, alcohol consumption, smoking, or other stressors. It alters the organization and integrity of the genome of the breast, aiding cancer development.

    “What was particularly alarming about the tumor growth was that it wasn’t the usual type of breast cancer we see in older women,” Lelièvre said. “It was the more aggressive form found in younger women, also known as luminal B cancer.“

    Another first-of-its-kind study from Washington State University exposed pregnant rats to just half the rate of the commonly used herbicide Roundup that is considered safe for exposure. Researchers found that roughly 90 percent of the next two generations developed health problems by the time they were one year old, including kidney disease, obesity, or issues with their ovaries, testicles, or prostate.

    The most dramatic finding, says WSU professor of biological sciences Michael Skinner, showed about one-third of the future generations had miscarriages and/or died during pregnancy.

    “It’s not just a decision of our own right now to say, ‘I don’t mind being exposed to this,‘” Skinner says. “If those have effects generations down the line, we have a responsibility to our future generations.“

    The WSU study builds on findings of a 2018 study that looked at glyphosate exposure in U.S. pregnant women, using urine samples as the measure of exposure. Published in the journal Environmental Health, the authors concluded, “We found that > 90% of pregnant women had detectable glyphosate levels and that these levels correlated significantly with shortened pregnancy lengths.“

    Termed “Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance of Adult-Onset Disease,” the findings add yet another layer of evidence why countries like the U.S., who haven’t announced outright bans on the product, should reconsider their policy.

    Currently, 17 countries have issued outright bans on glyphosate as global favor rapidly turns against the product and its manufacturer Bayer AG-Monsanto.

    With the Environmental Protection Agency unwilling to budge on setting stricter limits or considering a ban on glyphosate in the U.S., people must take individual action to avoid exposure. Costco has pulled Roundup from its shelves due to public pressure (and perhaps sensing that future lawsuits may involve retailers). Lowes and Walmart are now named in legal action due to their unwillingness to drop the product from their stores.

    Meanwhile, Bayer AG has lost three high-profile cases against its Roundup product, causing the company to lose investor confidence, stock price, and public favor. The highly anticipated, upcoming ‘Winston lawsuit’ held in Monsanto’s backyard of St. Louis is set for October 15 as Bayer AG-Monsanto desperately attempts to delay and block the trial’s start.

    The Winston lawsuit, filed in March of 2018, would be the first trial to take place in the St. Louis area. Two trials that had been set to start in St. Louis in August and September have been delayed, as reported by food industry watchdog, U.S. Right To Know.

    USRTK.org writes, “The plaintiffs in the Winston case are among more than 18,000 people in the United States suing Monsanto claiming that exposure to the company’s glyphosate-based herbicides caused them to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma and that Monsanto hid the risks associated with its weed killers.”

    Judge Vince Chhabria presided over the San Francisco federal court case in which a civil jury awarded California’s Edwin Hardeman $80 million on evidence that Roundup was a substantial factor in causing his non-Hodgkin’s lymphona. In that case, Judge Chhabria wrote the following conclusion:

    “There is strong evidence from which a jury could conclude that Monsanto does not particularly care whether its product is in fact giving people cancer, focusing instead on manipulating public opinion and undermining anyone who raises genuine and legitimate concerns about the issue.”

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    Default Re: The poisoning of America: Glyphosate, Statins and Vaccines

    I am giving money every month to responsibletechnology.org (Jeffrey Smith).

    THIS is an ELE crisis

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    Default Re: The poisoning of America: Glyphosate, Statins and Vaccines

    This information from Marion Nestle similar to what Dr. Shiva and Corbett report has mentioned... dirty little science is horrifically distorted.

    Quote Host Chris Hedges talks to Marion Nestle, New York University professor of nutrition, on how food companies distort the science and research into what we eat. In her book ‘Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Skew The Science Of What We Eat,’ Nestle explains that the food industry follows the formula pioneered by the tobacco industry – cast doubt on the science, fund research to provide desired results, offer gifts and consulting arrangements to buy silence or loyalty, use front groups, promote self-regulation and personal responsibility, and use the courts to challenge critics and dismantle regulations.

    Dr. Shiva exposes the Academic Industrial Complex and the need for REAL SCIENCE

    Quote TRANSCRIPT AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/science...

    In recent years, the public has gradually discovered that there is a crisis in science. But what is the problem? And how bad is it, really? Today on The Corbett Report we shine a spotlight on the series of interrelated crises that are exposing the way institutional science is practiced today, and what it means for an increasingly science-dependent society.

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    Default Re: The poisoning of America: Glyphosate, Statins and Vaccines

    "Synbio", more poisons to add to the list...
    Wake-Up Call for Organic Advocates: Synbio Poses Greater Threat than Old-School GMOs
    October 30, 2019
    Organic Consumers Association
    by Alan Lewis

    "We in the organic sector need to stop thinking in terms of GMOs. Those old-school crops and suspect agricultural practices are still a problem for organic growers.

    But the new synthetic biology is an even larger and growing threat.

    First, it is not disclosed or labeled.

    Second, everything—everything—is now being gene-edited in a million different ways.

    Third, if it's not just gene-edited, then it is being built from scratch using artificial intelligence (AI) and rapid sequencing to create novel gene sets and living organisms whose behavior might be useful.

    Fourth, useful to whom? Tens of billions of dollars of investment are flowing into the synthetic biology space, all of it focused on capturing ownership of intellectual property that can be protected, capitalized and profited from.

    In spite of their creators’ enthusiasm and belief in a new scientific paradigm, the products of synthetic biology actually reinforce the current food, agriculture and medical paradigm.

    These products don't prevent diabetes, instead they attempt to create new insulin.

    They don't stop indiscriminate use of antibiotics, they instead create novel antibiotics to overcome newly resistant pathogens.

    They don't support soil health, animal welfare and biodiversity, they merely find ways to capitalize on CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operation, or factory farm) agriculture and glyphosate remediation.

    In short, the ideology of innovation underpinning synthetic biology intends to change soil, animals, humans, insects and microbes to adapt to a dangerously malfunctioning system—rather than fix the system itself.

    The goal of profiteering by externalizing costs to the environment, and in turn public health, is the economic foundation of nearly every synthetic biology start-up. We even have new metaphors to describe this irrational belief: #GeneticFallout, #GeneLitter, #GeneLitteracy, and #GeneticFukushima.

    Remember, bio-containment measures focus only on pathogens; genes and gene sub-units are not controlled for, either in the labs that create them or the water treatment facilities they eventually pass through.

    The organic community is about to face a buffet of temptations from synthetic biology.

    Is a synthetic RNAi spray that activates or silences genetic programming innate to an organic crop an allowable method?

    If a gene-edited anti-fungal treatment can be delivered to crops via gene-edited insect to save the harvest, will farmers embrace it?

    If a gene-edited cover crop will deposit extra "natural" nitrogen into soil, should conventional farmers be encouraged to use it as a path to transitioning to certification?

    In short, these and other reductionist solutions have the power to dazzle and distract organic producers from their original principles and goals: nurture the existing natural system as a whole to grow nutritious food in ways that can continue forever.

    So, hey! Let's all wake up here. Our collective understanding of genetic engineering, based on 30 years of fighting the battle against Roundup and herbicide-tolerant crops, is woefully outdated.

    The new paradigm is stealthy, massively complex, constantly innovating and wrapped in a global coordinated propaganda campaign to normalize it.

    Regulators have abandoned all oversight. Synbio tools and techniques are available to anyone, anywhere, at relatively low cost. Currently hundreds of botanicals are being grown in gene-edited ferments and sold as authentic ingredients. They are cheaper now, but only until agriculture production is put out of business—then the price gouging begins.

    The one bright spot is that new laboratory methods have been developed to detect synthetic materials, especially those grown in ferments. While the target molecule may be nearly identical, synthetic production methods introduce unusual entourage materials that can be readily identified and quantified.

    But why is it up to the organic community to discover and pay for these testing methods? That should be the responsibility of whomever is creating these novel materials.

    Alan Lewis is a board member of the Non-GMO Project and the Organic and Natural Health Association. He navigates government affairs and supply chain integrity for Natural Grocers. These are remarks made to the National Organic Coalition and reprinted here with permission from the author."
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: The poisoning of America: Glyphosate, Statins and Vaccines

    I think these should be investigated for other uses to mitigate poison inhaled, ingested on injected.

    Quote Russell Blaylock, MD - What To
    Do If Force Vaccinated
    By Dr. Russell Blaylock

    Dr Blaylock's List of suggestions on How to Reduce the Toxic Effects of the A/H1N1 Vaccine, is as follows:

    1. Number one on the list says Dr Blaylock, is to bring a cold pack with you and place it on the site of the injection as soon as you can, as this will block the immune reaction. Once you get home, continue using a cold pack throughout the day. If you continue to have immune reactions the following day, have cold showers and continue with the cold press.

    2. Take fish oil. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), one of the omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil supplements, is a potent immune suppressant. If you take high dose EPA you will be more susceptible to infections, because it is a powerful immune suppressant. However, in the case of an immune adjuvant reaction, you want to reduce it. Studies show that if you take EPA oil one hour before injecting a very powerful adjuvant called lipopolysaccharide (LPS), it would completely block the ability of the LPS to cause brain inflammation. Take a moderate dose everyday and more if needed to tame a cytokine storm.

    3. <http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/f-w00/flavonoid.html>Flavonoids are third on the list, namely curcumin, quercetin, ferulic acid and ellagic acid, particularly in a mixture. The curcumin and quercetin in particular have been found to block the ability of the adjuvants to trigger a long-term immune reaction. If you take it an hour before the vaccination, it should help dampen the immune reactions says Dr Blaylock.

    4. Vitamin E, the natural form that is high in gamma-E will help dampen the immune reactions and reduces several of the inflammatory cytokines.

    5. An important ingredient on the list is Vitamin C at a dose of 1000 mg, taken four times a day between meals. It is a very potent anti-inflammatory and should be taken in a buffered form, not as absorbic acid, says Dr Blaylock.

    6. <http://www.naturalnews.com/002156.html> Also use astaxanthin as it's an anti-inflammatory. According to Dr Blaylock, fatal reactions to vaccines in aboriginal and African children occurred in those who were deficient in carotinoids, like astaxanthin. It is a good protection against the toxic effects of the vaccine.

    7. Likewise, it was found that children who were deficient in zinc had a high mortality rate. Zinc is very protective against vaccine toxicity. (Do not use zinc mixed with copper however, as copper is a major trigger of free-radical generation according to Dr Blaylock).

    8. Ensure you avoid all immune-stimulating supplements, such as mushroom extracts, whey protein and <http://www.betaglucan.org/>beta-glucan.

    9. Take a multivitamin-mineral daily ­ one that does not contain iron. This multivitamin-mineral is to make sure your body has plenty of B vitamins and selenium. Selenium, said Dr Blaylock, is very important for fighting viral infections and it reduces the inflammatory response to vaccines.

    10. Magnesium citrate/malate 500 mg of elemental magnesium two capsules, three times a day. (This was not mentioned during the show, but was posted at Dr Deagle's website, <http://www.clayandiron.com/news.jhtml?method=view&news.id=2103>ClayandIron.co m).

    11. What is very important is vitamin D3, which is the only 'vitamin' the body can manufacture from sunlight (UVB). It is a neural hormone, not really a vitamin says Dr Blaylock and helps if you are over-reacting immunologically by cooling down the reaction. Similarly, if you are under-reacting, it helps to boost your immune response. In addition it also protects against microorganism invasion.

    Black people and those in colder climates are particularly deficient, so they will almost certainly require supplementation.

    Dr Blaylock recommends that following vaccination it will help to keep the immune reaction under control if:

    i) All children get 5,000 units a day for two weeks after the vaccine and then 2,000 a units a day thereafter;

    ii) Adults get 20,000 units a day after the vaccine for two weeks, then 10,000 units a day thereafter;

    iii) And with that adults should take 500-1000 mg of calcium a day and children under the age of 12 years should take 250 mg a day, as vitamin D works more efficiently in the presence of calcium.

    12. Ensure you avoid all mercury-containing seafood or any other sources of mercury, as the heavy metal is a very powerful inducer of autoimmunity, is known to make people more susceptible to viral infections and will be in H1N1 vaccines.

    13. Avoid the oils that significantly suppress immunity and increase inflammation - such as corn, safflower, sunflower, soybean, canola and peanut oils.

    14. Drink very concentrated white tea at least four times a day. It helps to prevent abnormal immune reactions.

    15. Pop parsley and celery in a blender and drink 8 ounces of this mixture twice a day. Dr Blaylock says the parsley is very high in a flavonoid called apigenin and that celery is high in <http://www.dietaryfiberfood.com/antioxidants/flavonoid-antioxidant.php>luteolin. Both are very potent in inhibiting autoimmune diseases, particularly the apigenin, so go and plant some parsley in your garden now.

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    Default Re: The poisoning of America: Glyphosate, Statins and Vaccines


    Yea.. lets get it started kiss the dearly departed
    I'm bout to leave a mark on this earth I wont be forgotten
    I'm with my people I'm taking action I'm finished talking
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    Aint the time for us to lay down big dreams
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    Tribe Rise Up
    that’s Spirit moving inside us
    hold strong when the cointelpro try to divide us
    with their left/right, black & white mass media hype
    meanwhile they be keeping real issues out of sight
    like the poison in our water, soil, sky, seeds, food
    the daily assault upon me, her, him, you
    the endless supply of lies
    and chemical-filled skies
    we confront em with truth, they try and brush us aside
    but we ain’t budging
    me, Disl, and Steve Grant, plus Heidi D and family
    we Truth Hop champs
    we uplifting our fam
    taking a strong stand
    putting in the work the situation demands
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    you could say we’re pulling weeds from the garden
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    time to put the violators in their place

    HEIDI D:
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    You 'besta' turn a cold shoulder my soldier and rise UP!"

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    We are not alone the planet don't belong to us what the heck is wrong with us? Everything will be gone because of us.
    If we don't change the way we live. If you say that you don't give a damn that maybe you should think bout the future generations yeah the babies and the kids who will learn from our actions and the way that we get big!
    Rise up all for one and one for all
    We changing the way we live because we trying to evolve.

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    Default Re: The poisoning of America: Glyphosate, Statins and Vaccines

    It seems that Thailand was taking a stand against glyphosate and other toxic chemicals but The US is pressurising them not to implement bans:

    *I have loved the stars too dearly to be fearful of the night*

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