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Thread: About M-Albion-3D's Mars image analysis

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    Default Re: About M-Albion-3D's Mars image analysis

    Sounds very credible Ewan. Definitely something worth thinking about. As you said, we can't make assumptions about Martian tastes. They could be disused transit systems that have been covered over by years of soil and sand buildup. I genuinely have no idea. They look both natural and artificially constructed at the same time. Terran architecture, especially subterranean and desert homes, shows the same mix of organic looking and man made geometry...

    Or maybe the whole thing was filmed in Greenland with a red filter.

    Who knows?

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    Default Re: About M-Albion-3D's Mars image analysis

    Personally, I think the 'martian tubes' phenomena are natural geological features. There was an argument a while back that stated the perceived roundness of the features, making them look like tubes, could be an optical illusion, after all these images are taken from above (so depth of perspective is lost).

    So they might not be tubular (having an upper convex surface) at all, but concave. If so, it just illustrates (in the theme of this thread) that what we "think" we see from one perspective in a Mars image, might not be the case from another. We can't know for sure what a thing actually is viewing it from a single angle.

    I'm going with the explanation that the 'ribbed' effect of the tubes are sand dunes filling narrow cracks and ravines in the martian surface, as seen (more clearly) in these images:

    Or most intriguingly, as has been postulated, they might be "Ice" - frozen water formations, as seen here on Earth (there are interesting similarities):

    Maybe Henry Deacon really did stand in them. Or maybe he didn't, and they're the natural constructions of nature/erosion/martian weather. Who knows!
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