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Thread: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    THE WEEK AHEAD: September 03-09

    "Whether you’re well aware of these current cosmic trends and their overall effects upon this planet or you prefer to keep your head safely encased inside a vacuum, there’s simply no denying that these are extraordinarily sensitive times, when owning your story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending your entire life running from it (☉ ☍ ♆).
    Here are the main transits for this week…

    ☽ □ ☉ Mon Sep 03 02:39 Moon 10°♊34′ Square Sun 10°♍34′
    ☿ ∗ ♀ Mon Sep 03 12:59 Mercury 25°♌34′ Sextile Venus 25°♎34′
    ♃ ∠ ♄ Mon Sep 03 17:41 Jupiter 17°♏33′ Semisquare Saturn 02°♑33′℞
    Pa in ♍ Tue Sep 04 10:50 Pallas 00°♍00′ Enters Virgo
    ☿ ⊼ ♂ Wed Sep 05 15:19 Mercury 29°♌10′ Quincunx Mars 29°♑10′
    ☿ in ♍ Thu Sep 06 02:39 Mercury 00°♍00′ Conjunction Jupiter
    Ce in ♎ Thu Sep 06 06:23 Ceres 00°♎00′ Enters Libra
    ♄ SD Thu Sep 06 09:23 Saturn 02°♑33′ Saturn Stations to go Direct
    ☿ ⊼ Ch Thu Sep 06 14:14 Mercury 00°♍52′ Quincunx Chiron 00°♈52′℞
    ☿ ☌ Pa Thu Sep 06 18:58 Mercury 01°♍13′ Conjunction Pallas 01°♍13′
    ☉ Sqq ♂ Fri Sep 07 00:08 Sun 14°♍20′ Sesquiquad Mars 29°♑20′
    ☿ △ ♅ Fri Sep 07 07:41 Mercury 02°♍11′ Trine Uranus 02°♉11′℞
    ☿ △ ♄ Fri Sep 07 12:21 Mercury 02°♍33′ Trine Saturn 02°♑33′
    ☉ ☍ ♆ Fri Sep 07 18:27 Sun 15°♍05′ Opposition Neptune 15°♓05′℞
    Ch ☍ Ce Sat Sep 08 01:15 Chiron 00°♈48′℞ Opposition Ceres 00°♎48′
    ☿ Sqq ♇ Sat Sep 08 05:43 Mercury 03°♍53′ Sesquiquad Pluto 18°♑53′℞
    ♀ □ ♂ Sat Sep 08 20:39 Venus 29°♎37′ Square Mars 29°♑37′
    ♀ in ♏ Sun Sep 09 09:26 Venus 00°♏00′ Enters Scorpio
    ♀ Sqq ♆ Sun Sep 09 10:32 Venus 00°♏02′ Sesquiquad Neptune 15°♓02′℞

    It is universally arguable now that the forces of darkness are unscrupulously running rife over this earth. What Jung referred to as our “shadow” – our repressed, unintegrated self, often conveniently projected onto others is now reaching epidemic levels of denial, blame and toxic shame-slagging. Our demons have run amok, and we must either find the strength to find them, reclaim them, integrate them back into our being or become painfully torn into two. With all malefics (♂, ♄, ♇) still in Capricorn, this is a rough, tough, but much needed climb towards the pinnacle of some “success”. Yet every reward must have its cost, and in the divided human psyche the price of outward glory, fortune, fame and prestige for one victor implies many others must struggle, sweat and sacrifice and, unfortunately, miss out. Do you feel like you are winning in the race to the top, or are your efforts simply being besieged by those who know how to control you?

    Serious pressures mounting this week courtesy of the Lord of Karma – Saturn who, after 5 months of retrograding in his domicile drags us back to face the grim reality of our earthly lot. He stations at the precise point where he first swung his scythe back in the second week in January (02°♑33′). Do you remember what the serious matter was back then? See how you have somehow become enslaved to it. Do you see how it’s weighing on you? Can you see how much your yearn for your emancipation from its cruel incarceration of your soul?

    Read more about this @ Saturn in Capricorn (2018-2020) – Special Messages for each sign: https://angstoic.com/2017/12/saturn-...messages-sign/

    Well, anyway – maybe I’m dramatising things a bit (or am I?). In any case, much austerity and pressure’s been applied over these past few months. One can only ‘hope’ you’ve gained the wisdom and the wherewithal to move forward on those matters that are still confining you. Yes, I said ‘hope’ – that’s a Jupiter thing – something that he’s abundantly endowed with… except that ‘hope’ and ‘faith’ are being severely tested now, under His Supreme Benefic’s third and final semi-square to Saturn. It’s been a tough old year so far – many crucial moments of faith pressed (or depressed) – not really quite sure what to believe in any more. Whilst you may have sincerely made every effort to move forward, upward, onward, alas… those sensitivities abound, and we’re all feeling the frustration and swings between the optimism and despair.

    The other thing is that embracing our vulnerabilities is risky, yet not nearly as dangerous as giving up on our hopes and promises for love and belonging and joy. Ironically they are the very experiences that leave us at our most vulnerable. We must learn to be brave now, since only the reckless and courageous enough to explore the darkness will discover the infinite power of our light. This week puts out another Grand Earth Trine (☿ △ ♄ △ ♅), again not easy on the nervous system and more prone to create seismic shifts in the way we look at things from this point forward. We are changing, but change is not a constant – it is happening exponentially, and from week to week. Our equipment can hardly keep up. We are not built for such rapid progress – we find it irritating and we get easily stirred – especially when we are so touchy.

    So we hear this a bit – especially from this author lately, that the ‘shadow’ is running rife over this planet, taking over. Well… it has done so for a while, but over the past year or so it has engulfed the earth with relentless pace, triggering such enormous projections of previously buried anger, rage and discontentment that it’s reaching levels where in many parts of the world it is almost completely out of control.

    Massive resentment against all corrupt and manipulative forms of power in politics, business and finance, the big religions, governments and corporations are now losing their credo with all of us. Also critical is our fear of the Other, the fear of chaos and uncertainty, the fear of the Feminine (not only of women, but rather of what the Feminine represents in both men and women  –  our feelings, our intuitions, our sensitivity etc.), which can translate into racism, homophobia, the objectification & abuse of women etc. Our primal need for tribal identity and safety is not being nourished, leaving our “inner child” naked and exposed to the treacheries and cravings of the “boogey man” that we like to project, to demonise others with.

    Our unconscious desire to belong to something familiar and to banish that which is foreign is not so easily satisfied, and with Venus joining Jupiter in Scorpio (Sep 9), and the primordial clashes we see against Mars in the coming weeks are just simply a klaxxon call – the alarm clock we set to fight the fierce war between light and darkness up ahead. Just don’t think that you can hit the snooze button on this one – I’m afraid you may get clobbered in your bed. This is that serious.

    The cruelty intensifies because when we are under extreme duress – and post eclipses, everyone feels like they are really at the end of something huge now – the cruelty and unkindness becomes the easy, cheap and rampant device of the cut-throat Scorpio, married nicely now with the purge-processor that is Mercury in Virgo (Sep 6) to do some heavy blame-shifting (☿ ∗ ♀). One of the coldest, most hurtful barriers to connection is the importance we place on ‘going it alone’ – somehow equating our well-being and success with ‘not needing anyone’ (Ch ☍ Ce) . This is not necessarily true, and we need to extend our assistance as well as receive it from others – not push them away with scorn and disdain if we are to integrate our shadow. The darkness does not threaten to destroy our light, rather it serves to better define it.

    Why does it feel that some of us have a long way to go in getting this? Perhaps it is our fear of the darkness that casts our hopes and joys into the shadows. The fear of going down into the dimly lit side-streets and alleyways that proliferates the shame, blame, disrespect, betrayal. We are terrified and find it hard to trust because it is most likely that our own heart light is dim. It’s this withholding of affection which damages the roots from which love grows. The source being our heart-centre. Love can only survive these injuries if they are first acknowledged, tenderly healed and shared.

    Blessings, and have and amazing week xx"
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    NEW MOON at 17°00′ VIRGO, Sunday, September 09, 2018, 18:02 UTC

    Current Planetary Positions
    1:38:05 PM

    Sun 17° Virgo 01' 46"
    Moon 17° Virgo 22' 46"
    Mercury 06° Virgo 45' 25"
    Venus 00° Scorpio 16' 24"
    Mars 29° Capricorn 46' 15"
    Jupiter 18° Scorpio 26' 35"
    Saturn 02° Capricorn 33' 04"
    Uranus 02° Taurus 07' 41" R
    Neptune 15° Pisces 01' 25" R
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 51' 58" R
    Chiron 00° Aries 43' 47" R
    TrueNode 05° Leo 16' 48" R
    "When the Sun, which represents the highest reigning authority of the day, and our transiting Moon – the instinctive receptacle to what’s being dished out at this present moment come into precise alignment in Virgo, we must acknowledge with intent – body and soul – that certain matters must be clarified, and we apply ourselves wholeheartedly to see what those things are and sort them out.
    If you didn’t get that, it means it’s time to clean up your act: Be clear about what you want in your life and carefully discard what’s not working so that it doesn’t mess with you, your health and your most fundamental needs stay wonderful and true.

    Contrary to popular belief with Virgo, the emphasis is not so much on finding sanctity, or sacredness, or even pristine purity as such; these the holy qualities are only found in the divine state, not in our humble human form per se. If you wish to seek divinity then you may very well fall for the greatest drama commonly associated with Virgo – the ruse that you are never quite pure enough, never clean enough, never quite ready enough to live this life at ease. The Mercury-ruled essence of this sign can negatively plague our mentality with nagging ‘imperfections’, hence never let us rest from much undue worry and anxiety.

    With Virgo, what truly we aspire to achieve most in this life is to become completely human: to feel, and give, and take, and laugh, and sometimes get a little lost, if only to be found again. We want to dance, to love and lust and be as wholly human as we can, and yes, to be in touch with the divine but as its humble earthly servant, not as a slave to an ever elusive mental prison the drives us to acceding to such an elevated (and humanly unattainable) notion.

    This lunation’s opposition to the distorting, diffusing Pisces Neptune only encourages the self-deluding aspirations inherent in the ‘god-like perfection’ me-reality. It adds to problems already existing, especially where little insecurities over flaws and shortcomings tend to whittle away the confidence and emotional well-being.

    Everything becomes highly sensitised, and clear, accurate analysis and truthful evaluations becoming twisted, often warped and dizzied by self-created delusions over seeming ‘imperfections’ rather than real problems, or at least the true source of the problems themselves.

    The event then brings up all kinds of conceited over-reactions to any criticism, even the slightest hint of being judged to be weak, dishonest or incapable of performing honourably or impeccably. This makes for unnecessarily defensive dramas, which may launch some of us into spills for expiation or atonement of ‘sins’ (whether real or imaginary). Naturally the rest of us will be drawn in, and as is prevalent in the current Saturn/Uranus climate, we are inclined to pick sides.

    The classic victim/martyr complex could emerge for any incident, however minor. Oppositions to lunations generally go right through each of us, since we experience the powerfully polarising dynamic in our various kinds of relationships. This one is particularly major since it has the effect of exposing our vulnerabilities and insecurities to keenly analytical critique. Neptune dissolves walls and boundaries, or leaks through the cracks, and under doorways, causing us to react strongly against control and definition cast by others, yet will as easily submit when under the influence of a misplaced martyr trip.

    Other planetary oppositions currently in the sky also align tightly with this lunation, creating a tense 8th harmonic syndrome – such as that involving the ♀ ☍ ♅ □ ♂ T-square and to a lesser extent ♂ ☍ ☊. This complex pattern of hard aspects indicates a destabilising period in all kinds of inter-gender relationships, producing intense love/hate scenarios and uncomfortably progressive ideals.

    Sudden outbursts, bursting to be expressed between the sexes, often without filter and without regard to who may know about or care about exactly how one feels creates massive shockwaves.

    It’s like the genie is finally out of the bottle and it is obstinately intent to run amok, for better or worse, often inspired by a misconception or triggered by long-standing feelings of victimisation and imposed sacrifices, especially with gender-based roles in relationship.

    Coming to terms with such powerfully influential consequences concerning how we handle ourselves in our relationships requires us to step forward with considerable honesty and commitment. Beneficial change can be stimulated, but only if we really want it and we are willing to put in the effort. Exerting a stronger will and determination, and learning to take greater intellectual responsibility (currently subverted by emotional instability) depends on our ability to be clear about our objectives with others. All relationships take work, and the trick here is to maintain enough emotional commitment to power our intellectual and practical efforts to achieve them. Again, the rebelliousness of Uranus is the hardest element to bring under constraint here, especially since it feels it has been unfairly constrained for too long. Revolution is not out of the question, with Mars soon re-entering Aquarius and squaring.

    Frustrated potentials, which may have been previously inhibited could now be given reason to finally erupt; writ large upon communities. People have had enough of feeling victimised. Whether their claims are based on actual or imagined injustices, the explosive outbursts that occur are very real, their repercussions complex and damaging toward creating a continuity of peace and harmony in our affairs.

    The sextile/trine between Jupiter/Pluto also bears heavily on this lunation, offering deeper intelligence about the politics of entitlement, power and prestige. We are easily able to discern the many underlying factors driving our personal, social and cultural need for dominance. What are the motivating forces that seem to constantly require satisfying the need for status and control, often by scaling some individuals/group in increments of importance over others? Ideals run high, perhaps exorbitantly fancy and unrealistic to some degree, but still, something aspires within us to become recognised not just for our achievements, but for the many times our merits have been overlooked, belittled and besieged by lies and corruption, favouritism and selective bias, simply because we failed to meet the strict criteria of ‘choice’ as outlined this ‘cruel’ and ‘arbitrary’ patriarchal world.

    If anything, this Virgo New Moon leaves us self-motivated and inspired, aspiring to live according to a high moral code (albeit our own), expecting the most impeccable ethical conduct from those in positions of authority and social responsibility. Clearly discerning our aims in life, strongly objecting to what we perceive as hypocrisy and injustice, we set an intention to honour our intention to improve this world, take steps to renew ourselves and our respective relationships, protect ourselves from being negatively influenced by surrounding environmental influences entering our psyche.

    Working with types of meditation (not medication) which help strip away illusory constructs of the ego, seeking counselling or relationship therapies, finding way to reconnect to nature and working with the earth and the environment are perhaps the most appropriate step to help cleanse ourselves of the negative, more disruptive effects of the outer-planetary energies, allowing the light of our co-ordinating Sun centre to shine through more powerfully in this Virgo lunation.

    Blessings, and have an amazing New Moon xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018"
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Quote The event then brings up all kinds of conceited over-reactions to any criticism, even the slightest hint of being judged to be weak, dishonest or incapable of performing honourably or impeccably. This makes for unnecessarily defensive dramas, which may launch some of us into spills for expiation or atonement of ‘sins’ (whether real or imaginary). Naturally the rest of us will be drawn in, and as is prevalent in the current Saturn/Uranus climate, we are inclined to pick sides.
    I chuckled when I read this. It may be why the Qanon thread became so contentious.
    "The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone when we are uncool." From the movie "Almost Famous""l "Let yourself stand cool and composed before a million universes." Walt Whitman

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    I think so too, an accurate description of the current forum activity.

    Very astute astrologer.

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Reading his reports helps me not to feel like I'm all alone in what I'm picking up on and observing, since what I'm seeing almost always matches up with what he's reporting.
    I'm glad some other members are discovering this too.
    Quote Posted by Sierra (here)
    I think so too, an accurate description of the current forum activity.

    Very astute astrologer.
    Quote Posted by Valerie Villars (here)
    Quote The event then brings up all kinds of conceited over-reactions to any criticism, even the slightest hint of being judged to be weak, dishonest or incapable of performing honourably or impeccably. This makes for unnecessarily defensive dramas, which may launch some of us into spills for expiation or atonement of ‘sins’ (whether real or imaginary). Naturally the rest of us will be drawn in, and as is prevalent in the current Saturn/Uranus climate, we are inclined to pick sides.
    I chuckled when I read this. It may be why the Qanon thread became so contentious.
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    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    THE WEEK AHEAD: Sep 17-23

    Current Planetary Positions
    2:01:59 PM

    Sun 23° Virgo 47' 30"
    Moon 21° Sagittarius 02' 12"
    Mercury 19° Virgo 56' 49"
    Venus 04° Scorpio 46' 10"
    Mars 01° Aquarius 16' 11"
    Jupiter 19° Scorpio 33' 14"
    Saturn 02° Capricorn 37' 41"
    Uranus 01° Taurus 56' 15" R
    Neptune 14° Pisces 49' 00" R
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 48' 24" R
    Chiron 00° Aries 25' 14" R
    TrueNode 04° Leo 41' 59" R

    "By the end of this week, the Sun’s ingress into Libra will have marked yet another monumental shift in humanity’s evolution, bringing on the Autumn/Spring Equinox. It is the half-way turning point through the zodiac, when the days/nights start to flip in length and we turn our attention to the other side of things.
    Much has changed since the March Equinox, considerable planetary shifts have taken our wonderful Sol journey through the self-tending signs of Aries-Virgo, now opening up us up to experiencing things through the focus on the other. Wherever we have grown personally, we can now apply into the mirror of relationship during the Sun’s journey through Libra-Pisces. Relationships are built on two things. Respect and trust. Both elements must be present for a relationship to work. And it has to be a mutual, reciprocally balanced thing. You can have respect for someone, but if you don’t have trust, the relationship will not flourish and could turn from friendly to contentious.

    So hang on, because it’s going to be exciting, particularly since we are already looking like we may be off to a bumpy ride.

    Here are the main transits for this week:

    ☽ □ ☉ Sun Sep 16 23:15 Moon 24°♐02′ Square Sun 24°♍02′
    Vs in ♑ Tue Sep 18 04:04 Vesta 00°♑00′
    ♂ □ ♅ Tue Sep 18 23:00 Mars 01°♒52′ Square Uranus 01°♉52′℞
    ☿ ☌ ☉ Fri Sep 21 01:53 Mercury 28°♍03′ Conjunction Sun 28°♍03′
    ☿ in ♎ Sat Sep 22 03:40 Mercury 00°♎00′
    ☿ ☍ Ch Sat Sep 22 05:55 Mercury 00°♎10′ Opposition Chiron 00°♈10′℞
    ☉ in ♎ Sun Sep 23 01:55 Sun 00°♎00′
    ☿ ⊼ ♅ Sun Sep 23 02:46 Mercury 01°♎44′ Quincunx Uranus 01°♉44′℞
    ☉ ☍ Ch Sun Sep 23 05:01 Sun 00°♎08′ Opposition Chiron 00°♈08′℞
    ☿ □ ♄ Sun Sep 23 16:47 Mercury 02°♎47′ Square Saturn 02°♑47′

    The week kicks off after the Sagittarius First quarter Moon, a self-confronting time when our rebelliously adventurous inner voice may be struggling with the dedicated, worldly responsible self. Somewhere there is a highly frustrated traditionalist trying to bring the bold, impulsive spirit into balance by creating ways to perform important tasks or duties within an integrated and formal framework. The Virgo Sun finds ways to harness the Sadge Moon’s enthusiasm for growth and learnings by employing a careful, tolerant, quiet and methodical technique.

    The week after this, it is the Aries Full Moon (Sep 25) that throws down the gauntlet on how all manner of rule and administration will be meted out. Saturn’s hard pressure to get reliable systems into place are a direct result of the chaos and maelstrom that is developing over the course of this week. We are all somehow subjected to the revolutionary madness of the final Mars/Uranus square, which, when aligned along the Leo/Aquarius Nodal axis tends to affect us all somehow.

    Wherever you are, the deep need to feel safe and secure is being shaken up by an inexplicably violent impatience for freedom and renewal. This clash between the familiar patterns of the known universe and the frenetic siren calls for a potentially unknown world builds into angrier and more hostile manifestations all around us.

    As much as we may put out the intention for freedom or security, there is likely to be an underlying feeling which fears commitment and risk. Gross contradictions, and a pandemic of incongruence both within among ourselves means that as much as we are attracted towards greater freedom, it is likely that we will resist the impulse, preferring rather to play it safe, since after analysing our options we soon find that we can count on nobody to provide us with any cast-iron guarantees our choices will lead to any future success. A pervasive sense of detachment means anyone wise enough is in it for themselves. It is the foolish, desperate and unwise who tend to clump together into mobs, and we soon see how this becomes a damned state of affairs too.

    It’s incredible how quickly this process develops. By midweek, any internal frustration is likely to escalate to enormous stresses in our social affairs as crucial parts of our nature feel like they’re being denied and hampered. The more we feel uneasy and want to cut loose – quit that job, that partnership, financial debt, etc. – the greater the fear of ‘letting go’ because we don’t want to suffer material losses, people or possessions.
    Naturally, such grinding contradictions create phenomenal stresses, to which whose nature we are already familiar over these recent months, since Mars and Uranus have squared twice already (May 17, Aug 02). This final spell triggers the themes highlighted by the Aquarius Blood Moon of July 27, and you may wish to reflect back upon those during this week, since your mind is struggling to reconcile your rational, logical senses to what seems to be an avalanche of disruptions and absurdities, many just dragging up old wounds where you wanted to stand up and liberate yourself in the past but felt compromised by the tyranny and inequity of an impenetrable structure.

    Whether it is our natural environment or our political state – the revolution is inevitable because it has already commenced internally. Soon, we start to see that no system or relationship can be sustained if we feel the dynamics of its structure as being too one-sided and rigid. Allegiance, after all, is a two-way street; and we have grown weary beyond means of any allegiance which is not reciprocal. Many will take this energy out this week. Let us hope and pray that it comes out in ways which are constructive and helpful.

    Blessings, and have an amazing week "

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    FULL MOON at 2°00′ ARIES (Tue, Sep 25)

    Current Planetary Positions
    1:27:18 PM

    Sun 00° Libra 39' 35"
    Moon 15° Pisces 00' 56"
    Mercury 02° Libra 52' 59"
    Venus 08° Scorpio 15' 43"
    Mars 03° Aquarius 19' 56"
    Jupiter 20° Scorpio 45' 29"
    Saturn 02° Capricorn 47' 09"
    Uranus 01° Taurus 43' 01" R
    Neptune 14° Pisces 38' 44" R
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 46' 11" R
    Chiron 00° Aries 06' 08" R
    TrueNode 04° Leo 33' 22" R

    "Nothing brings things to a head more bluntly than a full moon in heady Aries. Yes, full moons are times of confrontation, of culmination, when matters reach their full awareness and we get full clarity about things, energies, stories to which we previously may have been entirely clueless.

    It can be a time of materialisation of the energies applied, when our intentional efforts “bear fruit”. We often experience at least one of those wonderful “aha!” moments, where our revelations may be accompanied by great disappointment or heartfelt gratitude.

    Full moons can also be times of heightened moods, highlighting the incoherent flow between our conscious intentions and our subconscious beliefs and habits. Feelings run rife, ruling over events in our lives, finally exposing something important about what we are carrying deep beneath the surface for perhaps way too long.

    A Moon/Chiron conjunction brings out those feelings that have become stagnant and fixated, scarred or wounded by our past experience. How we have taken these into our body, our habitual, cellular selves now becomes contrasted by a Sun/Mercury conjunction in Libra. The conscious goal now is to create relationships which assist us to clear the emotional body by exorcising the ghosts of our wounded past. Conversely, the ego can become either mortally wounded by affixing to unconscious pain, or miraculously healed by deeply attuning itself, identifying, accepting and clearing toxic feelings as well as the feelings of others.

    The T-square from Saturn raises important concerns about how limitations and conditions from society/parents actually feed into our subconscious fears, guilt, and shameful judgments, often sabotaging our conscious creative intentions.

    Neuroscientists postulate that for most of us, our brains are only using 5% of our consciousness, running on subconscious auto-pilot 95% of the time. Since this limits our capacity to really play with our creativity in an intelligent way, there is a call for greater conscious awareness.

    “We are living at perhaps the most profound time in human history, a time in which the whole of humanity is undergoing a collective transformation into quantum reality. We are being catapulted into several new ways of experiencing life, all simultaneously. For example, we are rapidly shifting from a “matter-based” society to one completely steeped in “energy consciousness”, from energy technology to energy medicine to energy fuel.”
    ~ Carolyn Myss, Medical Intuitive

    If you’ve been feeling that the energy leading up to this Full Moon has been crazy, heavy and difficult to handle.. even depressing, then hey, that’s not such a bad sign. You are definitely awake. It’s perfectly natural response to feel burdened and sickened by what your conscious mind is telling you. In fact, it would be a serious problem for you if you thought these times were fun or exciting in any way.

    Yes, we are undergoing through some turbulent times, where hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes seem to be ever more frequently striking every corner of the globe – whether geo-cosmically, politically or psychologically. We are fast approaching a critical mass of ****storms and their intent is to shift our consciousness away from our emotional addiction to matter and start to engage on a purely energetic level. Every moment, heavenly messages are trying to make their way to each of us to help us to shift.
    The most important thing that you can do right now is establish and come to develop a relationship with your Inner Guidance System. However you wish to refer to it – be it your “natural, authentic self”, your intuition, soul, Spirit, God, Christ-consciousness etc… it is the voice within you – the awakened, eternal YOU that takes direction only from within, animates your body and guides you to know exactly why you are here taking this human journey.
    Blessings, and have an amazing full moon xx"
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: October 1-7
    Current Planetary Positions
    (Bold letters my emphasis)
    Sun 07° Libra 27' 46"
    Moon 15° Gemini 24' 12"
    Mercury 14° Libra 54' 45"
    Venus 10° Scorpio 21' 03"
    Mars 05° Aquarius 49' 34"
    Jupiter 22° Scorpio 01' 01"
    Saturn 03° Capricorn 01' 06"
    Uranus 01° Taurus 28' 31" R
    Neptune 14° Pisces 28' 06" R
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 45' 23" R
    Chiron 29° Pisces 47' 19" R
    TrueNode 03° Leo 34' 21" R

    "The combination of stellar energies becomes gradually more and more intense as each week rolls on through October. Most of this is due to Pluto, lord the underworld and all things Scorpionic. Even the greater benefics Venus and Jupiter are in the dark constellation, joined later in the month by Mercury and the Sun.

    And, as above so below they say. So, be low, low..

    Here are the main transits for this week:

    ♇ SD Sun Sep 30 22:00 Pluto 18°♑45′
    ☽ □ ☉ Tue Oct 02 09:47 Moon 09°♋09′ Square Sun 09°♎09′
    ♆ ☍ Pa Tue Oct 02 19:22 Neptune 14°♓25′℞ Opposition Pallas 14°♍25′
    ☿ □ ♇ Wed Oct 03 00:01 Mercury 18°♎45′ Square Pluto 18°♑45′
    ♀ S℞ Fri Oct 05 19:07 Venus 10°♏50′℞
    ♄ ⊼ ☊ Fri Oct 05 23:52 Saturn 03°♑15′ Quincunx Node 03°♌15′
    ☉ ☌ Ce Sun Oct 07 10:02 Sun 14°♎05′ Conjunction Ceres 14°♎05′
    ☉ ⊼ ♆ Sun Oct 07 15:18 Sun 14°♎18′ Quincunx Neptune 14°♓18′℞

    After seven months in retrograde (Apr-Sep), Pluto finally turns direct, about to bring closure to all the deeply irrevocable processes we’ve been stumbling our way through since as far back as April 2017. This is the last swipe for many, and by the time the underlord leaves his Rx shadow early next year, we will find ourselves in a totally unrecognisable state. Pluto has that effect, leaving us and our former lives beyond recognition or repair. Beyond all hope of return. All we can hope to take with us is some degree of redemption and a pledge to “never again”. Either that, or we do a deal to be his badass bitch, at least some of the time. (you’d be surprised how many sign up!)

    It’s been a heavy couple of years, but as we’re observing, little about this year has been light at all. Since Saturn entered Capricorn in Dec 2017, joining Pluto, the ominous sands of time have begun to run perilously low, heading towards a full-scale dismantling of the old patriarchy and its faltering efforts to maintain its own badass structure and control over this planet. There is an obvious, older, white-male-dominant type which has become so fragile now that any competitor is sensed to be a threatening foe which must be crushed. It’s a desperate state, and we are seeing it among many of the fraternity of the entitled.

    A lot of planets are coming into climatic shift this month.

    Since mid-May, Mars has been moving back and forth through Aquarius, providing us with all with an opportunity to become more aware of what’s not been working so well (or even at all) in our lives and in a half-baked effort, try to do something, anything, to fix it.

    This week, MARS continues to chase Black Moon LILITH into conjunction (Tuesday). Lilith rules over those disowned aspects of our own shadowy nature – parts of ourselves which we consider hideous, of which we are somewhat aware yet possibly pressing hard to keep concealed from others. We push these hideous qualities down, out of sight from others, fearing that if they come exposed would reveal to others how horrible we are as a person. Yet these repressed qualities somehow press back up at us, bursting to come out through our most intimate encounters. We call this part our ‘shadow’, the side that we try to keep out of the light.

    Our ‘shadow-self’ conceals a darker side to our nature, hidden aspects of ourselves which we have repressed or suppressed – anything from difficult emotions, our own sexual preferences, hidden desires, even potential strengths that are yet to be uncovered because we fear to go there. We know these traits are within us, but we just do not want to acknowledge them ourselves, and we prefer others not to see them either.
    We become convinced that if these traits were ever to be revealed that some might judge us as being a “bad person”. So whilst we tend to keep these aspects of ourselves tightly under wraps, we unwittingly project them onto others in our lives (like our friends or family), where they play out in our exterior world dramas, and when we see them in others, start to engage in cutting them down. Our efforts to deny, or shoot down our projected shadow self may at times reflect upon us with a severely sabotaging effect.

    Currently being activated by MARS, the LILITH on S.Node is about to dart out throughout this week. Repressed anger erupts angrily and suddenly, projecting itself into our affairs as a horrid realism – not just over the apparent rottenness of this world in general but the rottenness of our own life in particular. Everything becomes personal, especially those things that seem to trigger our past-life misdemeanors towards others, or memories of feeling mistreated with inequity and exclusion. We stand for our rights with vehement disgust, even affiliate ourselves to the collective disgust of a pitchforked mob, and together we are ready to storm the Bastille..

    Of course, when we identify ourselves with a mob, we are met with the resistance from a counter-mob. In 3D physics, every action is met with an equal and opposite reaction (Newton’s Third Law).

    The abrupt realism that emerges is only a mask for why we’re truly angry or repressed though – which is due to such an overwhelming estrangement from humanity that we conveniently choose to blame and project our feelings of dissociation and desolation upon each other.

    The more convinced we become that the rottenness is only happening to us, the more annoyed and alienated we get with the world; and the less we engage with the world, the more annoyed we get about the phoney-arsed efforts we see others making in continuing to engage with it.

    Those old patriarchal power symbols upon which our lives were structured – money, authority, entitlement, beauty, security are fast losing value, and we know this. On the deepest level, our subconscious knows that these phoney values are the source of all terror, corruption and rottenness among us. Yet many continue to play the game, carrying on like they’re not, because to expose these as being ineffective would mean to expose the whole system of reality as being one giant, bogus, impotent flop. And in truth, we have a lot invested in this “flop”. It would be a shame to just walk, right?
    Not now…
    [sigh] No wonder you’re concerned or depressed.
    Whether we suppress our demons or intend to make a stand by projecting them outward, it can still feel depressing. When we become certain that there is something deeply disingenuous in our world, something that creates hatred, life can become a real downer. This is not a clinical depression btw – its existential realism goes deeper than the personality because it corrupts the soul. This depression cannot be healed by your domestic-grade medication/ drugs/ booze/ gossip/ netflix. This depression is not a condition but rather a symptom that we are drowning in a situation/relationship that is largely untenable, since we feel that something in our world does not allow us to express ourselves in our truest sovereignty.

    Meanwhile, Venus, now at her detrimental worst in Scorpio, prepares to turn retrograde. It’s because she is so damned compulsive, which leads her into making some catastrophic choices. In retro, they are ones that she can’t help but keep going back to, regardless of how soul-destructive they’ve been.

    Since Mars and Venus are the two planets least found in retrograde, both of their retrogrades tend to take us into strange, unknown territory. I’m observing many clients describe their experience of Mars and Mercury’s recent retrograde cycles as deeply unsettling, sometimes so frightful that they are thinking destructive thoughts. There’s a lot of unhappy, unsettled egos out there trying to reorient themselves in the world.

    Here we must ask whether the activities that take up the majority of our social interaction actually make us more happy to be alive? Aquarius is vested in futuristic, reformist ventures, utopian hopes and ideals we commonly share with others in our aim to create a better, brighter world. Sure, technology and social networking has a lot to do with it, but these ‘tools’ can also threaten our very humanity and lead us to dystopian, apocalyptic visions, especially during times like these, when the world seem cloaked over with such heavy darkness.
    What kind of humans are we? What kind of world are we creating and what sort of society are we making for ourselves here? Why so much hatred and division among us, especially at the most fundamental levels (gender, race, class, etc).
    A lot of questions about the future coming to light.

    Once something is in our awareness, we can no longer feign ignorance. Try as we may to turn the blind eye or repress it, it’s just not possible. The key (with any retrograde) is to turn inward to that which breathes life into our body – look to Spirit for guidance. As we will see with Venus in retro, it would be treacherous to think we can ever go back to something we haven’t quite let go of. That would be death.

    This ‘dark night of the soul’ which we are currently in is best tackled with inner reflection, meditation, discussion on the several levels of grief, and forming a communion through the practice of mystical prayer. This dark shadow of our repressed emotions, about to be formally unleashed when PLUTO TURNS DIRECT, is in fact about to launch the deepest stages of a collective spiritual crisis.

    Without the proper support/ counselling, this crisis can be easily misdirected into surface relationship issues & politics, unresolved childhood traumas or chronic health issues, all which could lead us into the most phenomenal spiritual crisis this planet has ever collectively undergone.

    Staying cool and centered has never been so important, yet ever so difficult as this next few weeks. Please remember to be kind and gentle with yourself, learn to love our demons and at least avoid blaming others.
    Do not allow any negativity or ugliness in your surroundings invade your spirit, overpower your heart’s intention, destroy your confidence, affect your growth. Do not become increasingly bitter and envious each time you are forced or provoked. Hold your inner power. Shine your inner light.

    and have an amazing week. Blessings xx"
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports


    Current Planetary Positions

    Sun 11° Libra 52' 02"
    Moon 18° Leo 23' 55"
    Mercury 22° Libra 17' 32"
    Venus 10° Scorpio 49' 55"
    Mars 07° Aquarius 38' 42"
    Jupiter 22° Scorpio 51' 46"
    Saturn 03° Capricorn 12' 28"
    Uranus 01° Taurus 18' 34" R
    Neptune 14° Pisces 21' 36" R
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 45' 37"
    Chiron 29° Pisces 35' 23" R
    TrueNode 03° Leo 31' 42" R

    "We live in interesting times. As far as interest goes, October just turns up the heat to “Max”, and only if you are fully asleep do you not get the feeling that, come November, our world may never be the same (again). When does it stop being so “interesting”? Well, with Uranus now becoming the new Saturn, we can safely say that “interesting” is now the new ‘ordinary’. So let’s get used to rapid change and disruption, as well as ‘present moment awareness’, boundless insights and creative inspiration, and the ability to shift into higher dimensions at will all being the new norm. For those who cling to the 3D world, fear-ridden about what tomorrow may bring, then yes… a return to the “grand old days of yore” are going to seem like they have not only betrayed them, but they may turn out to appear like a dark and twisted nightmare after all.

    OCTOBER 2018
    Those who say that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” were probably talking about Venus in Scorpio, now stationary and about to retrograde at 10°50′ Scorpio (Oct 5) and heads back to 25°15′ Libra (Nov 16). Due to her hard aspects to long-duelling Mars/Uranus, and a skipped step to the Nodes, this is an epochal transit – already proving to be a revolutionary call to action between the genders.

    There has never been a civil war between the genders. Somehow events are conspiring to divide this planet, and what could be more fundamentally divisive than the most common denominator in just about every household?

    We get this. Surely we must. It seems that the dice of fate are supremely loaded. They’re loaded with such intent to settle a score which for years, decades… centuries… millenia has seen this world divided in many other ways. For no ‘good’ reason. Division and separation, exclusion and limitation are the domain of Saturn. Never through Saturn’s historic reign over ‘linear time’ has there been a ‘good’ reason for the world to be divided, usually over characteristics that we cannot change at birth, be they skin-colour, beauty, nationality, heritage, creed, background, class, economic status, family privilege, land-claim and sovereignty…

    …oh and let’s forget the obligatory obvious: Gender

    We are now at the point of ultimate division. Since 2014 we have talked much about the ultimate “divergence of humanity”. The Cardinal Grand Cross of in April 2014 would mark a distinct time in history, from which humanity would become increasingly set apart in all significant directions.

    From that critical time of conflicting grand awareness, things of matter between us would accelerate to ‘matter’ to a point of obtuse annoyance. Awareness of our ‘differences’ would continue to divide us so diametrically, to such an absolute degree than we would eventually break matters down to the most common, most empirical denominator… the individual Self. And, until so, we will not be ready to fight the ultimate war.

    We are near. This war is beyond any cross-nation war. We have seen many, many wars over the who-knows-how long, and over who-knows-what. War have always been waged between tribes and among individuals – often about things they do not understand.

    World Wars.

    Internally too, we have seen much in-fighting between our own peoples – between us and them, between us and our institutions, between us and our churches, corporations, political parties and their leaders. This is becoming a more and more common phenomenon, especially thanks to digital media. And of course, most recently – in the past 12 months, we have seen it most domestically, between ourselves and those we love – those who are ‘supposed to’ love and compliment us. Those with whom we live, who have made us feel whole; made us feel complete. The in-fighting is closing more and more “in”, and every day we awaken to feel a strange sense of alienation from the outer world; we awaken to find that the human divergence has now all but taken place inside our own homes.

    On every matter, we seem to be split into many disparate parts, becoming upset and arguing over anything, breaking up, disbanding and unfollowing each other over differences which are essentially meaningless, but we place so much value upon. We are each armed with our little black, wireless devices of incendiary intent and we fire incessant missiles of invective at one another in this full-scale digital battleground. For many, it is becoming a most uncivil ‘civil war… the most paradoxically antisocial ‘social network’. The internet has gone from the initial promise of becoming te ultimate instrument of ‘freedom to share’, to the most toxically ‘divisive tool’. We see the most toxic, divisive intellectual assaults coming not only from everyday people, but from world leaders and high court judges and media commentators – people appointed to stay fair and diplomatic.

    As we enter October, we observe that the harmonising Libra Sun having a great deal of turbulence on its hands as it tries to restore balance among us. Next Tuesday’s New Moon at 15°♎48′, squaring Pluto shows just how dire the fight between lightness and dark has become.

    Ruled by Venus, this Libra lunation comes at such a markedly debilitating point. The Sun in its fall during Libra, which means its ability to make decision and act in authority is severely. mitigated. Venus’s detriment in Scorpio weakens things yet again. Scorpio is the sign of the zodiac that explores that which the outer “authorities” have labeled taboo. In Scorpio we learn to observe the flow of ‘power’ and identify what it is that constitutes authentic power. Scorpio’s rulers Pluto and Mars are in conflict to both the Sun and Venus, respectively. The archetype of the shaman and the alchemist, Scorpio is the only sign with three symbols which describe the possible ways its energy will express as it gains mastery.

    The Scorpion is the first symbol – it reactively (and often with a lethal blow) stings others in self-protection because it doesn’t yet grasp that what it does to others it does to itself. At the next level is the eagle, who has learned to soar above the lower forms of human drama but remains predatory and judgmental, eager to consume its selective prey. At the highest level, Scorpio’s key totem is symbolized by the Phoenix, the mythological bird of India. Legend has it that as the Phoenix was about to die it would sing a hauntingly beautiful song and all of creation would be reminded of what really matters. Then the Phoenix would burst into flames and from its ashes a new bird arose. Pluto is currently stationed at 18°♑45′ after turning direct on Sep 30.

    Venus is now moving so slowly that she too is considered stationary – the period when her energy is vibrationally most intense because it is focused in one place – not moving. She will turn retrograde on Friday, Oct 05 2018, 19:07 UTC. When a planet has a retrograde cycle, it is primarily inverting the normal flow of conscious experience, resulting in a changing of direction, focus, and attention. In general, retrograde cycles often redirect consciousness down different avenues, or back to the past to clear ourselves of any residual influences on the present.

    Venus’ retrograde takes place between 10°50′ Scorpio to 25°15′ Libra (Nov16) . Venus has been in her shadow since Sep 03 and will finally exit this cycle on Dec 18.

    When Venus is retrograde she symbolically begins her descent into the underworld, finally to returning at the other end, replenished and renewed. Her task is to provide a restoration of old themes or dynamics, especially in our relationships that we may have felt we had already processed or tied off, but in a karmic sense still haunt, or influence us subconsciously. Venus last had her retrograde in Scorpio in Oct-Nov 2002 and again in 2010. Unresolved issues prevalent at that time could resurface at this time. You may gain insight into Venus’ focus this retrograde by reflecting on your life circumstances during that time.

    When Venus enters her retrograde cycle, we are invited to investigate the darker or hidden dimensions of ourselves, and others – often resulting in the unveiling of shadow matter projected onto other people around us. This allows us to adopt a different lens from which to observe ourselves and those with whom we interact. We want to be receptive to these deeper perceptions, and simply take it all in as opposed to trying to change things during the actual retrograde. It’s best to use the retrograde period for objective witnessing with the intent to see what’s going on with fresh eyes. Since our exterior relationships reflect our own internal dynamics, the most enlightened perception would be to see any flaws or shadows as our own, and to learn to integrate and heal these within ourselves.

    Because the Venus cycle itself is so complex it can be challenging to make rational sense of “why” we’re undergoing such awful challenges in our affairs, or what unfinished business we have with the people we’re involved with and typically, due to our willingness to be guided, things often organically unfold the way they’re meant to. If one is privy to the deeper dynamics of their horoscope, then it can often become clear what type of role the situation or individual is playing, and what we can be done to support healing, resolution, and understanding.

    In order to gain greater insight into Venus’ retrograde cycle, we need to keep in mind her association with the signs Taurus and Libra because they compose the two facets of Venus’ archetype. Taurus represents the earthy side of Venus, the sensual, pleasure-seeking side that understands that life is meant to be more pleasure than struggle. The Taurus influence also symbolizes our capacity to form and identify what we personally value. All of our choices in life are guided by our values. While Venus is retrograde, we are presented with the opportunity to ask ourselves, “Do my life circumstances reflect my values?” This Venus retrograde is our grand opportunity to examine our values and ensure that they are not prescribed replicas of what our family or social circle may have determined ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be of value to us. Further to this, we need to examine whether we feel worthy enough to receive the abundance and pleasure. Through Venus, we strive to bring pleasure into our lives wherever possible. Through her direct connection to the Sun, she helps us see pleasure as a truth, not as some secret sin.

    From the perspective of Libra, it is our relationships that provide a means for the formation of a personal value system. This is not just referring to our most personal relationships, but also our relationship to all of life: our partners, our job, our family, our life situation, to money, to mother earth, to strangers, to the natural and supernatural world. We are in relationship to every aspect of life. For Venus, relationships are the currency exchange that defines our value system by identifying what we like and don’t like. We all have preferences, things we prefer and things we refuse. During the course of our lives we are presented with the dilemma of having to choose one opportunity over others. It’s Venus’ association with Libra that is concerned with the process of making those choices of what to engage and what to let be. People and circumstances may leave our life at this time to make room for that which fits us better.

    Additionally, Venus also seeks to maintain inner and outer balance, modulating and harmonising the conflicting factors that exist within our psyche, which tend to manifest in our external circumstances so that we can mediate and heal them. Venus’ retrograde cycle encourages us to examine what is out of balance in our lives and take the steps to restore our equilibrium. It’s a great time to exercise doing things for ourselves each day that will reward us with pleasure. We will also want to be aware of any behaviours that block or deny our receiving what is necessary in order to have peace, balance, joy and pleasure in our lives.

    Cultivating Venus’ energy now will also support you in being aware of what is guiding your choices. Additionally, Venus will help you become more deeply conscious of what you want to do with your wealth, talents, and best assets as she reminds you that ‘you’ (or that intrinsic life-force by which you identify) is your most precious commodity. Learning how to access this, value it and put it out there is an internalising process, brought to you by the Venus retro.

    Your soul is eager to shine its beautiful, unique light and demonstrate its creative power to grow your experience. The creator-light within you appreciates all of creation itself. It is through your affinity to Venus’s magnetic power of attraction now which determines your choices of what is ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘joyful’, ‘sorrowful’ etc. – the force which regulates the ebbs and the flows of your own heart’s desire, which seeks to become whole with the universe around you. From the perspective of that wholeness, everything is an expression of the infinite being that you inherently are, experiencing itself through its humanity, here on planet earth.

    I must learn to love the fool in me — the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries. It alone protects me against that utterly self-controlled, masterful tyrant whom I also harbor and who would rob me of human aliveness, humility, and dignity but for my fool.
    ~ Theodore Rubin

    As mentioned, since Venus is in detriment here, there is a strange restlessness in the airwaves. We are not content and we don’t know why. We are made to feel like something is missing in our lives, like enough is never enough, and so the secret desire energy veers to extremes and we start coveting until it just amounts to severe gluttony. Even those who have chosen the spiritual path will be tempted to break their abstinence to indulge in ‘matter’ or ‘flesh’. It is as if external forces from our repressed self (or the darkside) are trying to possess us, “manipulate” us into engaging in corrupt thoughts and devious designs which are corrosive rather than cohesive to our soul purpose. Of course, it’s just the ego, here, but we struggle.

    Hence, we develop an intense need to overcome these supernatural forces enticing us into places that may hamper or destroy our spiritual progress. Impatience, boredom or distraction can easily lead us to break ranks and engage into contracts or alliances that are treacherous or demeaning to our highest values.

    Past grudges, unresolved feuds, harboured psycho-sexual traumas and knife-sharpening vendettas are the impetus for lashing out, often uncontrollably. We seek to destroy those things that trigger us, not knowing that it is ourselves we are trying to destroy. Must focus on destroying the parts of our old selves that we are carrying, the unresolved bitterness that keeps us apart and alienated from wholeness to others..

    In the final fortnight of this retrograde Venus, now in its domicile sign find it hard to decide whose side to take. So it tries to get by on taking on the side of others (just to be on the safe side). Unfortunately this becomes a damned state since by this stage there is no ‘side’ that is safe at all, and her peacemaking energies get tossed from one extreme to the other. We find out the hard way that, try as we may, we can’t please everyone – in fact, can’t please anyone unless we please ourselves, and since by this stage we’ve probably lost or forgotten what we truly value and desire about ourselves, we start to develop a kind of emotional paralysis, an inner discontent which comes from the realisation (full awakening will come by Venus’ final opposition to Uranus – Dec 1) that we have just been a gullible patsy or stooge for the mob.

    By the end of this ordeal, we learn exactly who we are and what we value against everything we think we should and ultimately could be.

    It is a long struggle with values, likes and dislikes. Because of our tendency for exteriorisation and the heavily psychoactive drives of Scorpio we become triggered by things that we can no longer stand, or that we feel we must have at all costs (to make up for lost time).

    As Venus squares Mars for the second time (Oct 11), sores picked during the first square (Sep 08) become so inflamed that it seems likely to manifest as a backlash over any disgruntlements, disagreements and conflicts, particularly between the masculine-feminine. Not the easiest time to get along with those of the opposite gender, since the expectations (mostly historical or cultural) for the other to make concessions due to gender ‘entitlement’, reaches boiling point and spills over.

    This tension will not end until Nov 09 when these two energy find mediation with a trine. However, by that stage much force has amassed on both sides to either arm-up defenses or to cede defeat, and it is probably a combination of these two which places great jeopardy to those still stuck on the exterior projections of their most intense, yet unresolved hidden desires for power and control.

    By the end of his retrograde cycle we are either steeped in tortuous self judgement, exteriorised in extreme polarisations and disharmony or we learn to own and manage our personal power of attraction. As we say on the ‘cosmic bus’ engaging by being alert in non-judgmental attentiveness to your own thoughts, actions and feelings puts us in touch with that presence within us that abides – remaining unchanging and undisturbed – no matter what is going on around us.

    Learning to welcome your soul’s presence, a state of ‘being’ that brings a quality of love and light and meaningfulness and purpose to all that you do is no accident. It comes from practice of staying mindful that you have the power to choose, to own, to engage or to just…. not.

    The very picture of a whole person is one who can drink wine, dance on the beach, sing in the rain and at the same time enjoy the depths of understanding and wisdom that belong to the sage. Half of humanity has been accepting the inner world but denying the outer world. The other half of humanity has been accepting the material world and denying the inner world. Both are half and no person who is half can be contented. You have to be whole: rich in the body, rich in science, rich in meditation, rich in consciousness.

    Ultimately, Venus is all about creating greater abundance, beauty, and balance in our world. That begins with each individual and ripples out like waves upon the ocean of humanity. Make the decision to allow it to begin with you. This is the way each of us individually and collectively creates a better world for ourselves and the generations of humanity to come."

    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Quote Posted by onawah (here)
    The Week Ahead: October 1-7
    Current Planetary Positions

    Once something is in our awareness, we can no longer feign ignorance. Try as we may to turn the blind eye or repress it, it’s just not possible. The key (with any retrograde) is to turn inward to that which breathes life into our body – look to Spirit for guidance. As we will see with Venus in retro, it would be treacherous to think we can ever go back to something we haven’t quite let go of. That would be death.
    Do not allow any negativity or ugliness in your surroundings invade your spirit, overpower your heart’s intention, destroy your confidence, affect your growth. Do not become increasingly bitter and envious each time you are forced or provoked. Hold your inner power. Shine your inner light.

    and have an amazing week. Blessings xx"
    Like these excerpts, i was glad to find an effective tip, easy to say with the inner voice:

    "My robotized entities want this. I do not want this."

    Poof! Irrational stuck thoughts and lower emotions vanish, but we need to develop adequate mentailty to sustain higher thought. This can work with intentionality, free of habitual mechanicalness.

    This can stand on a practical, internal commitment, but would include the integration of western scientific ideas of hypothesis married with eastern, common sense consciousness-development.

    The larger challenge is to understand that these robotized entities are parts of a lower emotional self, which most humans are reluctant to leave behind themselves, the true selves. Reluctance blocks the knowledge of the true self, with the trickster- emotional robot(s). Adamant, they indulge cheap thrills or habitual effects. As humans can actually give up on all the fanciful emotional devices, which are too often mistaken as parts of culture. Where attainment of true culture is actually something else.

    Here is the need of practical hypotheticals, instead of blindly robotizing every little emotional response in life. Integrate the development of our hypotheticals big and small, as a whole lifestyle, (instead of basing love on lower, needy emotions).

    Let me not offend astrologers here, to suggest (to hypothesize), that the mystic and the saint are both held back cosmically, if a scientifically-sound mentality is not sooner or later, fully integrated, with higher emotionality (and otherwise further attainments), on the great cosmic quest. Otherwise borrowed imaginary worlds become prisons, for the lack of balancing the true self, made ready for graduation (getting out of the lower worlds of stuck incarnations).

    PS-I offer to kindly remove this post if you find it objectionable on this thread.
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Astrology shows us what cosmic energies we must deal with, and in that way, it can be a very helpful tool, but how much we are affected by them or transcend them is an individual matter.
    I find nothing objectionable in your post, Wavydome.
    Quote Posted by wavydome (here)

    Let me not offend astrologers here, to suggest (to hypothesize), that the mystic and the saint are both held back cosmically, if a scientifically-sound mentality is not sooner or later, fully integrated, with higher emotionality (and otherwise further attainments), on the great cosmic quest. Otherwise borrowed imaginary worlds become prisons, for the lack of balancing the true self, made ready for graduation (getting out of the lower worlds of stuck incarnations).

    PS-I offer to kindly remove this post if you find it objectionable on this thread.
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    NEW MOON at 15°48′ LIBRA: Tuesday, October 09, 03:47 UTC
    Current Planetary Positions
    12:30:18 AM

    Sun 15° Libra 52' 30"
    Moon 16° Libra 49' 06"
    Mercury 28° Libra 45' 15"
    Venus 10° Scorpio 36' 28" R
    Mars 09° Aquarius 25' 27"
    Jupiter 23° Scorpio 39' 04"
    Saturn 03° Capricorn 24' 21"
    Uranus 01° Taurus 09' 11" R
    Neptune 14° Pisces 15' 59" R
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 46' 21"
    Chiron 29° Pisces 24' 45" R
    TrueNode 03° Leo 03' 18" R

    "With Libra, a cardinal/air sign, the soul begins to acknowledge the presence of another soul, and via the ego – the expression of the personality, sees that it keeps the interests of the other in mind whenever acting or reacting. Of course, personalities differ, so the fun is all in the interaction and how to keep the peace while going about trying to satisfy one’s ego business/pleasure.

    At a Libra New Moon, the activation of any new venture at this time is with aim to keep (or create) harmony and balance in whichever affair is highlighted. In many ways we make a start, a promise, set an intention to find a method or sweet spot where we can wilfully oblige others, as well as instinctively meet them halfway, totally persuade them we can make things nicer, more workable, more peaceful. Using our intellectual (air) ability to discuss, we initiate (cardinal) an engagement where civilised debate – strategy and tact, guile and subtle manipulation – is employed to bring ourselves and another into a more balanced, sustainable and peaceable position.

    With the ruler of Libra, Venus now retrograde, the potential for massive relationship/political turbulence is heightening to unforeseen levels. Like a serpent shedding its skin, the preceding days of the dark moon holds the power either to annihilate, or to heal and regenerate – depending on our clarity and capacity to see the significance of this moment and flow with its rhythms. We see a new, internalised appraisal of what is of value in our lives and what just has to go, and how sometimes we will ruthlessly set out to destroy it if it continues to impede our progress (see Venus in retrograde article here: https://angstoic.com/2018/10/venus-retrograde-2/ )

    The current Sun/Pluto dynamic will roll out those charismatic and compelling kinds, whose will is to effectively bring about some kind of transformation in our lives. They come to us with no uncertain agenda – they see what’s expiring and with much purpose and authority, seek out to dismantle and destroy it, break it down to the point of complete disintegration so that it can once again regenerate. Of course, if it’s not fully “expired”, there may be wars. In the end there can be only one survivor and it’s a fight to the death. Life will never be the same for either, but to the Sun/Pluto type, they are used to this (see also Scorpio/8th house).

    This powerful transformative process occurring at New Moon affects those whose own unintegrated emotions are so deeply buried that they remain unconscious. These are hidden in the cellular body, sometimes for a lifetime. Personal matters now become extremely charged, deep emotions become triggered, and consequent reactions can easily get violently enraged and difficult to control. Underlying, body-stored traumas seek to find release one way or another. Any excuse will do. Current dynamics in our everyday drama will produce individuals or instances which will precipitate such a climax.In the case of the Libra New Moon, the quest for peace and justice becomes so intensely aroused by those who willfully wield ambition, force, power, domination, and aggression. One way or another, whether it is with or without your consent, whatever you place your attention upon will set you off into a new journey of psycho-emotional breakdown and regeneration. As is always the way with Pluto, you will never again be the same again, whichever direction you decide to go (nor should you want to be)."
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    THE WEEK AHEAD: October 15-21

    (This report puts me in mind of what certain psychics and channelers that I used to read were saying (years ago, before so many of them apparently became victims to some kind of nefarious psyop or takeover of some kind). They were predicting a huge uncovering of the very dirty deals and deeds that have been going on behind the scenes for centuries, triggering a huge outcry of rage and demand for exposure and retribution, exactly as we are seeing now.
    One of the channelers (Suzy Ward) repeatedly said that this anger would eventually be tempered by the realization that vengeance and justice are two different things, and that only the latter will heal the planet and help to bring things back into balance.
    The question remains: what would be justice and what would be revenge? Some who are screaming for blood will never be satisfied with merely exiling corrupt politicians, pedophiles, banksters, etc. But what would be enough justice to keep the villians from doing the same again?
    If there are really any final solutions, I think they might only come about via changes in cosmic energies that are so powerful even those who are the most firmly entrenched in Darkness cannot resist them, and from sincere, guiding good examples from those who are already aligned with the Light.
    But those kinds of changes are very gradual....

    Current Planetary Positions
    1:35:36 PM

    Sun 21° Libra 21' 42"
    Moon 29° Sagittarius 39' 02"
    Mercury 07° Scorpio 14' 44"
    Venus 09° Scorpio 14' 44" R
    Mars 12° Aquarius 01' 54"
    Jupiter 24° Scorpio 45' 24"
    Saturn 03° Capricorn 42' 54"
    Uranus 00° Taurus 55' 59" R
    Neptune 14° Pisces 08' 50" R
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 48' 10"
    Chiron 29° Pisces 10' 45" R
    TrueNode 02° Leo 14' 11" R

    "In the final week of the Sun’s journey through Libra, we observe the transition of those who dare to outwardly express their desire for justice, fairness and equanimity about to shift dramatically toward the desire for power, to execute change, exact vengeance and even ‘death’ – be it only figuratively or metaphorically.
    It’s not so easy to discriminate between the desire for justice and the desire to exact revenge. It’s all very tight and can be a fine line to draw. Of course, justice is certainly something worth pursuing in the sense where it is the minimum force necessary to bring things back into balance. Revenge, however, just seems to take things one step further, where the risk of matters spiraling out of control is not only difficult to predict, but even more treacherous to bring them under control again.
    This week, a preponderance of energies already in Scorpio, including Libra’s ruler Venus, has already foreshadowed a kind of nasty and intriguing politics. This sets the scenario for the very formidable battlefield that we might expect to witness between us in the coming few weeks. So hold centre. If you can.

    Much will come along to shift us in ways that promise irrevocable changes to our precious bits and coins, and though this spells a sense of dread or drama to many who wish to remain ignorant, or the ‘performatively woke’ operators or the ‘social justice warriors’ out there, us ‘evolutionary bloodhounds’ are always ready to show up for the latest cosmic developments in store…

    Here are this week’s main transits:

    ☿ ☌ ♀ Mon Oct 15 20:21 Mercury 08°♏51′ Conjunction Venus 08°♏51′℞
    ☽ □ ☉ Tue Oct 16 18:02 Moon 23°♑19′ Square Sun 23°♎19′
    ♂ ∠ Ch Thu Oct 18 18:13 Mars 14°♒01′ Semisquare Chiron 29°♓01′℞
    ☿ Sqq Ch Fri Oct 19 08:46 Mercury 14°♏00′ Sesqui Chiron 29°♓00′℞
    ☿ △ ♆ Fri Oct 19 09:48 Mercury 14°♏03′ Trine Neptune 14°♓03′℞
    ☿ □ ♂ Fri Oct 19 17:24 Mercury 14°♏31′ Square Mars 14°♒31′

    To kick this week off, MERCURY’s conjunction to a retrograding VENUS falls exactly on Monday at 08°♏51′. Here we see the primary conductors of the Sun’s electromagnetic forces combine: thoughts (☿/electrical) & feelings (♀/magnetic) come together like a highly conductive magnetic rod. It’s irresistibly attractive. However, due to Venus’ retrograde, it feels much like beauty staring at herself in the mirror, and in Scorpio the attraction is so mysteriously deep that she becomes hopelessly intoxicated by her own beguiling witchiness.

    Being mesmerised by the reflection of one’s own beauty creates a double-seeded image-distortion, a hypnotic ideation that does not necessarily impart one to the healthiest of outcomes. Whilst to some degree it is important (and healthy) to possess some sense of love and appreciation for oneself, when taken to idealised heights and without ‘ventilation’ to any accurate external reference points, becoming grossly enamoured with oneself can tend towards excessive displays of vanity and narcissistic behaviour.

    ‘Narcissistic Personality’ is the clinical disorder named after Narcissus – the Greek mythological hero who fell in love with his own reflection. He would stare at himself endlessly in the watery pool, transfixed by his own image, getting so high on his beauty that eventually the poor fool falls into the pool and drowns.

    Freud used the term ‘narcissist’ to describe those who became so blindly self-absorbed and since then, psychoanalysts have gone to town on the narcissist’s need to prop up his or her self-esteem through grandiose fantasy, exaggerated ambition, exhibitionism, and feelings of entitlement. It is a mental condition that can create all kinds of destructive complications, often misplaced as creative or glorious expressions.

    Needless to say, this week’s squares to the Black Moon Lilith, alongside Mars at the South Node, reveal the toxic effects of today’s Facial Media Twitterscape which has created a veritable Instamania for the garden-variety narcissist. And, for those Über-Narceholes, it has created monsters the likes of which could only be described as a ‘Joe Goebbels’ wet dream’.

    Of course, on the mundane level, we have seen many changes in the ways in which we relate to one another in the flesh. There has been a growing detachment and emotional dissociation, even our most intimate of relations, a tendency towards greater disengagement in genuine soul-to-soul contacts, and the inability to spend quality time with one another without distraction into meaningless and frivolous interests and affairs.

    This kind of EMF frenzy, brought upon us by the digital age comes to a head by the end of this week when Mercury (thanks to his own retrograde, mid-Nov) heads toward the first of three squares to Mars (Fri).

    This is an interesting point to watch, since Mercury is by now negatively charged by the Venus Rx polarity. Retrograde energies bring a time of review, reversal, and taking a reflective perspective on past experiences. Elements stored deeply in the subconscious mind rise to the surface, seldom in the most direct or distinct fashion. The squares to Mars may just be the trigger point where our past narcissistic efforts of the past can come to a head as we realise what a meaninglessly repugnant and insipid state of values we have created for ourselves.

    Do anything mean anything anymore?
    Sure… but hey – do we all agree? A lot of us are placing meaning in the opinions of the consensus, and by the end of this week, things start to shift dramatically.

    In the past week, we have already seen the global stock-markets start to quiver as Mercury hit the Uranus/Node square. We can expect more of this kind of thing as Venus does the same throughout November. We start to re-evaluate our own personal investment in a self-image, people, matters that are, in the end, largely meaningless. Like playing with monopoly money, speculating ourselves on digital platforms is not real. It’s just a game, and when it’s over that money buys you nothing.

    As the game draws to completion, even the big ‘winners’ stand to gain nothing if the big lessons have not been about developing inner strength, social skills and confidence to bargain openly and fairly. Learning to win gracefully and with compassion for those who struggle is a bonus. Most of all, not taking one’s token image in ‘the game’ too seriously helps tremendously, and those who have shown too little or no regard for the feelings of other players may struggle once the board game is packed up and we return back to being ‘human’ with one another.

    Since Black Moon Lilith – that repository of our darkest, most repressed desires – is now midway between Mars and the South Node in Aquarius, there can be little mirth nor sympathy left for those who are lost in self-fancies and addictive auto-distractions. Like the Kanye in the White House, staring agog into the face of the Trumpster, the feedback-loop created by the blinding afterglow of narcissism resembles two mirrors held up to one another… space-time goes infinitely deep until it warps into a weird, self-diminishing vanishing point… And then, like the wrath of a trillion Kardashians, we disappear into the insignificance of obscurity when after all, nobody cares because the old game is up and the currency we were trading in is worthless.

    Moreover, when you walk home and you’re still thinking violent things in relationship to other players (like when you walk home from work, or that party, or that online discussion) – things that you probably should have said but didn’t, then you have to pay attention to those dark things building in the back of your imagination. They’re telling you that you haven’t been courageous enough in your life and are building up a kind of resentment that could explode outwards and destroy things, somewhere – who knows where now.

    As usual, we have things to learn, and these come more apparent to us as the month progresses. I will be discussing the impact of all this repressed energy and how the Taurus Full Moon (Oct 24) becomes a real sudden upset to our entire socio-economic system during this week’s ‘Cosmic Bus’ stop (Wed/Thu – usual time for cosmic tribe members).

    Meanwhile, we must try to conduct ourselves as genuinely as we can, hopefully in ways that helps to improve our life, or at least in ways that see our suffering being forestalled. Moreover, it is our mission to constrain malevolence and suffering to the degree where positive improvement is possible for all things at all levels. Taking the most appropriate action; stepping up to take responsibility for ourselves, provides opportunity to allow the true meaning and purpose to what our life is about. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit uncertain. When you consciously engage your unconscious self – cast your physical body into situations which you are consciously sure are being useful and healthy, then meaningfulness finds you and you begin to feel a coherence to what the universe wants for you.

    Blessings, and have an amazing week xx"
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    #ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ UPDATE: Monday, 15 October

    "We are all sick.
    We are raised into a culture that’s sick.
    It does sick stuff, and calls it ‘being normal’, let’s face it.
    Horrible, divisive, selfish, greedy, unkind stuff.
    To others. To itself. To one another.
    Every ****ing day, there is yet another atrocity flagged in our faces. And what’s worse, we see this sick stuff becoming ‘normalised’ – in the household by the ‘parents’, in our schools by our ‘teachers’, on the daily news by our ‘leaders’.
    It’s sickening, but we have elevated ‘sick’ behaviour to be ‘normal’ and we somehow glamourise and glorify it for its value towards what is called ‘success’.

    What’s funny is that those who stand aside and protest or refuse to take part are considered the sick, or mentally crazy, naive or unstable.
    To feel depressed, angry, anxious or enraged about taking part in this awfulness is considered disruptive and weird, to the point of shame and ridicule.
    To not go along with society’s sickness is to be deemed ‘mad’.
    Those who go against this ‘normalisation of sickness’ pose a huge threat – to themselves, to those around them and to society as a whole. We find ways of shutting those people down. Excluding them. Snuffing out their voice of dissent before it ‘disturbs’ others.

    Meanwhile society is getting sicker and sicker.
    It is riddled with disease, corrupted beyond repair.
    We are so sick of being sick just to play ‘normal’ that our poor bodies cannot take it anymore. Entire nervous systems are on the verge of breaking down.
    Our poor planet cannot take this anymore and is thrashing us daily with storms of dissent and quakes of unease.

    Our societies are breaking down.
    Its systems – held together by lies, deception, heinous crimes and gross mismanagement of trust and faith, are disintegrating.
    This is becoming more transparent by the minute.
    Indeed, it is the sickest who appear to have taken full control.
    And those who dare speak the truth have been summarily pushed to the wall.
    Out there, along the margins of society are a bunch of angry, desperate, willing-to-risk-everything individuals who both refuse to play, but also feel powerless to keep living in this sick, sick world.
    They are so close to losing it.
    Inches away from suffering one massive breakdown.

    What you can do:
    Don’t play along with the sickness.
    Know that it is perfectly healthy to be uniquely you.
    Become mad, get crazy when someone tells you to be otherwise. Refuse to live in a house where sickness is demanded of you. Don’t go to schools, pray in churches, work for anyone who preaches division and competition and calls it ‘better’ or ‘worse’. Don’t purchase products or sponsor or vote for those who produce muck & murder, hatred and divisiveness. Don’t bank your resources on those.
    Dare to be madly yourself, and don’t buy into the sociopathic narcissism of others. Be mad at the proliferation of their sickness. Be mad on the outside. Be uniquely mad now.
    Do something that rebels against this immediately.
    Emerge out of this cocoon of sickness as a giant of well-being.
    Avoid the rush later."
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    THE WEEK AHEAD: October 22-28
    Current Planetary Positions
    11:35:27 AM

    Sun 29° Libra 13' 17"
    Moon 05° Aries 04' 39"
    Mercury 18° Scorpio 43' 12"
    Venus 05° Scorpio 27' 07" R
    Mars 16° Aquarius 03' 36"
    Jupiter 26° Scorpio 23' 07"
    Saturn 04° Capricorn 13' 47"
    Uranus 00° Taurus 36' 39" R
    Neptune 13° Pisces 59' 50" R
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 52' 21"
    Chiron 28° Pisces 52' 04" R
    TrueNode 01° Leo 46' 48" R
    "After a month of bestowing us with the ‘harmonising light’ to bridge better relations, our all-powerful Sun shifts out of Libra and into Scorpio this week. This means that our big chance to find mediation and restore greater balance in our world has been graciously showered upon us, and hopefully lovingly received by all. Whether we made the most out of that experience or found ‘interesting’ ways to deny, pervert, and distort this so-called ‘harmonising light’ is another matter altogether. Anyway, the chance was there.

    Here are this week’s main aspects….

    ☉ ⊼ Ch Mon Oct 22 08:22 Sun 28°♎53′ Quincunx Chiron 28°♓53′℞
    ☉ Sqq ♆ Mon Oct 22 11:17 Sun 29°♎00′ Sesquisquare Neptune 14°♓00′℞
    ☿ ∗ ♇ Mon Oct 22 19:11 Mercury 18°♏52′ Sextile Pluto 18°♑52′
    ☿ ∠ ♄ Tue Oct 23 01:50 Mercury 19°♏15′ Semisquare Saturn 04°♑15′
    ☉ in ♏ Tue Oct 23 11:23 Sun 00°♏00′ Conjunction Uranus
    ☉ ☍ ♅ Wed Oct 24 00:47 Sun 00°♏33′ Opposition Uranus 00°♉33′℞
    Jn in ♉ Wed Oct 24 06:59 Juno 00°♊00′℞ Conjunction Mercury
    ♀ ∗ ♄ Wed Oct 24 12:52 Venus 04°♏22′℞ Sextile Saturn 04°♑22′
    ☽ ☍ ☉ Wed Oct 24 16:46 Moon 01°♉13′ Opposition Sun 01°♏13′
    ☉ □ ☊ Wed Oct 24 19:46 Sun 01°♏21′ Square Node 01°♌21′
    ♀ ☌ ☉ Fri Oct 26 14:17 Venus 03°♏07′℞ Conjunction Sun 03°♏06′
    ☉ ∗ ♄ Sun Oct 28 02:53 Sun 04°♏38′ Sextile Saturn 04°♑38′
    From Tuesday, the Solar intelligence coming through Scorpio progresses our operating frequencies into the fixed/water modality, and the experience becomes imbued with extremely strong feelings. During the next month, conscious attention shifts to observing matters from beneath their superficial veneer, seeping deeply into the very complex heart of what motivates them. We seek to feel our way closer to the source of what moves us, understand what inspires and animates us, and in typically fixed (or fixated) fashion, we may also see how some may stop at nothing to satisfy the whole ‘hard core’ experience.

    The Sun will also join forces with Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, also currently transiting the intensely emo Scorpio. The compendium of energies generates a critical mass, a movement assigned to come up with meaningful answers and serious accountability (☿☌ ♃, ∗ ♇) for what it is we value and how much this means to us.

    Yeah, values.

    Venus’ inferior conjunction of with the Sun at 03°♏07′ (Friday) only intensifies the depth of feeling and quality of emotion we invest in expressing appreciation and gratitude. This special transit becomes the key agent for massive changes this week.

    Wednesday’s Taurus Full Moon promises to be a total shocker. Its conjunction to disruptive Uranus (squaring the karmic Moon’s Nodal axis), guarantees that no amount of ‘expectations’ in the way we are accustomed to give and receive pleasure, favours, material and financial security from our usual contacts can feel satisfactory enough, especially if our joy is rooted in meaningless or worthless exchanges. Time, resources, energy suddenly runs out for things based on clichés, lies and utter nonsense.

    Yeah, values.

    Situations – be they of love or hostility – end quite dramatically if their essential purpose in our lives is to make fodder and securing ties. Those things we do not deeply understand or whose worth is based on Saturnian concepts of separation, jealousies and greed (♀ ∗ ♄) become re-appraised. Only the soundest, most grounded of investments and contacts can endure. So look around – see wobbly things/relationships/markets come crashing if indeed they were built on phoney foundations, speculation and misrepresentation. Even those things you thought were super steady may surprise you by collapsing. Why? Because they were built on shaky, flaky, earthquaky values…

    …yeah, values.

    The Sun’s opposition to Uranus also accelerates public and social awareness. Explosive revelations, genius insights and phenomenal discoveries shift our collective consciousness to irrevocable state of affairs. There are also earthquakes going on in all in socio-political circles. I know you probably think things have been mad already, but so far it’s been but a mere a rumble. If the incumbent rulers don’t hear the rumble and start to change things up, the rumble will quickly escalate to a horrendous roar. Uranus brings insurgent rebellions, revolutions and even violent uprisings.

    All bases are loaded, ready to explode.

    Those who are blindly engaged in crude partisanship and talking-point pugnaciousness; those caught up in the endless fighting about nothing; those who cannot embrace something more progressive and sustainable are charged with temper and risk entering a protracted period of turmoil and unrest as soon as Uranus re-enters Aries (Nov 6). For those who are deeply invested in the world of separation, this is only the beginning of a world where disorder and chaos reign wildly.

    Not wanting to sound dour, but unless we become intent on taking politics into our own hands and reshaping it – then the stormy mood swings experienced by ourselves, strangers and loved-ones alike, our own overinflated investment into ignorant beliefs, practices and values, and by violent disasters of the earth’s own disturbed climate could lead us into heavy losses.

    What do we do?
    Get busy.
    Start by not running away from true gains because they come with pains. Have the audacity to ask questions when you see something is leading you into a dark place. Ask what it is we truly value between us and why we choose to buy into it. If you love the sweet honey, be prepared to be stung by a busy bee. And if anaphylactic shock is not your thing, I suggest you stay away from the buzzing madness of the busy hive.

    Blessings, and have an amazing week xx"
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    November Newsletter - Astrology Of Now
    "Fellow Travellers,

    Halloween may be done, but the Month of November promises some real tricks and treats for us all, mainly due to the significant shifts in planetary ingresses and outgresses occurring from start to end of this month.

    The flavour and frequency alters dramatically to what we've been accustomed to over the past year or so. Most significantly, Jupiter returns to his domicile of Sagittarius. After the past year in Scorpio, where justice was a dish best served with a 'knife in the back', we may observe some semblance of law and order trying to be restored again. This, especially by the end of this month (19), when the judicious one takes on a very sneaky and evasive Mars in Pisces. Of course, with Neptune in Pisces, the chances for moral and ethical truth look pretty fat for 2019, and in the end it will be the hypocrisy that kills it. Still we can live in hope and prayer for the premise of a promise. To some people, any dream will do, however implausible.

    For now, both Mercury and Venus Rx exit Scorpio from either end, and since they both switch directions around the same time (mid month), returning to Scorpio in time for December, this month generates some degree of debate and commotion. Since the two most personal planets are in close semisquare with one another, most of the month works up to be a very politically righteous debacle. Expect to see aggressive, ambitious women who are quite involved with restoring balance and equality in their workplaces, finding ways to position themselves or replace their male counter places in their chosen professions. Sharp-tongued debates are filled with ambivalent thinking, inflammatory rhetoric and wishful thinking which (with Mercury turning retrograde - 16th) goes nowhere, if not backward.

    Mercury spends most of his stationary period squaring Neptune, so expect whatever began with the invective threat of sweet revenge at the end of October (☿ ☌ ♃ ♏) to deteriorate into deflections of untruths, hyperbole and out-and-out lies. In any sense, a whole new process for determining truth emerges, and it isn't necessarily fact-based. With the North Node shifting into Cancer, and Uranus into Aries, "intuitive judgement" becomes the flavour of the month. Not for any other reason but because, by the end of month, we universally determine that you just can't trust a thing you hear or read as factual anyway, and to boot, you may have trouble believing even your own eyes.

    Seems like the special effects have spread well beyond your usual Hollywood blockbuster fare.

    With Jupiter now in Sadge, everything comes loaded with an ambitious agenda, everyone is out for self-promotion, and everywhere there is movement and positioning. But with the Nodes being messed up by Uranus/Neptune, everywhere people seem disrupted and displaced, like they are flotsam upon the ebb and flow of some great tidal wave. These are the days. This is the time when form and definition start to fuzz out on us, and we start tuning out the great noise of the exterior world and start tuning in. Deep, deep within.

    It's a marvelous time for those who choose to stay grounded and wise. What does that mean? Well, are you one of the early adopters of a philosophy that says that the best way to stay sane is to shut your mouth and stay away from the rat race? Well, that's kinda the sage way... sanity through alienation. May sound like an old Radiohead song, but there's freedom in finding your own strength and being content with your aloneness. Uranus in Aries just brings that home nicely, and with The North Node in Cancer, we slowly learn how to divorce ourselves from the insatiable need to succeed at everything society has told us to aspire to, and through a chain of very intense experiences, slowly open up our inner sensitivities.

    This is a wonderful time to be incarnated for all the lightworkers, spiritual warriors, and Bodhisattvas. People are beginning to awaken en masse, and though these next few weeks are filled with some degree of confusion, loss of consciousness and denial of the inevitable end (to the old world), it is the sloppy mudswirl that humanity needs to loosen those stodgy old sticks that refuse to budge.

    In saying that, don't expect things to change overnight. The big sticks have got a lot invested in this show. They are not about to become dislodged without making an incredibly spectacular finale. The 3D picture gets even more black and white, extremely more polarised, and left starts to look so far from right that its scary, wherever you choose to stand. With Jupiter semi-squaring Pluto (29th) whatever folks (the masses) might imagine is going happen, things often materialise quite differently. The big powers have got a grand job to do, and they won't be satisfied until the mission is accomplished, no matter how destructive or impractical it looks. Chances are, those pulling the strings aren't so much concerned with the consequences of their actions, since they don't plan to be around for too much longer anyway.

    And so, for us, the cosmic pioneers who are already romancing with notions of infinity and abundance, we are the ones who must remain untarnished and unshaken by the slings and arrows of this ridiculousness. We refuse to be controlled because, in essence, we are closer and closer to self-contentment. One thing the Leo North Node period taught us - when everything you need to be happy is already in you, and you can manifest happiness everywhere you go, then you soon learn to want for nothing to feel complete. For he who wants nothing, can never be controlled.

    Blessings, and have an amazing month xx"

    Setting an Intention: Harnessing the Creative Power of the New Moon
    "As human beings we conduct ceremonies to help us process emotions evoked during moments of great joy, excitement, grief and trauma. We hold ceremony so that we may honour these big moments, and so make pledge not to carry those feelings around with us forever – feelings which often drag us away from the present and distract or deny us from staying true to our best possible selves.
    If you believe in the power of ritual to mark a special event, then each NEW MOON is a divine opportunity to bring in the jewels and treasures of infinite abundance into your life. What is it that you want most in your life? A new relationship, better health, a brand new image, a better job, an exotic holiday, greater career opportunities, to resolve some problem in your life, a spiritual awakening, a brilliant mind, greater communication skills, universal abundance, a more peaceful world ?

    Attaining any of this starts with you setting a strong, pure, conscious intention. If you can dream it in the higher dimensions, then you can see its potential in the present, and if you can see it and feel it as a real possibility for you in this life, then you can surely manifest your desire into your own, 3D experience of ‘reality’.

    Your meditation leading up to (and especially) the New Moon can become a powerful method or device by which you can consciously repair, rebuild or start afresh any objectives. It is a perfect time to build upon any broken-down mental and emotional pathways. Solar and Lunar energies combine at New Moon, and the energies merging within your personal life not only require you to set a clear, conscious-minded intention (☉), but these must be 100% aligned with the charge embedded in your unconscious, emotional body (☽).

    At New Moon, the Sun (conscious mind) transmits particular information (according to the Sign and aspects to the lunation) which aligns precisely with what the Moon (emotional body) is asking to receive. Your emotional acceptance allows you formulate and conceive your purposeful intention. The higher the resonance of your emotional field, the more consciously attuned it will be with the Solar purpose. The combination of these two stellar bodies charges your entire being with a wholehearted energetic field that whatsoever you attract, you will also receive – exactly as you so desire.

    So, be careful what you wish for.

    The conscious thoughts which most strongly resonate with your innermost feelings will come to manifest into your world, furnishing you with the new experience that you desire to have. You may have the greatest intention in mind, but if emotionally you are filled with doubts, fears and negativity, these too will be included in what is coming to you. Often, we unwittingly conjure exactly what we don’t want, or rather, we end up with the situation we dread most. This is because we fail to be in mind/body alignment with our intention.

    Be mindful of one thing: Wherever you place your conscious attention, your unconscious emotions must also be in alignment. The longer you can sustain this alignment, the greater the possibility that your thoughts and dreams will manifest into matter. So tune in to what you desire for your future.

    At New Moon,
    Sit somewhere peaceful.
    Purposely, begin to deeply breathe your Self back into your centre.
    Feel your mind and spirit come together, in complete alignment with your upright body,
    just as the Earth & Moon & Sun have each become aligned
    to the vast, infinitely starry heavens above.
    Bring your being into complete stillness…
    Allow yourself to sit, allowing spirit to reach you, help you formulate a clear intention upon what your heart & soul deeply designs for you.
    Accept that you must soon launch into action, follow through with the intent
    into the area that does most strongly resonate
    through you,
    for you,
    and all around you.

    A New Moon at 15°♏11′ Scorpio will be exact at 16:03 UTC, on Wednesday, November 07, 2018. It augurs great transformation, a time when death of the old can clear the way for the new. It is a perfect time to pledge to stop toxic practices and addictions and start afresh. A perfect time to make the boldest, most daring of intentions to start a new life. A trine from Neptune and sextile from Pluto indicate that supernatural forces are working on the side of those who know how to call them in."
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    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: Nov 5-11

    "By the time this week is done, you might wonder whether you’ve ever sensed such an intense week of change before – even in the context of what has arguably been one of the most intense years in your life. The only problem these days, is that you’re probably so used to intense changes that you may pass it off as just another typical emotionally consuming week.

    But it’s not…

    Not only does a Scorpio New Moon punctuate our lives with an incredibly powerful death/rebirth moment, but key planetary energies Jupiter and Uranus Rx are concurrently shifting signs, as well as the all-important Nodal Axis, now regressing into Cancer/Capricorn. This phenomenal shift in our evolutionary gear is akin to a dramatic key change in the orchestral symphony that accompanies our already beautiful, yet somewhat angst-filled lives. The beauty, of course, is that nobody knows which way it’s going to go. We just know that it’s becoming more and more extreme.

    Here are the main transits for this week:

    Pa in ♎ Mon Nov 05 01:30 Pallas 00°♎00′
    ☉ Sqq Ch Mon Nov 05 21:09 Sun 13°♏24′ Sesquisquare Chiron 28°♓24′℞
    ♀ ☌ Ce Tue Nov 06 01:49 Venus 27°♎25′℞ Conjunction Ceres 27°♎25′
    ☉ △ ♆ Tue Nov 06 06:41 Sun 13°♏48′ Trine Neptune 13°♓48′℞
    ☊ in ♋ Tue Nov 06 11:11 Node 00°♌00′℞
    ♅ in ♈ Tue Nov 06 18:56 Uranus 00°♉00′℞
    ☽ ☌ ☉ Wed Nov 07 16:03 Moon 15°♏11′ Conjunction Sun 15°♏11′
    ♇ ☌ Vs Wed Nov 07 19:33 Pluto 19°♑06′ Conjunction Vesta 19°♑06′
    ♃ ⊼ ♅ Thu Nov 08 06:20 Jupiter 29°♏57′ Quincunx Uranus 29°♈57′℞
    ♃ △ ☊ Thu Nov 08 10:50 Jupiter 29°♏59′ Trine Node 29°♋59′
    ♃ in ♐ Thu Nov 08 12:38 Jupiter 00°♐00′
    ♅ □ ☊ Fri Nov 09 07:17 Uranus 29°♈54′℞ Square Node 29°♋54′
    ♀ △ ♂ Fri Nov 09 15:12 Venus 26°♎11′℞ Trine Mars 26°♒11′
    ☿ ∠ ♀ Sat Nov 10 17:26 Mercury 10°♐55′ Semisquare Venus 25°♎55′℞
    ♅ ☍ Ce Sun Nov 11 11:44 Uranus 29°♈49′℞ Opposition Ceres 29°♎49′
    ☉ ∗ ♇ Sun Nov 11 15:18 Sun 19°♏11′ Sextile Pluto 19°♑11′
    Ce in ♏ Sun Nov 11 21:37 Ceres 00°♏00′
    The Nodal shift itself is major. In the 18 months ahead, the frightfully austere Capricorn South Node will entangle itself with the obsessive Pluto (Apr 2019), controlling Saturn (May-Oct 2019), then ambitious Jupiter (Jan 2020) as well as squaring Chiron (Mar 2020). Now, I don’t want to add to the anxiety of what already seems like a very stressful time for many folks, and I know that some of you are into levitation, crystals and other wonderful ways to ‘stay positive’, but none of those transits are actually going to make the next couple of years easy for anyone still grappling with insecurities over ‘status’ unless we understand that the human race and its associated ‘hardware’ are going to go through a complete reformation of its entire value system.

    That means that the entire thesis of how our lives were once structured is going to change so drastically that we may hardly show any sympathy to the obsessions held by our former selves, and how ‘good’ things ‘used to be’. It stands to be revealed how they were not – since for the most part they were almost always at the expense of others feeling ‘bad’.

    Over the next 18 months, the Saturn-flavoured South Node, which is charged with a certain unsociableness, lack of adaptability and harsh intolerance could cripple or defray much good will and spiritual progress made on this planet. This is due to the heavy planetary forces (♄/♇) trying desperately to drag humanity backward and down into the dark auspices of fear and terror. Our attempts to survive this will mean that we could become ambitiously dragged into the fear and separation game.

    Whilst this dredges an image of greater apprehension, suspicion and divisiveness between us, it also eats away at our sense of charity and forgiveness, exhausting patience and kindness between one another to the point of utter dehumanisation.

    On a greater evolutionary level this emotional harshness may be necessary, as humanity transitions out of the 2000 years of emotional pain and suffering of the Pisces age and into Aquarius – a cold, unfeeling, futuristic world of lightspeeds and a universally singular intelligence.

    Whilst progress to this end may occur rather rapidly, the transition from a relatively dense, 3-dimensional existence into a higher, quantum state of intelligence is going to temporarily exacerbate the already growing tensions and universal divisiveness currently sweeping across the globe. We will see the continued rise of extremism and kakistocratic rule as the old patriarchy tries desperately to physically hang on to its crumbling 3D relics.

    Of course, those those who are already experiencing states of spiritual awakedness are already gently amused (but not perturbed) by the absurdity and madness. And those transitioning into the digital field are almost devoid of any humanoid feelings about what’s slipping away. They may make things better or worse by assisting the controllers to either destroy the old systems or humanity instead. Some depression is inevitable, but then it’s hard not to feel at least a little sad about the apparent decline of the old world. One thing we must learn to accept, quickly, is that our economy, our climate, our natural resources cannot support man’s consumer-based madness and political discontentment for much longer. But that, after Uranus returns to Taurus from March next year.

    For now, in the current swell of ignorance, true wisdom doesn’t stand a chance of penetrating. There’s no point trying to reason with a trendy idiot – the risk that you’ll end up being taken for an idiot yourself becomes almost dangerous. Observe the rigidity of minds, yet know that truth is truth, regardless of how it’s mistaken, misunderstood or denied by the ignorance that’s currently in fashion.

    The reasons for all this are very deep-seated, of course. Many of us are here just to survive. Very few humans even know that there’s a higher, more creative way to live. When our low-vibing ‘survival-self’ feels threatened, the human-being instinctively becomes possessed by haunts and spirits from his reptilian past lifetimes. Subconscious urges to either fight or take flight become collectively triggered and people start to act out in most desperate and inhumane ways towards whatever is causing the fear.

    Observe all the anger and the hostility going on in the world over scarcity of supplies, and the rising, unprecedented levels of displacement of people seeking refuge from tyranny and war. I bet many of you are not aware of the severity of the problems in other lands. There are parts (such as Yemen) which are currently facing the ravages of serious starvation and war which could, in just a few short months wipe out tens of millions. Closer to home, the intolerances are mounting due to deeply entrenched, ongoing divisions which boil down to greater wealth inequities and poor economic management.

    The Scorpio New Moon is a chance to set critical goals for what’s important to you and how you intend to reconstruct your world, assuming that you are able to accept that certain elements of it are seriously under threat and are about to completely crumble. It is important to stay brutally truthful about what you truly value, and bring your mind in total alignment with your heart. We must slowly learn how to divorce ourselves from an insatiable need to manage everything around us and work towards creating a more heartfelt human contact, to value nature more than money, emotion more than power, and new growth rather than the collecting of dead wood.

    Blessings, and have an amazing week xx"

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    THE WEEK AHEAD: November 12-18

    (I'd say this is an especially profound description of the unusual forces that are affecting us all in very strange ways just now.)

    "Regardless of your political/philosophical standpoint, even as we speak there is a sense that someone with authority is working towards trying to affect some seriousness into your world. Whilst this week kicks off with a well-intentioned effort to take on a more disciplined, responsible position, as indicated by the results-oriented Scorpio Sun coming into semi-square with the father of pragmatism, Saturn in Capricorn (☉ ∠ ♄).

    This means that regardless of what you may be hearing, that at least someone is making some attempt to restore any semblance of order and sobriety into a world. It is a world which, especially at the top end, looks to be fast slipping its grip, leading the rest of us into either into an utter state of chaos and despair over its mismanagement, or to those who could care less, a near-euphoric bliss of ignorance.

    Whatever efforts to make good, they quickly prove frustrating. This is a fleeting fare, because more curtailing and censorship over things unwarranted or undone rather than attributing true onus and responsibility for duties; withdrawing support over matters which we have little control; or just being mean just for the sake of being mean actually creates more setbacks, upsets and delays rather than achieve any order at all.

    Yes, authorities do struggle to gain traction from this point forward, and for the next 6 weeks it could seem that ‘serious’ matters slide farther into the ditches of ridiculous and surreal, as we all indeed proceed on our wonderfully ‘magical’ experiential journey toward relinquishing our past infatuations with the hocus pocus elements of the rapidly crumbling 3D world.

    Here are this week’s key transits…

    ☉ ∠ ♄ Tue Nov 13 11:43 Sun 21°♏02′ Semisquare Saturn 06°♑02′
    ♂ ⊼ ☊ Wed Nov 14 14:56 Mars 29°♒12′ Quincunx Node 29°♋12′
    ♂ ∗ ♅ Thu Nov 15 09:31 Mars 29°♒40′ Sextile Uranus 29°♈40′℞
    ☽ □ ☉ Thu Nov 15 14:55 Moon 23°♒11′ Square Sun 23°♏11′
    ♂ in ♓ Thu Nov 15 22:21 Mars 00°♓00′
    ♀ SD Fri Nov 16 10:45 Venus 25°♎15′ Stations direct
    ☿ S℞ Sat Nov 17 01:26 Mercury 13°♐30′℞ Stations retrograde

    Last week’s major gear change (☊ in ♋, ♅ in ♈, ♃ in ♐) as well as critical harmonic alignments (♃ △ ☊ △ Ch, ♃ ⊼ ♅ □ ☊) created a serious shift in the matrix. The Scorpio New Moon (Nov 7) too implied that we have now entered another cycle of evolutionary death and rebirth. But those wishing to see the change will start by sensing an energetic shift within, rather that any immediate difference in the exterior world. Still, it seems that matters have already become intensified in the emotional standpoint or attitude of those most perturbed, which won’t take time to show up in the exterior theatre of our relationships both near and far.

    Of course, the pressure is there to actually see the change, but people (being mostly emotional creatures of habit) will be reluctant to let go of the very creature comforts to which they attach themselves. Even if those things are quietly destroying them, it’s hard to let go. This fixation creates unusual, erratic and wild repercussions from the forces of nature, most of them mysterious and wild in origin – some might say supernaturally ordained; yet determinedly persistent in undermining and shifting all fixed and structured positions.

    What does this actually mean?

    Well, we are talking about terrestrial forces (such as Mercury and Venus) becoming entangled with the likes of extraterrestrial giants (like Uranus ♅ and Neptune ♆). Those of you following these posts regularly have observed the ongoing narration about the surrealising nature of the ♅ /♆ semisquare (2017-2020).

    Nothing of the old order makes sense during such times, which in a way allows a ‘new sense’ (or ‘nonsense’) to take centre stage. These bewildering, yet delightfully bizarre energies are slowly introduced into the stream of our daily lives in very subtle, albeit disruptive ways by phenomenally advanced elements – technology, eccentric personages, unusual interests, strange substances that seem to trip our minds and take them on an astonishing/stupefying journey.

    Nothing can stop this, but with Saturn approaching Pluto (Jan 2020), those who hold great investments in controlling the world of economic/business/political order, will definitely try their hardest, or at least exploit the fact that many of us are fogged out in a purple haze of mass-hypnotic confusion.

    I know, I know, it’s hard to grasp – but when we look at the way entirely unorthodox measures are being appointed upon what we thought were pretty standard physical/biological/environmental problems, then we see the absurdity hemming at the fabric of our ‘normal world’. The way even the basics are being bent out of proportion lately, it isn’t hard to understand why things are easily going out of bounds with regard to our ‘normal’, ‘traditional’ views on reality.

    Matters like the wild state of our environment/climate, the political instability stability, rocky economic trade and questionable deals, both in local and international affairs, suppression of freedom of speech/press, shocking violations to civil and human rights, disturbing and confusing migration and repatriation laws, moral division on intergender & marital relations, gender and sexuality definitions, children/senior/disabled rights, etc… all big-ticket items whose scientific basis seems to be either in question or undergoing tremendous recalibration, both in our minds and in our hearts.

    A lot of this is hard to follow, and when we look at things from a purely academic, mathematical or linear point of view, we can understand the exasperation and growing frustration among the governing fraternities. There is no way to hold back the creepishly seeping, undermining effects of Neptune in his rulership of Pisces, especially accelerated into our consciousness by Uranus’s hugely disruptive technologies and innovations. Something incredible is happening globally, and it’s designed to confound our understanding of ‘reality’ as much as to take us into alternative states of awareness of what that might be.

    So here’s where it gets interesting this week. As we speak, both Mercury (matters of the mind) and Venus (matters of the heart) are slowing to station. Mercury, in the ardent, deep-thinking, exuberantly adventurous sign of Sadge will turn retrograde by the weekend, only hours after Venus does an about-face and heads back out of Libra and into Scorpio.

    Their relatively slow motion means that they will remain in a rare, sustained semi-square for most of this month, which among many things sees the vocal and visceral rise of the feminine element becoming ever more aggressive about equality, fairness and any correctness – especially in places of marriage and career, as well as in business and politics. Sharp debates, conflict and rhetoric expose all areas of insecurities and lack of confidence. Whilst these themes have been brewing for some time they become conflated, distorted and infused into the cosmic forces of Uranus/Neptune who are in harmonic alignment to this.

    Mercury will come to still itself upon a square to Neptune for the entire week as he starts to retrograde. All attempts to ascertain truth via a broader comprehension of everything under the heavens become not only fraught with faulty facts and premises, but the determination to believe in even the most implausible creates scenarios of gross consternation and confusion among us. This, all going on under the continued grand-cross dynamic of Venus/Uranus/Nodes reverberates upon our hearts and minds like a flat-out rejection or denial of conventions. Our rapturous imaginings of pleasure, filled with simply impossible expectations for love and peaceable relations generates a strong, sharp, yet fluid-like stream of disturbances. The effects between us range anywhere from the knowingly misguided, yet lovingly pitiful, to the unconscious manifestations of nervous convulsions and jerky behaviour which seemingly has no reason but continues to create micro-aggressions.

    Here, we see many individuals emerging to the surface as truly lost souls, seemingly incapable of stringing together any coherent idea or ideology about who they are and what they believe in. In one sense, it appears that they are calling for help in order to find themselves. In theory, one would think that they are screaming to be heard, if only to be informed that the entire thesis of their belief seems slightly misplaced in erroneous ideas or incomprehensible dogmas. In practice, to even attempt to assist or ‘correct’ them; to place them into question or hold them to account for the ‘facts’; to challenge their ideas with any degree of skepticism incur great upsets and misunderstandings. These could suddenly set off a series of even greater complications and events whose outcome are difficult to control.

    It’s no good trying to reason with someone whose whole understanding of the universe seems misaligned with your own. If the information you are trying to exchange seems superficially skewed and scattered to the point where it’s virtually impossible to make any sense or application of it, then proceeding in that discussion/debate would seem hopelessly unwise. With Mars entering Pisces (Thu) the fray of confusion and feelings of victimisation escalate and reach intense levels of martyrdom and crazy crusades as the month progresses.

    It therefore behooves us to be ultra-mindful of the propensity to enter into ultra-confusing scenarios, especially with loved ones or close-connections. Sometimes we may not be able to help this, but just be aware that Mercury’s retrograde in Sadge means that we will reject others imposing their views or beliefs upon our own (and visa versa), especially if we’re determined to exercise our mental independence to make ‘right’ a recent injustice or rectify a ‘wrong’ upon our entire constitution of beliefs. Jupiter’s misalignment to Mars only aggravates the situation, and truly, it’s no good trying to accomplish any connection during a sustained square from Neptune to a retro Mercury. Even if you do manage to come into some sense of coherence, things seem to be exaggerated out of all proportion to the ‘realities’ that are being presented, so the effect can seem like you are dealing with an idiot, which is, of course not helpful.

    So what is the advice?

    Stay out of the melee and scuttle****ery of human affairs for a bit, unless you are relating in non-linear, highly intuitive and compassionate ways. Stick to nature and actually working with its own laws. Try to understand these in ways which don’t necessarily need to be refuted or argued. You (like many others) are developing a mystical mind – one that sees through and beyond the veneer of man’s tendency to control and manipulate the forces of nature, biology, truth and god. You will see much ‘wrong’ but know that it’s all been a necessary step in understanding that not one man (or person) can be absolutely right. We are all part of a greater effort to become spiritual messengers for one another, and hence, in the process learn to bypass the need for third-party structures, religions, governments or laws.

    Herein lies the cause: That it doesn’t matter how old or young; male or female; black or white; long your soul’s been hovering over this earth; how much money you have amassed or how much status you have received. It is about the amount of clarity your light vibration can radiate upon those before you that truly matters. This, and the certainty that your own light is as much in harmony with the physical universe as each wave is in rhythm with the ocean.

    Blessings, and have an amazing week xx "
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Nov 16-Dec 06

    October 28, 2018 – ☿ enters ℞ Zone at 27° ♏ 16′
    November 16, 2018 – ☿ Stations to go RETROGRADE at 13°♐30’℞
    December 6, 2018 – ☿ Stations to go DIRECT at 27° ♏ 16′
    December 24, 2018 – ☿ Leaves ℞ Zone at 13°♐30′

    "Mercury is ruler of the mental pathways, lines of communication and all the traffic that flows along them. Here he is in the ardent, deep-thinking, exuberantly adventurous sign of Sadge. He will turn retrograde by the weekend, only hours after Venus does an about-face and heads forward, out of Libra and into Scorpio.

    In the mid-November uptake, we see sharp debates on wide-ranging topics, moral conflict and philosophical rhetoric ensue, exposing areas of insecurity and lack of confidence. Whilst these themes have been brewing for some time they rise to the surface for review, but become conflated, distorted and defused by the surreal cosmic forces of Uranus/Neptune who are currently in hard harmonic alignment to the winged messenger.

    Whilst the effort with Mercury is to try to understand the bigger picture; put truth and meaning into things, the initial square to Neptune sees many individuals emerging to the surface as truly lost souls, seemingly incapable of stringing any coherent idea or ideology about who they are and what they believe in, or at least committing to what they say. Mercury’s retrograde in Sadge suggests that we will reneg or reject other’s imposing their own views or beliefs upon our own (and visa versa). This is especially so once Mercury forms the conjunction to Jupiter (Nov 28) since there is greater determination to exercise our mental independence by intuiting the ‘truth’, and wanting to make ‘right’ a recent injustice or rectify a ‘wrong’ that’s been attempted upon our constitutional beliefs.

    As usual, the Mercury retrograde is best spent in careful reflection, review, retrospective contemplation. If you’re amused at the world, wondering why on earth it’s not listening to you, hate having to blow your trumpet for attention or simply astounded how everyone around you has become a crashing bore, then hey… perhaps it’s time to focus on finding a new source of intellectual stimulation."

    Mercury, the Retrograde and the Light-Speed ahead


    "Mercury is a zippy little planet. Being closest in proximity to the Sun its orbital period is only 88 days. From our geocentric perspective it never really appears further than 28 degrees away from the Sun. Therefore it can only ever occupy the same or an adjacent zodiac sign. This is pretty significant when we try to understand Mercury’s function.

    If the Sun is potentially our most rational, decisive and conscious sense of self, then Mercury is his facilitator. Hovering as our Hero’s closest acolyte, acting as his “eyes and ears”, Mercury is constantly feeding the Main Guy with a steady stream of information. Therefore, the primary function is that of communication. Essentially the Sun makes all the decisions, whilst Mercury provides the necessary clues and know-how.

    Spinning around at such high velocity, Mercury, ruler of the mind, is able to gather local data and relate it back to our Hero by bridging the distance between two points. Its proximity to the Sun indicates just how clear the subject matter will be to our Hero, who relies as heavily upon Mercury as we rely upon our five senses (and our mathematical ability) to work out what is going on around us. Of course, sometimes our mind plays tricks on us and we must really stay ‘with it’ to avoid any misunderstanding from occurring. Information is one thing, intelligence to clearly discern and use it creatively requires consciousness and awareness of the present.

    This makes Mercury’s communication role instrumental to our Hero’s overall ability to achieve good, clear, conscious bearings on what is happening, what is desired of him, and how to go about expressing himself with a sense of certainty and creative purpose.

    Scouting about so closely to the Sun, Mercury appears (from earth) to be darting ahead then swinging backwards (or retrograde – Rx) until it disappears behind the Sun, only to reappear to the other side. Like a pendulum, it seems to swing from left to right in rhythm with every step the Sun takes forward. Whilst most useful at its greatest distance, Mercury often appears too close to the Sun’s orb (within 8-17°), becoming highly agitated ‘under the sunbeams’ and its effect is increasingly diminished as it gets closer in orb. Its function is said to be most debilitated when ‘combust’ (<8° conjunction) but this is mostly on the material level. In truth, it is the spirit of Mercury (or any planet ‘flying’ too close to the Sun) that is infused into our Hero’s expression. Therefore, we find the Sun dominating the communicative functions that Mercury would otherwise perform, often rather assertively or authoritatively, as a teacher or a spokesperson would.

    THE RETROGRADEMercury’s Rx period usually lasts around 3-4 weeks, during which time a period of pensive retrospection begins to occur. Here, we commonly experience a more delayed, subjective or introspective responses in usual day-to-day activity, affecting the rhythm and natural flow of our decision making. This creates sync issues, not to mention the associated mayhem of our usual lines of communication and transportation slipping into all sorts of disarray. Whilst these are usual witnessed out in the physical dimensions, internally they can provide useful opportunities for reflective assessment, review and inner contemplation of the way we are moving through our journey. Ultimately, by allowing us to slightly repose and make necessary adjustment of our thoughts and processes, we are afforded a look at things from another perspective, and chances to improve or alter our style.

    Mercury spins backward into the aura of the Sun’s beams, becoming briefly obscured entirely by the Sun (cazimi) at which point it is farthest from the earth. Yet its function is so deeply potent through the Sun’s piercing rays that with enough meditative presence it can manifest as a genius-like quality. Many of us have access to this, but how many of us are born with the ability to still the mind and focus purely on the objective without any interference? This is the primary goal of meditation. To still the mind from feeding us information which might be tinged with points of view, thoughts and opinions which are not relevant to what we are currently perceiving. In retrograde we succumb into greatly subjectified ideas that are great for reflection but not ideal for immediate perceptiveness of the situation. Hence we lose our slight edge on the pulse. Needless to say, meditation is most important during retrograde periods to keep us centred.It takes a full 5-6 weeks for it to draw out of its own retrograde shadow, after which it hurtles forward, this time in front of the Sun. The entire precession is a necessary part of the Solar-consciousness experience, occurring no less than three times a year, and invoking much development in the evolution of the native’s thought complexes. Naturally, if the mind is not being used effectively (excessive dull activity) it has an adverse outcome, especially as the individual progresses with age, manifesting in the breakdown of the brain’s interconnective functions. Exercising the mind creatively keeps this process working in good healthy order, and so the retrograde period serves more as a spiritual respite to allow a sort of digestion of the voluminous influx of mental input generated by our busy sensory processes.

    Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius:

    October 28, 2018 – ☿ enters ℞ Zone at 27° ♏ 16′
    November 16, 2018 – ☿ Stations to go RETROGRADE at 13°♐30’℞
    December 6, 2018 – ☿ Stations to go DIRECT at 27° ♏ 16′
    December 24, 2018 – ☿ Leaves ℞ Zone at 13°♐30′
    Mercury’s retrograde in Sadge means that we will reject other’s imposing their own views or beliefs upon our own (and visa versa), especially once Mercury forms the conjunction to Jupiter (Nov 28) since there is greater determination to exercise our mental independence to make ‘right’ a recent injustice or rectify a ‘wrong’ upon our entire constitution of beliefs.

    Once upon a time, the universe only produced the odd Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Lao Tzu or Jesus figure once every thousand years or so. They all spoke and taught with true mindfulness and expressed their words from a place of conscious awareness. In the last 50 years there has been a huge growth of enlightened masters in both the eastern and western cultures. As communication grows faster, with improved, wider education and more access to information, so does the ability for teachers to connect with students.

    Soon, as more and more of us learn to get over our ego hang-ups, tune in and channel directly through the pure intelligence within, there will be a veritable explosion of buddhas all over this planet. This could not happen without clear, unbiased communication.

    In the beginning there was the Word. This Word was relayed by Mercury, ruler of the mind and communication. Slowly, through the ages, the Word has picked up pace and started pelting towards us from all directions and at lightning speed. It stands then, that mastering Mercury is a critical element in the alchemical process that is occurring to humankind today.

    As Mercury goes into retrograde, it is a perfect time to review and reflect upon our thought processes. How much does our personal, inner ‘newsfeed’ facilitate our ability to see clearly, and how much does it sometimes complicate and distort the true picture?"

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    THE WEEK AHEAD: November 19-25

    "Over the past month, the Sun’s journey through Scorpio has brought about phenomenal internal changes in each of us. To some extent, our egos have been stripped and cleared for some much needed resurrection, soul-rejuvenation, and new beliefs. Events and happenings have precipitated a state of crisis, where self-effacement and soul-searching has played out for us like an intense, exotic demo version of tomorrow.

    Of course, the Sun is only holding up the rear for what Jupiter through Scorpio has been opening us up to for the past 12 months. As we have learned to explore the meaning of inner freedom, we will soon have a chance to expand the universe within by learning to integrate many of the intense lessons of this last year into opportunities for growth, stretching our minds in ways that will allow us to expand our souls.

    From this temporal ‘Dark Night of the Soul’; this Scorpionic process of death/annihilation of the old ego emerges an extraordinary spiritual awakening that we can apply into our outer world. It is the rebirth of the next-level ‘you’.

    Here are the main transits for this week:

    ☉ ☍ Jn Sat Nov 17 21:39 Sun 25°♏29′ Opposition Juno 25°♉29′℞
    ♂ □ ♃ Tue Nov 20 01:32 Mars 02°♓33′ Square Jupiter 02°♐33′
    ☉ △ Ch Tue Nov 20 10:55 Sun 28°♏04′ Trine Chiron 28°♓04′℞
    ☉ △ ☊ Wed Nov 21 02:01 Sun 28°♏42′ Trine Node 28°♋42′
    ☉ ⊼ ♅ Wed Nov 21 19:52 Sun 29°♏27′ Quincunx Uranus 29°♈27′℞
    ♆ Sqq ☊ Wed Nov 21 22:54 Neptune 13°♓42′℞ Sesquisquare Node 28°♋42′
    ☉ in ♐ Thu Nov 22 09:02 Sun 00°♐00′
    ☿ ∠ ♀ Thu Nov 22 13:13 Mercury 10°♐58′℞ Semisquare Venus 25°♎58′
    ♂ ∠ ♇ Fri Nov 23 01:34 Mars 04°♓26′ Semisquare Pluto 19°♑26′
    ☽ ☍ ☉ Fri Nov 23 05:40 Moon 00°♊52′ Opposition Sun 00°♐52′
    ♆ SD Sat Nov 24 22:15 Neptune 13°♓42′
    The Sun’s activation of the soul-ascending Jupiter/Chiron/Node GRAND TRINE sees humanity’s collective cup overflowing with an abundance of vitality and verve. This revitalising pulse of the Sun-god energy moves through each of us, bringing such intense pleasure and gratitude that one might feel ripest berry about to burst into throes of limitless joy and optimism. With this comes a renewed faith in the virtue of each and every being to do good.

    As the Scorpio Sun saunters out of the final degree of regenerative Scorpio and into Sagittarius (Thursday, Nov 22) get set for the ultimate celestial orgasm. As it is written in the stars, so too it is written in your own, unique DNA which in many respects defines the potentials of your ego development.

    Like your unique horoscope, the ego is the part of yourself that is yet unaware of itself. Unless you discover first that which you are not, the illusion of your ego will continue to attract every means, method and madness to bring you to the brink of crisis, affecting your own ‘spiritual growth’.

    In the week ahead, as you ponder the depths of your inner world, external circumstances will pit you against contrary forces in a desperate push for you to define the edge of yourself. Whatever changes you can make within have the power to change your external world.

    However, it’s not easy to come clean. The ego is dense and mighty and often refuses to yield to spirit. Your body’s DNA is filled with hard-coded memories of past hurts, and letting go of those ain’t easy. It takes tremendous light (consciousness) and will (intentionality).

    The Gemini Full Moon (Friday) poses a tremendous conflict upon our intentionality, or faith in that which we purport to believe, especially in the face of the troves of information that is thrown our way. Questions or challenges posed to our innate sense of conviction, significantly triggered by the T-squaring Piscean Mars upon the Sun/Jupiter acts like a hair-trigger, either for or against the onset of an authentic spiritual awakening. As spirit beings, we are on the verge of discovery of new horizons of infinite understanding and wisdom. As ego beings, we are heading more and more into the extremes of hatred, separation and division.

    These are critical moments of truth now; the infinity of each new dawn itself becomes the precipice of our spiritual horizon. Can we tolerate each other, understand the need to argue and disagree or can we learn to forgive? Against so many facts and opinions, past hurts and historical lies, we must exercise much discernment. We must discipline ourselves to harness the power of information in order to provide clear means to manifest abundance into our lives. It is necessary to learn how to dispense with unnecessary or unintentional words and actions, as well as evasive or escapist tendencies. It is a war between the unconquerable ego and the eternal soul-intelligence.
    Hence, under this Full Moon, intentionality becomes the key that will open the doors of our perception. It commands a wholehearted application of sustained attention, a pledge to total conviction, commitment, and faith to our intrinsic truth. This is becoming ever so rare in our time since our egoic minds are constantly distracted and reshaped by the rapid-fire stimulus of media; the interminable deluge of digital data shuttling through every possible avenue, met by our fickle curiosity and our insipid desire to be noticed and be liked. Gemini’s ruler Mercury, now retrograde and in detriment under Sagittarian skies, leaves a crestfallen Moon to fend helplessly against the masculine forces against her ( ☽ ☍ ☉ □ ♂ □ ♃).

    ….see COSMIC BUS – LATEST WEBCAST REPORT : Friday November 16

    We are each responsible for summoning our own spiritual attention, taking command of this inner hunger for focused awareness and purposefully decide how we will invest the energy of our attention. If we choose intellectual pursuits and relationships which are fickle and serve insipid means, then we are sure to squander and dissipate much of our precious energies and opportunities for growth.

    As Neptune comes to a station (turns direct Saturday), we sense that we have run out of time for fancy, self-absorbed delusions, fantasies and lies. The dream held in our hearts must now be one which is aligned to that which the universe holds in her own heart for everyone on this planet. Selfish romantic reveries and tawdry predilections start to transparently contradict the collective effort for unity and cohesion (♆ Sqq ☊). This only generates victim underclasses, sufferers of collective pain & suffering, refugees.

    Those who truly seek deeper meaning or higher truths within the mystery and sacredness of life do not escape, surrender or give up just because the externals seem just too challenging or difficult. The evidence is here, right in front of our faces. We must now have the courage to integrate what we have learned about suffering and ego-attachment into some coherent principles by which to live, constantly centering ourselves intentionally and living fully in the present moment. This, in turn, opens a meaningful, enriching pathway into the future – even if our plans are not entirely clear at this stage.

    Much distortion, violation and manipulation of the light will test our plight to stay mindful over the next few weeks. We are again closer to the soul-displacing effects of yet another spell of Uranus/Neptune (♅∠ ♆, heavy mid-Dec).

    There are those who insist on being constantly negative, always complaining, victimised and hard done by. They are bitter and confused and may promise to go to their graves like that (♂ ∠ ♇)

    This world will never be changed until those individuals have changed, and this is not possible until a kernel of truth has pierced its way into their hearts, transforming them into new persons. Through our conscious presence, our heightened sense of awaked-ness, we act as teachers for one another. The more we hold the mirror of consciousness up to each other, the more our universe becomes conscious of itself and is able to manifest its eternal dream for all of us.

    Living according to a higher-principled intention calls forth the most virtuous aspects of human nature and all of its potential. It all starts with a concept – a decision to live in a certain way, a clear intention that we will refuse to mislead, confuse and betray one another, for we know that to do so may bring about our certain demise. This is not only how we relinquish our ego problems, but recode our DNA – the seeds of future human potential.

    When we become attuned to the true story of the Universe, we are also ready to pay true respect to our fellow human beings. This is how bliss happens.

    Blessings, and have a blissfully amazing week xx
    All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018
    Each breath a gift...

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