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Thread: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: Oct 31 – Nov 6
    Daily Planets, The Week Ahead

    The big influence this week is Neptune’s exact pass over the South Node (the dragon’s tail), a point that has been subtly affecting us for several weeks with a slow, gradual, collective introduction into the beautiful realms of 5th dimensional consciousness. Yet this has been made punishingly challenging by the square from Saturn, whose harsh judgement and demands to ‘be real’ has only abrased and forced us to separate ourselves and seek isolation in order to protect our precious sensitivities (see full article on this here).
    The week ahead is an epic lead-up to a snap awakening to a new reality, one which many of us have been sensing, if only in brief instances and sudden grabs where we have managed, even momentarily, to step out of the old even just for a slight glimpse…

    Here are the key transits for this week:

    ☉ △ ♆ Tuesday Nov 01 08:17 am Sun 09°♏20′ Trine Neptune 09°♓ 20’Rx
    ☉ ∗ ☊ Tuesday Nov 01 10:32 am Sun 09°♏26′ Sextile Node 09°♍26′
    ♂ ∠ ♆/☊ Tuesday Nov 01 01:11 pm Mars 24°♑25′ Semisquare Nep/Node 09°♓ 20’Rx
    ☿ ∗ ♇ Thursday Nov 03 05:08 am Mercury 15°♏17′ Sextile Pluto 15°♑17′
    ♆ ☍ ☊ Thursday Nov 03 02:59 pm Neptune 09°♓ 19’Rx Opposition Node 09°♍19′
    ♀ □ Ch Friday Nov 04 04:39 pm Venus 21°♐00′ Square Chiron 21°♓ 00’Rx
    ♀ △ ♅ Saturday Nov 05 06:24 am Venus 21°♐41′ Trine Uranus 21°♈41’Rx
    Jn in ♐ Sunday Nov 06 09:44 am Juno 00°♐00′
    ☿ △ Ch Sunday Nov 06 07:01 pm Mercury 20°♏57′ Trine Chiron 20°♓ 57’Rx
    The Scorpio’s Sun’s effect is to increase our desire to renovate and overhaul everything and everyone who garners our attention, which may be seen as threatening to those who are sensitive, fragile or feeling insecure about themselves (Monday-Tuesday).

    The Mars semisquare to the Neptune/Node (Tuesday) creates a frantic struggle to untangle ourselves from any sticky messes (anything from a knitting yarn to serious business dealings). As things become more confusing, anger increases too, and we come to realise just how enmeshed our mess is with all those around us. It is because we fight to assert our position. A position that is disintegrating under our feet. In fact the fight is bigger than we can imagine and if we’re sensing any disharmony or inability to adapt to others, it’s best we do not engage into the lower levels of blame and abuse, and just pull ourselves away. If we insist, things could quickly get unpleasant.

    By midweek the Scorpio Sun begins to teach us to give others the space to enjoy the freedom to grow at their own pace (Wednesday). By staying deeply sensitive to the plight of those less privileged, even the downtrodden, we are inspired to come up with lasting solutions that may make life easier for them. In this, we plan ahead by planting seeds that will one day yield fruit for us from those we helped to make self-sufficient (Thursday-Sunday). This about your efforts as a valued investment into the higher universal currencies of kindness and grace.

    It is important to note that the phenomenon sweeping across the entire planet is the growing awareness that deep within each of us our higher self is becoming less capable of entertaining our own personal fantasies, cover-ups and denials – particularly where it makes our external life just excruciating to deal with. Over the past few weeks (perhaps months), you would have noticed a growing retreat away from the friendship, advice, or counsel of others and into a more private universe, where you are getting increasingly closer to becoming the key holder of a very exclusive membership.
    Give yourself the opportunity to be by yourself whenever necessary; to be free from the ties and obligations that others try to create for you; to give yourself the time and space to be with yourself away from the influences of others; where you can draw upon the power of your own inner guidance system. Know, or come to know that you must learn to hold sacred communion with your inner self, and try as they may, nobody has the advice necessary for you now to make the kind of decision that will become transformative and critical to not just your own evolution, but one that aligns with the entire planet’s evolutionary shift.

    The dream is a shared dream, waiting to unfold for every entity on this planet.
    It is not exclusive to you, or to some of you.
    Let us not become confused that the dream is ours, or one that we can share with just a select few. It is this misconception that creates all the separation, the heartache, the discomfort, the suspicion and the vile anger that leads us into war now. Learn to allow those who wish to ‘play along’ this lower vibration ‘stageshow’ to play it out at their own level. Consciously ‘choose’ not to partake in the banal ‘drama’ that is filled with lies, secrets, cover-ups and repudiations. Identify those acting out in this way as those stuck in the Shakespearean production that is the 3D world.
    One deep, conscious breath is enough to step you out of that lower ‘reality’ and back onto the ‘Cosmic Bus’ of pure, non-reactive observation.
    You may need to make an insistent demand this week to stay away from those ‘role-players’, to maintain a sacred space for yourself to retreat into when sensing angry reactions, either from within yourself towards others or from others who make unreasonable demands upon your time or space.

    Do this, and have an amazing week.
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead – November 21-28
    Quote Current Planetary Positions
    5:10:31 PM
    Sun 00° Sagittarius 04' 32"
    Moon 07° Virgo 10' 34"
    Mercury 14° Sagittarius 11' 42"
    Venus 11° Capricorn 37' 10"
    Mars 09° Aquarius 23' 57"
    Jupiter 15° Libra 14' 27"
    Saturn 16° Sagittarius 41' 16"
    Uranus 21° Aries 07' 47" R
    Neptune 09° Pisces 14' 31"
    Pluto 15° Capricorn 41' 56"
    Chiron 20° Pisces 42' 45" R
    TrueNode 09° Virgo 04' 54"The Sun enters Sagittarius this week, and for the next month proceeds to highlight areas in our lives, (our world – both externally and deep within) where we need to either show more faith or where we need to ask more questions, at least until we learn the truth or we can annihilate any disbelief. Whilst the biggest dramas with the Sadge Sun don’t really fire up until next month, this week kicks off with a mighty dramatic bang as the Sun crosses midway into the Jupiter/Pluto square – a grand aspect which holds the red-hot ticket for this week’s energy forecast.

    ☽ □ ☉ Monday Nov 21 08:34 am Moon 29°♌28′ Square Sun 29°♏28′
    ☉ in ♐ Monday Nov 21 09:23 pm Sun 00°♐00′
    ☉ ∠ ♃ Tuesday Nov 22 03:58 am Sun 00°♐17′ Semisquare Jupiter 15°♎17′
    ☉ ∠ ♇ Tuesday Nov 22 02:18 pm Sun 00°♐43′ Semisquare Pluto 15°♑43′
    ☿ ∗ ♃ Tuesday Nov 22 06:20 pm Mercury 15°♐23′ Sextile Jupiter 15°♎23′
    ☿ ☌ ♄ Wednesday Nov 23 06:44 pm Mercury 16°♐54′ Conjunction Saturn 16°♐54′
    ♃ □ ♇ Thursday Nov 24 10:32 pm Jupiter 15°♎46′ Square Pluto 15°♑46′
    ♀ ☌ ♇ Friday Nov 25 11:47 am Venus 15°♑47′ Conjunction Pluto 15°♑47′
    ♀ □ ♃ Friday Nov 25 01:46 pm Venus 15°♑53′ Square Jupiter 15°♎53′
    ☿ □ Ch Saturday Nov 26 08:22 am Mercury 20°♐41′ Square Chiron 20°♓ 41′℞
    ☿ △ ♅ Saturday Nov 26 01:38 pm Mercury 21°♐00′ Trine Uranus 21°♈00′℞
    ☉ sqq ♅ Sunday Nov 27 07:03 pm Sun 05°♐58′ Sesquiquadrate Uranus 20°♈58′℞

    Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so its planetary energy blesses us with its larger-than-life benefic force. In Libra, it’s all about justice, chatting knowledgeably on just about anything, being easy-going and charming, sweet and making awesome deals with others that sees a win-win all round. All nice, sweet stuff. Some might say a bit too much sugar in that coffee…

    However, just like the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, this week is not going to be a casual stroll through the woods for this lackadaisical Jupiter in Libra…Just around the corner lurks a dark force, a hidden, ruthless, uncontrollable monster who bears the urge to coerce and manipulate things into a position of its own sinister design. Let’s look at Pluto in Capricorn as the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ dressed in a slick italian business suit. He is dark, cynical, unyielding in his compulsion to exert the influence of his obscenely well-connected power and authority to satiate his salacious desires for sweeties means that he is ready to pounce dangerously onto any opportunity for personal gain.
    I’m not deliberately trying to be scary or dramatic here btw… I’m actually just as sorry to have to write this stuff as you may be to read it. But in this, I am genuinely warning readers of the dangerous dark forces that have the power to change the course of our lives this week. So watch it. Be mindful that these are possessive and pernicious energies.

    Anyway, welcome to the vibe for next week. The two planets are about to square, and squares… well they aren’t usually pretty. Whether it’s in your personal, social or political spectrum, this combination of planetary energies brings out the fiercest, most intense desire to achieve a result ever. “Success at all costs” is the motto here, and one must not be surprised to come across instances where there is such an overwhelming mania for someone to have their way that they are liable to chew you up and spit you out after heartlessly stepping over your dead grandmother to get to you. And it makes zero difference how sweet and innocent you are. In fact the sweeter and more amiable you try to play it, the more delicious you become to the ferocious forces waiting to corrupt, overpower or destroy.

    In this, we might struggle not to take any moral stance in the way that we choose to observe the ‘nature’ of what is occurring around us.

    The good-natured, truth-seeking Sagittarius Sun’s involvement here, (by semi-square on Tuesday) has the opportunity to employ some exemplary skills in determining what is really going on in any current or past instances where an accumulation of power and influence has used and discarded people and collateral resources. On some level, some authority will be able to stand in the middle of this and attempt to diffuse any abusive or compulsive behaviour.

    However, it is more than likely, given the Leo quarter-Moon’s involvement here (Monday) that insecure egos (as if there’s any other kind) and stubborn pride may turn to arrogance, greed and a need to be right (or righteous). Once those puffed-up egos become flared, the entire experience drops down to a lower frequency/chakra deal, and the drama begins.

    It is possible then that we might see just how easily those in authority become tempted to get embroiled in the quest for power, prestige and notoriety here, especially since the socially awkward but still alluring Venus in Capricorn becomes conjunct with Pluto (Friday). In the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, it is akin to the rescuing woodsman doing away with the corrupt wolf, only then to jump into bed with young ‘Little Red’ herself…

    By the end of the week, Mercury trines Uranus (sudden newsflash), which in sesquisquare to the Sadge Sun exposing the whole damned thing, creating scandalous headlines and turning this whole twisted story into quite the tragedy of corruption, lust and immorality.

    If this sort of thing is likely to occur in your neck of the woods, try and stay out of it.

    Blessings, and have an amazing week x
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Month Ahead: December 2016
    The Week Ahead

    Current Planetary Positions
    1:08:47 PM
    Sun 13° Sagittarius 04' 26"
    Moon 12° Aquarius 12' 25"
    Mercury 02° Capricorn 34' 47"
    Venus 26° Capricorn 43' 02"
    Mars 19° Aquarius 00' 03"
    Jupiter 17° Libra 27' 06"
    Saturn 18° Sagittarius 11' 08"
    Uranus 20° Aries 48' 45" R
    Neptune 09° Pisces 18' 09"
    Pluto 16° Capricorn 03' 29"
    Chiron 20° Pisces 40' 32"
    TrueNode 07° Virgo 09' 58" R
    It’s December, and we are already sensing the bigger picture excitement that our view of the world and our adopted philosophy around it may never be the same again. The Sagittarius Sun moves intensely through the middle and late degrees, fueling our spirit to see what is true and what is just hype, to make a trusted call on what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for us, and to enthusiastically begin to put those ideas into words that we will live by. As the Sun moves into Capricorn (Dec 21), we will put those ideas into place and take responsibility for what ‘must be done’.

    The massive highlight, not just for the month, but the entire year, will be the Capricorn New Moon (Dec 29), which packs a massive punch of energies into one neat little bowl, and serves it up in time for the New Year. It is a fitting end to the spectacle that will become 2016:

    Where November’s changes only affirmed our belief that it’s ‘probably all over, as we have known it’, the initial reaction was one of disbelief, denial, protest, even outright rejection. Most significantly, the US election result was the shocking harbinger that our world consciousness wa truly about to shift. But really… What else was it going to be in a year full of disruptions, eruptions and shockers? As the world still struggles to transition from outright disbelief into a growing acceptance that there are going to be inevitable changes, we make way for the next phase: creating a space where new possibilities, and an exciting fresh approach to what the future could hold. Whilst for some, this may be an interesting prospect, for many, the changes will not be as easy to accept or adopt.

    The transition may not an easy one. The conversion away from old root beliefs is not usually the smooth, easy-going process many might come to think. Throughout civilisation’s history of religious reformations and all kinds of cultural invasions, the switch from one mode of thinking to another has been a disturbing and uncomfortable process and seldom without the pain of separation. So, Saturn squaring Chiron (Dec 28) warns us that this may indeed be difficult, even wounding work. Especially for those who are still grafted firmly onto the old system. Hearts are broken in every meaningful separation. This is usually accompanied with separation guilt… shame, which can be deeply wounding to those who have to experience changes in their entire way of life.
    Yet, without wounding there can also be no saving… right? Without suffering there can be no redemption. One doesn’t just go from one source of supply to another without dramatic interruptions.
    The process is like grafting.
    Grafting requires cuttings.
    In this there become those who are cut, and those who are cutters.
    And severe cutting always leaves wounds.
    And with wounds there become the wounded. And so there also become the healers.
    Yet it is also through the wounds that we graft the new cuttings in.
    Heart to heart.
    Tied together.
    Real tight, so the new flow doesn’t bleed.

    We are entering the brave frontiers of the possibility of life with greater meaning. To facilitate this, we have all but dispelled the meaninglessness and worthlessness of elements that no longer make any sense to us. Jupiter’s square to Pluto (Nov 24) sees to that. During this transit we made a strong transition away from extremely righteous views that served only to oppress and suppress us from the truth we are perceive with all our senses. Hopefully we have been able to process these, make peace with the remnant elements of our reptilian past and move forward into a new, ‘floral consciousness’

    By the time the Jupiter/Uranus opposition arrives (December 26) we will be totally primed to switching up to a higher dimension of experience and understanding, one which by now will have accepted the cutting element of surprise, shock, upset, renovation and sudden renewal of our entire value system and the way we choose to relate to all the elements in the world before us. Whilst some of these visions for tomorrow might be founded in truth, others may prove unrealistic or too pie-in-the-sky. Yet, the process of change is so rapid, that all phony, self-motivated matter comes to quickly comes to fall away as egotistical and insipid.

    For many, this next month will bring a strong alignment to our instinctive, intuitive, hunch-based nature. For some it will just be solemn affirmation that they were on the right track all along. But for a great number, who are still in denial because all their prised investments are stuck in a world that failed to secure them, there is only one prediction come the end of this month: Prepare for the greatest disruption to your sense of order that you have ever seen.

    Such is the magnitude of intellectual restlessness right now that there is a veritable media frenzy that will reach fever pitch by the end of month. Ultimately, all information will be shared, and as the Sagittarius Sun treks past Saturn (Dec 10) you may see a last ditch effort from the established world of Saturn to hold the now battered and frayed pieces of the 3D prism together.

    But it is too late.
    The goose is out.
    She is free already. Free to fly wherever she chooses.
    The funny thing is, from the goose’s perspective, she now realises that she was always free.
    The goose was never IN the bottle.
    That bottle was only a mere figment of the goose’s fear-conditioned mind.
    And now that the goose is aware of this, there is no fear of her ever being bottled up again.
    So Saturn has lost grip of anyone who is wise to his devices of limitation.

    We have learned a lot about letting go of stuff that only ever made sense so long as you played along with certain stories and lies. Jupiter and Uranus are themselves at odds, but they work well together through Saturn. by the month’s end. Both Jupiter (sextile) and Uranus (trine) are there to assist Saturn through the changes. Saturn’s 3D medieval instruments of psychological chastisement (fear, judgement, limitation, denial, derision, marginalisation, exclusion, frustration) have become rusted and blunted thanks to 12 months of constant submersion (square) in Neptune’s briny, otherworldly waters.

    Through this attitude-shifting dance, we become wise that neither fear nor a late or posthumous promise of a prize or reward can force the soul to go through change. These may change our appearance, perhaps even our conduct, but ultimately neither fear nor self-interest can ever become the object of one’s supreme desire. In the end, we realise that fear is only a motive which constrains the slave. And greed just controls and manipulates the selfish and uneducated by tempting them, using their own lust and avarice. We are fast learning, most spectacularly, that neither fear nor self-interest is impeccable, nor do they have any place in truly converting our beliefs… of redeeming our spirit. Only compassion and kindness can convert the soul, bring it to resonate at a higher frequency, and thus help to liberate us from insipid or unworthy motives.

    Last Christmas I predicted that this would effectively be just that. The ‘last’ Christmas. Whether as a religious holiday, a consumer frenzy, a family gathering occasion, an opportunity for all business to cease trade… it is the spirit of the holiday which, in light of all the goings-on, would be rendered meaningless by the end of this year. Religion, consumer confidence, desire to associate ourselves with toxic family dramas, agreement for a ‘stop-work’ of the corporate machine will all seem quite unsatisfying reasons for a holiday whose true essence has been lost entirely. If celebrating ‘Jesus’ was about reconnecting to the spirit of the ‘christed light’ – showing kindness and compassion with the whole world, then how are we indeed honouring that in the western world. Or in the essence of other religions and world philosophies. Just look at what we had become by December 2015. Absolute, bare-faced hypocrites who would step over their dead grandmother to get to that cute little cardigan on sale at Walley’s. If we are to recollect, regather and regroup our sentiments, we may come to re-discover the spirit of community. However, things will seem highly agitated at the moment.

    This year we are waking up, en masse, to a new faith. A new truth is driving us. When Mars in Aquarius trines Jupiter (Dec 2), sextiles Saturn (Dec 3), then sextiles Uranus (Dec 7) we will see the rise of the socially-driven warrior in many of us priming up for the full-scale revolution, building to its spectacular climax later in the month. Increased social irritation, in the first week of December builds to massive protests against out-dated or unjustified regulations, laws and conservative traditions, bringing ever-weakening governing powers to a point of standoff. Whilst impatience builds with and against the radicals, who insist upon their new ways, matters develop into struggles which are harder to contain politically.

    This is happening all around the world. Individual forces begin to rise and gather into a collective, creating a movement which enact change upon those who try to show loyalty to traditional methods. The whole us/them attrition escalates all through December, precipitating into quite an ideological fight, where traditional politics becomes shattered by new and unexpected events. Aside from this, earth-shattering intelligence comes to light. New information, and drastic decisions in progressive government threatens to rock and to dismantle any order previously kept demure in the political struggle between conservatives and liberals. The contrast moves into the extreme – a struggle between those of old-world entitlements versus impatient and iconoclastic free radicals.

    This is just the transits for the last 10 days of this year:

    ♂ ∠ ♇ Wednesday Dec 21 11:45 am Mars 01°♓ 35′ Semisquare Pluto 16°♑35′
    ♄ △ ♅ Saturday Dec 24 00:17 am Saturn 20°♐34′ Trine Uranus 20°♈34′℞
    ♀ △ ♃ Sunday Dec 25 01:23 pm Venus 20°♒25′ Trine Jupiter 20°♎25′
    ♀ ∗ ♅ Sunday Dec 25 04:36 pm Venus 20°♒34′ Sextile Uranus 20°♈34′℞
    ♀ ∗ ♄ Sunday Dec 25 06:33 pm Venus 20°♒39′ Sextile Saturn 20°♐39′
    ♂ sqq ♃ Monday Dec 26 05:59 pm Mars 05°♓ 33′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 20°♎33′
    ♂ ∠ ♅ Monday Dec 26 06:04 pm Mars 05°♓ 34′ Semisquare Uranus 20°♈34′℞
    ♃ ☍ ♅ Monday Dec 26 06:35 pm Jupiter 20°♎34′ Opposition Uranus 20°♈34′℞
    ☿ ∗ ♆ Tuesday Dec 27 04:19 am Mercury 09°♑38′℞ Sextile Neptune 09°♓ 38′
    ☉ ∗ ♂ Tuesday Dec 27 08:08 am Sun 06°♑00′ Sextile Mars 06°♓ 00′
    ☉ △ ☊ Tuesday Dec 27 06:40 pm Sun 06°♑27′ Trine Node 06°♍27′
    ♂ ☍ ☊ Tuesday Dec 27 10:06 pm Mars 06°♓ 27′ Opposition Node 06°♍27′
    Pa in ♓ Tuesday Dec 27 00:20 am Pallas 00°♓ 00′ Conjunction Midheaven
    ☿ ∠ ♀ Wednesday Dec 28 04:09 am Mercury 08°♑18′℞ Semisquare Venus 23°♒18′
    ☿ ☌ ☉ Wednesday Dec 28 06:48 pm Mercury 07°♑29′℞ Conjunction Sun 07°♑29′
    ♄ □ Ch Wednesday Dec 28 10:56 pm Saturn 21°♐01′ Square Chiron 21°♓ 01′
    ☿ ∗ ♂ Wednesday Dec 28 11:06 pm Mercury 07°♑14′℞ Sextile Mars 07°♓ 14′
    ☽ ☌ ☉ Thursday Dec 29 06:55 am Moon 07°♑59′ Conjunction Sun 07°♑59′
    ♅ SD Thursday Dec 29 07:08 am Uranus 20°♈33′ SD Neptune
    To sum up, this is an extremely exciting month ahead – one that is packed with complex astrological signposts and highlights. Naturally, we will be exploring the energies in full detail as we go, here on the weekly and daily posts, as well as intensive reports (tribe membership) on how the energies will be affecting you personally.

    I do wish you all a wonderful, and safe transition on this phenomenal cosmic journey. Remembering, our best approach to proceed now it to stay mindful that our baggage (emotional attachment, fears) will only burden us with suffering. It is no longer a question of the wise-guys going about to convert others to their faith, but of each of us being ready to listen to one another and so, grow together in mutual understanding. To avoid pain we must avoid engaging into the drama of disparagement and disagreement. This is best done from a place of non-judgmental observation and a centered approach towards making choices that are intuitive rather than forced.

    Blessings, and have an amazing month xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Uranus goes Direct at 20°♈33′ – December 29, 2016

    Current Planetary Positions
    9:16:57 AM

    Sun 09° Capricorn 21' 55"
    Moon 24° Capricorn 41' 13"
    Mercury 04° Capricorn 58' 22" R
    Venus 26° Aquarius 00' 30"
    Mars 08° Pisces 29' 40"
    Jupiter 20° Libra 59' 58"
    Saturn 21° Sagittarius 12' 53"
    Uranus 20° Aries 33' 29"
    Neptune 09° Pisces 42' 12"
    Pluto 16° Capricorn 53' 45"
    Chiron 21° Pisces 03' 57"
    TrueNode 04° Virgo 40' 23"

    Quote Uranus in Aries has been in Retrograde (Rx) since July 29 2016. The effects of retrogradation upon any planet creates a personalised, internalised and subjective effect on its energy.

    On DECEMBER 29 2016, Uranus stations, then turns direct. What does this mean for our closely held, self-righteous ideals about freedom and liberty?Uranus energy is the obstinate urge to resist convention and do things in our own unique way. Why do we feel this way? What creates this irrepressible desire to break free from the standard and accepted mode of conduct and entertain something different? The answer lies high above our cerebral cortex and connects (wirelessly) throughout our entire nervous system. The matter is electrical, and in an instant our brain is suddenly zapped with an idea that seems to rise from another dimension – the source seems alien because it strikes us as coming from a place beyond that with which we are familiar. Like a lightning bolt along the horizon on a moonless night, we are suddenly illuminated with an insight into what lies beyond our standard old way, and we cannot resist becoming excited about embracing a brand new way, perhaps sharing it with others.

    When Uranus’ energy turns retrograde this urge to pursue a genuinely different direction becomes internalised. Like a mad professor who locks himself away in his lab to experiment on some new invention, or the revolutionary who drafts his wild manifesto, or the meditator who channels profound new insights towards a more progressive way of being, this energy is held within, pulsing and re-pulsing through one’s entire nervous system, producing a clear analytical formula for a ‘provocative new truth’, to be revealed when the planet finally goes into direct motion.

    In this way Uranus Rx affects us all. We may sense that we have seen a glimpse of something new, evocative and wild in these past few months. Maybe it has spurred us into a frenzy of mental activity to contemplate a new approach in our lives, or perhaps in the lives of those around us.

    Or maybe we have shown our rebelliousness by solemnly resisting change.

    Interestingly, our more conservative side, the one that dislikes any deviation from a tried and trusted routine, is also subjected to this internalising effect. Here we may sense an uncomfortable awareness of the rebelliousness in others. We experience these as rude, crude or unsettling and with Uranus in Aries, this energy socialises itself via the guise of radical reformists, counter-culture zealots, dreamy enthusiasts and futuristic utopians. Do you know somebody like that? Have they appeared to be in stony hibernation for these past five months? they will soon emerge (are you one of these?).

    Of course, if our viewpoint is too stodgy or super-straight-laced we may have felt an enormous irritability against anything unusual during this retrograde period. Alarm bells would have been ringing that our precious ordered structure may be about to face some pesky threat. In this case we may become cleverly charged with preparing our own counter-resistance against any suspected attacks. Or perhaps we have come to admit that our old method is no longer sustainable and have declared we will fold, retire, withdraw. Such drastic action might come as a shock to many but whether we are planning a surprise counter-defense or a sudden resignation, this is also the energy of Uranus Rx at work. Do you know some individual, group or company that fits this description? (It it you?).

    So, what’s going to happen when all this comes to a grinding halt in a couple of days and Uranus goes direct?

    You guessed it. …. Kaboom! I mean, when one becomes intuitively excited or unnerved about some notion of change, and one stews and bubbles and writhes with this idea for some months, when one repeatedly hones their argument to a such point where it becomes nothing less than a live wire of irrepressible electrical force, then look out!

    Uranus has the tendency to rally individuals into groups of like minded minions (whether for or against disruption) and supportive towards a common visionary movement. These movements may emerge as ideological as in the form of protests, strikes, innovation breakthroughs, industrial reforms, political upsets etc., or in the notable absence of a conscious resistance the movement may manifest as a seemingly random act of nature (or man) where a sudden quake or calamity in a place where people have not been able to generate change for themselves comes to rally people together in response to a grave disruption of the old way.

    One thing looks certain. This next few months are set to pack an astonishing punch not yet seen in our lifetime. Although the full effect of the changes will not be seen for another 2-3 years (after the Uranus/Pluto squares) we will surely know through these next few months what might drive this change. What exactly are we talking about? I think you know… Nobody reading this article can possibly think things are fine and rosy in this world. Everyone can sense that things just cannot stand the way they are. No matter how much pressure is applied, eventually nobody will be able to hold back the growing tide of wild reformists whose horns are blowing increasingly louder and louder by the minute.

    Whether it is governments, corporations, right-wing nations, fuel & power companies, banks, religious groups, cults, secret societies, billionaires and media magnates, there is a growing cacophony of dissent about those who try to suppress, deny or enslave the very individual freedom so blindly and obstinately pursued by Uranus in Aries. Does this mean revolution? Maybe, but not necessarily a bloody war. Certainly there is going to be enough rebellion to force a shift towards something that caters to the new human ability to make a stand for individual rights, for every individual living being on this planet, as we begin to intuitively understand that we deserve to award this fundamental right to one another.

    Direct Uranus energy is expressed through many of us during the several bouts of cardinal aspects from now till Aug 8 2017, when Uranus travels between 20 and 24 degrees Aries. Stay tuned here to hear more of those as they happen through the next 7 months.

    Special Cosmic Message for Dec 21 – Jan 19
    Quote The Sun’s move into Capricorn means we are at the hard-nosed business end of our affairs, a time of year when things get real and we must face our responsibilities with a sense of maturity, seriousness and grounding. Certainly, through the Sun’s wise, paternal influence, we are inspired to set tangible goals and look at how we put ourselves out there professionally. In society’s eyes, we are urged to make a firm commitment to be responsible members of society and to find our worldly place under the Sun.

    The New Moon on Dec 29 at 07°♑59′ aso aligns with a retrograding Mercury, a perfect time to stop, reassess the past 12 months and to set some serious intentions on how we plan to move forward – career, structure and parenting are some key themes to work on.

    The Sun will conjunct Pluto on Jan 7, squaring Uranus on Jan 10, Jupiter on Jan 12, dramatically releasing some seriously banked up energies – the clutches of establishment which have been holding humanity back from great progress. Much will come up that may deeply affect and potentially change the way we pursue any personal goals if they are not aligned with the greater new vision for this planet.
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: January 16-22 Healing of the Divine Masculine

    Quote This week’s Mars/Chiron conjunction brings to the fore issues around the wounded masculine – the perpetual stories that play out in our lives around our more aggressive, assertive selves and the key figures upon whom we may project this archetypal force. We see ourselves reaching out to better understand the more dynamic elements of our behaviour, what motivates us to defend ourselves as separate entities and how best to maintain our complete autonomy as individuals who are often enmeshed in the drama of our relationship world. Tuesday marks the beginning of a whole new (two-year) cycle of understanding the masculine archetype. During this period we seek to gradually move away from the stereotypically shallow, beer-swilling, womanising, jock-type male, taking some time to assess the world that men live in and sending love and healing intentions to support the reestablishment of a truly divine masculinity.

    As Saturn and Chiron are currently in a separating square (exact Dec 28, Apr 30, Nov 2) we continue to see the long, slow process of society’s disengagement from any involvements that limit or frustrate our personal understanding around these themes throughout this year. Learning to understand the problems that are inhibiting the masculine more deeply, we begin now to see how we can assist in the process of letting go of them. Old superstitions and limiting paradigms will begin to fall away significantly. Through disciplined efforts, applied pressure on sore points and wilful perseverance, we can start to heal fears by drawing on the inspiration and guidance from beings who work with energies beyond the physical plane.

    As Mars (23°Pisces 22′) passes over Chiron and squares Saturn (23° Sagittarius 22′) on Thursday, we see subtle action being carefully applied, focused in such an exact and profound way that those who are in need of help and healing can rise to the fore and be seen. This may not be an easy time for many, especially males whose repressed ability to assert themselves with sensitivity and compassion has been deeply shamed by society’s programming. Yes, we a re working to build a new world order, one that allows all humans to freely express both their divine masculine and feminine energies without feeling compromised or judged. As we rise out of the lower, three-dimensional prism defined by the world of fear and physical limitation, and resonate stronger with the spirit light, we develop greater ability to transform old destructive paradigms into more constructive ones....

    MARS/CHIRON: Horoscope Messages for Healing the Wounded Masculine

    It is a time for healing age-old wounds ever-present in our collective. Let us start by personally addressing the damage inflicted upon our own divine masculine archetype. How does this play out on your life?

    In about a week (Jan 25) VENUS will conjunct CHIRON, creating the perfect companion to this healing journey.

    TAURUS/TAURUS RISING ~ an excerpt

    Much of how you will unravel your woundings around the masculine principle and the great healing power you possess to atone your relationships with the masculine depends on the degree to which you are ego-invested. This can be seen in the “feminist” movement itself.

    There is a certain representative of this movement out there that is attempting to assert the power of femininity in a very negative way. Whilst you may set out with a really wonderful premise - of healing the repression of femininity, there is a danger that you may wind up twisting it into a very self-righteous and judgmental kind of zealotry or fanaticism.

    Avoid using the same type of lower-vibrational masculine energies that aims to combat and often just end up reversing the traditional gender role bigotry. You can not effectively bring about true change by fighting what you don't want; only by supporting that which you do.....
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    NEW MOON at 08°15′ AQUARIUS – Friday Jan 27, 00:08 UTC

    Current Planetary Positions
    6:18:21 PM
    Sun 09° Aquarius 16' 40"
    Moon 21° Aquarius 18' 35"
    Mercury 16° Capricorn 48' 28"
    Venus 25° Pisces 18' 58"
    Mars 00° Aries 34' 50"
    Jupiter 23° Libra 01' 57"
    Saturn 24° Sagittarius 19' 37"
    Uranus 20° Aries 57' 34"
    Neptune 10° Pisces 32' 11"
    Pluto 17° Capricorn 53' 28"
    Chiron 22° Pisces 10' 31"
    TrueNode 03° Virgo 24' 40" R

    It does not take an astrologer to see that we are living in extremely tense, yet exciting times today. Change is occurring on every possible level, from the widest reaches of society’s cultural and political structure right down to the molecular level in each and every individual. Has the world gone crazy? Have all the misfits, troubled souls and rebel-rousers become activated? What is happening to our safe and organised little world? Why are we suddenly seeing things differently? What happened to following the laws, the customs, the religions, our age-old traditions? Where is the respect for keeping the status quo?

    Suddenly the world has become activated to change things. Somehow, somewhere, deep inside of each of us there has entered a slither of light which is making us see things differently. Of course the crazies are out first – some have been campaigning for change for a while now. But are they crazy? Or are they simply brilliantly ahead of the times?

    After all, are not the rest of us just embroiled into this growing revolution too?

    This Aquarius New Moon is really a time, if ever, where we will see humanity make pathways to push forward. And With rulers Saturn and Uranus currently in trine, there can be no denying the future-oriented, innovative, humanitarian, networking Aquarius is firing finely towards creating a flying leap forward. Whilst masses are beginning to rally in the streets, it will no doubt be a small group of clever, passionate, visionary citizens who will ultimately change the world.

    These are the spokespersons for the new dream. These are the ones who can get their vision across to the masses. These are the ones most strongly resonating with the energies of today.

    The New Moon

    Every New Moon is in some sense the perfect moment to launch a new idea, venture or enterprise which may enhance our lives in some way. Being the start of the lunar cycle, which area of our lives the New Moon affects our own horoscope provides a clear direction into where we might focus our intention to generate a new beginning. The combined effect of the conjunct Sun (active) and Moon (receptive) means that our conscious desire is supported by an instinctive urge to make a whole-hearted effort towards initiating something completely new and wonderful.

    At New Moon time we really want to make something happen for ourselves. So in many ways, New Moon becomes the most exciting time of the month. Since the Sun and Moon are both in the same constellation, it is the signature moment for that zodiac sign. If it fall on or very near your birthday, it promises to be a very important year for you.

    This month the New Moon falls at 08°♒15′ Aquarius. It is through this cool, detached, forward-thinking constellation that planets and luminaries become inspired with their wide-eyed humanitarian visions for a brighter, more cohesively utopian tomorrow.

    Much more about Aquarius here, but in general, the winds of change brewing on the horizon with this New Moon is that this is indisputably one of the most exciting times in our own history, and that the course we are each about to embark upon now has all the visionary and futuristic trimmings of the dawn of a new age. So, either we will collectively accelerate our world into a much-needed progressive state of affairs, or simply turn our entire planet upside-down completely, leaving it in a haywire state of reformist, revolutionary, anarchic disarray.

    It’s hard to tell at this point exactly which way it’s going to go – much depends on the level of awareness of the collective culture, but the way it’s looking at the moment, it seems like we have a long way to to go until everyone is on board.

    Aspects and midpoints to the New Moon

    This last week, we have been discussing the influence of the Venus/Chiron conjunction in Pisces – an aspect which activates the divine feminine archetype in each of us to seek and administer healing. Its combined energy blesses us with the the individual ability to see how any situation – even those we may consider to be worst-case scenarios – can be turned around to be looked upon as something that can advance our spiritual growth.

    Many aspects are active at the moment, however, the strongest energies around this lunation show themes that humanity as a whole is fast learning the lesson to disengage from any involvements which serve only to judge, hinder or frustrate personal growth. The perfect recipe for revolt, as people are finally realising that the strings that held the marionette under control are no longer of any effect. Like a teenage girl discovering it’s her body, humanity is awakening to a new state of resistance from being told anything by anyone who seems to have an agenda.

    However, we are far from a full disengagement. The Saturn/Chiron Square (Dec 28, Apr 30, Nov 2) shows that this process may take a long time and be a long, arduous process. We have much work to do first, much suffering to endure before we can see any true healing take effect. Both Saturn and Chiron impact this lunation equally, forming a semi-square from either side. Until we come to understand our fears more deeply, walk around in them, learn that it is our own choice whether we wish to suffer from them, we can never quite let go of them. Of course, with Chiron involved, we may need to draw upon the powers of beings or entities from beyond this physical plane in order to heal completely – but that is another story for another time.

    For this lunation, it’s best to try and get a clearer picture of the blocks and hindrances which we egotistically place in front of us. Walls and barriers that usually tend to stunt or sabotage our spiritual growth. For instance, do you notice how often some things, all stemming from fear really, tend to ruin the moment, day, relationship, job for you? Well, right now… this month, you may be given a potential lesson which brings you to a deep understanding of why you do this.

    Ironically, notice too where you fail to apply adequate boundaries and let negative energies take over and possess your mind, body and spirit.

    The combination of the Saturn/Chiron on this New Moon augurs such deep and profound awareness of these spiritual reasons for why all of the limitations around us are present, instinctively allowing us to feel and hopefully find the power to therapeutically change any crippling life-patterns, so as to expedite the process of our evolution. By healing ourselves, we can also hope to assist others to experience the clarity and simplicity of life.

    Humanity is at a huge reset point. Hope becomes the key to our positivity through this next few months. But we must not get too ahead of ourselves. We are selectively entering into the Meditative Stillness. In this space, those journeying most consciously are able to contact angels, ascended masters and other spirit guides to assist them to see humanity’s course most clearly. They are also learning how to choose not to react to negativity, and in this they practicing their ability to avoid the dreadful karma that comes from blindly acting in negative ways. Are you one of these?

    The Aquarian Sun/Moon convergence resonates with an awareness that all problems encountered by humans today are actually here for the purpose of furthering humanity’s spiritual evolution. We must either take any adversity, blockage or frustration, whether personal or public, as an opportunity to grow out of our negativity and dismay. Unless we take a proactive approach to what we experience as negative, divisive, crazy, unenlightened, etc., the same problems, or variations of them are likely to repeat, possibly with much more devastating outcomes. It’s no good trying to shut the problem off, or running away from it. Karma, like the proverbial bad smell, has a way of stalking us and catching up.

    The Venus/Chiron combination’s exact semi-square to the New Moon creates events (both personal and global) where we are somehow able to see the true, underlying value of all things that come to our attention.

    Look at what’s happening in your life.
    Look deeply into it.
    See the people around you.
    Look into their core, can you see their soul?
    Perhaps you should try this. Inside each person lives a light of consciousness.
    If you can connect with that, you have a better chance, not only of creating a better, more positive connection, but together aim to reach a more harmonious, co-creative moment.
    Check it out…

    At this amazing moment, it serves our intention for this Aquarius New Moon to channel our ability to see and transmit love everywhere and in everything. We must maintain a strength and purpose to stay and work from a place of acceptance and forgiveness, and try to find the positive lesson in even the most challenging of experiences. Through a vigilant presence we form ‘friends’, with whom we will slowly co-create a soothing, calming effect upon the planet. The humanitarian, more altruistic elements of Aquarius, when combined with the forgiving, compassionate elements of Pisces can assist in the healing of selfishness upon this planet.

    In the end all things must change. After all, life is simply a series of cyclical and spontaneous progressions. We must learn to overcome our resistance to these, otherwise we are destined to be stuck in the grief and sorrow of a past moment. By coming to a deeper understanding that the root cause of all our suffering is our fear of letting go of the past, we can allow our future to flow naturally in the direction it must go.

    Blessings, and may you have and amazing New Moon xx
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: Jan 30 – Feb 5
    Quote The human mind is is still struggling to comprehend higher dimensional concepts like compassion, acceptance, joy, peace, love, infinity and eternity. These are neither economically or politically viable quantities. The struggle we face to overcome the dark matter that lies between what the pure mind perceives and humankind’s insistence for distortions of truth and infatuations with power continues to be a great problem for us. With another planet (Venus) joining into the firesign planets (Mars, Saturn & Uranus), things turn increasingly spirited and tempers flare further this week.
    It would seem that humanity is not yet ready for the greatness that this earth is capable of experiencing. There are still many hurdles and blockages among us. Many walls and limitations still exist between us, and as Mercury conjuncts Pluto at 17°♑55′ we continue to see a tensely compulsive force take over and attempt to possess our minds. We experience such clever and desperate attempts to convince one another that we must listen and follow our respective views, that in the end there seems no other answer than to create and enforce boundaries between us. In this way, our cunning minds continue to perpetuate suffering and separation, crippling this planet from its ability to support and nurture us all with all the love and light that it holds.
    Here are the major transits for this next week (all times in UTC)

    ☿ ☌ ♇ Sunday Jan 29 08:18 pm Mercury 17°♑55′ Conjunction Pluto 17°♑55′
    ☿ sqq ☊ Tuesday Jan 31 02:50 am Mercury 19°♑38′ Sesquiquadrate Node 04°♍38′
    ☿ □ ♅ Wednesday Feb 01 03:32 am Mercury 21°♑03′ Square Uranus 21°♈03′
    ☿ ∗ Ch Thursday Feb 02 02:30 am Mercury 22°♑22′ Sextile Chiron 22°♓ 22′
    ☿ □ ♃ Thursday Feb 02 03:16 pm Mercury 23°♑07′ Square Jupiter 23°♎07′
    ♂ ⊼ ☊ Friday Feb 03 05:26 am Mars 04°♈28′ Quincunx Node 04°♍28′
    Jn in ♑ Friday Feb 03 06:49 am Juno 00°♑00′
    ♀ ∠ ☉ Friday Feb 03 02:35 pm Venus 29°♓ 57′ Semisquare Sun 14°♒57′
    ♀ in ♈ Friday Feb 03 03:52 pm Venus 00°♈00′ Conjunction Moon
    ☽ □ ☉ Saturday Feb 04 04:19 am Moon 15°♉32′ Square Sun 15°♒32′
    ☿ ∠ ♆ Saturday Feb 04 11:49 am Mercury 25°♑46′ Semisquare Neptune 10°♓ 46′
    ♃ ℞ Monday Feb 06 05:55 am Jupiter 23°♎08′℞ Jupiter goes Retrograde

    As Mercury moves to form a critical cardinal T-square to the Jupiter and Uranus opposition, he becomes the slick, shrewd-talking reporter for how, on one end, the politically correct forces of liberalism and diplomacy (♃♎) are still seriously at odds with those who advocate hasty reformist action and reckless revolt (♅). If the world is torn into two – then it seems that this is not immediately obvious to all. One side’s tendency to generate overblown publicity about its righteous beliefs, only forces the other to recoil, ever so tensely, building to the climactic ‘pow’ moment when it will all suddenly erupt.

    Much tension and irritability as the Moon conjuncts Uranus on Thursday
    Jupiter is now stationing to go retrograde at 23°♎08′ (Feb 6), and soon all the self-righteous pomp and hype must turn inwards.

    Meanwhile, Uranus is electrically pulsing forward to collide (for a second time) against Jupiter (exact opp March 6) – only a week after the ominous Pisces Solar Eclipse. This looming opposition will eventually reveal how the prefects of law, politics, publishing, religion and philosophy are still struggling to hold back the unstoppable thunder roll of progress and innovation. Yet, great change is the only result of these two forces. This rare, sustained opposition promises a completely forced conversion.

    Uranus is an unpredictable force of nature that does not wait around to be respected. Like lightning, it strikes to show us how we can turn light into matter. Like an earthquake, it rumbles the soundest foundations of our oldest, most enduring structures. Like a tornado, it blows the roof off any lofty penthouse.

    Through all its shocks and devastation, Uranus brings crowds into the street to deal with the ongoing aftermath. It is in this state of chaos and anarchy that people come together to unite. It is these shocking, jolting pulses that provide the beat of a new music playing in the ethers.

    At the precipice of humanity’s coming to understand itself better, Mercury emerges to intercept this tense point in our geopolitical history, delivering the sound of a most cantankerous rancour in the ranks. Sudden bouts of argument and heated disputes about everything and anything erupts into the fold of our everyday communications. The person you once least expected to utter a word of protest, now voices their views most insouciantly, showing us all that he/she has many opinions about it all. Speculation, pontification, discourse and debate run rife this week.

    In all this Chiron lends a beacon of light with his own sextile to Mercury (Thursday) reminding us all to let go of ideas and opinions that only hold us in a rut. Chiron represents the archetypal shaman and lightworker of our world – those who are in direct communication with the great spirit and its heavenly messengers, holding a space for humanity’s evolutionary process to take place. This is a very subtle, humble task that is being performed by these individuals. These are the healers who are earnestly working to decondition the human mind from its fear-based programming. Whether we acknowledge them or not, the work is being done.

    Unfortunately, these are the people living on the fringe of ‘reality’. The seem different from the mainstream. We are being asked to listen out for them. They have a very poignant message for us, despite their often unlikely and unassuming presence in our society. Strangely, it is these individuals whose healing energy is so important now that are most likely to experience much suffering, ridicule, even persecution from the rest of society thanks to Saturn’s close squares to Chiron all through this year. If conservative society seeks for scapegoats to lash, it will always find those who most stand out as being different, or are somewhat reluctant to play any conventional role within the status quo.

    On a more personal front, Venus and Mars will both be in the early degrees of Aries by Friday. However, they will not exactly ‘kiss’ until October, when they meet in Virgo. *Venus slows to turn retrograde at 13°♈09′ on March 4, while Mars just marches on through the constellations.

    However, whilst in the fiery sign of Aries, our passions could ignite as Venus and Mars create storms of rage and fury between us, especially among the ones whom we desire the most. The Aquarian Sun will continue to guide us towards a better, brighter solution, but with the weekend’s first-quarter Moon in Taurus there may be some tough customers to convince about the value of any promise.

    By the end of the week we may be tussling with one another just to get along. It’s probably a clue. If we can only come to understand that we just need some space and time away just to get grounded,
    to take a deep breath in silence
    and tune back in to listen
    to the only voice
    that’s truly true for us…
    …that inner voice.

    Only this voice is powerful enough to break through the nonsense that is currently filling up our airwaves with its toxic and darkly manipulative ways. Only your inner voice is wise enough to blow the whistle on the great cacophony that your ears are becoming deafened by. If you listen closely, you will hear that voice telling you that this great media circus is just a jam. A maelstrom in hailstorm in the pretext of a system that’s designed to to get you signed up to a war that only ends with you just losing with a bruising. So do not get involved. Choose to fight another way.

    Apply your spiritual ear.

    Attune your higher awareness to the mission that must be accomplished now. We are still only in the early days of battle for the true the spirit warrior. So let us not be falsely modest now. Know yourself. Just as an oak tree knows it is an oak, and the bamboo knows fully well it is bamboo, do not compare yourself or your special mission to that of those who fight alongside you. They are here to cooperate with you, not to compete against you. Learn to acknowledge and honour this.

    The great alchemy that is occurring now requires us to be in tune with our inner guidance for all the vital signs for opportunities to transmute. Spiritual energies within our relationships are summoning us to dance to the new laws and concepts of infinity and oneness, laws whose quantum particles are what keep the universe in harmony, and all life in eternity.

    Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: February 13-19
    Current Planetary Positions
    9:00:36 PM
    Sun 24° Aquarius 35' 38"
    Moon 20° Virgo 30' 05"
    Mercury 08° Aquarius 42' 44"
    Venus 06° Aries 40' 21"
    Mars 11° Aries 48' 23"
    Jupiter 23° Libra 03' 00" R
    Saturn 25° Sagittarius 38' 29"
    Uranus 21° Aries 26' 03"
    Neptune 11° Pisces 04' 10"
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 21' 26"
    Chiron 22° Pisces 57' 03"
    TrueNode 03° Virgo 20' 37"
    Quote Arguably, the oncoming revelations brought to us by these eclipses have been felt for weeks (even months) before the actual event – themes activating key areas in our lives (expression of our individual integrity vs playing into the group dynamic) and will remain prevalent as we continue to see what it’s really all about, then set out to restore some balance in our lives.

    As individuals, we are all awakened to our need to feel special, to have a voice, a say, an expression so unique and outstanding that it must stand to make a difference, if only to our self-esteem and ignite our passionate spirit.

    As a collective, we still struggle with the autocrat, the one who mandates more from a place of despotic disregard for the rest of us and with narcissism that is so obtusely obscene that we cannot stand them enough to spend all our time worrying and complaining about them. If you look closely, you will see that this is only a by-product of the ill-conditioned, insecure child mind. But ask yourself this: are we really upset at them, or is it something we see within ourselves with which we sorely connect. We all wish to feel heard. But in today’s evocatively visionary new consciousness, is it coming from a place of trying to satisfy our enormously little egos, or is it emanating from a deep instinct to exude a generous creativity that’s pure and heart-centred?
    I will not talk about the Solar eclipse too much here. I will be spending much of the next fortnight preparing my full tribe analysis and dissertation. I will say though, that the complex fusion of very powerful energies (☉,☽, ☿, Mars, ♃, ♅,♆, ♇, ☊) packs an enormously potent impact.

    In short, we can only prepare ourselves for extreme events that will precipitate humanity’s development in the effort to awaken enough to receive the Christed Light’s meaning, to see its purpose in broader and greater depth, and to begin to work with it. It is not until we start to see with absolute clarity all the infinite and infinitely varied connections of all aspects of all universes, that we will begin to manifest true change. It seems that there are many forces of darkness that are riding high to challenge our collective effort here right now. I must take this opportunity to advise all individuals to tend to their immediate physical/psychological health as the Solar Eclipse conjunction to Neptune creates an inordinate sensitivity on all levels, and with Mercury on the South Node – especially the mental health....

    The effects of eclipses are felt for weeks, even months, before the event (in the case of most sensitive of people). It is important to note that since November 2016, that the earth is locked into a cardinal opposition between Jupiter and Uranus, which will temporarily release in April. Then, these two planets will again powerfully oppose each other in late September, this time involving Neptune.

    In the awkward period between a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar, it is as if the world is experiencing a kind of depersonalisation disorder which makes us feel somewhat removed from reality. It's not like the "wow, this LSD trip is awesome" sort of thing. It's more akin to "I wonder what my heart is doing right now" and "I would love to be able to feel emotions again".

    Dissociation, a form of hypnotic trance, is what helps victims survive the trauma of shock or abuse. The experience of any sudden jolt to the emotional & nervous system takes on a dream-like, surreal quality. Our increasingly numbed-out feelings and altered perceptions, not helped by our hapless engagement in the news from electronic media, only add to the strangeness of our experience. When what we are seeing around us ceases to fit into our concept of 'reality', it is easier to just detach, to forget, to make out as if nothing happened.

    We go on living our lives, but underneath, there is a weird sense of emotional detachment, a depersonalisation which occurs in order for us to deal with adjustments in our usual relationship to the exterior world.

    All throughout human history, the psycho-spiritual harm inflicted on the human spirit by individual violence for selfish motives are prevalent. However, these are insignificant when compared to the devastation upon the human race that results from self-transcending devotion to collectively shared belief-systems.

    Right now, thanks to social media, it seems that these are more derived from primitive identification rather than of mature social integration; it implies a partial surrender of personal responsibility, producing the quasi-hypnotic phenomena of group-psychology that is slowly building throughout this year.

    It is important to stay centered and mindful that your own experience is altering in such a way that no amount of debate and public discourse will ever help to align or appease you. Everything is changing. Except... it's not out there, in the world around you, as you may be lead to believe. It is happening within. On a deep, neural, cellular level.

    Meditation (not medication or mediation) is the only way to assist your beloved human body to do this special preparatory work.
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: February 20-26

    Current Planetary Positions
    6:46:57 PM
    Sun 01° Pisces 33' 56"
    Moon 14° Sagittarius 49' 11"
    Mercury 19° Aquarius 51' 04"
    Venus 10° Aries 18' 22"
    Mars 16° Aries 53' 32"
    Jupiter 22° Libra 50' 35" R
    Saturn 26° Sagittarius 09' 16"
    Uranus 21° Aries 42' 11"
    Neptune 11° Pisces 19' 33"
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 32' 00"
    Chiron 23° Pisces 20' 12"
    TrueNode 03° Virgo 23' 28" R

    Quote This week shapes up to be seriously one of the most intense weeks of the year, no less because it is emphatically punctuated by the Pisces Annular Eclipse on Sunday, an event which promises to throw curveballs everywhere, just to add to the pressure and its obligatory release valves.
    For years now, the mysterious outer forces of Uranus and Pluto have been fiercely duelling in the heavens. Their seven (7) exact squares (between 2012-15) have pitched the entire planet into a colossal and gruelling battle in the attempt to overthrow deeply entrenched restrictions and limitations, both in the personal and social spheres.

    Whilst slow and long-ranging, these have been far from subtle or invisible. Their protracted series of extreme eruptions have set the stage where, by now, it has become daily fare to witness flagrant insurgency against anyone trying to conspicuously wield conservative power. By now it seems like everyone has been somewhat affected by this long-standing, enervating desire to express freedom and change on all levels. To observe the world in such a complete and drastic state of utter disdain and revolt against any sign of corruption or oppression would have been unimaginable only a few years earlier. There are no sacred structures left, in any establishment, and those at the forefront of these wars have not been afraid to burn every bridge behind them.

    This week, leading into the final close of this epochal square (March), the lone warrior Mars’ conjunction to Uranus at 22°♈00′ sees us taking drastic and unexpected actions in order to unleash much of this pent-up energy. In the lead up, a tense, 8th harmonic syndrome between power-planets (♂,♃, ♅, ♇) is forming against the Sun, who is closing into the Pisces South Node. By Sunday the Sun will be joined by the Moon, forming the first Solar Eclipse of 2017.

    Critical transits this week:

    ♇ sqq ☊ Monday Feb 20 09:55 am Pluto 18°♑33′ Sesquiquadrate Node 03°♍33′
    ☿ ∗ ♅ Tuesday Feb 21 04:02 am Mercury 21°♒45′ Sextile Uranus 21°♈45′
    ☉ ∠ ♂ Tuesday Feb 21 05:25 am Sun 02°♓ 46′ Semisquare Mars 17°♈46′
    ☿ △ ♃ Tuesday Feb 21 06:28 pm Mercury 22°♒46′ Trine Jupiter 22°♎46′℞
    ☉ ☍ ☊ Tuesday Feb 21 10:18 pm Sun 03°♓ 29′ Opposition Node 03°♍29′
    ☉ ∠ ♇ Wednesday Feb 22 01:15 am Sun 03°♓ 36′ Semisquare Pluto 18°♑36′
    ♂ sqq ☊ Wednesday Feb 22 04:12 am Mars 18°♈28′ Sesquiquadrate Node 03°♍28′
    ♂ □ ♇ Wednesday Feb 22 08:57 am Mars 18°♈37′ Square Pluto 18°♑37′
    ☿ ∗ ♄ Thursday Feb 23 09:46 pm Mercury 26°♒25′ Sextile Saturn 26°♐25′
    ☿ ∠ ♀ Friday Feb 24 03:38 am Mercury 26°♒50′ Semisquare Venus 11°♈50′
    ♂ □ Vs Friday Feb 24 00:09 am Mars 20°♈32′ Square Vesta 20°♋32′℞
    ☉ ∠ ♅ Saturday Feb 25 08:37 am Sun 06°♓ 56′ Semisquare Uranus 21°♈56′
    ☉ sqq ♃ Saturday Feb 25 11:05 pm Sun 07°♓ 32′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 22°♎32′℞
    ☿ in ♓ Saturday Feb 25 11:08 pm Mercury 00°♓ 00′ Conjunction Midheaven
    ☽ ☌ ☉ Sunday Feb 26 02:59 pm Moon 08°♓ 12′ Conjunction Sun 08°♓ 12′
    ♂ ☌ ♅ Sunday Feb 26 00:19 am Mars 22°♈00′ Conjunction Uranus 22°♈00′
    In the backdrop, Pluto’s ssq to the Nodes has been creating a daunting feeling that we are all somehow collectively embroiled (some might say possessed) by the horrid feeling of being pressed up against the wall. Yet, the true source of this is still being unaddressed. It seems almost obvious that we are each somehow feeling cramped by dark, unconscious forces. These go so far as manifesting as oppressive, even violently abusive displays of compulsiveness within our relationships. There is a widespread frustration around this. Although abuse of power will not be tolerated, there is also an inability to know exactly how to deal with the abusers.

    At the root of it all, we are all responsible for the violation that continues to play out among us. We all carry the genes of our predecessors – particularly those who have historically perpetrated some unspeakable atrocities upon each other, for whatever reasons. Similarly, we also carry the DNA of their victims. The unresolved, unabsolved spirits of the dead still hover around us, at times possessing us without our consent. They come into scenarios where we feel weak, invade our own spirits and seize control, making us behave in maniacal and abhorrent ways towards others. Dark, or invisible matter is still trying desperately to control things like cultural/sexual/religious identity, leaving a horrifying effect between us. The psychological damage is difficult to contain, let alone repair or heal.

    As the Pisces Sun hits Mars (semi-square, Tuesday) it kicks off the process of actively dismantling the negative ego traits that possess us; characteristics that the spiritual self is actively engaging in trying to fend off. As it attempts to completely and perfectly reflect the spiritual light, we begin to see an instinctive effort to sort out our daily experiences in terms of their relative importance so that we can realign ourselves to our true purpose.

    As the Sun/Mars point contacts Pluto (Wednesday), we adopt a do-or-die attitude in accomplishing our warrior mission. An egotistical desire starts to pervade those most affected (see your chart) to accomplish something significant and meaningful in our lives, either because we want to positively transform our world, or simply as a means of acquiring personal power. Needless to say, the efforts will stop at nothing.

    By midweek, asteroid VESTA creates a cardinal grand cross with JUPTER/URANUS/PLUTO. Mars and the Sun are also implicit here, and the alignment to the NODES brings a fated quality to the intense dynamic playing out among us.

    Astrologically, Vesta is the goddess of devotion to the hearth (sacred altar where Spirit flame is held), and of loyal servitude to men – particularly those fractured warriors suffering from the traumatic effects of battle. Vesta’s primal commitment is to ‘keep the homefires burning’, as well as to offering her feminine sexual powers to carnally nourish and regenerate men back into everyday society. The cross gets us all fired up to commit to something that we will not give up easily. Can you see what and where it may grab you tightly?

    By Thu/Fri, the Sun/Mars combination hits Uranus. Whilst it appears like the activity is taking on a wild, erratic form, there are often true moments of inspiration intermeshed with seemingly outrageous actions. Taken philosophically, we must see that it is imperative for things to get crazy before anything fresh and insightful can be introduced. There are moments where true genius emerges out of all the madness.

    Friday sees the tension start to play out, and with Mars now approaching the Uranus/Pluto midpoint, revolutionary actions are seen as rough and ready (if unsteady and real heady). Forces play out wherever there is a need to be assertive in any uninhibited fashion. Those willfully engaging in the drama around them also stage an extreme rebellion that is potentially highly destructive.

    Meanwhile, Mercury, in the reformist-minded Aquarius forms trines to retrograde Jupiter in Libra (Tuesday). Much political reflection is going on, efforts towards mediation are best done with a sense of introspection and meditation as we try to synthesise ideas to improve our current situations. The impetus is there to put ideas into work. Yet, as we will see the following week, when Mercury hits the early degrees of Pisces (01°♓09′), a conjunction to the South Node (02°A14′) will reveal how much the lower, unsociable elements of the calculating mind have been employed to coerce or deceive others for personal benefit.

    I will cover the Solar Eclipse in a separate article but the effects are profound, as we see community life becoming interrupted, with a growing sense of disappointment pervading our lives via every means of communication and the media wars that will ensue.

    This Eclipse’s alignment to the South Node itself suggests that many things are ending. Estrangements, separations and dissociations seem rife as we come to terms with the fact that our connections (both family & social ties) have the soul -effect of leaving us largely let down, particularly through evasive, dishonest, or underhanded actions. If this Eclipse does nothing, it at least delivers a massive wake-up call to just how easily we have allowed vague, or incomplete information to ‘pull the wool over our sheepish eyes.

    Is it too late?

    Ultimately, now is a call now to find our own, independent and unique way of doing things. In that, we must admire (or at least tolerate) those who dare to do the same. It appears rapidly all that the nonsense has gone far enough. When all else in our structured notion of the universe seems to have failed; when nothing seems to add up any more, then people start to realise they have less and less to lose but to try something different. The spirit of active experimentation takes hold. As we will see, this activity will burst out in wilful disregard, almost as if there are no consequences.

    It is not because you feel like you have no choice but to look outside the square for a solution;
    It is because you realise that you have a choice. You always had (at least) one.
    Only your fears held you back from executing them.

    In the epochal ending to the Uranus/Pluto squares, this next week commences a new, 2-year epoch where our active engagement to break out of old forms and patterns gives rise to a new, person-centred movement to create a new order. It is one which promises to offer greater individual freedom to choose, then act in ways that most clearly reflect the intentions of the true self.

    So, with the augury of this Eclipse and its influencing transits comes the dawn of a time when many will seek to fight against the tyranny of oppression. A revolution against the exterior foster the interior growth and evolution of one’s own unique gifts, talents, and abilities. If we must give in to something, let us give in to our deepest urges to change. It is time that we finally acknowledged that unless we can overcome our demons we may never transmute away from this 3-dimensional plane. If we do not learn to conquer our insatiable addictions for power and physical attachment, our souls will remain trapped between the earth and the moon.
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE at 08°12′ Pisces, Feb 26, 14:59 UTC
    Current Planetary Positions
    7:25:34 PM
    Sun 08° Pisces 38' 23"
    Moon 14° Pisces 09' 09"
    Mercury 01° Pisces 56' 18"
    Venus 12° Aries 35' 14"
    Mars 22° Aries 02' 14"
    Jupiter 22° Libra 28' 01" R
    Saturn 26° Sagittarius 36' 46"
    Uranus 22° Aries 00' 21"
    Neptune 11° Pisces 35' 30"
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 43' 48"
    Chiron 23° Pisces 44' 36"
    TrueNode 03° Virgo 23' 55" R

    Quote It is Solar Eclipse time.

    As with every New Moon, this lunation augurs a time of new beginning. Yet with eclipses there is something far more profound and wide-reaching about the new terrain in which we are about to enter. The great intensity of this lunation’s effect can usually be seen/felt building in our lives for weeks (some might argue months) in the anticipation of the event.

    In a Solar Eclipse, an exciting, yet unnerving new life direction can often come our way. To the unaware, unsuspecting pundit, this is often experienced as an unexpected tap on the shoulder (courtesy of the universal forces). The effect is generally aimed at blasting us out of a blind, blissful ignorance, shedding an inordinate amount of light intensity upon some specific area of our life. In one big hit, she tells us that some aspect of our life is now redundant and that our life is now about to go this-a-way.

    A New Way of Seeing, a New Way of Being

    Like the birth of a baby, when a major new arrival enters our lives we soon acknowledge that this will not just be another fleeting matter. It is here to stay. An overwhelming sensation of awareness dawns upon us, often arresting us in the course of our usual routine, usually accompanied by a chance incident with an authority figure, or someone who see us as the authority in their life. After some profound event, we come to realise that whatever is happening now is going to be so monumentally life-altering that is has the power to somehow eclipse our former sense of self; to shift our personal experience in such an irrevocable way that, even if we tried, we could never quite go back to how things once used to be.

    However an Eclipse manifests its energies into your world, its underlying effect will be to bring something evocative enough into your consciousness to somehow shift your perception of everything around you onto the next level experience. It can be exciting, but also a little daunting.

    In the aftermath, much akin to beginning a fresh school year, we feel like we are thrust into a whole new class of individuals; a higher-grade of experiences; a new level of people to make friends with; a whole new set of challenges to meet. In such an event, we are somehow propelled to receive the pure, blessed light of our creator god - the Sun - and do our best to work with it in ways that will be most constructive. Also, regardless of how hard we may try to obscure or deny this superior jolt to our consciousness (try holding your hands over our eyes), ultimately a new level of maturity is set to emerge in us and we must step up and face it, one way or another.

    Letting go of the Old

    Not only this, but with every Solar eclipse the accompanying Lunar Eclipse (in this case, two weeks earlier in Leo) assists by serving us a with a grim reminder that we are transitioning out of a lower-egoic habitual state and into a higher way of seeing ourselves, and being seen by others. Often they provide hidden clues that must be unravelled through the course of significantly impacting relationships. When these come, make special note of what they’re trying to tell you, particularly if they are touching off a critical planet in your chart (Sun, Moon, chart ruler etc) or point (Asc, MC). Not all eclipses will affect us as intensely as others.

    In this vein, eclipses can be strong indicators of how well we can cope with the prevailing transits (especially from outer planets), particularly if they are uniquely infused into the mix of the lunation. Remembering that an eclipse can only occur when it is in proximity to the Moon’s Nodes (+/-18.5°). As such, there is a fated feeling of connectedness with others, and those in our lives (new and old) appear to us now, shedding some karmic significance in the lessons that we are receiving.

    Annular Eclipse at 08°12′ Pisces

    This Solar eclipse at 08°12′ Pisces is unique because its ruler, Neptune, is also in close proximity (conjunction, 03°A22′). This precise degree along the ecliptic has recently been transited by Neptune in March/Sep 2015 & Jan 2016. Think of this position as an activation point where, in these instances, the subtle forces of Neptune has limbered us into opening our imaginative senses to the forces of wild deception, disillusionment, lies, flights of fancy and chaotic levels of confusion. Similarly, for those more mindful, centered and least willing to engage in the drama, propaganda and delusory spin of the exterior world, it has been a time of increasing opening to the subtle realms of supreme spiritual truth. Those most sensitive will have attuned themselves to frequencies of perception which can ultimately connect them to higher dimensions and alternative states of being.
    Here is a great opportunity for humanity to awaken from a bogus dream and align to the great dream of the cosmos. If we are able to overcome our intellectual illusions and truly tune into the cosmic messages we can begin to ponder the questions posed by our own religion and spirituality. In this, we begin to see how prone we have become to every possible kind of insincerity and intellectual misdemeanour in our quest to be united with the great spirit. This eclipse marks the dawn of realisation that we have all (on some level) been complicit in the great disenchantment and spiritual unrest that now unfolds upon this planet. It goes without saying that a civilization which has left such a great mass of its participants so unhappy and dissatisfied, and drives them into wild revolt, neither has nor deserves the prospect of any lasting existence.

    The dissolution of ‘truth’ as a convenient backstory

    Much is melting away. Like the sugar-coating on a bitter pill now dissolving, allowing the medicine, however unpleasant to taste, do its necessary work. This Eclipse’s alignment to the South Node suggests that many things are ending. Estrangements, separations and disassociations seem ominous as we come to suspect that our connections (including family ties) have left us feeling largely neglected, largely due to their evasive, dishonest, or perhaps not as clear levels of expression.

    In the early degrees of Pisces, we see Mercury (01°♓09′) forming a conjunction to the South Node (02°A14′). Here we observe some of the lower, less sociable elements of the cleverly deceptive mind being employed for personal benefit. Community life becomes confused by blurry thinking, and a growing sense of disappointment and distrust pervades our senses via every means. Considering that this Pisces Eclipse is flanked by Neptune, it is important to stay skeptical of all communications, stories and appearances. It is a good time to suspend all our beliefs. Just watch and reflect, without making up your mind.

    The usual effects of a Piscean eclipse seem gentle and subdued, shrouding the consciousness of many uninitiated folks with a hazy, fuzzy state of chaotic aimlessness and feeling of drifting. Since 2015, the series of Pisces Solar eclipses, has seen many slipping into a world where the usual order and structure seemed less possible to gain a hold – a universe where, through dreams, fantasies, psychic or spiritual exploration many had begun to explore wonderful new alternatives and higher means of perception. Many too, however, have been misled into strange constructs and delusions about their world, aided mostly by the increasing distortions that become infiltrated in our personal stories and are presented in the free media. This final Pisces eclipse, fused with Neptune, seeks to dissolve away the judgmental mind altogether and just allow it all to be, however it wants to be.

    Whether we will entertain in the drama by choosing to become engaged with what we see is another matter. We know, in any case, that getting involved in someone else’s fantasy will not only mislead us; it will ultimately be very draining upon our own energies.

    Planetary Tension

    A phenomenally tense, 8th harmonic syndrome between power-planets (♂,♃, ♅, ♇) is forming against this Eclipse, meaning that the personal impact of this lunation is somehow influenced by greater social influences, which themselves are impacted by mysterious outer pressures. This year is the closing of the Uranus/Pluto square period (2012-15) – a slow, drawn out process which saw all humanity battle in the attempt to overthrow deeply entrenched restrictions and limitations, both in our personal and social world.

    Mars’ conjunction to Uranus at 22°♈00′ sees us taking drastic and unexpected actions in order to unleash much of this pent-up energy. One can sense the wild, unbridled enthusiasm that the Jupiter/Uranus opposition brings to this event. Sudden displays of extreme emotion are prone to blow things totally out of proportion, encouraging greater need for freedom through escapist means. Our usual radically wild reactions to everything, particularly those inspired by distorted impressions and nonsensical propaganda from today’s media spurs the collective into a rebelliousness of spirit.

    However, this eclipse brings a sense of resignation and apathy towards all the hype. We choose to see right through any attempts to persuade and influence us into taking part in someone else’s fantasy. Any attempt to pervert or distort the light becomes obvious and silly. In the greatest Piscean sense of humility and kindness, we allow others to indulge themselves by engaging only with forgiveness and acceptance. We do not have to be judgmental and fight or argue or dispute. But we also reserve the right not to feed into their delusions.

    The emergence of the ‘christed-light’

    Underneath it all now emerges a more subtle, subliminally intuitive link that we begin to hold with one another. On some level, as we begin to eclipse the lies, the untruths, the denials and the cover-ups of the exterior world, we begin to heighten our ability to transmit messages of pure, untainted light to one another through a new kind of telepathic empathy.

    This ‘christed-light’ is the true warrior of today. The speed at which it travels is phenomenal. However, as we are finding, no matter how fast this light travels, it seems that darkness has arrived there first. In the times ahead, we will experience a fierce war between the darkness and its insistence to distort the light. As we are seeing in our media, there is massive confusion due to the contradictory messages being transmitted along superficial and sensationalist channels.

    Our hyper-sensitivity to what is being communicated makes it increasingly difficult to not be offended (or offensive) in some way, with someone. However, it is also evident that those who dare never to offend also cannot be entirely honest. Such a conundrum. Owning our story can be hard, but not nearly as hard as spending our whole lives running from it. This Eclipse only highlights how intent we often are to masking our sensitivity to hearing definite truths. In this age of rampant political correctness the truth is skating on the thin ice of lies and deception. Yet, embracing our vulnerabilities to the effects of the pure light is risky, but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on truth, love, acceptance, belonging and joy – the very things that see us at our most vulnerable.

    If we are happy to nestle into jolly euphemisms and niceties in order to get through another day, we just risk sinking deeper and deeper into a dangerously draining and debilitating swamps of an alternative universe. Ultimately this serves no-one. Only when we are brave enough to explore the distorting powers of darkness will we also discover the infinite power of our own christed-light.

    Blessings, and may you have an amazing Solar Eclipse experience.
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    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: March 6-12
    (I'm late getting this posted, but yes, it's has been a crazy ride!....)
    Quote Phew... what a crazy ride!

    For the past three months, our earth has been caught in the crossfire of a dramatic duel between the politically expansive efforts of Jupiter and the irksomely disruptive forces of Uranus. Spanning from December 26, when the two clashed together in what would be the first of three exact conflicts, to their second exact hit on March 3, these two explosive planets remained in tight opposition for over 10 weeks. This was due to Jupiter's slowing to retrograde on Feb 6, so to say we have not felt the effects of this transit would almost be laughable in itself....

    JUPITER Rx at URANUS/PLUTO midpoint (March 15)

    For all the rapidity of data exchanges via our amazing media networks, for all our quantum leaps in technological advances, all our capacity to instantly transmit economic transactions in neat, digital transfers, it still feels like this world is lagging behind in something quite intrinsic.

    Sure, humanity's exterior hardware has become extremely sophisticated, but the inner, spiritual software needed to operate it most efficiently still isn't up to speed. Amazingly powerful new equipment in the hands of a troglodyte still does not necessarily make the wise guy....


    The Jupiter and Uranus opposition will separate for a little while as Jupiter (now in retrograde) helps us to reflect on just how flimsy and unsatisfactory our views and opinions have become in providing any explanation on what is going on in our world.

    They will come into opposition one last time towards the end of September for one last showdown.

    THE USHERING of a new 'TIME' on planet earth

    In the shadow of this post-eclipse zunk, a mysterious rejigging of our human perceptivity system is occurring. This subtle refinement process is gradually dissolving away our intellectual illusions - those precious-held beliefs in our minds, held in place by our fragile earth-bound egos.

    Many of us are sensing the dawning of a whole new 'time'. The "New Earth", promised by mystics andprophets is now unfolding before our eyes. However, as can be understood, this transition does not come in a settling manner.

    A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W

    Why do some people affect us more than others?

    Why is it you can hear it from your mama a million times, and still not get it, yet the one time you overhear it from a total stranger on the train, it seems to make perfect sense - the penny drops, and your life is changed forever?

    And why is it that some people have the power to hurt us more than others?

    It's easy...

    This is how angels operate. It's quite divine really.

    These instances present us with choices, and from time to time we listen, and the we chose to act.

    Of course we need people in our lives, some of them we chose before we even came here (like our folks), and then there's those, as we notice, that entered into our lives as 'circumstantial' choices that we have made in the present.

    Sometimes these people make our world comfortable and we learn to depend on one another to get through. We form connections, and then we get attached

    But it's not really always about being comfortable. Life is a journey that appears to be always on the move. It's hard to depend on things to stay comfortable and to keep moving at the same time. Sometimes we are encouraged to stay, other times we are pressed to move on. People will come and go, and we find them either delightfully 'good' or gratingly 'bad' upon our comfort zones.

    From time to time though, we come across some ****ing doozies. These are the guys that make our experience somewhat horrifying. They somehow force us out of a blissful innocence and jolt us into a world of pain, shame, humiliation, desperation or dismay. The mistake we make is that we tend to judge people as either 'good' or 'bad' according to how comfortable they make our stay, and so long as they comfort us, we stop listening.

    But life on earth is much more than just a pleasant stay. Our soul within is actually on a journey.

    From time to time, we get a reminder (from our angels) that we must pay attention. Sometimes we are nudged to move on.

    Our spirit sends reminders... it uses whatever means necessary ('good' or 'bad') to grab our attention, particularly if we get a little lazy, complacent or stuck.

    This is one such time.

    Notice the messages coming through others right now. Observe how they can be either really painful and upsetting or they can come across as kind and gentle blessings... healing, caring, loving messages that re-mind you that you are more (much more) than all the things you come to depend on just to keep you comfortable and safe.

    Don't take it personally - it's much bigger than all that...

    [Are you paying attention?]
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    FULL MOON in Virgo: The Test of Civilization – Efficiency vs Effectiveness
    Current Planetary Positions
    1:04:01 PM
    Sun 21° Pisces 23' 43"
    Moon 11° Virgo 29' 43"
    Mercury 25° Pisces 53' 21"
    Venus 12° Aries 00' 01" R
    Mars 01° Taurus 16' 41"
    Jupiter 21° Libra 26' 17" R
    Saturn 27° Sagittarius 15' 44"
    Uranus 22° Aries 37' 04"
    Neptune 12° Pisces 04' 26"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 00' 30"
    Chiron 24° Pisces 30' 11"
    TrueNode 03° Virgo 23' 45" R

    It’s Full Moon time again…A time of culminations and realisations. On this, most widely-moonlit evening of the month, we are invited to either celebrate our successes or accept our misgivings and divest those interests we count as failures.For those most affected (at 22°13′ on the mutable axis) it marks a decisive turning point where, after last fortnight’s Pisces Solar Eclipse, provides the impetus to look at our our best (or worst) bits, and then to make a conscious choice on what must end and what must pay off (see your full horoscope for details).
    It’s funny really. In ancient times our ancestors – much denser and simplistic than us today – revered and took great heed in the significance of these lunations. Many understood their powerful force and used them to plan their lives accordingly. Today we hardly even pay attention to the night sky, and sadly we deny our instincts like they are some form of regressive primordial disorder. Yet, if we looked carefully at just the lunation cycle alone, we might immediately identify a basic instinctive ebb & flow pattern in the way these New and Full Moons (and Eclipses) affect our most significant, personal affairs.

    Something to note: This Full Moon in Virgo significantly falls just days before retrograde Jupiter recedes into the Uranus/Pluto midpoint, forming an intense T-square (March 15).
    Some of the main themes raised by the Virgo/Pisces Moon – Sun axis are:

    separation vs unification
    work vs leisure
    employment vs unemployment
    duty vs karmic affliction
    functionality vs art
    health vs illness
    accountability vs escapism
    evidence vs assumptions
    presence vs invisibility
    attainable vs alternative realities
    Virgo and the great dilemma of over-efficiency

    Virgo is a mutable/earth sign:
    mutable implying that we are in the process of adapting, plying and moulding, working with, fine tuning, communicating across
    earthy as in the practical and physically tangible sense
    So in many ways Virgo is about working with the earth, or the physical. Working effectively, efficiently, economically, it seeks physical assurance through diligence and conformity, purity through cleanliness, tidiness or chastity, paying careful attention to fine craftsmanship and dutiful care of things like health, nutrition, daily processes, and when overdone there can be an excessive care – a worrying attitude, anxiety or a fastidiousness that borders dangerously close to pedantry.

    In the last 50-60 years, through the growing integration of machinery, computers and electronic equipment into our workplaces (both business and domestically) we have seen an enormous improvement in our ability to raise our collective productivity and effectiveness in just about every area, and as such, at this quarter-juncture of this great Uranus/Pluto cycle, have created a burgeoning economic crisis in our obsessive pursuit into the realms of output productivity, over-efficiency of resources and labour. So much so that we have flushed away a great deal in order to ‘get the job done’. We have glorified the working culture, perfected the ‘working class’, learnt to measure national/cultural success via its GDP index, streamlined the time management of our entire lives, and in doing so we have all but cursed the more nebulous mysteries of life altogether, like dreaming, resting, healing and merging into one another’s lives without asking for distinct definition about what we want and how useful or how practical anything is.

    In our hyperbolic mania to become super-efficient we have taken this whole ‘civilization’ deal to an outrageously unsustainable level by specialising every aspect of our functioning. Such increased specialisation means fewer people can see the big picture, and most of us are at the point now where we are all somewhat caught up like cogs in the excruciating minutia of the productivity machine, our practical value and performance being monitored more by computers than other humans. Our efforts are measured against the most competitive global value, and as the world becomes more desperate to compete in the labour market, our time, and level of craftsmanship have become gradually diminished in worth. Of course, as machines gradually take over our everyday processes, we slowly become redundant, and by today’s measurements many of us may feel practically useless if unable to fit back into the machine.

    This is naturally not so good for the spirit.

    Hence, whilst the overall output of product is increasing in volume, lack of human involvement results in a product which is diminishing in both quality and value. We are mechanically churning out disposable products at a consumer rate which has become economically unsustainable.

    In short, we have become a species that is effectively mass producing its own disposable obsolescence, mostly because we have engineered the human service, craftsmanship and qualities of love and specialised care out of our own culture. How sad. . .

    We have imbued awful limitations in our ability to create a genuinely sustainable quality of life into our world, because in the pursuit of trying to become efficient, we have over-produced everything – including ourselves. And now, the world is swarming with a sea of spare, human parts – looking for a machine to fit into. Yet, the machine seems to be increasingly running fine without you, thank you.

    These limitations did not begin in the 1960’s. They trace back to the beginning of civilisation when man decided to give up his nomadic ways and become a farmer.

    The advent of agriculture defined the beginning of our limitations as a species. Not only did we immediately narrow our dependence of survival upon just a handful of plant species, we began to concentrate our population’s impact all in one place. We built fortresses to prevent the starving outsiders from stealing any of our surplus food, amassed armies to kill those who were not directly involved in food production, began to farm (not hunt) animals for food and labour, created a class of wealthy and elite to rule over the ‘labourers’, and set an ever expansionist culture upon an invasive, aggressive sprawl to seize and conquer the surrounding lands. Finally, thanks to global capitalism, six of our ‘finest’ families have managed to own the entire world.

    How long did that take?

    About 10,000 years. Prior to agriculture humans were nomadic, and our understanding of nature and its phenomenal diversity of lands, cultures, species, peoples and choices spread far and wide.

    So, are we at the end of civilisation?

    Of course we are. We have exhausted it. Agriculture is about to fail us due to dramatic climate change (hole in ozone layer). Our global currency is shifting from the $dollar$ – used to trade in stock and commodities to oil, arms, and balance of political power. This ties in with massive infrastructure changes in all sections of government, corporations, clergy, financial systems whose emphasis has moved further away from tending to the people that support them to defending and maintaining the functional efficiency of their power structure. And our leaders? Where are our leaders?

    The effect of Industrialisation shown by rising income levels since 1500. The graph shows the gross domestic product (at purchasing power parity) per capita between 1500 and 1950 in 1990 International dollars for selected nations.

    In the past 500 years we have progressed from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance, to the Age of Enlightenment, to the Industrial Age and the now the rise of computer technology and robotics… within just a few centuries the human race has become ever so pathological in its climb to reach a level of ultimate efficiency that it has become inexorably ill – emotionally speaking. Socially our species has become diseased by our convergence into cities beyond millions; tens of millions of humans; all packed together, living on top of one another, scrambling to ‘get busy ‘ and ‘produce’ some ‘GDP’ within a single concentrated location.

    Our industrial capacity to extract megatons of resources from under oceans, deserts, rainforests, sides of mountains, fracking rock layers and farming vast fields of genetically processed crops is phenomenal. So much indeed that our population has exactly doubled since 1965 from 3.6 billion to 7.1 billion. According to statistics, we’re all better off – wealthier and busier.

    Everyone is busy. Too busy.

    And yet, curiously… everyone is broke. Or broken . . .

    . . . trying to fix something that was ironically perfect. And so we have amassed a peculiar debt that we will pay forward to our dear children. Most of the damage is incalculable, since at this point there is really no way to either see or measure the emotional suffering that is building on this planet, thanks to the industrial noise and the clamour created by our machine/robot/computer-dominated world.

    That we are somehow managing to support so much life upon what appears now to be a dying planet – a planet which if it were a human body would appear to be kept alive by artificial respirators, nebulisers, intravenous drips and genetically modified nutrients, whilst grafting organs, blood transfusions and bone marrow from our own children’s future planet to support a failing heart-beat. Meanwhile, the statements by the media are telling us that ‘the prognosis is stable’ and to carry on calmly because “There’s nothing wrong with grandma at all. She’s fine. Just carry on being busy at work”.

    It’s a good thing then that we have a bevy of narcotic distractions such as television, internet, prescribed pharmaceuticals and other wonderful drugs and alcohol to keep us dumbed and numbed, as well as those basic staples of society – work, sex, pop music, video games, homogenised consumer goods available online and of course porn on demand. Why would you bother to put yourself out when there is a constant supply of panacea to what Jung called the “Pleasure Principle”?

    Are we ready to understand how we are paving the way towards a pathological state of mass global depression? Is everybody ready?

    Well, . . . we think not.

    Depression is a common mental/emotional disorder. According to statistics from the WHO (World Health Organisation) globally, more than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression. This is reported cases only. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the global burden of disease. One in five people is being treated with some form of depression at any one time, but then, many people – especially men – will go through depression all their lives and never be even diagnosed, let alone treated for the condition.

    Some people may be very well familiar with all this, but I’m sure that the vast majority of people are completely oblivious to how much their world is becoming affected by the lack of opportunities to make constructive choices due to our socially limiting cultures. Not many can see the effect of long range cycles either. Not many can see how their quality of life has, over the years, become increasingly compromised by the great creeping deception that their basic needs are taken care of as long as they have some form of a “job”. All we seem to worry about is whether there is adequate employment – a source of income to keep up with the process of paying bills. At the rate of today’s progress, the redundancy of many jobs that were once created by the’ industrial culture’ is getting more and more imminent.

    As the giants Uranus and Pluto form one last separating T- with Jupiter, we see how the effects of globalization have taken their toll on our post-agricultural, post-industrial, post-consciousness shifted society. The emotional need to be oneself, no matter what the cost, and to make change happen is starting to dawn upon humankind. Our ‘jobs’ and our whole employment structure is barely sustainable with this planet’s economic resources. Many of us know that change and innovation are important, and we are finally ready to confront whatever has to be done to make change happen. Sudden, drastic turns of events that deeply affect and potentially change the way we pursue our goals, or even the goals themselves are about to occur as we each come to some level of understanding that we are missing so much from our lives due to our preoccupation with our ‘occupation’.

    The Virgo Moon seeks comfort in the earthy roots of practicality and efficiency, but the wild visions offered by the Pisces Sun/Chiron/Pallas come to intrigue and beckon her and she inevitably must choose to risk safety and security for the wisdom that is offered. Squares from Saturn in Sagittarius create fear and blockages. The conditional world continues to argue for legislature around division, separation and duality. Frustration is rife with how to deal with the system. A quincunx from Uranus shows just how much innovation and change is unsettling our basic home stability. Much adjustment and adaptation is necessary.

    Some of us who are more sensitive are welcomed into an awakening – an emotional insight into the higher dimensional realms. We see most starkly that what we have sought after in all the toil and physical struggle to get this world perfect has in the end failed to bring us any spiritual satisfaction.

    We make a decision now to let go of the futile struggle for ‘perfection’ and start the journey home, to re-embrace our custodial place in the great cosmic oneness. While others have become lost in the lower strands of this by hooking on to things like medication, booze, drugs, internet, perfunctory spirituality and other great forms of escape and glorified excuses (like work), becoming totally unavailable or confused en masse by the great machine of ‘civilization’, we come to rise above by purifying our intent and being more discerning about how we show our care.

    Such are the challenges and rude awakenings we face at this very confronting Virgo Full Moon. So how do we fix this massive problem? How do we remedy the situation?We must act locally. Starting with ourselves. The only thing we stand to salvage is our own spirit here. Refine our own intent. What more can one do to faithfully navigate their way out of all the disillusionment that we are facing?Staying pure, healthy, clear-minded about what really matters is the message of this wonderful Virgo Full Moon.Blessings, and have an amazing Full Moon!
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: March 20-26
    Current Planetary Positions
    11:28:16 AM
    Sun 01° Aries 14' 29"
    Moon 12° Capricorn 32' 09"
    Mercury 15° Aries 03' 50"
    Venus 07° Aries 16' 40" R
    Mars 08° Taurus 22' 32"
    Jupiter 20° Libra 23' 15" R
    Saturn 27° Sagittarius 35' 42"
    Uranus 23° Aries 08' 14"
    Neptune 12° Pisces 26' 25"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 10' 36"
    Chiron 25° Pisces 05' 54"
    TrueNode 03° Virgo 02' 26"

    This is an exceptional week in astrology. The March Equinox (Monday) augurs the start of a brand new astrological year. ‘Equinox’ marks the day when the sun crosses the celestial equator (20 March, 22 September), the moment when the division of night and day are of equal length. These times, like the solstices (3 months apart) pinpoint the critical turning points in the Sol journey and officiate, among many things, the turn of the seasons. Since these are entries of the Sun into Cardinal (initiating) signs, they also significantly change the direction of our lives for the 13 weeks to follow.
    As our revered Sun, our most significant source of star power, completes his travels through the constellations, he reaches his annual ‘reset point’ at 00°♈00′ on Monday March 20, at 10:29 UTC. At this point, we catch a unique and telling glimpse into which foot our year ahead will kick off, in Mundane terms.

    Mundane astrology deals with the analysis and synthesis of energies that affect the ‘fate’ of nations, leaders and worldly entities such as organisations and conglomerates of a business, administration and religious nature. The Aries Ingress chart, as set for the location of a specific entity’s geographic capital, provides important clues on what kind of themes will prevail for the next year and how the drama (and karma) will unfold for those specific entities.


    An applying Third Quarter Moon (the public, the common folk, women, loyal subjects) precisely conjuncts Saturn (public sorrow, fear, disappointment, death), and foreshadows a sombre mood and austerity ahead among the subjects of any collective. Squaring the new Aries Sun (ruler, president, prime minister, CEO, aristocracy), we expect to see a year where considerable challenges are posed, particularly where authorities impose their will upon a mostly pessimistic crowd. The Aries Sun’s conjunction to Chiron (mavericks & renegades, those carrying wounds and shames, lightworkers, fringe-dwellers and outcasts) and to Pallas Athena (sophists, strategists and patrons of the arts) suggests that a very unusual, unique approach is adapted in the rolling out of new decisions and directions. Yes, the general population, mostly stuck in a conservative paradigm and established norms (☽/ ♄), is apprehensive about these clever renegade-style leaders. Not only does the Sun square Moon situation show that these will not be supported, but the Moon’s trine to Uranus (rioting and outbreaks of political tension, right-wing political ideas, innovators, revolutionaries) show that the public push towards resistance and disorder will not take much to manifest. Also, Uranus’ final conjunction to Eris (elements of strife and utter discord to any prior arrangement) now shows that we have run out of patience to invoke a complete upheaval to all systems that exclude even the most (seemingly) insignificant integer in the whole social spectrum.

    Socio-politically, this promises to be a most exciting year ahead, with many changes already afoot and in their closing phases. As we are have been witnessing, much of the world we left behind in that wild & wooly 2016 – a transitional year that only instigated widespread upheaval and mayhem, now seems set to introduce irrevocable changes that we must, in one way or another, come to accept as the way forward.

    The goose is out of the glass bottle. It has extricated itself in the knowing that the bottle was a mere construct of its own, conditioned mind. It can never go back in.

    Here are the main transits for this next week:

    ☉ in ♈ Monday Mar 20 10:29 am Sun 00°♈00′
    ☽ □ ☉ Monday Mar 20 03:59 pm Moon 00°♑14′ Square Sun 00°♈14′
    ☉ ⊼ ☊ Wednesday Mar 22 10:03 am Sun 01°♈58′ Quincunx Node 01°♍58′
    ☿ sqq ☊ Wednesday Mar 22 05:37 pm Mercury 16°♈57′ Sesquiquadrate Node 01°♍57′
    ☿ □ ♇ Friday Mar 24 00:43 am Mercury 19°♈12′ Square Pluto 19°♑12′
    ♂ ∠ Ch Friday Mar 24 07:45 am Mars 10°♉15′ Semisquare Chiron 25°♓ 15′
    ☿ ☍ ♃ Friday Mar 24 12:46 pm Mercury 20°♈03′ Opposition Jupiter 20°♎03′℞
    ♀ ☌ ☉ Saturday Mar 25 10:18 am Venus 04°♈57′℞ Conjunction Sun 04°♈57′
    ☿ ☌ ♅ Sunday Mar 26 03:06 pm Mercury 23°♈24′ Conjunction Uranus 23°♈24′
    This week then becomes a crucial stepping stone into setting a most important new intention:

    How’s it going to be for you?
    How do you wish to take the phenomena played out in this crazy, wonderful new world?
    What will you make of it? Will you embark into it with an instinctive reluctance and fear about the road that lies ahead, worrying and making yourself sick that things will never be the same? Or will you throw a little caution to the wind and adopt the more radical approach at hand, go down the path that seems less obvious, make the most of what this exciting new world throws your way?


    For months now, those who have been embracing the notion that many elements of the old status-quo are on their way out have already begun their dreamy intent to help relinquish elements of lesser importance and focus their efforts on what is most crucial, especially in spiritual terms. These ‘rebel-rousers’ of the outer fringe have gradually become the quiet activists for bringing in alternatives methods to healing the issues in our physical universe. By learning to address their own wounds, they have struggled to introduce ways that have at least allowed them to arrive at a more energetic approach.

    From this simple, yet deepening ‘paradigm shift’, they have stood to clearly differentiate between what is truly important in their own personal evolution and what the exterior world/culture keeps pitching at them. This brings matters to a level where they not only question everything, but often come to an outright rejection of whatever seems rigidly contrived or superficial. Those resonating strongly with the Chiron in Pisces arm of this square are much more readily keen to observe that many of the negative, outward phenomena that are connected with emotional disease and anxiety – matters that perpetuate psychical and mental pain and suffering are merely only the manifestation pressed by the harsh projections of someone’s ego. As such, they have gradually developed an innate gift to look straight into the heart of what others are trying to achieve by their negative projections, and skillfully challenge anything that is not in alignment with life’s greater meaning and purpose.
    Many of us here are affected personally. Astrology is the language of Chiron. By refusing to culpably play along with the stories and the pain-dramas presented before us, we choose instead to cast clear light only to those ideas or ‘energies’ necessary to better understand how to heal and amend our situation. This is the premise behind doing our own ‘shadow work’ – the parts of ourselves that we may try to hide or deny. By transforming parts of our character that we’d like to change with compassion and understanding, we have made inroads to finding an effective means to balance these very diverse, but often hidden parts of ourselves. In many ways, we may have already been doing this without consciously knowing it, but as these next few months roll on we make a more overt effort to act more mindfully in this, mostly because our methods will be scrutinised and intensely challenged by the established sector of the community. Those willing to open up their souls in order to delve deeper and explore the vast possibilities of the true purpose of everything will encounter terrific trials, as they may have already noticed.

    Of course there will be fear in the community. Many humans are still acting under the morbid auspices of ‘fate’, unwilling to confront the truly important elements of nature. These go beyond just personal trauma and pain. They extend to politics, law, religion, academia, public media – anything Sagittarius. Skating along the crusty surface of ‘society’s’ survival mechanisms, the more conservative proponents who resonate strongly with the Saturn in Sadge will continue to find a way to denounce and vilify whatever attempts are made to bring new light upon the old ways. These will try hard to besmirch and discredit any radical new ways as being ‘too strange’ and ‘uncomfortably close to the bone’, messing with their preferred version of ‘reality’. Sadly this approach will only exacerbate the level of discomfort, uneasiness and insecurity that many will feel when they come face to face with not following their true spiritual purpose. Anyway, we are not to fear or worry about those who are inextricably wrapped up into the dense fabric of a fast defunct structure here. With Saturn also being trined by Uranus this year, it gradually becomes nobody’s place to judge those who cannot see the great alternatives, but merely to observe how they choose to perpetuate their own suffering. Eventually everyone will come to see…

    Much of the world lacks empathy.
    To quote John Lennon – “our big brains have gone straight to our heads”.

    ‘Time’ to reconnect with the heart.

    As Mercury conjuncts Uranus, then tangos with the fast approaching Jupiter/Pluto square (Fri/Sat), we see that something about the old approach to doing things, solving the inexplicable problems, healing our most impossibly wounded souls has failed us miserably here. Traditional analysis and psychotherapy, for all its new techniques and innovations and all its glorified ‘over-accredited practitioners’ is still missing the mark here. On the main, established methods of healing fail to acknowledge that all humanity is now becoming endowed with universal access to amazing new waves of light, available to all those who dare to make leaps of faith into seeing everything rather as a holistically unified energy system, not just an isolated symptom of a mere part. This approach is not so easily quantifiable by ordinary ‘scientific’ means. True healing goes beyond the physical and ‘psychological’ realms of study. In our new understanding, it now extends into communicating and working with the angelic, mysterious realms of the spiritual and supernatural dimensions.

    The greatest healers in the world are those who, in their time, were castigated and ridiculed as ‘hearing voices’, or ‘working with the devil’, or being somehow too ‘weird’ or ‘creepy’ in their approach and practices. Sure, there are many who somehow romanticise with the glory of proclaiming themselves as sacred ‘healers’, ‘gurus’ and ‘spiritual masters’. Especially lately. Seems like everyone has been donning the ‘shamanic’ cap somehow. Whilst many have, in essence, been dabbling close to being nothing more than self-promoting tricksters and charlatans, they are in some ways the lower vibrational versions of what they aspire to become. Being a shaman in the western world is unfortunately not a university-class career option. Many have had to stumble their way through it, often through exploring the many facets of their own pain, and the pain-bodies around them (wounded friends, family, lovers, unsuspecting victims).
    Meanwhile, a new breed of practitioners is emerging through the ranks now. These are your former ‘misfits’ and your life-lost ‘jack-of-trades’ (‘Chironians’ – new word), who have themselves suffered so much and wrestled somberly with their own flaky egos, their self-medications and sabotaging ways, who are now (thanks to the disciplining forces of Saturn) beginning to rise above the confusion and cheap chicanery of their own immature mind. These are the blessed souls who have done much work upon themselves, wrestled with their demons, earnestly conquered their own infantile addictions and their noxious predilections for pain and escapisms by experimenting through use of the strangest rituals. They now step up (as mature adults) to do something that truly is responsible to this planet – not just for themselves or for others, but in service to the divine order of nature herself.

    As Saturn’s second (Apr 30) and third (Nov 1) squares to Chiron occur this year, the weary, bruised and withered spirit traveler (like you and me) can choose to mindfully disengage, to free ourselves from any of the old-road pedestrian entanglements, those that seek only to inhibit and obstruct our personal growth. We can choose to sit out this circular, never-ending square-dance with our own (and others’) pain-bodies.

    This grueling process is happening large, and though it may seem like a tedious, arduous effort, fraught with many jagged barbs and lame (but ever more futile) attempts by structured society to admonish and denigrate anyone willing to step outside the square. We might just come to see that any attacks against those mavericks and renegades is contradictory to our pursuit to gain a deeper understanding of the higher methods healing our whole, rather than the parts that express the most pain.

    It comes back to believing in angels. Our winged messengers that connect us to Spirit. By trusting more in our interrelation to beings beyond this physical plane, welcoming their heavenly assistance we learn to usher in these new cosmic light-rays, raise our consciousness, and develop a clearer perception of the kinds of ridiculous blockages that people place in front of themselves for the purpose of retarding their spiritual growth. It is this awareness itself that brings us closer to a deeper understanding of why people do this; why people insist on sabotaging the manifestation of the collective dream of our fair planet.

    Let us now enter fearlessly into the stillness and silence of pure observation. Let’s walk intrepidly into that holy place of balance and neutrality, where in our own centredness and clarity we can make contact with the higher beings, ascended masters and other spirit guides. Let us know too, and with much certainty, how not to play into the negativity and drama that others will use to scoff at you for taking an unorthodox approach. Let’s become adept at avoiding the bitter ‘karma’ of any boxed-in situation – a condition posed only when we doubt our capacity to channel direct access to the divine lights.

    It is not enough to see the pure, unfiltered light. One must proceed to work with it by being the very essence of that light. Over this next year this magical transit dares us to become the light-bearers for others.
    It is a challenging journey for now. Mostly because much of what we see and choose to work with – as bright and clear as it may seem to us – currently defies any traditional job description. Much of the language necessary to express our sacred mission to work with the light is not yet furnished with adequate enough words to describe what we are doing. Yet, at its core, an awareness of the truth, in all its iridescent glow, and all its wonderful new frequencies and portals into higher dimensions is everyday proof that every problem posed is merely an opportunity to further our spiritual evolution. Unless we find profound new ways to articulate and convey this work to society, the same problems or permutations of these are likely to keep recurring.

    Humanity is developing a whole new level of therapy – one that is largely energetic, and speaks more to the ‘psyche’ (spirit) than the ‘mind’. In the most holistic sense, we, as ‘light-humans’ are brazenly opening up our heart-centers. As we employ alternative new ways to generate the power necessary to therapeutically transform age-old patterns of toxic psychic wounding, we lay the foundation that will eventually expedite the process of spiritual evolution for the entire planet.

    For now, it’s easy. We just need to be strong enough to filter out the crap the rolls out in front of us, in real time. True transformation, true alchemy, true healing can only occur when we can help others to experience the clarity and the simplicity of life.

    Start with your own little radius of light. Practice on your own luminous egg.

    …and have an amazing New Astrological Year.

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports


    [/COLOR]It’s funny really. In ancient times our ancestors – much denser and simplistic than us today – revered and took great heed in the significance of these lunations. Many understood their powerful force and used them to plan their lives accordingly. Today we hardly even pay attention to the night sky, and sadly we deny our instincts like they are some form of regressive primordial disorder.

    For now, it’s easy. We just need to be strong enough to filter out the crap the rolls out in front of us, in real time. True transformation, true alchemy, true healing can only occur when we can help others to experience the clarity and the simplicity of life.

    Hello and thank you for the posts. I find the writing reflective, insightful and poetic.

    I have combined two posts (an earlier and the most recent) just to gain further clarification;
    from the author or fellow Avalonian.

    You write that our ancestors were, "much denser and simplistic than us today".

    In light of the most recent post, am I to understand the term simplistic may mean, following a natural rhythm than can be seen/felt/experienced in Nature and thereby one's Life.
    Flowing with what "is", so to speak...

    What is meant by denser?

    Does this mean that one is more solid, grounded and thus more readily attuned to the wisdom/energetic signatures of the land, sea, sky, stars....?

    This makes sense to me in light of your writings..
    but my current understanding of dense is an absence of light/consciousness and thus less innate intelligence, wisdom and understanding.

    Thank you so much!
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Hi Lunaflare,
    I've just been copying Ang Stoic's astrology reports here because they resonate with me and I think a lot of other non-mainstream people too.
    So I could not really advise you as to exactly what he means.
    But he gives readings and has a Facebook page, and so you can ask him directly if you really want to.
    But I've found the term "dense" can have different meanings, depending on your source and the context.
    In the Law of One, for example. density refers to dimensions, and "5th density" or 5D, means a higher, finer, less material vibration than 3D or 4D, in that vernacular.
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    NEW MOON at 07°37′ ARIES – Tuesday, March 28th

    urrent Planetary Positions
    10:56:15 PM
    Sun 06° Aries 40' 22"
    Moon 23° Pisces 57' 24"
    Mercury 24° Aries 12' 33"
    Venus 03° Aries 52' 02" R
    Mars 12° Taurus 16' 37"
    Jupiter 19° Libra 44' 13" R
    Saturn 27° Sagittarius 42' 40"
    Uranus 23° Aries 26' 14"
    Neptune 12° Pisces 38' 13"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 15' 01"
    Chiron 25° Pisces 25' 32"
    TrueNode 03° Virgo 05' 50" R

    Quote One thing to note is that the New Moon is about ringing in the new.
    Those commitments that we make now are intense, all-or-nothing affairs. Whatever seeds we sow have a real chance of sprouting. Regardless of the conditions.

    It’s because the intent is so dynamically focused.
    And Aries is about new starts anyway…

    So with this New Moon, it is unquestionably a time when an irrepressible urge to shift into entirely new and totally unfamiliar territory becomes a most inspiring option. Heck, if not now… then when??

    It is the time for action, to make a move, go NOW. With Aries, we don’t need much imagination, there’s no planning, no apprehensiveness or tension about safety or security, no incentive for glory, fame or prestige, no big brains even……all that’s required with Aries is a daringness to JUMP.
    To go somewhere that no-one’s been before –
    that blind conviction to do something, anything,
    inspired by pure impulse,
    to act immediately,
    move now,
    just go…
    without fear or consideration for consequences and pain. That comes later…

    Why is that with Aries…?

    Aries is the side of us where our ego seeks to express itself most distinctly and immediately. It does this by summoning our full, undivided attention to act with such single-pointed urgency and willfulness, with a pure spirit of endeavour, audacity, leadership and passion.

    When acting in this cardinal modality of the fire element, we may ourselves be surprised at the burning level of rash impatience, even blind zeal that we exhibit.

    Aries is ruled by Mars who is currently debilitated (or slowed to act) in Taurus. His influence on this Moon may cause the usual aggressive/assertive expression seen through Aries to be somewhat controlled and deliberate in fight (or flight) if things aren’t so agreeable.

    Understandably, suppressed anger builds as heat in the body and the usual desire to take immediate, storming action may be stifled by stubborn force of attrition or stonewalling.


    Always important to consider in cosmobiology are the closest midpoint energies to the Lunation. These provide us with a deeper, richer understanding of the uniqueness of this particular ‘reset’ moment. This particular New Moon pulls in massive transformative energy from PLUTO, as well structured integration from JUPITER, SATURN and CHIRON. Being outer planets (tran-personal), we can see that this may place considerable pressure upon world governments and corporations, international law and world diplomacy operatives to focus on dealing with the rising extremism and the sweeping movements towards nationalism and isolationism.

    ‘Isms‘… they come with our inherited cultural baggage.

    Logically, we turn to ‘historical’ examples to find premises to argue any ‘present tense’ problems. To this end, our history has arguably provided us few formulas to tackle the rising problems presented by our ‘isms‘. For in spite of itself, any movement that thinks and acts in terms of an ‘ism‘ becomes so involved in reaction against other ‘isms’ that, as we are witnessing, it becomes blindly controlled by them.

    The ‘ISM’ then becomes its self-perpetuating PROBLEM… the chronic global malady… the epidemic disease that we are suffering as a planet now. Any movement which forms its principles by reaction against other ‘isms’ rather than conducting a comprehensive, constructive examination of actual needs, shortfalls, and possibilities for improvement is destined to keep perpetuating its own suffering.

    Fortunately, this problem (or disease) is flaring so rapidly, like a massive boil growing on the surface of this planet, ready to be popped.

    And pop it will go. In a fortnight (Apr 11), a Full Moon in Libra (21°♎33′) will activate the Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto points, three planets who are currently locked into a tense T-square.

    Midpoint Analysis:

    Jupiter/Chiron: A positive, uplifting force which will fuel the impetus to find a more meaningful, purposeful and holistic approach to improving our well-being, welfare and healing

    Pluto/Chiron: A more intense blend of healing forces, particularly focused on bringing any hidden stories or repressed wounds of the shadow self to the surface in order to be healed transmuted. Enormous cosmic pressure is now applied to forcibly release any agendas and complex dramas around psychological and cultural affliction. As these are immediately addressed through this Aries lunation, they lead to profound healing which can assist all humanity to expedite the force of evolution.

    Mars/Node: Here the ruling planet of this New Moon, Mars, presses us to focus on what is important to work together with others. Through constructive interaction (not anger and ill-directed hostility) with those to whom we are connected, we start to get to the real meaning and purpose behind our conflicts. Our new intentions are furthered and supported by taking a direct-line initiative to form more decisive, action-oriented contacts with others.

    Saturn/Pluto: Perhaps significant too is the method with which we deal with the very rigid ego-structures that threaten to destroy our best intentions. This combination of very harsh energies presses the relentless urge to get to the bottom of any deep, subconscious drives – the very compulsions that sabotage our finest interests and helps to tear this down. True alchemical is now available to overcome any fears, and threats of terror by disintegrate these so that we may reflect more of the Spiritual Light without distortions and corruption.

    Jupiter/Saturn: Whilst this ‘business’ combination of energies offers a real chance to work at one’s goals steadily and with discipline, there is a tendency to blow moral issues out of proportion, applying needless guilt which can be counterproductive and wasteful with our intent.

    VENUS and the inferior conjunction at 04°♈57’℞

    Interestingly, it is only Venus who makes an aspect to this New Moon. Her retrograde pass in front of the Sun (Mar 25) formed an inferior conjunction, thrusting us into a 7-day period of deep psychological introspection. We are now forced to confront our true feelings and inner motives on why it is we seek material comforts – the joys and pleasures we like to have in life as well as the lovers and admirers that we choose.Are these nourishing our soul with the love and appreciation it so desires? If not, here is an opportunity delve deeper into our shadow selves to better evaluate whether we are truly expressing gratitude and respect to these. Similarly, we need to question how sincerely we are receiving these.

    Venus’ conjunction to this Aries Lunation (04°S21′) will bring whole-hearted awareness here. The immediate, storming nature of Aries activates us on two distinct levels.

    The lower (ego-enslaved) individual will flare up, taking things personally, behaving defensively (or offensively) especially if put on the spot. If you’re sensing stormy weather in your relations, this is an excellent opportunity to observe carefully how you are going to react.
    The higher (intuitive driven) individual will endeavour to take greater initiative in their relationships, leading into a whole new direction which will in some way stimulate and inspire all those with whom s/he engages.
    Generally, with Venus℞ in Aries on this New Moon, the ego will instinctively respond to any negative evaluations by immediately shunting off into a sidelined activity in order to avoid direct confrontation. This is no less aggressive, just taking a more passive approach. Therefore, it’s probably wise to not to prematurely jump to conclusions about our feelings during this time. The mature approach would be to hold off, not react angrily or hastily. It is important to avoid making assumptions or forming preconceptions about how we are perceived, get offended and fly off the handle should we feel that things are not going along the way we might prefer them.

    Remember, everyone is sucking it up over their recent choices right now. It only takes one spark to ignite the flame that could torch the entire neighbourhood.

    Lunations in Aries mean that we are all prone to experiencing ‘trigger-happy’ energies, in some respect, whether within or without. The radius of Aries attention is short and fiery, focused on its own, immediate interests. So is its fuse to explode. Any discomfort or challenge to these interests can easily become an excuse for an upset. If you’re observing that either your own or others’ need for expression rapidly escalates into ‘fight or flight’ mode, then take it as a sign that perhaps someone is intrinsically not valuing themselves enough and is demanding respect and affirmation from their environment.

    In some way, those most affected by this New Moon* will make decisions/instigate actions which stem form any self-worth deficiencies they may be feeling. There is an important lesson here, and we can learn it from those who seem most upset during this period. It’s not until we learn to love ourselves first, that our love for and from others can change. [*check contacts around 07°♈37′, or other cardinals]

    The objective here is to learn to overcome our past hurts. If you are finding that your own feelings are cut off from the collective feelings of others due to you carrying the pain of rejection or refusal, then it’s time to drop that baggage and reconnect to the source. See that this subtle self-alienation is essentially what keeps you fighting with others, or running away from yourself.

    Settle down.
    Stop fighting. It’s a give-away sign that you are mad at yourself.

    If you are caught up in any sort of aggressive drama, this New Moon will help you realise that essentially it’s all in your mind. Your entire construction of attitudes towards yourself and the world around you is what’s causing you to feel so isolated or cut off. If things persist to be dramatic for you, then it’s no wonder why you should feel a strong impulse to take a new road altogether.

    In this action, you are not running from yourself. You are simply choosing to come closer to the true core of your creative centre and from this place find a way to move forward. Knowing this, from the innermost core of your certainty, any conflict or confrontation is understood to be for the fight for progress and evolution of every being.

    Blessings, and have an amazing New Moon xx© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Saturn ℞etrograde – Reality Check
    Current Planetary Positions
    10:24:14 PM
    Sun 16° Aries 31' 21"
    Moon 16° Leo 20' 14"
    Mercury 04° Taurus 01' 25"
    Venus 28° Pisces 39' 37" R
    Mars 19° Taurus 19' 45"
    Jupiter 18° Libra 28' 46" R
    Saturn 27° Sagittarius 47' 41"
    Uranus 23° Aries 59' 55"
    Neptune 12° Pisces 58' 41"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 20' 49"
    Chiron 26° Pisces 00' 29"
    TrueNode 02° Virgo 38' 44"
    Quote Saturn, that damping, restrictive ruler of this dense, physically-defined earthly experience will occasionally slow down, repose in complete stillness, then begin to slowly retrace his heavy footsteps. Dipping his snarky measuring stick into the karmic pit he is creating down here in 3D-land, his intent during retrograde is to see how well things have set in his latest version of ‘consensus-defined reality’.
    Once this is done, he will proceed to press forward once again, a methodical triple-check that everything in his new reality is operating at its maximum economy of thought, motion and matter. His job is to pass down his exacting ‘terms & conditions’ with uncompromising firmness. In doing so, he will mercilessly mow down any unproductive, redundant and superfluously unrealistic elements in our lives before he moves on to new ground.

    This three-pronged reality-check is the standard operating procedure with Saturn, whose 29.5-year orbit is such that from earth’s perspective he appears to cover the same stretch of ground 3 times, usually over an 11 month period, just so it checks out and the reality of the situation sinks in.

    Whilst seldom fun at the time, in retrospect it will have defined our karmic journey on the terrestrial, limited experience we call ‘life’.

    Many of us require a reality check now and then. Very few of us on this planet are immune to the strict laws of gravity and the harsh limitations that apply should we fail to show respect and comply with these.

    Accepting reality is an important part of the terrestrial experience and, as humans, vital to understanding the context of our sanity. In the Saturnian sense, reality is defined by our own experience with the exterior world. Our acceptance of what is is encouraged by most sane people in our world. It is the goal of most relationships, businesses, institutions and therapies. Whilst accepting what is presented to us as the reality is not necessarily always easy at the time, it is the acceptance which steads to bring us the most peace with our times. If our clocks are in sync with everyone else’s, then we feel we are in time.

    Reality is usually defined as the state of things as they actually exist, not some idealised or romanticised
    notion. It is usually the tangible, graspable properties, the physical constraints, defined by rigorous measurement that allows us to yield a determined consensus about what is real. The most discernible reality is that which provides the most stable set of conditions to which the majority of us can agree. Consensus creates a density. This means that the particles of any matter become so condensed that even light cannot pass through them. Density either limits, diffracts or denies resistance. You can’t argue with solid matter. It just is. Therefore it is real. Saturn’s crystallising effect on matters in our lives therefore determines their existence as real.

    Similarly, linear time appears to have irreversible properties. The reality is that something can exist in form in a particular moment in time. Once absent from these constraints, Saturn has trouble with verifying it as real.

    This is Saturn’s non-negotiable application.

    When we play into the linear time/space continuum, we must also pay respect to the laws of limitation. Everything is conditional, and we must ‘pay our dues to the consensus’ about those things we collectively feel worthy to partake in. Similarly, if things are deemed not real we need to learn to forego, miss out, suffer denial, delay frustrations, or endure the humiliating ‘coming down to earth’ effect of anything that serves as a reminder of our physical limitations.

    Time, money, status, power, youth, brains, sex-appeal, gender, culture, nationality, connections, degrees, etc. are all qualifiers in Saturn’s world, and they will be used against you in his terrestrial court of law.

    This is the serious, sombre, inflexible nature of Saturn – ruler of 3D limited reality and the linear dimensions of time. We call this Karma, since what will be, will be. The old devil will continue to play hardball with us, pressuring you to fit in. Either you play a prescribed role, according to how and where you were born/bred, or you miss out. When Saturn comes along in a transit he is keen to apply all the severity that he can muster to help you realise what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ about you and the world you’re in.

    Of course, you don’t want to mess with that, do you? And the consensus is, that playing along in Saturn’s reality game is ultimately…. well…. character defining.Let’s face it. Unless you are a sadist or masochist, then the harder Saturn transits aren’t much fun, especially by 2017 standards where many of us are hypersensitive and ready to receive experiences of reality from higher dimensional fields.’THE RETROGRADE CYCLE:
    PHASE 1: Dec 30, 2016- April 6, 2017

    Direct Saturn enters the shadow zone at 21°♐11′

    In this phase, Saturn begins to lay down the premises of what will become a reality. Brick by brick, he’s throwing it down, paving the path that will become defined as what is.

    “So… What have you been doing during this time?
    Anything good? Something constructive? Or have you just been wasting valuable time/resources?
    Yes, talking to you… what have you got to show for the last few months?”

    It’s likely that somebody may play this role for you, judging you, scrutinizing your efforts in terms which you may feel you have to answer to.

    Or perhaps you may play this drama out on someone else.
    Or maybe you are giving yourself the ‘business’ internally. That stern, parental voice of judgement has a way of making it into our lives somehow, judging our efforts to keep it real, be acceptable, beautiful, competent, wealthy etc. against the backdrop of the current consensus.

    Whilst many may argue that the last four months (Jan-Apr 2017) has seen ‘reality’ slipping into bizarre, distorted, almost surreal versions of itself, it is nonetheless the reality of our times. Coming to accept it may take some work, since it does not seem to be behaving as commonly expected. This is yet just another sign of our fading 3D ‘times’. As we are being blasted with light from the higher dimensions, there are elements of linear time and space which, with some retrospection we may have to learn, do not apply to us here, as spiritual beings becoming awakened to other, higher ‘realities’.

    PHASE 2: April 6 – August 25, 2017

    Saturn stations at 27°♐48′ and turns Retrograde

    During this period, we are pressed to review how well we have adhered to the principles lain down during Saturn’s pre-shadow phase. As strange a course as things may have taken, we are pressed to take our understandings of reality seriously, as if it is a reflection of just how faithful we have managed to stay to our authentic inner self.In Sagittarius, Saturn in retrograde can play out as an internal ethical dilemma, a struggle between our conscious efforts to define our moral principles, examine their usefulness and practicality, and in application see how impeccably we have lived by them. The trine from Uranus in the pre-shadow phase has awakened us all to wonderful alternative possibilities.
    For instance, you may soon come to realise that as much as you have tried to define what you ‘firmly believe in’; as much as your principles have been discussed, argued, ratified, published, postulated and pontificated, these ‘honest-to-god’ beliefs or ‘codes of conduct’ are in reality only meaningful if you have been able to live by them.

    In tangible, earthy terms, concepts are either true for you or, under closer examination, they are wholly unbelievable. Such is the dilemma between acting in true spirit, and not tied to the false, fleeting constructs of the lower, 3D personality.

    Have you been living up to your guidelines and your mantras?
    Have you been dishing these out to others, trying to hold them accountable?
    Is there some fibbing, fudging, stretching of facts, overspending of resources; a little religious or marketing hocus pocus; political spin-doctoring; emotional propping and manipulation, double standards in your relationships; some good, ol’-fashioned moral hypocrisy’ going down?

    Time to look back at the most challenging events during the Phase 1 (pre-shadow) period of this retrograde, assess whether stuff is making any real, concrete sense.

    We start to get an internal reading on who and what seems honourable and respectful to us, and begin to sense a shift: As much as we may come to honour and respect the laws and moral guidelines of others, this may be a time when we find it difficult to live by the advice of anyone but our own, internal conscience.

    Those who are grounded enough to be acutely attuned to their ‘inner reality vector’ will see this period present a unique set of opportunities to access this firm and direct ‘line of instruction’ from above. This is the alignment of instruction between the perfected, ‘higher self’ and that of the ‘lower (ego-attached) self’ – the one who still has much to learn in their journey here on earth. Rather than a fear, it feels like an affirmation that you are on the right path, managing the universal laws successfully enough to make a difference in your life.
    This comes, in spite of all the turmoil and anguish that appears to be going on around. In fact, even this appears as an opportunity to learn something about our authentic selves.

    For many, this period, and the ensuing shadow phase (August 25, 2017 -Dec 20) will, for many, be a time of considerable frustration and delay. Those who are still unconsciously enmeshed in Saturn’s dense fabric of externally applied moral, ethical and religious structures – the status-quo world that is still ruled by fear, anger, judgement, blame, expectation, toxic shaming, etc – Saturn has a canny way of making us accountable by those very instruments.

    There are those who will continue to play into the 3D system of duality and separation. For these, Saturn will roll out whatever means it sees necessary to teach some lessons which are not necessarily experienced as “opportunities” to grow. Those holding on to lower, fear-based judgements about what’s right/wrong, good/evil, using rigid socio-political, class-based, race/culture-based, gender/sexual-based, religious or moral principles that make little sense other than to incite fear and division, will start to sense some dramas internally. The inner voice starts to plague them and in their ignorance may begin to project this out, with unfortunate consequences.

    And woe to those who have nothing going in inside at all. Those who are completely unaware that they are unaware. Those wholly dependent upon the direction or guidance from those priests and prefects of the exterior order; those blessed beings who are merely going through the mechanical motions of life; who live their lives according to patterned behaviour of their instincts and learned habits, who never question, just wait for changes or stimuli in their environment to react, and then, only en masse. This may be a challenging time for these, as we will start to see these become played.

    Of course, I don’t want to scare anyone with these reports. We just want to differentiate between the (three) different levels of awareness of Saturn:
    aware that you are aware (conscious, responsive)
    aware that you are unaware (suspicious, cynical or skeptical)
    unaware that you are unaware (unconscious, ignorant, narrow, reactive to fear, shame, guilt)
    As Saturn now retrogrades in Sagittarius in his third and last time, human society is asked to go back and assess any gaps in its belief systems. There are those who will become more aware, understanding how news, information, knowledge in just about every area is at best limited, conditioned and contrived. They will learn to choose not to play into the belief dogma of society’s struggles over what is right/wrong, true/fake, good/bad. They will keep a reserved and meditative approach instead of entering into these judgement arguments. These will see many play and manipulate what the postulate as ‘truths’ in order to manipulate others using their fears and insecurities.

    PHASE 3: August 25 – December 1, 2017 (post-shadow phase)

    Retrograde Saturn stations at 21°♐11′, turning direct, finally leaving Sagittarius Dec 20. 2017

    One truth emerges out of this period. Whatever cause, principle, or mission we may appear to stand for and agree as our ‘reality’, it is constantly changing.

    Saturn in Sadge tends to represent man’s need to withdraw from whatever beliefs, structures and traditions appear to have outlived their usefulness. It may take a thoughtful, steady approach to make amends. A more conservative, cautious, frugal approach may be necessary, particularly after the retrograde period is over.

    In a way, Saturn does retrogrades better than all the other planets. Why? It’s like he gives us a second, chance to improve on the ever-evolving relationship formed between our ego (exterior-defined self) and the soul (internal self).
    Any conceptions that may have been mistaken, overlooked or misunderstood are, under the conscious gentle guidance of Saturn, best put to rest in the past.

    In our own wisdom, let us try to teach others who are less knowledgeable or experienced than ourselves without the pain and feelings of separateness. The best way to do this is not by admonishing them harshly by projecting our own frustrations. Trying to demonstrate how much better, wiser, tougher, ‘more real’ we are to those who are just learning, serves nothing other than the perpetuation of Saturn’s prism of duality and separation. It is through exhibiting a strength and composure, a kind responsibility to all involved that we come out of this retrograde shadow as having accomplished something concrete.

    Of course, for all those who pass this three-pronged test, Saturn will issue you with your ‘certificate of completion’ at the end of this year. By then, you will be ready to graduate onto the next level of your reality.

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead – April 10-16
    Current Planetary Positions
    5:26:12 PM
    Sun 21° Aries 13' 53"
    Moon 17° Libra 35' 30"
    Mercury 04° Taurus 47' 49" R
    Venus 27° Pisces 19' 08" R
    Mars 22° Taurus 41' 26"
    Jupiter 17° Libra 51' 51" R
    Saturn 27° Sagittarius 46' 35" R
    Uranus 24° Aries 16' 19"
    Neptune 13° Pisces 07' 56"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 22' 32"
    Chiron 26° Pisces 16' 43"
    TrueNode 02° Virgo 26' 52" R
    Quote With four planets now retrograde (☿,♀,♃, ♄), Venus stationing near Chiron/squaring Saturn and the explosive effects of a ♃/♅/ ♇ cardinal Full Moon – this week delivers on all the tension promised in last week’s report, and then some. So many unexpected twists and turns in the plot, now made ever more personal, start to affect our entire nervous systems. The wise and purposefully mindful might have heeded last week’s hint to not engage in the drama that is unfolding; to sit in their centre; employ a vigilant sense of peripheral benevolence, kindness and personal well-being. However, even to those, this world can be a very testing experience this week.
    Here are the main transits the week…..

    ☉ □ ♇ Sunday Apr 09 00:45 am Sun 19°♈22′ Square Pluto 19°♑22′
    ☿ ℞ Sunday Apr 09 11:07 pm Mercury 04°♉51’℞ Stations to Retrograde
    ♂ ☌ Ce Monday Apr 10 07:30 am Mars 22°♉15′ Conjunction Ceres 22°♉15′
    ☽ ☍ ☉ Tuesday Apr 11 06:09 am Moon 21°♎33′ Opposition Sun 21°♈33′
    ♅ □ Vs Tuesday Apr 11 04:22 pm Uranus 24°♈19′ Square Vesta 24°♋19′
    ♂ ∗ Vs Friday Apr 14 00:27 am Mars 24°♉51′ Sextile Vesta 24°♋51′
    ☉ ☌ ♅ Friday Apr 14 05:30 am Sun 24°♈28′ Conjunction Uranus 24°♈28′
    ☉ □ Vs Friday Apr 14 07:28 pm Sun 25°♈02′ Square Vesta 25°♋02′
    ♀ SD Saturday Apr 15 10:16 am Venus 26°♓ 55′ SD Sun
    ♂ ∗ Ch Sunday Apr 16 12:23 pm Mars 26°♉35′ Sextile Chiron 26°♓ 35′
    It is true, with so much retrograde vibe in the planet-waves, the world is really being forced to take a good look at itself, come face to face with the decisions it has taken. Chances are, as retrogrades dictate, that we take an internalised approach to what is going on. This is good for self-reflection but if we do not remain centred and clear, then we may easily take things personally and wig out into shame, guilt and blame – not only upon ourselves but unto others.

    Yes my friends, we are in it now, well and truly. This schism of consciousness has so arguably shifted us into two such distinct levels of awareness that those still with me now are either convinced, intrigued or simply confounded altogether by what is going on, both around, and deep inside themselves.

    If we trek as far back as 2013, these weekly cosmic reports have consistently been relaying one main underlying message to us: that the world which we are experiencing is reaching an absolute point of divergence in its capacity for spiritual awareness. This has had little or nothing to do with religion, or reaching enlightenment through chanting mantras and following gurus (alone). This shift in consciousness has come to this planet through the refinement of Spirit Light, and it is our capacity to see ourselves – our false identities and those of others. Choosing to acknowledge that, at centre, we are aware of our own being; conscious of our own sense of awareness; the extent of our personal power; our keen ability to see and to say with certainty that ‘this concerns me’, or ‘this has nothing to do with me at all’, and then to act upon this.

    This is a special skill. The ability to just check in with the ‘inner self’ and get a ‘second opinion’ on how the external world – your customs, traditions, expected role – is constantly trying to tell you is right/wrong, good/bad for you to invest in.

    This is you witnessing the world of moral judgments and noting how being overly critical is not only unhelpful, it perpetuates stubborn, fixed attitudes which lead to harmful or negative consequences. Mercury’s retrograde, now back through Taurus, then Aries (Apr 20) leads that with some degree of mindfulness, surface judgments and hasty appraisals are best avoided altogether.

    During the retrogrades plenty of examples will surface to re-mind us where we have perhaps taken a judgmental stance; a self-righteous or presumptuous point of view, then passed an opinion which has only created awkwardness or suffering either for ourselves or for others (or both).

    This Libra Full Moon (Tuesday) at 21°♎33′ is tightly aligned along the separating Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto Cardinal T-square axis. It now punctuates any tendency to cast broad, calculated judgments, opinions, unsolicited advice and diplomatic views etc. upon others. We are all subject to them – it is a natural result of huge imbalances caused by months of shocking and unusual activity. This Full Moon’s conjunction to Jupiter inflates feelings to become exaggerated, hunches become expressed as assumptions and generalisations about fairness, or ‘justified’ insecurities, leading to grossly out of proportion arguments and messy innuendo. Set against the Aries Sun/Uranus conjunction, these will be met with fiery lightning bolts of opposition where unreserved, sudden and violently hasty resistance, attempts to quickly overthrow any sign of deeply entrenched opinions and ideological positions. With Pluto at the mid of this T-square action, the strong-arm forces of extreme power, often beyond our control, may swoop down and try to seize the situation for themselves.

    It is questionable just how much of this is happening on a conscious level now. The world seems gripped under such a binding spell now, that the forces of fate seem to be seizing the moment to radically steer humanity into an ever darker direction. By our own persistent unsettlement in the physical domain, humanity is now revealing that, on some level, there is collective urge to transform the entire framework of ‘civilisation’. The more disruption, now happening at global levels, the more we are saying that we are ready to undergo the changes we must make. Yet, as global as it seems, the action begins at a most local level – with each individual. In a strange domino effect, what will unravel between us now is the phenomenon where, whenever one feels out of balance with their own sense of emotional security, they are unconsciously prone to inflict their disease/discomfort upon the next, thus creating a disruptive chain of events that can only ever cease when everything has toppled over.

    How to avoid getting caught up in the fracas? Easy. Apply lots of your newfound inner awareness to consciously choose not to engage. Do not play a part. Remain whole. Be total.

    The world around you will constantly try to drag you down into the fold of drama and lower-self (ego) energetic entanglements. You may unwittingly play along with passing out the judgments and the blame. When we acknowledge (through empathy) that whenever we become engaged in evaluating someone else’s actions or personality without truly understanding where they are coming from; their perspective; history; the experiences they bring to affect the current situation, we are potentially going to create an energetic imbalance. This is a form of ignorance. And sadly, ignorance does not see ignorance. It just reacts.

    Whenever we pass absolute, idiosyncratic and relative opinions; try to influence or forcibly persuade the direction of others; condemn or exalt somebody’s person instead of their deeds; dish out shallow, uninformed, uneducated, stereotypical comments; waft into overly optimistic (or pessimistic) views and appraisals, then we injuriously sign ourselves up to the judgmental, arrogant world of ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’.

    The Venus/Chiron conjunction squaring Saturn all this week shows that we are fast learning that those self-righteous arbiters who howl and scream moral judgments against others are only hiding the noise of their own hypocrisy. Everybody is wounded. Society is sick. By today’s definition, to become a successful member of society usually means to have let go of our capacity to love, accept, and befriend those around us because of a need to constantly be better than others. This world of separation; this Saturnian world of limitation; definition by 3D external constraints; this cold, hard, existential domain of the physical universe allows for nothing but judgment and fear.We are greater than these ‘bit parts’ in somebody else’s version of reality.

    This week, remember that whilst it’s okay to disagree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other people, it does not necessarily give us the right to deny, resist or retaliate over any sense they might make. Nor does it give us any ‘right’ to accuse someone of poorly expressing their beliefs just because we don’t like what they are saying, or they are being too emotional. People are prone to take things personally. They may not have a means, a voice, the strength or inclination to retort to your accusation. Learn to exercise compassion for those around you, even if it means overcoming your pride and opening your mind beyond what is usual or comfortable.

    And have an amazing week xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: April 17-23
    Current Planetary Positions
    9:51:45 AM
    Sun 27° Aries 46' 39"
    Moon 07° Capricorn 50' 10"
    Mercury 02° Taurus 06' 53" R
    Venus 27° Pisces 00' 14"
    Mars 27° Taurus 21' 03"
    Jupiter 17° Libra 01' 04" R
    Saturn 27° Sagittarius 41' 19" R
    Uranus 24° Aries 39' 16"
    Neptune 13° Pisces 20' 07"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 23' 47"
    Chiron 26° Pisces 38' 36"
    TrueNode 01° Virgo 32' 59" R

    Quote In the Sun’s final fiery days in Aries before he shifts into earthy Taurus, individual expression remains blessed with intent to be direct and assertive in our engagements. Since Aries is rather competitive to be the ‘one’, either triumph and victory or some degree of deference of our own will to others will mark our distinct intention to stay separate and pure unto who we are. Essentially, by the end of the Sun run in Aries, we will have determined our direction and identified its leader for the year-long cycle that is to follow.

    Who is the top brass in your universe, and which direction are you headed?

    A trine to Saturn (Monday) to the Aries Sun sees him doing this with firm, decisive determination to posture and decry his outright leadership over others, though the semi-square to Neptune suggests that there may be a little elusiveness or deceptiveness employed to fudge over any niggling doubts and insecurities behind his motives to be outstanding.

    Retrograde Mercury, currently in Taurus passes near in front of the Sun (declination +1°38′) on Thursday. The speedy winged messenger’s orbit sees him pass between the Sun and Earth in an inferior conjunction (00°♉21′), marking the end of Mercury’s brief apparition in the evening sky. In his transition to become a morning object, Mercury will slip back into the irascible Aries constellation, remaining invisible to us as he becomes lost in the Sun’s glare until the end of the month. Then, as he slows to go direct (May 03), he will become stationed in a sustained, 2-week near-conjunction to Uranus (Apr 28-May 11), shuttling in all forms of forceful, exciting, yet unsettling news to shift us out of of complacency and into urgent attention.

    Meanwhile Mars also trudges out of the slow and sluggish Taurus to enter zippy Gemini, creating a mutual reception with Mercury. As these two planets rule each other’s signs, they lend much supportive impetus and agility to each others’ basic operation. Energy planet Mars, entering in Gemini (Apr 21-Jun 4), will expedite much mobilisation and a readiness to take a stand by fueling fast, biting intellectually criticism, mental contentiousness and some degree of belligerence. A flurry of facts begin to stockpile into the arsenals of ammunition for both warriors and scientists alike. Yet the breezy, superficial nature of Gemini, supported by the practical, sturdy expressions of the Taurus Sun, flanked by these two fast-talking, gun-toting wiseguys will see the next few weeks escalate into a volley of rapid-fire, verbally threatening exchanges as we try to secure our earthy ground and all the material comforts that go with that.

    Here are the key transit for this week:

    ♀ ∗ ♂ Monday Apr 17 01:27 am Venus 26°♓ 58′ Sextile Mars 26°♉58′
    ☉ △ ♄ Monday Apr 17 12:44 pm Sun 27°♈41′ Trine Saturn 27°♐41′℞
    ♂ ⊼ ♄ Tuesday Apr 18 02:14 am Mars 27°♉41′ Quincunx Saturn 27°♐41′℞
    ☉ ∠ ♆ Tuesday Apr 18 04:59 am Sun 28°♈21′ Semisquare Neptune 13°♓ 21′
    ☽ □ ☉ Wednesday Apr 19 09:58 am Moon 29°♑32′ Square Sun 29°♈32′
    ☉ in ♉ Wednesday Apr 19 09:28 pm Sun 00°♉00′
    ☿ △ ☊ Thursday Apr 20 02:17 am Mercury 00°♉27′℞ Trine Node 00°♍27′
    ☿ ☌ ☉ Thursday Apr 20 05:55 am Mercury 00°♉21′℞ Conjunction Sun 00°♉21′
    ♇ ℞ Thursday Apr 20 07:52 am Pluto 19°♑24′℞
    ☉ △ ☊ Thursday Apr 20 08:11 am Sun 00°♉26′ Trine Node 00°♍26′
    ☿ in ♈ Thursday Apr 20 05:38 pm Mercury 00°♉00′℞
    ♂ in ♊ Friday Apr 21 10:32 am Mars 00°♊00′
    ♀ □ ♄ Friday Apr 21 11:10 am Venus 27°♓ 36′ Square Saturn 27°♐36′℞
    ♂ □ ☊ Friday Apr 21 10:44 pm Mars 00°♊21′ Square Node 00°♍21′
    ☿ ∠ ♆ Saturday Apr 22 09:39 pm Mercury 28°♈29′℞ Semisquare Neptune 13°♓ 29′
    ♂ sqq ♃ Sunday Apr 23 08:23 am Mars 01°♊19′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 16°♎19′℞
    Pluto, now stationing to turn retrograde (Thursday) will remain at 19°♑24′ for an entire fortnight, creating a tense planetary picture with Jupiter/Uranus as he continues to T-square their loosening opposition. Needless to say, our discontent with the legal, religious, philosophical and political matters of our day are reaching crisis levels now as pressure mounts all around us to deal with some of the bigger issues. It is evident now that the world is ready to vent this slow-ripening anger in a collective shift that could see the extreme right return to power in many lands for the first time since the 1930s, and Europe especially reverting to a turbulence not seen since that epoch.

    With Pluto in Capricorn, we continue to witness the collapse of structures, such as the gradual deconstruction of western democracies. The collective response to the sweep of modernity by the ‘old guard’ to the lost grandeur of ‘glory days’ ushers in an age of grumbling and discomfort among the masses towards globalisation of power and a growing shift towards nationalism, patriotism and separatism in every respect.

    This is the instrument of a knee-jerk Saturnian fear – a structural by-product of Saturn’s negative gearing during his 4-month stint in retrograde in righteous-minded Sagittarius. Bearing in mind that in the next few years Saturn will be scaling all the way to the top of the Capricorn ladder of supreme success who, at some point (Jan 2020) finally conjuncts Pluto (totalitarian regimes, cruel elimination, disintegration of forms), the auspices for the sustainability of our familiar and dependable fixtures don’t look so chirpy.

    Of course we predict this, not with the intent of creating a dark, foreboding future. On the contrary, none of you that are following these posts will deny that we are actually leaving the world of separatism and duality behind, this time for good. Yet much must be spelled out to those less conscious in ways so extremely black and white that they cannot be ignored or denied. The lower world will go through its issues with attachment to things it cannot carry on its path to greater peace and understanding.

    This is this process now, pressed by Pluto to such a point where it will get awfully squishy and unkind. Matters from this point will become so insufferably uncomfortable, particularly now with the growing swarms of displaced and discontented human populations now flooding in and intermingling with the entrenched cultures of western Europe. The tension there appears to be building towards an economic and political rupture so violent that even Donald Trump’s victory or Britain’s vote to leave the union would pale in comparison.

    Pluto’s applied hand in this ♃/♅ T-square stays applied for months – until July actually. I don’t usually discuss politics here, since I choose to stay out of it in my writings, just to remain objective. However, we cannot avoid the giant ‘elephants in the room’ now, since in many seats of government we have the seeds of totalitarians brewing on just about every corner of the globe. Not sure whether to laugh or cry about the tactics played out daily on the world arena, but the objective here is to tie these phenomena in with our desired emphasis on self-awareness and actualisation. What we are experiencing is the increasingly stark absurdity that trying to rule our world by assigning (or deferring) our own, precious individual authority to external ‘leaders’ has the power to get us all upset, and in a total state of discord…

    …if we allow that.

    We can choose to either stand free, in our own sovereignty, or forcibly become part of a structure that will soon disintegrate under enormous exterior force.

    The proponents of the 3D system, the demagogues of fear, separation and duality are clearly abusing the system, and we are now at a point where (to use a Sagittarian adage) the horse has bolted. Never mind. It is arguable whether the the world of today really cares all that much about its collective fate as the one where Kennedy, Castro and Khrushchev held us all in constant suspense about the survival of our species with the use of nuclear force (Plutonian themes), even though on paper, there seems much more at stake now, since (technologically, at least) we are almost at the next level of building a better, more sustainable world for our children to inherit.

    You may argue that a lot of what is happening is playing out externally, right? Far from your own neck of the woods. If we are going to be absolute individualists, we need may argue that very little of the drama that is now being played out on such a gargantuan scale by these glorified superbrats actually concerns us personally anyway…

    In truth, this is actually it’s kind of not so. In a roundabout sense, everything that comes into our stream of consciousness now, no matter how disturbing, becomes a matter for us to attend to. In a more enlightened sense, not many are willing to be oppressed by forces that limit our individual freedoms and rights to express our own will. Still, the reason why these ‘stories’, or ‘news reports’ from ‘over there’ are getting louder and increasingly more gruesome and abhorrent, as well as uncomfortably closer to home and impossibly difficult to ignore, is because at some point we must awaken to the reality that we are all somehow responsible; to the mess that we live in; and to make changes to this.
    Maybe this is not so obvious yet. Pluto rules the situation here because much of the world is still clinging to its old, sleepy ways. Soon we are all to be summoned to wake up. Going by the way Pluto operates, these pressures will pervade the very essence of our constitution and start to mess with us internally. Whilst many of us may still be in a state of reasonable comfort and well-being, the objective of Plutonian energy is to transform and transmute absolutely.

    Such ‘end-days’ gloom has, in fact, a silver lining but we cannot just jump immediately into the 5th dimensional realm of ‘spiritual ascension’ without literally enduring the hard yards of coming into the 4th (present tense awareness). Until we get here and now with it, and this involves stripping down to bare-ass nakedness – carrying nothing but our consciousness of what is going on without holding fixed views or physical attachments, we’re gonna keep hurting. Both ourselves and others.

    Enter the Sun in Taurus.
    Here, for a full month, we learn a lot about values. More than last year. More than ever before. This evolutionary journey of the Sun’s transit through this fixed/earth constellation brings us down to earth. Yet it is a new earth that starts to emerge now. We start to realise not only how depleted and limited our physical resources are… that a lot of the super-inflated currency that we are using to trade with is not actually backed by any physical sovereignty at all, but in the good faith of a digital monetary system controlled by powers which are totally invisible to us. We have become so heavily invested in the insipid values of such a ‘conceptual’ level of trade that we have neglected to cherish our natural wonders, to treasure the natural resources of this planet, respect the history and romance of our world as a sacred heritage, not just for our children but for our children’s children.

    This week, as you finally come to slow down a little; stop your competing for top position, observe the earth you are standing on. The condition of our planet, both ecologically and geo-politically is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another. This earth provides enough to satisfy everyone’s needs, but really what are those? Are we biting of more than we can personally consume for the sake of ensuring our security? Are we mistaking our needs for our greeds?

    The final square of a now direct Venus to Saturn (Friday) calls that we begrudgingly appraise our desires and fancies in our relationships. Did we get a little unrealistic about what we want from those around us? Are others really authentically capable of fulfilling our expectations? Are we able to fall in to their conditional demands of us? By the end of this week, regardless of our desire to find a satisfactory solution, we have to come to terms with the physical limitations of the exterior world, and if things are not working – economically, ergonomically and in a responsibly sustainable way – we must decide to let them go. Either this, or suffer the reality that they must let us go. Such is the ultimatum of ‘realistic’ Saturn to Venus.

    In all this, let us be mindful that we have not inherited any of this world’s physically comforts from our parents to use and squander as we please. Not at all. We have actually borrowed it from our children and it is our responsibility to invest our time and energy as wisely as possible to present it to them in (at least) as beautiful a state as it was presented to us.
    Blessings, and have and amazing week xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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    Thanks for the post Onawah. This latest post tells everything happening in Turkey right now. Seems it has the potential to get worse..

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