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Thread: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: April 23-30
    Current Planetary Positions
    9:12:13 PM
    Sun 04° Taurus 05' 44"
    Moon 00° Aries 58' 46"
    Mercury 27° Aries 41' 28" R
    Venus 28° Pisces 18' 48"
    Mars 01° Gemini 50' 04"
    Jupiter 16° Libra 13' 00" R
    Saturn 27° Sagittarius 32' 10" R
    Uranus 25° Aries 01' 25"
    Neptune 13° Pisces 30' 59"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 23' 43" R
    Chiron 26° Pisces 58' 46"
    TrueNode 01° Virgo 27' 20" R

    Quote Calls to stay clear and body-centered are the crux of this week’s cosmic message. There is much excitable mental energy building, moving around us at an increasingly frenetic pace, and there are days where random messages and shocking news are prone to push us towards crazy and abrupt reactions.
    Retrograde Mercury, now storming back into Aries, whose ruler Mars has just entered the most cerebral constellation of Gemini. This brings both planets into mutual reception, assisting one another in heating up the stratosphere with such a nervous buzz that the frantically flying rhetoric around us will not cease to simmer unless it is brought to a still and grounded place.

    Meditative work must stay high on our agenda as our best and most reliable earthing rod. In fact, the mental airwaves become considerably scattered and unpredictable when Mercury, now slowing down to station, enters into a sustained conjunction to Uranus (Friday), creating a manic two-week frenzy of unexpected news and communication. Whilst new, innovative and revolutionary news may be good for change in ideas, the high levels of anxiety experienced by many may be very difficult to ground and contain. Picture yourself as being cooped up in an auditorium, surrounded by thousands of angsty teenage malcontents, each high on a dozen shots of double-espresso, anxiously anticipating their favourite skate-metal punk band who is already running two hours late for their show.

    To top this, add a little more fire into the mix when Venus, now direct, re-enters Aries (Friday), stoking up our relationship fires after her emotionally painful and devastating crush against the harsh realities of the status quo during her sustained square to Saturn.

    Yes, many relationships have undergone an exceptionally challenging period over the past two weeks as Venus became stationed in the late degrees of Pisces. Any fledgling romances might have been put under enormous pressure, with a lot of painful stuff been brought to light in the proceeds. In some sense we have had to confront our own subconscious, immature or juvenile behaviours. In another, it has brought up opportunities for much healing, and those partnerships that learned to deal with their issues may now get another lease of stay to either love again, this time with more openness and genuineness of heart; perhaps even rekindle or take a deeper, much more mature approach in those which have survived the recent tensions. Those that refuse to learn; who choose to stay in their pain bodies; dance in their ego-dramas will see themselves becoming slowly ostracised in the coming weeks.
    As the North Node, which rules over our collective associations finally leaves critical, earthy Virgo and pounces into populist, bombastic Leo things begin to heat up considerably between us. What’s more, they don’t look like simmering down in a hurry. The Leo Node adds to the growing trend towards taking a more self-assured and decisive approach in how we link up as humans. Opposing Aquarius (South Node) Leo snubs away from team or community-minded ventures in preference of standing out on one’s own meritorious efforts and schemes. On a wider, more political level we see a shift towards more authoritarian-style leadership, a trend that is currently sweeping across the entire globe in exceedingly extreme proportions. Those who wish to rule over the collective by absolute decree and centralised government, giving less consultative forum to democratic and progressive processes and leaning more towards attaining stability with singularly-held visions and issuing uncompromising directives to bring things under centralised control.

    As the Node enters the last degree of Leo (they progress backward through the constellations), the initial noise and fanfare trumps up as the ‘undertrodden’ people of the world try to make themselves heard. In some way, this includes all of us, yet on another level, we are each seeking our own sovereignty, from a nation-state or cultural scale to even among our most intimate of contacts.

    Here is a list of the critical transits the week:

    ☿ △ ♄ Monday Apr 24 08:16 am Mercury 27°♈32′℞ Trine Saturn 27°♐32′℞
    ☽ ☌ ☉ Wednesday Apr 26 12:17 pm Moon 06°♉27′ Conjunction Sun 06°♉27′
    ♂ sqq ♇ Thursday Apr 27 06:55 pm Mars 04°♊23′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 19°♑23′℞
    ♀ in ♈ Friday Apr 28 01:14 pm Venus 00°♈00′
    ♀ ⊼ ☊ Friday Apr 28 01:19 pm Venus 00°♈00′ Quincunx Node 00°♍00′
    ☊ in ♌ Friday Apr 28 02:06 pm Node 00°♍00′℞
    ☿ ☌ ♅ Friday Apr 28 02:50 pm Mercury 25°♈17′℞ Conjunction Uranus 25°♈17′
    ♄ □ Ch Sunday Apr 30 08:41 pm Saturn 27°♐19′℞ Square Chiron 27°♓ 19′
    There is a remarkable phenomenon now rising out of this fired-up mental energy after a retrograding Venus has sat in tight conjunction for two full weeks with Chiron. The oft-ignored, unaddressed wounds of the feminine have become so aroused and aggravated lately that much of the rhetoric and hubbub in the airwaves will be generated from Venus – our more cohesive tendency, the side to us which seeks to love, acceptance and peace. This is a side which has arguably long taken a thrashing in patrilineal societies who has exploited, perverted and demeaned the feminine into base frequencies as money, sex, shallow beauty and superficial values.

    Meanwhile the masculine has lorded over and had its machiavellian way with the whole divide-and-conquer gig, creating walls and wars, with armies of little soldiers to play with. Unfortunately, this has only marginalised the power of the feminine. The strong, most sacred power of attraction, fusion and heart-based association has become something conditioned to carry a price tag. Any time we see trouble, conflict, anger, rage, war in the world, it is invariably tied to the defensive/offensive elements of the masculine to defend the price of something it holds precious. This has created much dismay and disarray among us and, as we are experiencing in our relationships, much separation, disharmony, divorce and disassociation.

    The process of dissociation is a dignified little mechanism built into the human psyche as a form of escape from (sometimes literally) going insane. It’s what happens when your precious heart’s sensitivities have been affronted by unfair criticism, inequity, vilification, harassment or abuse.
    The problem with checking out so thoroughly is that it can leave us feeling dead inside, with little or no ability to feel our emotions in our bodies. Quite practically, it messes with our own personal power of attraction. As we veer into defensive mechanisms where, rather than feeling OK with ourselves, we begin to almost exclusively identify with what we dislike: our gender, color of our skin, our sexuality, our physical beauty, or our superficial beliefs around what could make us happy and bring us joy and peace.

    The process of healing and repair then demands a re-association with the physical – a commitment to dive into the body and feel today what we could not feel yesterday because it was too dangerous. Thus comes the backlash from our divine feminine now, and we will continue to see this attempt to re-love ourselves becoming emphasized in the week(s) ahead. Our feminine (receptive) seeks tender re-integration and securing protection against the abrasive constructs of a largely masculine (assertive) dominated world.

    This is not only ever-present in our personal relationships. The impact of harm upon our femininity is akin to an eggshell with a tiny little crack that feels impossible to repair and so, as we go on living with the hope that it will stick back together, hoping that the crack doesn’t get bigger, we actually come to the point where all our insides come spilling out.

    The Taurus New Moon (Wednesday) heralds a point of reconstitution. Ruled by Venus, and totally unaspected by any other planet brings a simple, yet singular intention to reconstitute ourselves, to come back down to earth, into our physical bodies and form a firm stand to stay grounded within our spectre of influence.

    Just like anything that must withstand the ravages of time, whatever lessons emerge out of last week’s unique, sustained, Chirotic ♀ □ ♄ transit, now help us to resolve any current crisis, especially those we base around money, love and material security. By seeking to find the true expression of what we most value we must make an effort to repair, and rebuild any bridges on the road back into connection with our intrinsic self-love. See now how any suffering you have experienced in your relationship to those around you have only come as a result to fears of inadequacy and insipid value judgments set by your exterior world. When we deem ourselves/others as unworthy, we tend to cut ourselves off from the source of love as well as to play into the fears that create any disconnection.

    Those who have been feeling distanced and frustrated during this period may come tp discover the deeper beauty in their world. Appreciating that our problems in relating and their karmic implications come from repeating patterns of low self-love and esteem. Our recent relationship issues are there to highlight which areas we need to focus on, learn to become more body-grounded and fortified within ourselves in order to grow and evolve out of any recurring grief patterns created by our 3D (circular) conditioning.

    Re-building pathways and bridges back into the core of our hearts, broken by these disconnections and disassociations; reconstituting ourselves back into our fragmented bodies; owning what we truly value and love about ourselves and holding our sense of worth, we can now begin to grow into something more spiritually exciting and ever-presently real.

    Blessings to you, and may you have an amazing week xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    NEW MOON at 06°27′ Taurus – April 26, 2017, 12:17 UT
    Current Planetary Positions
    10:10:37 PM
    Sun 06° Taurus 05' 01"
    Moon 00° Taurus 46' 20"
    Mercury 26° Aries 27' 40" R
    Venus 29° Pisces 00' 48"
    Mars 03° Gemini 14' 32"
    Jupiter 15° Libra 59' 48" R
    Saturn 27° Sagittarius 28' 29" R
    Uranus 25° Aries 08' 21"
    Neptune 13° Pisces 34' 12"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 23' 26" R
    Chiron 27° Pisces 04' 53"
    TrueNode 01° Virgo 13' 17" R

    Quote The Grounding Nature of the Fixed/Earth Moon

    For each of us, Νew Moons augur a time to launch into a brand new facet of understanding and expression. It is effectively the beginning of the lunar-month; a ‘reset point’ that initiates interest into some spectrum of our human experience. It is a time when the primal expressive force of the masculine Sun merges with the receptive embrace of the feminine Moon, uniting as one as if to say to one another “I have your back on this, let’s do it together, whole-heartedly”.

    Of course, not everyone feels lunations in quite the same way, or in the same intensity. In this instance, those who have planets/points around the early degrees of a fixed sign (♉♌♏♒) are more likely to experience the effects of this lunation more intensely.

    The fixed/earth Taurus New Moon wishes only one thing for us: to become firmly grounded in a venture that will promise greater physical security, comfort and a dependable, economically sustainable form of expression. It seeks to do this by helping us identify with practical, physical matters; to set out, both consciously and instinctively, a solid intention to form steady, firm foundations upon which we will be self-reliant and self-reliant in the long term.

    Since money and financial security are a big deal, we look around at the things that occupy our lives and begin to question their tradeable value in terms that will steadily add value, appreciate in interest, strength and physical well-being.

    “Steady as the earth beneath my feet”, we say.

    In fact, the Taurean desire to seek and secure some firm and steady ground is what gives the bull its most defining characteristic. That world-famous stubbornness – to not budge; to define matter in clear, physically measurable terms; to not be persuaded to trade off/sell out/compromise any of its values; to be conservative and to honour the simplicity and natural beauty of what this earth has to offer. This is the core factor that seeks to appreciate and preserve those things that are precious and really matter beyond mere words, feelings and inspirations. Those things are important, but during this time they will become evaluated into terms that can be somehow quantified by their substance and their commitment to staying real.

    “Show me something i can depend on”
    “Show me what you’re made of”.
    “Show me the money…”

    …..is Taurus’ way of putting all this.

    Are you feeling like this about something? Are you feeling that you’ve made your mind up about something that is going to bring you the peace and ongoing security that you so rightfully deserve? Are you ready to invest your energy/resources into constructing a new, more definite, more sustainable, gainful sense of stability? Or are you in fact a bit nervous, or uneasy that the situation that you are in is going to short-change or deny you of what you feel is rightfully yours or your sovereignty?

    Your specific horoscope will provide us with more details.

    Grounding Intentions

    In any case, a new intention is now being formulating within you. Once you have set this intention, the next step is to patiently hold your ground without sway, pledging to see it through the way that feels most grounded. You can do this, not by exerting any great effort as such, just by committing to the fixed position you have determined is best for you, and just to hold it there, invest yourself into it, stay persistent.

    Are you sensing such an intention coming on?

    VENUS at 29° Pisces:An important point to note on this Taurus New Moon is that its ruler Venus is now at the final, critical degree of Pisces. Here Venus is exalted to her highest ideal. Yet she has given us all an interesting experience lately, since she has been retrograding and forming tight aspects to Saturn/Chiron over most of April. The emphasis has been to help us (and those we love) heal our fears and overcome some of the limitations and conditions we place upon our definition of ‘love’. In bringing up some of the more frustrating, painful elements around our heart matters, we have also come to discern whether our current romance was real, and therefore worthy of building on, or whether it was stuck in juvenile, wound-based patterns of insecurity, guilt, shame, fears of abandonment or dependency.

    By overcoming our lofty expectations or delusional insecurities around relationships, we can become more connected to the wonderful joys of love, beauty and fulfillment more completely.

    Venus rules over our own personal power of attraction – the magnetic force that brings us things that we desire. As she finally separates from her sustained conjunction to Chiron/square Saturn, she leaves us with this parting message:

    [art: catrin welz-stein]
    You got exactly what you wanted.
    Exactly what you asked for.
    The happiness,
    the joys and grievances
    that reside in your heart
    have unfolded for you in your affairs.
    Just as you have desired it to be.

    Everything you want also wants you.
    Everything you don’t want, has also come to be.
    As you set your heart’s intention,
    So too, it comes to be.
    The universe is abundant with gifts and lessons,
    tailor made to suit your heart’s desire.
    Keep your heart intentions positive
    and you shall be rewarded accordingly.

    Praise be to the universe, who loves you infinitely.

    One way or another, our conscious intention on this New Moon is to sit and to observe where our inner sense of validation actually sources itself. From where on this earth do draw a secure, worthwhile position in our world – a place that reinforces our physical wellness and creates a currency that best reinforces our physical reserves.

    Identify where you place your feelings of self worth; what feeds and nourishes your physical well-being, self-esteem and pride. Observe too how there is little value in investing your emotional energy/time/money on anything or anyone that does not come to value it.

    Similarly, when we place too much importance on just the exterior value; identifying ourselves solely by our material possessions, public success, fame, luxury, we lose harmony with our inner nature. The simplest, most unassuming qualities of life, such as a robust self-dependence and the fundamental freedom to choose who and what we love, are the empirical building blocks of any healthy body, mind and spirit.

    and glorious New Moon to you xx.

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: May 1-7
    Current Planetary Positions
    3:06:51 PM
    Sun 11° Taurus 37' 50"
    Moon 25° Cancer 18' 22"
    Mercury 24° Aries 24' 02" R
    Venus 01° Aries 35' 18"
    Mars 07° Gemini 09' 52"
    Jupiter 15° Libra 22' 17" R
    Saturn 27° Sagittarius 16' 15" R
    Uranus 25° Aries 27' 33"
    Neptune 13° Pisces 42' 40"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 22' 01" R
    Chiron 27° Pisces 21' 20"
    TrueNode 00° Virgo 31' 10" R

    Quote The main theme this week hits us late Tuesday, when the First Quarter Moon in Leo triggers the second of three Saturn Chiron squares this year, as well as activating enormous energy from Uranus/Nodes. This not only forces us into an instinctual awareness of the spiritual reasons behind all our recent frustrations and limitations, but driving home the message of how important it is that we connect to others in a way that is free and open, with as few restrictions and limitations as possible. Understanding this… really getting it… is going to be a challenging little exercise. Of course, there may be a specific conflict that precipitates such an awareness, which promises not only much healing, but also opens us up to finding more sustainable ways to how we can experience smoother, much more uninhibited relations in our personal interactions.
    More chiefly, we need to address the occasional tendency we have to storming off and running away from our problems, especially when we’re feeling vulnerable to situations where we feel our personal integrity has been compromised.

    This Fixed Quarter Moon (Wednesday) could bring up a heated argument with someone in your space, possibly over something that has been the crisis point for the tenth time this month. The temptation to charge out, slam doors and run away in order to either avoid conflict or out of pure exasperation is inevitable. Yes, finding ways to cool off can be helpful, but exiting any fight as a statement in itself is not constructive and it sends out all sorts of messages to your partner that, whether you are aware of it or not, can be extremely hurtful. Perhaps you have seen this kind of energy building slowly in your affairs over the past weeks with the recent transits. This week it is all coming to a head. If you’re part of such a dynamic, you should know that you are causing tremendous damage by railing out and shutting off whenever the pressure becomes too insufferable for you to handle.

    Here are the main transits for this week:

    ♄ □ Ch Sunday Apr 30 08:41 pm Saturn 27°♐19′℞ Square Chiron 27°♓ 19′
    ☉ sqq ♄ Tuesday May 02 11:20 am Sun 12°♉15′ Sesquiquadrate Saturn 27°♐15′℞
    ☉ ∠ Ch Tuesday May 02 02:56 pm Sun 12°♉23′ Semisquare Chiron 27°♓ 23′
    Vs in ♌ Tuesday May 02 11:58 pm Vesta 00°♌00′
    ☽ □ ☉ Wednesday May 03 02:47 am Moon 12°♌52′ Square Sun 12°♉52′
    ☿ SD Wednesday May 03 04:29 pm Mercury 24°♈16′ Stations to turn Direct
    ☉ ∗ ♆ Thursday May 04 00:51 am Sun 13°♉46′ Sextile Neptune 13°♓ 46′
    ☿ ∠ ♂ Thursday May 04 00:10 am Mercury 24°♈20′ Semisquare Mars 09°♊20′
    ☉ ⊼ ♃ Friday May 05 08:00 am Sun 15°♉01′ Quincunx Jupiter 15°♎01′℞
    ♂ ∠ ♅ Sunday May 07 01:54 am Mars 10°♊45′ Semisquare Uranus 25°♈45′

    Both Taurus (Sun) and Leo (Moon) have tremendously fixed egos, which in their strong willfulness tend to dramatically shut down and refuse to give an inch whenever they are not getting their way. By putting up a figurative wall between you and the other person, you are effectively stonewalling, an act often born of frustration and fear as a mechanism to try to decrease tension in an otherwise emotionally tense situation.

    Though it may serve to soothe you, stonewalling actually escalates the argument because in the act of disconnection, the other partner feels abandoned. This then has the unfortunate effect of triggering any possible abandonment issues in the partner, which then sets off issues of distrust and nervousness about your overall reliability to stay supportive. Just know that stonewalling, or the old ‘silent treatment’ does not resolve anything. It only frustrates any present-tense chances of dealing with the problem by just postponing it. The longer we leave it to come back – and there is a danger here that egos might try to sweep the issue under the rug – the greater the chances that any harm done will compound further until it becomes a major drama again, especially in a week’s time under the Scorpio Full Moon. This, could spell curtains, particularly for those 3D relationships that refuse to budge due to their stubbornness to see eye to eye, in real time.
    Mercury ceases to go retrograde mid week, finally stationing at 24°16′ Aries, not far from Uranus. If an argument is escalating, and it may do so very unexpectedly and in a snap, you both need to calm down, discuss it before you just storm out in a fit of anger.

    Set a time limit, promise to return after you have had a chance to cool it, then follow through on this intention. Have the presence of mind to say “This is getting too heated to deal with. I need to go into the other room for 10 minutes before we both say something we’re going to regret.” This will at least inform the other person that a) you are committed to reaching a resolution and b) you’re not just abandoning the issue (or them).

    Take your time out, chill, take a few deep ones, still your mind (refrain from coming up with a comeback strategy), and once you’re back in your body return into the room with a calmer demeanor. This assures your partner that when you say you’ll be back that you will. Hopefully through taking some mindful steps to diffuse your anger, create some interim space, you can return to the relationship in order to deal with any unresolved issues with a much more mature approach. If the relationship really matters to you, and it’s likely that it does, then this technique is the perfect key to overcoming any severe wounding.

    Over the next few weeks, as the Nodes shift sign and gradually trine Uranus, we will explore (and smash through) all sorts of clunky limitations still endemic in our existing connections. Ultimately these promise to bring much greater freedom and openness in our affairs. Remarkable new insights come shuttling through into our collective consciousness about what is going on between us and how to keep our space and stay in tune at the same time. Naturally, we may discover that some people around us are obstinately resistant to evolving at our desired pace, and in this we can expect that it will be much easier (less painful) to form and dissolve connections at will, or as required in order to jog our personal evolution forward. There is no ‘time’ in Uranean development. Everything happens in the ‘Now’.

    By the end of the week, as a slow Mercury, Mars & Uranus start to tangle together by hard aspect, the currently heated rhetoric can easily turn to abrupt action that can either bring about huge breakthroughs or massive breakdowns in any otherwise peaceable discussions. The mutually receptive Mercury/Mars combination can turn into a blessing for those who are capable at facing facts and skilled at doing the math in order to balance accounts and to keep accountable. For those arrogant enough to ride roughshod with negative behaviour; those who prefer to fudge over, exaggerate or avoid the truth; this week may dish out some ‘unfortunate’ form of undoing as the Sun forms a quincunx to Jupiter at the end of the week.
    With the Sun in the middle degrees of Taurus, any bull-headedness must be converted to earthy, stable and practically workable expressions. Stubbornness, stonewalling or passive aggressive “silent treatments” are counter-effective in our ‘present tense’ dealings. These dramas become exposed only as duly expired, infantile tactics that only fail in their attempt to control, punish, test limits and avoid issues and responsibilities between us. Learn to stand firm only in your certainty and maturity here. All other recourse is just fear-driven 3D crap.

    Taurus’ ruler Venus, now slowly moving direct in the early degrees of Aries, will leave her retrograde shadow on May 18. This means that we have a couple of weeks left to fully complete our appraisals in any relationship matters that may have become critically important since Jan 30. Observe any matters around values and boundary violations around these which may have come to a frightfully painful climax over the past 2-3 weeks (♀- ♄ □ Ch).

    You may notice that we (as a species) are being blessed with remarkable new tools in our capacity to perceive, deal with and then process recurring behavioural themes that only surface, mostly in unwitting ways, to sabotage our overall peace and happiness with ourselves and one another.

    During this week, on the ‘Cosmic Bus’ I will be discussing the Node shift into Leo/Aquarius (May 9, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018), putting out extensive messages for each sign to all my faithful members of the Tribe. Also i will be covering the Great American Eclipse (Aug 21, 2017) at 28°♌53′,
    and parts of American President Donald Trump’s chart (Asc 29°♌57′, ♂26°♌46′, ♇10°♌02′). I welcome you to join the private discussions, both here and then follow my private ‘Cosmic Bus’ posts on facebook. You will receive specific instructions on how to do this via email on sign-up.

    As a parting message this week, I wish to re-iterate this: that admission of your own human frailties and flaws has the power to endear you to your loved ones and to your entire tribe. They will respect you immeasurably, back you with all the confidence in the world, follow you much more willingly as somebody who stands courageously in their full seniority. By stubbornly refusing to repent or admit where you are wrong, you stand only to lose the love and confidence of others and your authority and leadership will eventually diminish.

    We are about to enter an exciting, yet challenging time ahead. In this, humanity has much to learn about the difference between humility and humiliation.

    Blessings to you, and have an amazing week xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: May 8-14
    Current Planetary Positions
    10:44:31 PM
    Sun 17° Taurus 45' 05"
    Moon 17° Libra 11' 00"
    Mercury 25° Aries 02' 50"
    Venus 05° Aries 19' 46"
    Mars 11° Gemini 28' 52"
    Jupiter 14° Libra 45' 12" R
    Saturn 26° Sagittarius 59' 33" R
    Uranus 25° Aries 48' 20"
    Neptune 13° Pisces 51' 01"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 19' 21" R
    Chiron 27° Pisces 38' 15"
    TrueNode 00° Virgo 17' 02" R

    Quote The Lunar Nodes Shifting into Leo/Aquarius this week is quite an epic event. Fanfared by the third and final Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries, which in itself has been rewiring our whole mode of communication to points where the only thing allowed to express any emotion these days is a string of emoticons from a 14 year old, and you can pretty safely say we are entering the depersonalisation zone.

    In the coming months… years… we will start to understand much about emotions. In particular, we will learn how to localise them, focus them closer and closer to our present time and place. We will learn how some emotions – particularly those that are invested into things that do not matter to us in the here/now actually belong to a lower, less friendly dimension – one that fills our heads with worry, doubt and anxiety rather than restore certainty and trust, enough so we may ‘feel’ we have the freedom to move and go as we please.

    Sure, these might sound like complex concepts to some people. Yet I’m sure that even in my more intensive writings I am not the only one endeavouring to explain to you, my beloved tribe, about the great shift that we are about to experience on this earth, now with these Lunar Nodes about to recede into the previous constellation (more on these during the week).

    Not only has our electro-magnetic equipment been undergoing some decent upgrades recently with both Mercury (mind/electrical) and Venus (heart/magnetic) recently retrograding near Uranus Aries, but since Saturn himself is about to trine Uranus for the second time (May 19), we are really being tuned for some transdimensional music of the spheres.

    This socially significant ♄ △ ♅ aspect first became exact at the end of 2016, highlighting the enormous release from both our own personal and social expectations, introduced nicely by tremendously disruptive changes in our mundane world. Whilst they happened gradually, I’m sure you didn’t miss them. Since November 2016 there has been a growing awareness around the radical essence of freedom and independence, forcing an understanding that our mental/emotional connection to certain events in time either allows us to make the choices we feel are best for us based on what our intuition is saying, or our choices feel limited and blocked by our pre-conditioned fears.

    As said, these may be concepts that may be a little hefty to cover in this cute little weekly forecast. although, I get the sense that many of you, especially those following these writings are somehow on board with the very sophisticated changes that are about to occur.

    Anyway, much is happening… here are the sexy transits for this week:

    ☊ enters ♌ Tue May 09 11:48 am GMT Node Enters Leo
    ☉ △ ♇ Tue May 09 06:20 pm GMT Sun 19°♉18′ Trine Pluto 19°♑18′℞
    ☿ ☌ ♅ Wed May 10 05:20 am GMT Mercury 25°♈55′ Conjunction Uranus 25°♈55′
    ♃ ☍ Pa Wed May 10 03:48 pm GMT Jupiter 14°♎32′℞ Opposition Pallas 14°♈32′
    ☽ ☍ ☉ Wed May 10 09:44 pm GMT Moon 20°♏25′ Opposition Sun 20°♉25′
    ♂ □ ♆ Thu May 11 05:53 pm GMT Mars 13°♊55′ Square Neptune 13°♓55′
    ☿ △ ♄ Thu May 11 08:15 pm GMT Mercury 26°♈48′ Trine Saturn 26°♐48′℞
    ♂ △ ♃ Fri May 12 10:20 am GMT Mars 14°♊23′ Trine Jupiter 14°♎23′℞
    ♃ ∠ ☊ Sun May 14 05:24 pm GMT Jupiter 14°♎12′℞ Semisquare Node 29°♌12′
    ☿ △ ☊ Sun May 14 08:10 pm GMT Mercury 28°♈54′ Trine Node 28°♌54′
    ☿ ∠ ♆ Sun May 14 10:37 pm GMT Mercury 28°♈59′ Semisquare Neptune 13°♓59′

    Just to make things ultra dramatic, perhaps more to illustrate just how toxic some of our emotions actually are, we have our annual Hades Full Moon, exact midweek. Usually, around Full Moons, we become exceptionally emotional. With this one, being in that intensely emotional sign of Scorpio, ’emotional’ might be a gross underassessment. Being a fixed sign, Scorpio tends to hold on to feelings like no other. It likes to relish in them; keep them buried deep beneath the surface; brood over them secretly where nobody else can see; stew in them, the way an oven-roast sizzles in its own zesty juices. When the moon’s opposition activates the earthy simpleness of the Taurus Sun on Wednesday, feelings of unfathomable depth with enormously powerful magnitude are brought to the surface. These may be either manageable, in which case they serve to bring about much sorely-needed transformation to some area of our lives, or we can try to keep them in, hoping they don’t become negatively triggered and uncontrollably erupt in the most inappropriate way. Overwhelming feelings, especially around jealousy and possession, tend to have the effect of leaving quite catastrophic outcomes, even against the stubborn earthy nature of the Taurus Sun.

    If things aren’t getting along, something must give. Fixed signs don’t bend – if they give at all, they crack, irreparably.

    The accompanying sextile from Pluto does turn up the heat even further, and Pluto’s conjunction to Juno means themes of marriage are deeply intermeshed with issues of power. The underlying struggle for control within relationships will be something that leans towards the extreme of being obsessive, possessive or intense during this month. It’s no secret that many interdynamic holds are going to change between us soon. Where there are imbalances and massive control dramas brewing, the struggle for self-empowerment will be profound and any conflict that arises (thanks to this Hades Moon) throws down gauntlet for growth and exploration into our deepest psychological hangups.

    With the Nodes Shift on Tuesday, the human race is about to enter into a whole new phase of evolutionary development. Progressively we start to take greater pride in being unique and different, caring less and less for the traditions of society. The tendency is towards more and more following whatever rules we choose to set up for ourselves. This is going to have its little hiccups, but it’s all for the best. (More on this in a midweek article)

    The ideal is equality and personal empowerment; if you can achieve this your commitment and depth of intimacy will be legendary. Here, watch your relationships, especially those most intimate step beyond the boundaries of social taboos.

    Just as NASA has managed to get its kamikaze probe (Cassini) deep into the rings of Saturn this week, so does the Mercury/Uranus conjunction /trine Saturn all week expose the truth about our old notions of fear and duality. The are only limiting and real if the mind says so.

    And we are already so beyond that. We have the tools, the intelligence, the skills to go far beyond that.
    Watch out, we’re about to embark on the next leg…

    Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    FULL MOON at 20°24′ SCORPIO, May 10, 2017, 9:43 UTC
    Current Planetary Positions
    3:53:49 PM
    Sun 19° Taurus 24' 33"
    Moon 07° Scorpio 59' 48"
    Mercury 25° Aries 44' 51"
    Venus 06° Aries 28' 48"
    Mars 12° Gemini 38' 53"
    Jupiter 14° Libra 36' 03" R
    Saturn 26° Sagittarius 54' 30" R
    Uranus 25° Aries 53' 53"
    Neptune 13° Pisces 53' 06"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 18' 27" R
    Chiron 27° Pisces 42' 36"
    TrueNode 29° Leo 58' 44" R

    Quote And so…. it’s Full Moon time once again.

    As with every Full Moon, we know we are at the point in our lunar calendar which commonly marks a climactic event whose nature is high-lighted, both daytime (Sun-consciously) and nighttime (Moon-reflectively). The theme is often related to a whole-hearted intention made two weeks earlier at the Taurus New Moon two weeks ago, when we first set our intention to get grounded; to re-constitute our heart and mind into our physical body.

    This culminating (full) phase of the lunation cycle provides us the blessed opportunity to confront our personal matters head to head. By applying the full measure of conscious effacement with inner, emotional reflection, we come to determine whether a certain situation is being fruitful to us or not. Hence, we will either ‘reap those fruits’, or, in the Taurus sense – count our investment as being a sound and securing one, often validated with a gesture that something has matured; or otherwise may see what no longer serves us and decide to end the affair (end our investment).

    When the Scorpio Moon opposes the Taurus Sun, the central themes are commonly around what we have in contrast to what we desire from others. The polarity is about constructiveness vs. destruction; placidity vs. emotional rage; stability vs. crisis; security vs. meltdown.

    Let’s unpack this a little bit:

    With the fixed, earthy Taurus Sun diametrically opposite the fixed, watery Scorpionic Moon, there is no hiding now. Being of a fixed nature, there is little or no flexibility for bending around the key themes. It’s make or break time. Through much intense reflection and effacement, we are pressed to define in rigid, non-negotiable terms what conditions we choose. The Taurus Sun wants to see commitment and stability. Does his Moon have what it takes? Does the Sun stand by what it gives?

    We find out when she stands fully before him…

    Generally, Full Moons have the effect of making us exceptionally emotional. In this event, being in the intensely passionate sign of Scorpio, ’emotional’ might be an understatement. Scorpio’s fixity in water means they tend to hold on to feelings like no other. “Still waters run deep” is the cliché, most likely coined to try to explain the way the Scorpion moves. It likes to store e-motions; bury them; deep beneath the surface; brood and relish upon them in secret, sequestered place where nobody else can see. Scorpio gets a certain satisfaction from dealing with emotional energy, just like Taurus does with dealing with material things and money.

    When the Moon is held to account by the earthy simpleness of the Taurus Sun, feelings of great depth and extremely intense magnitudes are being brought to light. This is not often a pleasant for the Scorpionic Moon, who likes to keep her feelings private. As this deep, inner world now becomes exposed, rampant, previously unveiled feelings are brought to the table, begging for some discussion which has the power to provide some much needed insight into hidden motives. Against Taurus, our instincts are invariably around what we need to nourish some inner insecurity, either through financial, practical or physical resources. These ‘motives’, or feelings to control and manipulate the physical world in order to feed our emotional well-being are either manageable or they are out of control. Scorpio Full Moon events can serve to highlight where we become fixated or addicted. Raw, unprocessed emotions are usually behind destructive or self-sabotaging habits. When these become triggered, powerful urges and designs, previously hidden may erupt uncontrollably forcing a crisis. In the extreme, these urges have the potential to be quite catastrophic, as the earthy solid nature of Taurus, who is capable of enduring all kinds of extreme weather may choose to no longer supply us with the goods to do harm.

    Ultimately, with any Full Moon, it is the heart versus the mind.

    The Taurus Sun commands his worth, which comes from knowing with certainty the value of where he chooses to invest his energy: in his relationships, material things, physical property, intellectual assets, marketable ideas, tradable skills and talents etc – anything that can be secured, considered of practical use, that will enhance the quality of enjoyment of life and enrich the quantity of our reserves so that they can stay sustainable.

    What do you value?

    The Scorpio Moon seeks security through vested interest. She may obtain this by using her cunning ability, her naturally dazzling allure to garner, sniff out, sequester and manage/exploit the resources of another. Her natural instinct is always to skillfully control and manipulate what others value most by engaging her innately keen measuring device to estimate others’ net worth. She then employs her canny knack for transforming something very basic and raw into a highly viable, tradable commodity.

    What qualities do you value most in others?

    Of course, her security is tied to her reverential fear of loss, abandonment and betrayal, even death. She needs to protect her interests with ferocious intensity. This Full Moon axis highlights where we might apply our fiercest, most extreme survival tactics to stay securely in the race; struggle to gain possession at all costs; fight tooth and nail to stay in the game, prosper and procreate. Of course, in desperate times we may behave in wild and ruthless ways. Underneath it all there is an emotional vulnerability. The Scorpio Moon is most prone to emotional hurt, and as such (ruled by Pluto – now in sextile) is vulnerable to becoming possessed by extreme moods which, whilst they mean to protect, can quite easily bring us completely undone in their perverse extremity. We all have an emotional breaking point, and the full moon in this sign can often press us to reach and unleash that, particularly when the supply of what we treasure most is under threat.

    What would you fight most fiercely to protect in your life, even if it killed you?

    It is with this extreme set of emotions that we come to assess our decisive position this month. How much of what you receive from others do you come to expect should always be there? When we demand things, we are also liable to react in ruthless, extreme ways to ensure that we get them. When we do not receive the things we expect, especially when we are most emotionally vulnerable, we may become possessed by dark moods, spells of jealousy and fits of emotional rage.

    If you are feeling extreme reactions to matters lately, these are merely instinctive impulses that your relationship (to person, thing or idea) is subject to gross emotional insecurities. This very critical lunation often augurs the onset of a relationship breakdown.

    Ultimately, no relationship can endure the toxic, decaying emotional paralysis that is held to ransom by the highly manipulative emotions of expectation (demands), jealousy and possessiveness. At some point these become toxic and unwelcome, and to be stung by any (or all) of these venomous pricks could mean a slow, silent but certain death once their poison enters the bloodstream of a relationship. It is nature’s built-in obsolescence against fixation, lack of trust and inability to just let something just ‘be’.
    Possessiveness comes in only when we invite the fear of losing something. If we have assumed that we ‘own’ something that appears to be slipping away from our clutches, this will lead to nagging and destructive criticism. Eventually the joy in the relationship will disappear completely because the sense of freedom is gone.

    Expectations soon become limiting and unreasonable and when they are no longer able to be met ultimately result in disappointment.

    Jealousy is the debilitating sensation of inadequacy in a relationship that generally arises when we compare our own worth to that of a third party. This ultimately leads to the crippling fear that we may be ignored, abandoned, humiliated or unloved. Wherever there is jealousy, toxic drama and disharmony follows. This eventually spoils any chance of building true intimacy or trust.

    The Moon, is by dignity in its fall in Scorpio. This is a volatile position if emotions cannot be kept in check. Pitted opposite the very staid and stable Taurus Sun, it means that the very object of our physical desire challenges and holds these emotions up to be examined. Issues of emotional attachment, fixations and addictions that feed our psychological insecurities are points that we must learn to see, transmute and transform.

    Own any negative feelings. See how powerfully they can take over and ruin your chances of stability and peace.

    Instead of continuing to feed negative, distrustful thoughts with negative emotions, focus on the word TRUST. Re-iterate that word in your mind. Understand that a lack of trust is just a feeling of insecurity about your own self-worth – not the truth.

    See how this lunar moment highlights where you must detach yourself from any expectation and possessiveness in your personal affairs. Slowly you will come to a place where your anger, rage, hatred, jealousy, suspicion, denial, secrecy, separation anxiety, and feelings of horror about being abandoned or betrayed eventually subside and the answer to your situation will appear.

    Holding on to what has hurt us in the past places us at the mercy of missing what it has taught us. Similarly, if all we learned was to hold onto grudges; seek revenge; never let go or show compassion; judge others as good or evil; be suspicious or spiteful; stay on emotionally on edge, waiting to inflict some harm, then we become stuck in the lower, vicious cycle of Scorpio. The universe does not present us with emotional conflict in order to block access to your heart. The universe provides us with the opportunity to open it. It is through our powerful emotional investments that we learn to develop compassion, learn to listen patiently, understand lovingly – not through suspicion, demandingness and wild speculation but through practicing empathy and developing ways for non-violent conflict resolution. Here is an opportunity, through our patient, loving, compassionate communication to see how successfully we can turn any emotional conflict into a spiritually transformative experience

    Understand that there is a difference between needing someone to ‘change’ and instinctively ‘receiving’ those with whom you share some mutual investment. Accepting things as they are allows you to find the truest method to show your appreciation and demonstrate how you are willing to grow and mature with them.

    This is the simple, yet intense lesson of this Scorpio Full Moon.

    Enjoy the wonderful gifts showered upon you by this blessed full moon xx

    – follow Ang on facebook

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: May 15-21
    Current Planetary Positions
    10:33:43 PM
    Sun 25° Taurus 28' 02"
    Moon 22° Capricorn 49' 37"
    Mercury 29° Aries 58' 48"
    Venus 11° Aries 06' 11"
    Mars 16° Gemini 54' 16"
    Jupiter 14° Libra 06' 13" R
    Saturn 26° Sagittarius 34' 14" R
    Uranus 26° Aries 13' 43"
    Neptune 13° Pisces 59' 58"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 14' 27" R
    Chiron 27° Pisces 57' 34"
    TrueNode 28° Leo 49' 15" R
    Quote This week our Sun comes to the completion of his slow, trudging journey through Taurus, bringing an end to a brief period of earthy stability in among what is arguably one of the most frenetically unstable periods in our modern times. Meanwhile Mercury enters Taurus, really pragmatically bringing our thoughts and ideas into chunky pieces that we can really get our hands on.
    As we are seeing with these Saturn/Uranus trines, the hardware upon which our whole conception of ‘true reality’ is built not only becoming completely rewired, but our operating systems are also being upgraded. Every shift, quake and jolt in the old system ricochettes through our nervous systems, and a part of us that was formerly stuck on old programming becomes dislodged, defragmented or simply erased clean. This allows room to upload new, more current data, or as you choose, only to process what you need.

    It’s highly ironic then, that last week – as Mars in Gemini was squaring Neptune – those businesses still running with old operating systems (Windows XP) were struck and held to ransom by a horrid virus, worming its way across the globe through the cyber-communication networks. Ironic, but not new. We have been undergoing this cosmic reboot for a while, and for those skeptics, the rigid-minded, the flag-waving traditionalists and the hardnose non-believers, this week starts to demand a solid down-payment for the widespread systemic changes about to sweep the fabric of our clunky & antiquated intellectual framework. It also gives us a terrific glimpse into how more surreal and supernatural kinds of forces, now hovering over our planet, working steadily to jolt us out of our morbid fascination with the past and shift our consciousness into the present.

    Whatever it takes…. they’ll do it.

    Here are the main transits for this week:

    ☿ enters ♉ Tue May 16 04:07 am GMT Mercury 00°♉00′ Conjunction Sun
    ☉ ⊼ ♄ Wed May 17 05:30 am GMT Sun 26°♉31′ Quincunx Saturn 26°♐31’℞
    ♃ ⊼ ♆ Wed May 17 08:39 am GMT Jupiter 14°♎01’℞ Quincunx Neptune 14°♓01′
    ☉ ∗ Ch Thu May 18 08:06 pm GMT Sun 28°♉03′ Sextile Chiron 28°♓03′
    ☽ □ ☉ Fri May 19 00:34 am GMT Moon 28°♒14′ Square Sun 28°♉14′
    ♄ △ ♅ Fri May 19 06:20 am GMT Saturn 26°♐23’℞ Trine Uranus 26°♈23′
    ♀ Sqq ☊ Fri May 19 10:33 am GMT Venus 13°♈45′ Sesquiquadrate Node 28°♌45′
    ♂ ⊼ ♇ Fri May 19 01:00 pm GMT Mars 19°♊12′ Quincunx Pluto 19°♑12’℞
    ☉ □ ☊ Fri May 19 01:18 pm GMT Sun 28°♉45′ Square Node 28°♌45′
    ♀ ☍ ♃ Fri May 19 02:12 pm GMT Venus 13°♈52′ Opposition Jupiter 13°♎52’℞
    ☉ Sqq ♃ Fri May 19 04:20 pm GMT Sun 28°♉52′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 13°♎52’℞
    ♀ ∠ ☉ Sat May 20 06:37 am GMT Venus 14°♈27′ Semisquare Sun 29°♉27′
    ☉ enters ♊ Sat May 20 08:31 pm GMT Sun 00°♊00′
    ☿ ∠ ♂ Sun May 21 07:33 pm GMT Mercury 05°♉44′ Semisquare Mars 20°♊44′
    The Sun now becomes tightly aspected by Venus. The two hold a sustained semisquare (45°) betwen them – the only possible hard aspect they are capable of (since Venus can never be more than 48° away). This tense angle can only be described as a muscle trigger, or an influence upon the mind/body akin to how caffeine, sugar or chemicals create a friction or increased nervous tension to our systems. This aspect’s extremely tight, prolonged effect upon our mind/body (due to last till the end of June) is similar to feeling subjected to disharmonious sound or discordant light frequencies which eventually tend to irritate us.

    Any emotional stress between Sun & Venus soon manifests as situations where there has been a lack of appreciation. Any disrespect towards someone’s values immediately creates disdain, indifference and ignorance, soon expressed through curt, less-than-gracious manners. Seen as being dismissive and less loving, this is effectively the feminine (♀) grating upon the authority figure (☉) and visa-versa. Someone is not happy about the way they are being appreciated. We can observe this happening in our lives – whether we project it onto others through our relationships dealings or are mindful enough just to watch as a tension rising within ourselves.

    How do you value yourself? Are you being received in this? Are others respectful of your worthiness?

    With the Sun quincunx Saturn (midweek) our relationship towards authority and how we make decisions now comes under question, like there is some mystery or riddle to be solved. The Taurus Sun, refusing to budge from his established position and fixed attachment to physical matter/money/substance needs to see that something requires work or some adjustment in his life. Perhaps now’s a great time to curtail the intake of those stimulants and influences which are having a negative or disharmonious buzz on our nervous systems and our physical health. Placing disciplines diet, exercise and better rest regimes is in order, if our lives are to stay on the healthy path.

    With the Sun going into Gemini (Saturday), nervous matters will rise to the fore in the next month, so best keep the mind as clear and ‘mindful’ as possible. Greater discernment and balance of where we spend out mental focus is necessary if we are to put profound new ideas into practice in an organised and purposeful way (♄ △ ♅). Through disciplined application of any new ideas, we will start to see how profound new discoveries can improve existing conditions and solve old problems, then exercise our ability to speed and expedite matters in ways that help put them into effect.

    As Jupiter quincunx Neptune finally comes exact (Thursday) complicates our goal to reconcile or integrate our spiritual beliefs into what appears ‘proper’ and ‘correct’ to others. Confounded by the mixed messages and subtle innuendo that seems to constantly flow through the media of our social sphere, it is yet another reminder of how traditional options to try to achieve the kind of social or political balance in our society increasingly leave us feeling empty and unsatisfied.

    As Neptune edges closer to semi-squaring Uranus (Aug-Oct) we start to catch a glimpse of profound experiences that will eventually impact us deeply, albeit subtly, arousing our more mystical nature. These are currently very difficult for us to see, let alone understand and integrate into our conventional religious and political beliefs. Forces are acting which are beyond the usual spectrum of perception, and the closer they come to combining, the more we become introduced to a whole new spectrum of colours and sound frequencies.

    Meanwhile, our approach towards what’s going on socially sees us still making some effort to bring things into some semblance; some pretense of a workable, compatible, conventionally operational order – just enough to get us through the vagaries and all the inexplicable confusions (♃ ⊼ ♆). However, whatever efforts made to understand things in current terms, whatever progress we make based on our current symbol systems will only be a temporary measure. Of course, understanding this shift is part of the process, and i imagine I’m making little sense to those who are trying to catch a linear understanding of what’s going on here – but that too is essentially the main issue in the world at the moment. It’s like trying to understand what life is like on another planet using human terms and earth images. It’s important to note that whatever we come to believe is only temporary; subject to change. Taking this approach is all you need for now in order to function in a much more creative way, accepting way.

    When we come to learn that we cannot trust anything or anyone to stay static or predictable, we also learn to become more responsive and inventive. When the Sun sextiles Chiron (Thursday) our practical sense of purpose becomes easily shaped by profound experiences with higher levels of reality. Look to your spiritual connections to guide you and create opportunities for spiritual growth.

    Who are the mavericks, healer, storytellers and teachers in your world?

    How do they connect you to discover keys that unlock healing and greater understanding of what binds you into shame, guilt, blame and self-reproach?

    How do you share your insights with others to help release them from a world of contempt, suspicion and distrust?

    It is the Last Quarter Moon (Friday May 19) which creates quite a spectacular finale to this Taurean Solar month, since any square to Taurus form progressive, reformist and group-minded Aquarian Moon calls for us to let go of any stubborn, unyielding ways, release any attachments that do not help us serve the greater good and continue to hurt one another and move on. A decision must be made – a kind of last chance to let go of the old, to shed our prejudices and negative habits, thoughts and ideas so we can focus on building a higher, more responsible, purely creative freedom that will feed into our next New Moon intentions.

    This particular Last Quarter Moon packs quite a punch though. Aligned with the Aquarian South Node, it creates circumstances where there are obvious difficulties in trying to synchronise these lofty, utopian ideals with society’s current trends.

    Also significant is how the Venus/Jupiter opposition axis seems to intersect this deeply personal moment. Where Venus opposes Jupiter conflict arise where our greed-driven appetites inhibit proper judgment, giving rise to procrastination, laziness and self-indulgent behaviour. The world of privilege and liberal-minded views, comes up against those desperately needing to express their individuality and uniqueness, creating a serious crisis. However, the desire of many to hang on to their privileges and entitlements, stemming from emotional insecurities, plants the fuse to a bomb that’s set to explode in the coming months.

    This quarter Moon:

    falls precisely in conjunct alignment to the national placement of the USA’s Aquarius Moon (27° ♒12′)
    precisely opposite the point where on August 21st this year, America will experience a Total Solar Eclipse(28° ♌52′).
    activates US president Trump’s chart (Asc, MC, Mars) as well as several other key natal positions now about to be activated – mainly transiting Mars in♊ going over his ☉/☽/♅ /☊ axis.
    What does all this mean? Incredible tension is rising in America™ between the old and the new. Neither is necessarily right or wrong, better or worse. Neither way is best. Something different and unique must be embraced altogether. And the great Donald™ seems not only to be at the centre of all irritation, but he is certainly about to leave his revolutionary trademark on the entire planet.As early as this weekend, but by the end of this June, we will really start to see how what we give is often taken for granted, exploited and abused wherever we lay ourselves open. The forces of our loving universe are here to assist; to simply show us how – on some level – we have encouraged and promoted this to happen. If we keep allowing this to go on, we not only risk depleting our personal energies, but also encouraging the denigration and deterioration of our entire value system, as indexed collectively by the state of our economy.

    See you on the Cosmic Bus, blessings, and may you all have an amazing week xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: May 22-29

    Quote Current Planetary Positions
    4:13:24 PM
    Sun 02° Gemini 54' 50"
    Moon 05° Taurus 21' 55"
    Mercury 08° Taurus 13' 04"
    Venus 17° Aries 31' 27"
    Mars 22° Gemini 07' 03"
    Jupiter 13° Libra 38' 04" R
    Saturn 26° Sagittarius 05' 55" R
    Uranus 26° Aries 37' 01"
    Neptune 14° Pisces 06' 49"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 08' 11" R
    Chiron 28° Pisces 13' 47"
    TrueNode 28° Leo 26' 46" R

    This week, as the Sun moves into Gemini, our conscious way of expression turns its attention to the vivacious and breezy world of thoughts and ideas and putting them into forms that can transport them from one place to another. We shift from Taurus’ stolid, earthy preoccupation with holding substance to being able to barter and trade it using the rhetoric of cold-hard facts, pure data; a world where every word is seen for the honour and importance it can convey during this very special Solar month in Gemini. We will soon see many abstractions, fantasies and exaggerations – anything that does not align with what is respected as literal, word-for-word, line-by-line evidence become discredited. Information must be clear, transparent and open to comprehension and scrutiny.
    Here’s the main transits for this week:

    ☊ ⊼ Ch Wed May 24 11:46 pm GMT Node 28°♌16’℞ Quincunx Chiron 28°♓16′
    ☉ Sqq ♇ Thu May 25 03:12 am GMT Sun 04°♊07′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 19°♑07’℞
    ♀ □ ♇ Thu May 25 04:17 pm GMT Venus 19°♈06′ Square Pluto 19°♑06’℞
    ☽ ☌ ☉ Thu May 25 07:45 pm GMT Moon 04°♊47′ Conjunction Sun 04°♊47′
    ☿ Sqq ♄ Thu May 25 11:56 pm GMT Mercury 10°♉58′ Sesquiquadrate Saturn 25°♐58’℞
    ♀ ☌ Pa Fri May 26 03:25 pm GMT Venus 19°♈58′ Conjunction Pallas 19°♈58′
    ☿ ∠ Ch Sat May 27 05:22 pm GMT Mercury 13°♉21′ Semisquare Chiron 28°♓21′
    ☿ ⊼ ♃ Sat May 27 07:18 pm GMT Mercury 13°♉28′ Quincunx Jupiter 13°♎28’℞
    ☿ ∗ ♆ Sun May 28 07:04 am GMT Mercury 14°♉10′ Sextile Neptune 14°♓10′
    The Gemini Sun’s continued semi-square to Venus (in Aries) over this next month means that those ‘holding the microphone’, or speaking with authority, may not necessarily feel appreciated in their efforts to get their ideas across. With Mars also in Gemini, what manifests is a largely argumentative style of delivery that is short-fused, less than gracious, curt and sometimes fiercely defensive when attempts to get ideas across feel either thwarted or not well received.

    Patience for nonsense is running out at this juncture of the piece.The real dilemma comes when on Thursday, hours before the New Moon, when the Sun meets Pluto by sesquisquare – an aspect which demands ideas be threshed out and grounded before they come under serious public scrutiny. Secrets and any details about nefarious activities may come to light now, affecting reputation and respectability in communicating facts.
    Since Venus is already unsupportive to the Sun during these next six weeks, her square to Pluto only guarantees that relations will become more than just a little snappy and uncouth this week. In fact, if we don’t remain centred and grounded, reactions between us could turn extremely nasty on the love/hate scale. This transit is the first-quarter square of a cycle that commenced on November 25 , 2016 (♀☌ ♇) and will culminate on August 15, when Venus opposes Pluto.

    We all wish to be loved; we all want to have our desires satisfied; our hearts each wish to experience some level of peace and tranquility with our world. With Venus currently in Aries, we are choosing to do this in much more autonomous, self-centred ways. From time to time these desires become hijacked by external temptations – relationships that come along to offer us things we cannot resist, deny or even refuse, but can also not immediately afford. On the surface, these temptations offer us more than what our basic situation ever promises to satisfy – there is promise of more power, control, status, wealth, marriage, security, intensity, orgasm, life-changes etc, – these are the common themes of Pluto on Venus. However, to have them we must trade something off, and since we often don’t have it ready in present time, we agree to become somehow indebted.
    Here is where the nasty starts to infiltrate.
    Any ♀/♇ deal can feel so deliciously enticing that we can easily fall prey to its hypnotic trance to take our lives to a new level of happiness and well-being. Yet, as soon as we agree to enter it, we become so deeply entwined that we momentarily resign all interest to the spirit of what will make our soul truly feel happy and free. Even if we refuse, we may feel the damning force of its abandonment, which can be just as heavy. In any case, our hearts become not only distracted or sidetracked – when Pluto enters the Venus deal, it has the power to completely derail the way we naturally show our love and kindness.

    By the time we finally come to suspect that whatever we have got ourselves mixed up in doesn’t exactly align with our heart’s true desire nature it is often too late. We may have already changed too much, given away too much of our freedom to ever go back. The realisation is often accompanied by deep, inner feelings of dread and of complete devastation. Realising that we may have paid a bitter price for becoming fanatically consumed by the lust/power principle; feeling possessed with toxic and unhealthy behavioural dynamics in our natural yearning to feel loved, satisfied or at peace; accepting that we have allowed our pristine, virginal intent to become sullied or corrupted by forces that now govern over the destiny of our hearts, it is not surprising that we would react in extremely explosive ways in attempt to break out of any foreboding bonds.

    Naturally, the manifestations of any strains and stresses in our relationships can produce enormous drama that seems to erupt out of nowhere. The spirit’s cry to break free of the ego’s binding arrangements, agreements, attachments or addictions creates such a mechanisms for release that it sets the scene for massive psychological breakdowns down the road. If these are not detected and negotiated (through counselling or some form of compassionate pardon) they build into enormous pressure points, ready to explode at the the slightest triggering further down the road.

    At this point, as is indicated by the Venus/Pluto aspects to the New Moon, the entire of humanity is undergoing tremendous transformations in its value system. These may not seem obvious to many at this point. However, those who care to look at the greater trends would observe that individuals are becoming increasingly more intolerant of anyone’s attempts to apply yesterday’s values into today’s deals. As the Gemini Sun reveals, we begin to see and articulate more clearly that what we have based yesterday’s value system upon does not hold the same weight or worth today. The inflated ideas (☿ ⊼ ♃) that we carry and inflict upon each other as words of judgement (☿ Sqq ♄) are not about love and understanding (☿ ∗ ♆) but about some form of wounding (☿ ∠ Ch) which feeds this system of enslavement.

    We see that basing our idea of love upon the fanatical pursuit of insipid values – particularly around achieving status and self-importance – makes the promise of peace and well-being together look increasingly pale and highly implausible (♀ □ ♇). To most – especially those not feeling secure within their own self-worth, this deflates a certain confidence to extend oneself further. This affects the whole market confidence. This affects the global financial and emotional economy.

    Yet, what to do, when humanity still sits under all these binding agreements of indebtedness?

    Such is the dilemma of this Venus squaring Pluto this week. Realising that we are under the pull of a force that has the power to control and manipulate where we must invest our loyalties and heart interests in the future is sure to create great conflict, a seething unrest, either within us or between others. Our entire value system becomes compromised, corrupted and defrayed as we see our buy-in leaves us little room to buy our way out.

    Expressed through Thursday’s Gemini New Moon, we see the hidden, angry and impulsive forces loading up inside us to either ruin and deface personal things or to defend them at all costs from such threats. In our relationships we see how exposure to destructive rages, especially in our partnerships. These come from imbalances causes through possessive, jealous and manipulative behaviour. Geopolitically we see more evidence of the deterioration and corruption of society’s entire fabric, where miscommunication, lies, denials and cover-ups threaten to destroy what remains of the structure of our civilisation.

    These are not terribly positively sounding manifestations, but to be realistical, we are witnessing these everywhere – from your own interpersonal dealings to the lampoonish depictions on the nightly news of what presents as world politics, especially in the United States. We understand that something is definitely slipping, if not collapsing entirely. We all blame the media, but in fact – in practice – we are all the media now. Our ability to transmit and propagate news is there in our hands. So is our ability to distort and use the power of our word in false, misinforming and misleading ways to get what we want. This practice has now taken on epidemic proportions.

    In the past week we have seen much evidence of how the system can be corrupted to the point where things seem beyond restructuring.

    What you are experiencing , though not terribly pleasant, is a necessary part of the evolutionary process.
    Things must deteriorate. Structures must become so disrupted that they can no longer stand to be trusted to hold us up. Ultimately, we must learn to stand on our own, without the structures.

    We cannot rely on props, attachments, accessories and accoutrements to make contact with our beautiful inner spirit. No baggage, regardless of how stuffed with cash or sexy promises about security can buy our way into the core of your being in present tense. Only love, acceptance and compassion can allow us the freedom to access our hearts, fully and unconditionally in real time, the only place where you have a choice on how to invest your emotional energy.
    As the week progresses, our capacity to at least see where the big problems lie gives us some hope on where and how we can focus our intentions at this week’s New Moon. The big transit for the following week is Mars’ T-square to Saturn/Chiron (exact May 31) . How tragically is our masculine maligned and distorted in his truth that he feels he must continues to perpetuate stories of shame, blame and humiliation into his actions? Our aim to actively disengage from the peace process by arguing that we are ‘better or worse’, ‘right or wrong’, ‘good or evil’ only creates division among us and proliferates pain and wounding through insults and derogatory labelling and childish name-calling. All this will rise up to the surface in the next weeks, until is swell like a subdermal boil whose pus needs to be surgically released before it explodes.

    Meanwhile, the feminine herself struggles to hold the masculine in her arms. She must find the the perfect moment to openly, publically begin the healing process by calling an end to all this unnecessary labelling and judging of others, always with intent to condemn and belittle what has always been great.

    For now, the debate continues on how best to address any politics, religion or philosophy that seeks to hold one tribe, one group or one human being as superior and another as chastised and inferior. We must look to our words. Our ideas hold all the poison and all the antidote to our continued troubles. To expand on Lincoln – a race divided against itself cannot stand.

    Have an amazing week xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2107
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    MARS/CHIRON: Horoscope Messages for Healing the Wounded Masculine
    Planetary Positions

    8:32:49 PM
    Sun 09° Gemini 48' 32"
    Moon 21° Leo 44' 18"
    Mercury 18° Taurus 19' 30"
    Venus 24° Aries 01' 25"
    Mars 26° Gemini 55' 34"
    Jupiter 13° Libra 21' 09" R
    Saturn 25° Sagittarius 37' 01" R
    Uranus 26° Aries 57' 18"
    Neptune 14° Pisces 11' 29"
    Pluto 19° Capricorn 01' 08" R
    Chiron 28° Pisces 26' 27"
    TrueNode 27° Leo 35' 20" R
    Quote The Week Ahead: May 29 -June 4
    Greetings fellow travellers, lovers and warriors of the light.

    We don’t need to make too much bombastic fanfare about the fact that the forces of nature have completely hijacked this planet and are playing the diabolically disruptive tune of “I’m damaged and reckless – fix me if you can” as rock’n’roll loudly and as frequently as possible.

    In the lead-up to the Leo TOTAL Solar Eclipse (August 21), where in true form to this spectacular lunation on the Anaretic degree, is begging for a divine intervention, we see the end-of-the-run, old-school masculine puts on one fine last performance to impose using his own personal forces. Like an ant railing against God, the futile action seems impressive only in the sense that it creates a compelling, yet foreboding sense of drama. But we can see that a great lesson is also due to come out of this, and so, from an observatory position here, on our ‘Cosmic Bus’, we remained glued to our seats.

    As Mars in Gemini opposes Saturn (Monday). Here we see our very personal, assertively ideocratic masculine pit his forces against all convention, traditional views, beliefs and expectations, only to collide head first into tremendous conflict with the entire establishment.

    Does he even know that what he’s doing carries grave and severe consequences?

    Maybe… but Mars is also sextile Uranus (Wednesday), and so our restless, rash, loft-minded warrior is charged with the sense that he has had enough of the establishment.

    He now willfully sets out to champion every miserable defeat, not just of his own but of struggling underdog (ever) with his eloquent ideas for independence, freedom from ‘the system’, fighting to ‘right’ every ‘wrong’ ever inflicted; reclaim every ‘debt’ owed to him; call every ‘oppressive’ spade by its ‘rightful’ pejorative; sledge and heckle every stodgy old stick in the muddy swamp; judge everything that has passed judgment upon him, and just for good measure, rouse up a good old-fashioned scrap in the yards of folks whose cultures and ethics he has rarely any idea about (♄ Saggitarius).....

    This next MARS/CHIRON cycle begins at 21°♓ 39′ on January 17, 2017 and ends on December 29, 2018. It brings to the fore a topic that is very minimally addressed, discussed, or even acknowledged at all, yet is an absolutely vital one in our evolutionary progress. It is around the healing of our divine masculine archetype and through this journey to tackle a theme often neglected and shunned into the shadows, sliding consistently further behind the rest of humanity’s evolutionary progress. We are referring to the healing of our divine masculine archetype.
    Just to define this: the “divine” masculine specifically refers to the MARS energy resonating at its highest vibration – the AGGRESSIVE part of the fully actualized Christ-consciousness that is now engulfing our planet. Just as one part of the divine feminine – the sacred VENUS archetype represents the ‘alluring’ principle (power of attraction) of our personal receptivity (inwards), the masculine refers to any archetype that is exerting energy (outwards). This is the same polar duality as indicated by positive/negative ends of the electromagnetic force, generated by all individual entities, or in the familiar yin-yang symbol, where the yin/negative represents the feminine or receptive energies and yang/positive represents the masculine or active energies. We each express a varied combination of the two, some clearly identified as either one or the other. Each of us has the potential, through the enlightenment of full, Christed-consciousness to express a perfect balance of these two polarities.

    The stories that play out in our lives around how we express our more assertive sides and what that looks like. We see ourselves actively reaching out to understand the more assertive elements of our behaviour, what motivates us to defend our separate identity and to maintain our complete autonomy as individuals. We begin a whole new (two-year) cycle of understanding the masculine archetype. We are gradually moving away from the stereotypically shallow, beer-swilling, womanising, jock-type male – taking some time to remember the world that men live in and sending love and healing intentions to support the reestablishment of a truly divine masculinity.

    Without a strong masculine archetype, we cannot actively pursue our “getting what we want”. Yet, we cannot do so at the expense of others. We need to employ a strong, yet loving divine masculine in order to effectively introduce healthy and positive ways that will actively contribute to the benefit of all and are not at the expense of any.

    Conditioning the wound

    Spaced repetition of any action or instruction sets the neural pathways in our brain to follow a particular course. This is what makes certain experiences in your world second nature – your language, your taste in food, cultural interests, certain activities and routines (riding a bike, playing a musical instrument etc). The more you practice or are exposed to something, the more you get “good” at it. This is how habits are formed. But what happens when your habits are “bad”. What if some practices, learned over time are due to a result of toxic or harmful practices or destructive cultural instruction?

    What happens to our belief systems when we are repeatedly given messages that affect the well-being and happiness of some or all of our relationships? What if some of the practices in our cultures simply exposing us to messages that are toxic or destructive to those most vulnerable and seeking some identity in our society?

    Healing the divine masculine means addressing these sabotaging actions and removing them from the collective memory of humankind. This is not an easy task. In some ways, it means that we need to deprogram the human mind, the one which deals in archetypal images and connects to the stereotypes of the collective.

    The culture of emotional abuse

    It is important that we consider all the harm that has been inflicted upon the divine masculine archetype. It is time to understand the terrible emotional trauma that has been committed against it and recognize how this damage has subsequently come to pass on this emotionally abusive conduct down a long, stream of generations. As these twisted streams distorted and perverted energies of our masculinity compound into a mainstream river of violence against the truly authentic expression of divine masculinity, we stand to face the wholesale perpetual damage to our sons and daughters even further down the ages.

    All through our history books, we see evidence of how men have had to perform society’s “dirty work.” Out of necessity, men have learned to close off or kill their natural human compassion in order to march to war and commit awful atrocities against their fellow men.

    Men were not designed to be mean, uncaring, and heartless monsters. They only developed this ability as a defense mechanism against the unscrupulous demands placed on them by a fear-based society.

    Unfortunately, once a human becomes apathetically disconnected from his heart, it becomes gradually more difficult to un-become apathetic and re-connected to that heart, harder and harder to remember where the switch was to turn it back on, reconnect, and begin to caringly feel and emote again.

    The repression of kindness

    Much of the wounding experienced in today’s masculine is a residual side-effect of a compounded, centuries-old shame in expressing the natural human tendency towards sensitivity and kindness. It is this repressed emotionality of the stereotypical male, seen as a sign of weakness, a vulnerability in his gender, identified as “unmanly”, “effeminate” or “sissy” simply for showing up in a heart-centred and healthy expression of human tenderness and compassion. Shame or ridicule is a cutting force upon the psyche that forces the flow of any natural traits to become secretly suppressed. Certain pathways from the heart to the nervous system become limited or shut off.

    When a man feels continually constrained to denying and repressing his true nature just so he can uphold an expected gender role in his society, eventually it becomes part of his conditioning. Hence, any inherent traits of compassion and caring remain hidden from others lest their secret shame be exposed and revealed as being seen as horribly weak, pathetic, and inadequate assertions of masculinity.

    It’s no wonder then that we have created the great aberration that, in today’s twisted social reality, can only be described as a fomenting nest of hate, inappropriate rage, resentment, and bitter loathing, directed both towards others and the self. Naturally, this is seen in both men and women who still carry the wounds to their masculine archetype.

    Boys are raised to become soldiers (somebody’s instrument of war), not warriors (where they stand up for themselves and their true integrity). We march them off to war to commit atrocities against their fellow men. In the ‘civil’ sense we have outwardly bred a society of narcissists and sociopaths, whilst inwardly we are harbouring a bunch of closet empaths, mystics and underdeveloped, overgrown boys who just seek to relate to the feminine in grossly infantile ways. Men were not designed to be heartless, uncaring, and uncompassionate. We have just programmed them this way.

    We are all equal.
    But we are not the same.
    Many of us resonate with kindness and acceptance,
    while some are still going around trying to act tough.
    Trying to prove their force against individuals and society.
    It is a fear,
    which stems from a wound,
    which made one feel less
    when, in truth, there was so much more
    in the heart of that child
    that he wished we could share –
    but his emotions became crushed
    and to ‘feel’
    for himself;
    for others,
    became wrong
    and those sores became calluses upon the heart
    and the sore became more callous and unkind
    and now this unfeeling aggression
    hurts us all…

    Time to heal this now.

    Time for Healing

    This time sees a critical surge of activity for all lightworkers, spirit warriors, and Bodhisattvas. As Chiron and Mars now squaring (June 2), the world is beginning to awaken en masse to a new way of healing through the screaming symptoms of its wounded masculine. The looming opposition of Mars to Saturn (May 29) stresses that repressing anger only leads to much pent-up energy and frustration which can potentially come out as destructive.

    This energy can only be effectively addressed by instinctively focusing it in a meaningful way so that it has the greatest life-supporting effect. There is a strong need for those who exercise alternative, holistic (energy) healing to step forward and do this necessary work now.

    What was once just a fringe spiritual practice is now developing as a new force that must become accepted by society’s mainstream healers, teachers and life-coaches. Yet, there is still much a distrust, shame and ridicule toward these types of practitioners.

    With this MARS/SATURN opposition currently forming a T-square on Chiron (May 31) events arise where we are each tested to see how, by applying our light vibrations we can spontaneously help our masculine to see their own pent-up energy, as well as helping them find a positive way of releasing it.

    If you can, shed your light to help others to see where anger has been repressed between you; see why this has occurred and help to heal the situation by courageously acting with compassion and forgiveness.

    Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx
    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2107
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: June 5-11
    Current Planetary Positions
    3:14:16 PM
    Sun 16° Gemini 18' 03"
    Moon 16° Scorpio 43' 36"
    Mercury 29° Taurus 50' 45"
    Venus 00° Taurus 31' 20"
    Mars 01° Cancer 26' 20"
    Jupiter 13° Libra 13' 39" R
    Saturn 25° Sagittarius 08' 07" R
    Uranus 27° Aries 15' 02"
    Neptune 14° Pisces 14' 21"
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 53' 32" R
    Chiron 28° Pisces 36' 10"
    TrueNode 27° Leo 07' 53" R
    Quote As many of us are feeling, JUNE brings us into a very intense period which is very difficult to understand from a straightforward, linear perspective. We have been doing some groundwork here on the ‘bus’, in terms of learning to stay objective. Again, you are reminded to keep your ‘non-jump-to-conclusions’ glasses on when dealing with the times directly ahead of us, and i am mindful to keep it as simple as possible in order to keep it all in perspective.

    Above all, it is important to note that nothing of what appears out there, on our joy-filled stellar journey is actually what it seems. Much is being revealed to our higher selves but only through our quiet, reflective contemplation (meditation). Let us practice this, whilst we are practicing staying seated and mindfully aware of all the energies acting upon us on this amazing bus ride:

    Here are the main transits for this week….

    ☿ □ ☊ Mon Jun 05 10:52 am GMT Mercury 27°♉20′ Square Node 27°♌20′
    ♀ ∠ ♆ Mon Jun 05 12:33 pm GMT Venus 29°♈14′ Semisquare Neptune 14°♓14′
    ☿ Sqq ♃ Mon Jun 05 11:01 pm GMT Mercury 28°♉14′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 13°♎14′℞
    ☉ ☌ Ce Tue Jun 06 00:16 am GMT Sun 15°♊30′ Conjunction Ceres 15°♊30′
    ☿ ∗ Ch Tue Jun 06 03:41 am GMT Mercury 28°♉35′ Sextile Chiron 28°♓35′
    ♀ enters ♉ Tue Jun 06 07:27 am GMT Venus 00°♉00′
    ♅ △ ☊ Tue Jun 06 01:56 pm GMT Uranus 27°♈14′ Trine Node 27°♌14′
    ☿ enters ♊ Tue Jun 06 10:16 pm GMT Mercury 00°♊00′
    ☿ Sqq ♇ Thu Jun 08 11:20 pm GMT Mercury 03°♊51′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 18°♑51′℞
    ☉ ⊼ ♇ Fri Jun 09 11:53 am GMT Sun 18°♊50′ Quincunx Pluto 18°♑50′℞
    ☽ ☍ ☉ Fri Jun 09 01:11 pm GMT Moon 18°♐53′ Opposition Sun 18°♊53′
    ♃ SD Fri Jun 09 01:40 pm GMT Jupiter 13°♎13′ SD
    ♀ ∗ ♂ Fri Jun 09 03:41 pm GMT Venus 03°♉18′ Sextile Mars 03°♋18′
    This week kicks us off on a weak foot, with the Gemini Sun squaring Neptune, exhausting our vital energies to the point where, with Venus now at their midpoint, we may feel so easily mislead by false promises of good fortune that there is question whether we have been misled into relationships with unsavory characters. Yet all is not what it appears to be. Whilst most of us know not to take candy from strangers, it’s also wise not not let confusion and uncertainty cripple our soul’s access kindness and compassion.

    The Sun’s conjunction to asteroid Ceres highlights themes for the next 12 months around who is the natural nurturer, nourisher, supportive and caring parent among us. This is not only to be taken literally, but also laterally. How do we care for our garden, our forests, our earth? Are we being genuine or are we just paying lip service (Gemini) in how we care for those who need us? Are we prepared to talk things through; listen; comprehend deeply how issues of separation and attachment – most prevalent in our own relationship as children and with our children?

    Or are we blissfully living in some fantasy bubble which still pitches ‘reality’ as some version of a billboard in the mid 1950’s (remember when America was great again?). Anyway, in case you missed it, the world has been enduring some ‘storms’.There is much pain in the world, surfacing now as confused action and withdrawal of our duty to care. It is time to delve a little deeper into where this stems from. The Sun’s quincunx to Pluto sees that we cut through the cover story and get to the essence of things. Until we can cut through with adequate, truthful discussion – and we may find ourselves in quite a vulnerable position at times – we will continue to carry and harbour considerable psychological triggers, especially tied to our paternal disconnection and abandonment issues. These triggers are possibly at the source of any continued self-sabotaging behaviours.
    Many of the above themes are being heavily accentuated in Friday’s Full Moon (conjunction Saturn in Sagittarius), whose heavy impact will be felt quite deeply leading into this lunation and in prelude to August’s Eclipse Season.

    Also in our discussions this week is the mighty Grand Kite formation (peaks on June 14), an evolutionary transition point whose ♄△ ♅△☊/☋ energies are critical in the growing restlessness and irritation among communities. Answers are necessary to solve the growing problem of what seems to be spiritual fragmentation of our communities. Are these social networks actually helping humanity in or out of its evolutionary progress? Follow the discussion here…. [the Cosmic Bus]

    Mercury’s sextile to Chiron facilitates the discussion nicely as it seeks to understand and communicate spiritual realities and experiences that occur outside of linear time, as well as pose holistic healing concepts that are innovative to the point of causing tremendous shifts.

    Before Mercury shifts into its domicile, it forms a tri-octile with both Jupiter and Pluto (currently squaring). Here, more channels of deep, deep probing are opening up for us to try to figure out a way to change things fundamentally and profoundly for all of society. After all the recent, intensely grotesque events in the world and rising extremism, there is a serious call for moderation and balance. Mercury’s sesquisquare to Jupiter in Libra calls us to reflect on the past, review previous actions, weigh the checks and balances, and meditate on expected goals, before taking any action. The sesquisquare to Pluto asks that we understand that when there are difficulties, the way out is not to accept bribes or loans, which can of course lead to complex legal problems. It’s important to remember that discretion is the better part of wisdom. Those with true self-confidence will act with poise and composure, whilst insecurity comes out as blustering boasts which impress no one. Sarcastic or provocative comments make enemies not friends.

    After an extended stay in Aries (and Pisces) due to her retrogrades, Venus finally enters her domicile Taurus, where her first date will be a sextile to Mars – also just entered Cancer. Here, these two need to talk, before they can dance and schmooze. There’s been much tension between the masculine and feminine lately, and Mars has been absolutely wild ever since his conjunction to Uranus in Aries, back in late February. Venus has finally caught up with Uranus herself, she sees all his restlessness and nervous pain and even gets his need to break free. But he also needs to learn to tame it down a little and not gets so easily defensive. The relationship between them now is mild, and Venus can be so soothing and tactile with a Mars so touchy and emotional.

    Jupiter’s station to go direct really means that after much inner searching, it’s time to start negotiations on how to broker some sort of peace and restore balance back into a very dramatic world. Many intellectual leaders will start to step up now – their quest to find solutions to our planet’s most challenging problems will open consultative doors for all possible meetings where contributions could come forward. Politicians, lawmakers, prefects, priests and academics, learned scholars and wise counsellors will all put in their ten cents. But Jupiter is headed for his third and final opposition to Uranus (Sep 29) before he leaves Libra to finally enter Scorpio (Oct 12).

    Will public discourse and debate be enough – have we run out of politically sound, correct and righteous rhetoric or do we need some extra help?

    Let us ‘feel our way’ to that one…

    Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    FULL MOON at 18°53′ SAGITTARIUS – Friday, June 09, 13:11 UTC
    Current Planetary Positions
    5:16:45 PM
    Sun 19° Gemini 15' 03"
    Moon 23° Sagittarius 24' 00"
    Mercury 05° Gemini 42' 06"
    Venus 03° Taurus 34' 35"
    Mars 03° Cancer 29' 03"
    Jupiter 13° Libra 12' 59"
    Saturn 24° Sagittarius 54' 38" R
    Uranus 27° Aries 22' 37"
    Neptune 14° Pisces 15' 10"
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 49' 49" R
    Chiron 28° Pisces 39' 51"
    TrueNode 26° Leo 30' 14" R

    Quote It’s Full Moon time again, marking the culmination of a flow of vital energies and the fulfilment point of information streaming from our subconscious (lunar) to our conscious (solar), and the sacred process of finding meaning and order in it.

    So let us prepare to dance to the ritual of this sacred Full Moon moment.

    This lunation we seek to find balance between the active (Sun) and receptive (Moon); between the busy (Sun) and the easy (Moon); the objective (Sun) and the subjective (Moon). This high-tide phase in our lunar calendar accentuates how critical it is for us to reach alignment, compromise, and harmonious arrangement, or face conflict in which we must ultimately bring certain matters to a close.

    Yes, it is a conditional moment, in which we are drawn out of ourselves, our centre, our balance and asked to have a look at seeming disparate themes in our lives; themes that polarise us and tend to create drama – if we let them.

    Sometimes it has to be. A decision has to be made. If things have not been working for us, we must cease to invest our energies and pull ourselves together (back to centre). Similarly, we may discover what a fine job we have done in keeping it all together, how we have found a perfect compromise.

    To assess this critical moment, we must look to our general vitality levels at this time – ask ourselves whether we are feeling healthy, energetically sound, certain and secure within ourselves. Where there are any obvious upsets, anxieties and ill-feelings, we must take these as indicators that some things are not entirely in balance. In this case we must attempt to restore well-being and harmony back into our lives by maturely addressing any of the factors that seem to instinctively keep nagging at us.

    The opposition between the Gemini Sun (conscious expression of thoughts, ideas, words, papers, contracts) versus our the Sagittarius Moon (instinctive notions, cherished beliefs, laws, religious rites) becomes the crux of this week’s story.

    There’s a lot going down in the world of thoughts and ideas – communications flowing, ever so ‘freely’ thanks to the constant, streaming deluge of digital information and then, all the public forums and world-wide twittersphere inviting our interaction to discuss and share what’s in our brain. There’s lots of movement and mobility, we’re free to speak up, express our voice, share a valid opinion, relay an idea.

    A single idea can be like a virus. It can exist in its own right, floating around in the ethers but when implanted into certain minds it can be highly infectious. An idea can seed and germinate and grow inside its host’s mind until it has completely seized the organism’s control centre – it’s entire belief system.

    Since our beliefs about our world ultimately shape our reality, it is quite likely that a single idea implanted into a vulnerable mind can come to either totally define or destroy the individual who becomes possessed by it.

    On this Full Moon, we sit in the middle between the world that streams our minds with ideas (Gemini), and how our inner guidance chooses to emotionally/personally invest in these (Sagittarius). We must question whether the ideas that we espouse – even a single one – is helping to bring balance, well-being, and harmony into our lives, and to the lives of all those to whom we come to affect. An idea can spread pretty quickly these days. Are we conscious of its power?

    Does it sit well, provide peace, radiate love, understanding and acceptance? Or, are our thoughts filled with the poisons and corrupt designs which, rather than help us understand and integrate our reality, only cause schisms, divisions that spawn arguments, dissent, intolerance and hatred?

    The Sagittarian Moon is a receptacle, a vessel, a bowl which emotionally, instinctively seeks to receive ideas, turn them into concepts that sit well with the intuitive faculties; concepts that feel true; worthy of belief; trustworthy; inspiring us with faith.

    This Moon is conjunct Saturn, who in retrograde is backtracking over past instances, seriously reviewing past behaviours, seeing that they accord with entrenched patterns and align and accord with the legal and mandated procedural structures.

    In some respect, we’re all feeling like there is some sort of internal audit going on.

    Have the ideas that we have been exposed to; that we have taken on board; come to accept and believe as true; have these ideas been worthy of our trust and faith? Have these ideas been generous and kind toward the reality we wish to identify with and create, or have they served to corrupt and destroy our entire sense of faith in our respective reality structure?

    The Full Moon also activates the Saturn/Neptune midpoint, a point which triggers suffering and disillusionment, emotional depression and pessimism, sensitivity to abrasive truths with surfacing evidence of deception and calumny upon our gentle, open and sometimes gullible need to trust.
    We see this as a very common problem in our world today, especially in the minds of the ignorant, the desperate, the spoilt, those lacking any broader education or experience in life – those whose vulnerable minds are easily hijacked by the surface-level influx of short, twitter-sized sound-bites, designed to transmit an ideology or opinion in 140 characters (or less). Each idea that we choose to perceive has the power to stir our emotions enough that they become imbued into our dharmic or karmic blood flow.

    At highly tense times like these, a single idea can either brings us peace or jettison our lives into complete chaos and disarray.

    The Sagittarian Moon also makes a precise semi-sextile (30°) to Pluto in Capricorn, whose probing into the emotional realms is relentless, unafraid to question even the highest authority for correct answers, regardless of its professional expertise, social status, public esteem. The opposing Sun’s quincunx to Pluto sees that we cut through the cover story and get to the essence of things. Until we can penetrate surface ideas, often toxic in their intent – those diminishing words we often carelessly and flippantly project into our world, using deep, honest discussion we will never get to the core of their effect.

    Harmful words; wicked, corrupt, shaming and derogatory ideas continue to cause untold damage, abuse and harm between us. Are we even aware of the damage we cause when we choose to project or accept ideas that are loaded with vicious or corrupt intent? Are we aware that violation of the boundaries of truth actually tarnishes the integrity of our subject?

    The Moon/Saturn conjunction has the power to abstain and withhold from playing victim/martyr kinds of dramas and is imbued with a sense of resilience and self-reliance to reach the truth that rings truest for itself, almost to spite the ideas of others.

    This moment then becomes one of universal enquiry, one which assesses how ideas expressed as words can become powerful psychological triggers, incendiary missiles to the brain. The emphasis here ties back to our paternal disconnection, abuse and abandonment issues (♇ 18°♑50′℞) – especially significant during times where there is a growing need to balance the feminine/masculine energies on this planet (♀∗♂). These deeply ingrained emotional trigger-points, endemic in our cultures, religions, social hierarchies are possibly the source of any continued self-sabotaging behaviours, not only in the individual, but in his relationships to others and society at large.

    If you are feeling activated during this special time, just remain mindful that it is only with a generous, trusting heart – one that is always open, always ready to receive our going and coming without prejudice that we can restore our faith in love again.

    In the midst of such love, we need never fear becoming poisoned by the lies, denials, cover-ups, abuses and manipulation of truth. This is the most precious gift that true love can offer – the experience of knowing that whatever tries to corrupt us, we always come to have faith in our heart.

    In any case, the call for discernment of ideas – the ability to listen and speak without bias bestows us with tremendous power. How you choose to react is entirely up to you.

    Blessings, and have a wonderful Full Moon xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: June 12-18
    Current Planetary Positions
    8:20:28 AM
    Sun 21° Gemini 45' 42"
    Moon 24° Capricorn 46' 21"
    Mercury 10° Gemini 58' 04"
    Venus 06° Taurus 13' 12"
    Mars 05° Cancer 13' 21"
    Jupiter 13° Libra 13' 46"
    Saturn 24° Sagittarius 43' 04" R
    Uranus 27° Aries 28' 49"
    Neptune 14° Pisces 15' 37"
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 46' 32" R
    Chiron 28° Pisces 42' 37"
    TrueNode 26° Leo 07' 21" R
    Quote Nothing smarts more than a heavy whack from Saturn’s reality stick. Since the awful ‘release’ activation of last Friday’s ♄eavy duty Full Moon in Sagittarius, the Gemini Sun’s opposition to Saturn (Thursday) takes our current state of ambiguity – that messy, greasy, mixed-up, confused, and awful situation we’re currently living through (☿□♆) and asks how we’re going to deal with it. Sure faith is important (☿△♃), it keeps us going, but a sense of doubt will keep us from going off the deep end (☿☍♄).
    Here are the main transits for this week….

    ☿ ∠ ♅ Tue Jun 13 07:18 am GMT Mercury 12°♊31′ Semisquare Uranus 27°♈31′
    ☿ △ ♃ Tue Jun 13 03:45 pm GMT Mercury 13°♊14′ Trine Jupiter 13°♎14′
    ☿ □ ♆ Wed Jun 14 03:30 am GMT Mercury 14°♊16′ Square Neptune 14°♓16′
    ☉ ☍ ♄ Thu Jun 15 10:19 am GMT Sun 24°♊30′ Opposition Saturn 24°♐30’℞
    ♀ Sqq ♄ Thu Jun 15 06:03 pm GMT Venus 09°♉29′ Sesquiquadrate Saturn 24°♐29’℞
    ☿ ⊼ ♇ Fri Jun 16 05:34 am GMT Mercury 18°♊42′ Quincunx Pluto 18°♑42’℞
    ♆ S℞ Fri Jun 16 07:10 am GMT Neptune 14°♓16’℞
    ☿ ☌ Ce Fri Jun 16 08:56 pm GMT Mercury 20°♊04′ Conjunction Ceres 20°♊04′
    ☉ ∗ ☊ Sat Jun 17 00:57 am GMT Sun 26°♊03′ Sextile Node 26°♌03′
    ☽ □ ☉ Sat Jun 17 11:33 am GMT Moon 26°♓28′ Square Sun 26°♊28′
    ☉ ∗ ♅ Sun Jun 18 06:47 pm GMT Sun 27°♊42′ Sextile Uranus 27°♈42′
    ☿ ☍ ♄ Sun Jun 18 07:08 pm GMT Mercury 24°♊15′ Opposition Saturn 24°♐15’℞
    The Gemini Sun sees that if we want to keep playing society’s game; if we want to function (not thrive) in Saturn’s 3D ‘reality’ prism we must decide whether we want to involve ourselves in the fictions that established society accepts about time.

    ‘Time’ is Saturn’s conditional application of ‘reality’. It’s full of expectations and firm, tough, completely confining rules and standards that we must upkeep.

    Time does not allow us to veer off into abstract ideas about freedom or resistance (☿∠♅), to show any doubts and ambiguities, not to probe too deeply (☿⊼ ♇). It expects that we stay wise to the whole gig (☿ △♃) – that we play along life’s limited chess puzzle like a good little pawn/knight/etc. Saturn wants you to fit into the prescribed roles and stick to the moves available to you. He certainly doesn’t want you to poking around, questioning the rules or doubting the whole purpose of the game.

    Saturnian wisdom is about demonstrating your ability to understand the incredible extent to which you bull**** yourself every-single-moment-of-every-day just to play along. (How are you dealing with that btw?)

    [read about Saturn ℞etrograde – Reality Check here] http://angstoic.com/2017/04/saturn-%...reality-check/

    With Uranus △ North Node △ Saturn forming a Grand Fire Trine, the opposing Gemini Sun creates an intense inquiry (or grand inquisition) into the whole ‘reality’ charade. It is a most frustrating transit, an energetic where nothing seems like it’s capable enough to meet up to expectations. Scrutiny, judgement, disdain, condemnation, derision and punishment are the order of the week. Every day, we are seeing evocative scenes of dismay and disappointment within the old, established order of things. Everyday we feel let down.

    As the dynamic forms into a Grand Kite (see chart), we come to see that the only thing we can believe with absolute certainty exists in the present. By the end of this week, the collective capability for us to question the veracity of linear time replaces all objects of belief with one single thing: the notion of true reality itself. True reality is the state of things as they actually exist: not what we think they are, and certainly not what we’ve been lead to believe.

    We believe only in this universe. We cease to believe in stories of karma and the afterlife. We cease to believe in the sovereignty of nations. We cease to believe in money/power/glory. We cease to believe in heroes/villains, leaders and followers. We cease to believe in our precious positions and our prized possessions. We cease to believe that we can be insulted, or that the honour to our good name or that of our family, our nation or our faith can in any way be offended. We cease to believe in Jesus, or Buddha or the Republic or Democracy or the Union. We cease to believe in any thing that is only a concept in our minds.

    We just believe in one reality – that which is present here and now in nature. As soon as we align with this extraordinary truth, the pain and desolation that usually accompanies our unconscious feeling of being stuck, playing a limited role in a fixed game gives way to a glimpse into enlightenment itself.

    It just takes enormous guts to let go of our woundstory. Easier said than done, and Saturn and Chiron are not done with their square-dance yet, but this week’s Third Quarter Moon (Saturday) is going to set us off again, like salt on the sores, pushing up hurtful stuff that needs to play out again, just to make it obvious what we have to forgive and to forget about our past. To do this we need to feel so lonely that all we have left is to be honest with ourselves…

    It’s a frightening thing to be truly honest with yourself. It means you have no one left to turn to anymore, no-one to blame, and no one to look to for salvation. You have to give up any possibility that there will ever be any salvation or refuge for you. You have to accept the reality that you are truly and finally left on your own. In this, the best thing you can hope for in life is to meet a teacher – some wise storyteller who will smash all of your dreams, dash all of your hopes, tear your fluffy, cuddly, teddy-bear beliefs out of your arms and chuck them into a bottomless pit, once and for all.

    The Jupiter/Neptune Quincunx – May 17- July 5

    With this aspect, it may seem like there is really very little congruity between our highest visions & dreams and the usual career options towards achieving success, as traditionally defined by society.

    Our great expectations and high hopes to make a big splash in the ocean of life seem to not only leave us dissatisfied – deep down, many are feeling a little jaded and disillusioned.

    “This is not my beautiful life!”

    This sustained alignment creates a strange period of re-adjustment and reorientation, where we are somehow having to come to terms with those areas where we may have taken off into abstractions, deceptions, delusions, misplaced trusts, false hopes and placing faith in hypocrites, charlatans and scoundrels.

    In our impressionability, we are all somewhat complicit in this conspiracy to confuse reality a little bit. Because JUPITER (SD 13° ♎13′) and NEPTUNE (S℞14° ♓16′) are both stationing right now, this time also produces profound new experiences which impact humanity’s evolution quite deeply. Our more mystical nature becomes stimulated and highly aroused by strange waves of light activity, still hard to fathom and difficult to grasp by conventional standards. Yet it seems to be seriously messing with our notions of reality.

    [read about Jupiter going direct in Libra here]

    This ego-dissolving period is helping to prepare this planet for a unique intervention by spirit over the egoic mind. It is making individuals seem more and more insignificant every day. The way it plays out on the greater scheme of things is phenomenal, unprecedented and very hard to describe in plain terms.

    It is still not possible for many to assimilate this new, enhanced notion of reality into our traditional beliefs. We do not quite have skills, not the language to comprehensively interpret the richness of its symbols to make enough sense, even if we can see clearly. What is provided to us – if we can stay present enough, and not descend into elements of seduction, inebriation, psychedelia and perfunctory spiritual practices is a wonderful opportunity to disbelieve.

    To blow the whistle on the horse****.

    Dissolve all ‘faith’ that seems to be tooting out of some self-exulting, trumpet-blowing horse’s arse. (lol)
    Just looking at our social media lately – since Jupiter spent four months opposing Uranus (Jan-Apr), it all seems to have deteriorated into one giant technicoloured yawn. Seems like everyone is hacking away at creating new content, meanwhile so little of it has any journalistic credibility, scientific veracity, artistic taste or any true depth of meaning. Very soon, it will all look like horsehit and we just won’t know who to believe and what to trust.

    Time to connect back to the Source for some brand new ‘dope’.

    Might have to adjust our heightening senses of perception to integrate a whole new paradigm of understanding.

    [**URANUS semisquare NEPTUNE is coming, and its phenomenal influence in eliminating the waking consciousness will begin to take effect from July to November (phase 1), continuing over the next 2-3 years.]

    It must be said that there is lot of hysteria going on the world right now, especially in America over the legitimacy of their elected president. It is another clue that democracy and freedom as ‘prescribed’ by the nation state are in deep decline. After decades of waging costly wars, placing heavy investment into the vacuous bubble of Wall Street (and losing it, as in 2008), the ruling classes of the United States elite has all but abandoned its people and has left the country’s infrastructure battered and torn in relation to the foreign economies like China and Russia. Of course, those same elite are the ones most paranoid that countries who spend less on war and speculation may get the upper hand. They will do anything to force the hand of those most pliant and committed to upholding the rules of the old game.
    November’s election result of a shock-cartoonish figure like Trump shows the extent of the rage and discontent of at least half the (voting) masses in the US – those who have chosen fire to fight fire, lies to fight lies, corruption to beat corruption, abuse to beat abuse. In a way, their president is the homeopathic remedy to all the ills and hubris created by capitalism.

    Of course the United States is not the only country where its past rulers have neglected to develop their country’s basic infrastructure, instead focusing only on enriching their plutocratic arsenal. Power, money, status, connections, the promise of eternal glory and fame in the history books can all seem like very sexy qualities to aspire to in any leader whose ego finds it hard to resist a little dance with these devils.

    However, it becomes apparent in this age of omnipotent and omniscient technological influence that public trust, if mishandled and mistakenly abused by any individual has the power to come down swiftly and instantly destroy any narcissist, despot or self-aggrandising fool. We see it in every field; every country; but particularly in the ‘free-speech’ west. In the coming months will see it absume many egos, perhaps even world ‘leadership’ in general.

    All the synthetic hype and shock media reports over collusions to pervert democratic justice, and the fanatic determination to bring down presidents in disgrace is not new. One thing is for certain though. That this moment in ‘time’ is completely unprecedented. And nothing is like nothing ever before. To assume that we can predict outcomes based purely on mathematical or historical principles is leaving even the experts with equations filled with unknown variables. A new force of nature is with us here on this planet, and we can either leave ourselves wide open for more surprise losses and disruptions, or leave ourselves wide open for more surprise losses and disruptions…

    How will you choose?

    …Stay present, calm and centered, and have an amazing week ahead. Blessings xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Saturn ℞etrograde – Reality Check
    (red letters my emphasis)
    MERCURY 24°15' opposition SATURN 24°15'℞
    Quote Having problems reconciling what you are hearing from others with what rings true?
    Or are you the one not being received in what you have to say?
    Are others being a being a tad harsh, or outright rejecting your really cool thoughts and ideas? This is not necessarily a blight on your intelligence at all. It's just that from time to time we come face to face with those who are not afraid to give it to us straight - that what we're saying doesn't seem to make any coherent sense to them, or that its structure lacks any basis in truth.
    This transit is the typical side-effect to MERCURY's recent square to NEPTUNE (June 14). The sugar rush has now come a cropper.
    And so it goes, in the wake of last year's ♄ □ ♆ campaigns. If you observe closely, you will notice how often you come across those in life who (on the surface) perennially love to laugh and smile, always say the nicest things, always wear the most glammed up image to your face. These are battalions of the forcefully optimistic. There are entire communities of them, especially in the 'spiritual' world.
    “Keep your thinking positive!” “Always look on the brighter side!” “Don’t let a frown get you down, clown!” "Be a glass half full!" are some of their usual slo-gos.
    In fact they're full of clichéd mottos - like their entire philosophy is drawn from the ubiquitous morass of indiscriminate memes that we see circulating on our social media platforms. In fact, the really clever ones generate their own meme-like communication. It's not hard - facebook even provides us with those easy-to-fill solid-coloured backgrounds now. A few have made quite name for themselves in this field. These are the champions of the quirky, everready, always optimistic pick-me-ups.
    Yet, if you look closer at these opti-masters of the 4D twitterverse, they are actually using this method of faux cheerfulness as a way of avoiding the more sombre and troublesome realities of the 3D life. In truth, their lives on the ground are really quite miserable and empty. This peddling in the opti-matrix is just another form of spiritual bypass, a side product of anger-phobia, or the inability to deal with harsh truths or negative emotions.
    All this is coming to a crashing end now, as the planet comes to grips with the core problems of why its exterior structures are failing. No amount of sugar can sweeten the bitter vetch of cold hard facts.
    Yes, it's terrifying to expose ourselves to the most profoundly vulnerable parts of our inner being - to face our shadow and begin the long process of purification. It seemed so much easier to sugar-coat life with a frequent little hit of sweet illusion and sacrificial falsity.
    But hey, isn't it 'time' you slowed down, looked a little deeper and saw a much clearer, more connected, much more deeply satisfying and indescribably authentic sense of joy?.....try this on:
    Saturn ℞etrograde – Reality Check
    Current Planetary Positions
    12:32:39 AM
    Sun 28° Gemini 08' 10"
    Moon 20° Aries 20' 33"
    Mercury 25° Gemini 12' 30"
    Venus 13° Taurus 05' 19"
    Mars 09° Cancer 37' 25"
    Jupiter 13° Libra 21' 15"
    Saturn 24° Sagittarius 13' 32" R
    Uranus 27° Aries 43' 25"
    Neptune 14° Pisces 15' 45" R
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 37' 44" R
    Chiron 28° Pisces 48' 02"
    TrueNode 25° Leo 59' 56" R
    Quote Saturn, that damping, restrictive ruler of this dense, physically-defined earthly experience will occasionally slow down, repose in complete stillness, then begin to slowly retrace his heavy footsteps. Dipping his snarky measuring stick into the karmic pit he is creating down here in 3D-land, his intent during retrograde is to see how well things have set in his latest version of ‘consensus-defined reality’.
    Once this is done, he will proceed to press forward once again, a methodical triple-check that everything in his new reality is operating at its maximum economy of thought, motion and matter. His job is to pass down his exacting ‘terms & conditions’ with uncompromising firmness. In doing so, he will mercilessly mow down any unproductive, redundant and superfluously unrealistic elements in our lives before he moves on to new ground.

    This three-pronged reality-check is the standard operating procedure with Saturn, whose 29.5-year orbit is such that from earth’s perspective he appears to cover the same stretch of ground 3 times, usually over an 11 month period, just so it checks out and the reality of the situation sinks in.

    Whilst seldom fun at the time, in retrospect it will have defined our karmic journey on the terrestrial, limited experience we call ‘life’.


    Many of us require a reality check now and then. Very few of us on this planet are immune to the strict laws of gravity and the harsh limitations that apply should we fail to show respect and comply with these.

    Accepting reality is an important part of the terrestrial experience and, as humans, vital to understanding the context of our sanity. In the Saturnian sense, reality is defined by our own experience with the exterior world. Our acceptance of what is is encouraged by most sane people in our world. It is the goal of most relationships, businesses, institutions and therapies. Whilst accepting what is presented to us as the reality is not necessarily always easy at the time, it is the acceptance which steads to bring us the most peace with our times. If our clocks are in sync with everyone else’s, then we feel we are in time.

    Reality is usually defined as the state of things as they actually exist, not some idealised or romanticised
    notion. It is usually the tangible, graspable properties, the physical constraints, defined by rigorous measurement that allows us to yield a determined consensus about what is real. The most discernible reality is that which provides the most stable set of conditions to which the majority of us can agree. Consensus creates a density. This means that the particles of any matter become so condensed that even light cannot pass through them. Density either limits, diffracts or denies resistance. You can’t argue with solid matter. It just is. Therefore it is real. Saturn’s crystallising effect on matters in our lives therefore determines their existence as real.

    Similarly, linear time appears to have irreversible properties. The reality is that something can exist in form in a particular moment in time. Once absent from these constraints, Saturn has trouble with verifying it as real.

    This is Saturn’s non-negotiable application.When we play into the linear time/space continuum, we must also pay respect to the laws of limitation. Everything is conditional, and we must ‘pay our dues to the consensus’ about those things we collectively feel worthy to partake in. Similarly, if things are deemed not real we need to learn to forego, miss out, suffer denial, delay frustrations, or endure the humiliating ‘coming down to earth’ effect of anything that serves as a reminder of our physical limitations.

    Time, money, status, power, youth, brains, sex-appeal, gender, culture, nationality, connections, degrees, etc. are all qualifiers in Saturn’s world, and they will be used against you in his terrestrial court of law.

    This is the serious, sombre, inflexible nature of Saturn – ruler of 3D limited reality and the linear dimensions of time. We call this Karma, since what will be, will be. The old devil will continue to play hardball with us, pressuring you to fit in. Either you play a prescribed role, according to how and where you were born/bred, or you miss out. When Saturn comes along in a transit he is keen to apply all the severity that he can muster to help you realise what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ about you and the world you’re in.

    Of course, you don’t want to mess with that, do you? And the consensus is, that playing along in Saturn’s reality game is ultimately…. well…. character defining.Let’s face it. Unless you are a sadist or masochist, then the harder Saturn transits aren’t much fun, especially by 2017 standards where many of us are hypersensitive and ready to receive experiences of reality from higher dimensional fields.’THE RETROGRADE CYCLE:
    PHASE 1: Dec 30, 2016- April 6, 2017

    Direct Saturn enters the shadow zone at 21°♐11′

    In this phase, Saturn begins to lay down the premises of what will become a reality. Brick by brick, he’s throwing it down, paving the path that will become defined as what is.

    “So… What have you been doing during this time?
    Anything good? Something constructive? Or have you just been wasting valuable time/resources?
    Yes, talking to you… what have you got to show for the last few months?”

    It’s likely that somebody may play this role for you, judging you, scrutinising your efforts in terms which you may feel you have to answer to.

    Or perhaps you may play this drama out on someone else.
    Or maybe you are giving yourself the ‘business’ internally. That stern, parental voice of judgement has a way of making it into our lives somehow, judging our efforts to keep it real, be acceptable, beautiful, competent, wealthy etc. against the backdrop of the current consensus.

    Whilst many may argue that the last four months (Jan-Apr 2017) has seen ‘reality’ slipping into bizarre, distorted, almost surreal versions of itself, it is nonetheless the reality of our times. Coming to accept it may take some work, since it does not seem to be behaving as commonly expected. This is yet just another sign of our fading 3D ‘times’. As we are being blasted with light from the higher dimensions, there are elements of linear time and space which, with some retrospection we may have to learn, do not apply to us here, as spiritual beings becoming awakened to other, higher ‘realities’.

    PHASE 2: April 6 – August 25, 2017

    Saturn stations at 27°♐48′ and turns Retrograde

    During this period, we are pressed to review how well we have adhered to the principles lain down during Saturn’s pre-shadow phase. As strange a course as things may have taken, we are pressed to take our understandings of reality seriously, as if it is a reflection of just how faithful we have managed to stay to our authentic inner self.In Sagittarius, Saturn in retrograde can play out as an internal ethical dilemma, a struggle between our conscious efforts to define our moral principles, examine their usefulness and practicality, and in application see how impeccably we have lived by them. The trine from Uranus in the pre-shadow phase has awakened us all to wonderful alternative possibilities.
    For instance, you may soon come to realise that as much as you have tried to define what you ‘firmly believe in’; as much as your principles have been discussed, argued, ratified, published, postulated and pontificated, these ‘honest-to-god’ beliefs or ‘codes of conduct’ are in reality only meaningful if you have been able to live by them.

    In tangible, earthy terms, concepts are either true for you or, under closer examination, they are wholly unbelievable. Such is the dilemma between acting in true spirit, and not tied to the false, fleeting constructs of the lower, 3D personality.

    Have you been living up to your guidelines and your mantras?
    Have you been dishing these out to others, trying to hold them accountable?
    Is there some fibbing, fudging, stretching of facts, overspending of resources; a little religious or marketing hocus pocus; political spin-doctoring; emotional propping and manipulation, double standards in your relationships; some good, ol’-fashioned moral hypocrisy’ going down?

    Time to look back at the most challenging events during the Phase 1 (pre-shadow) period of this retrograde, assess whether stuff is making any real, concrete sense.

    We start to get an internal reading on who and what seems honourable and respectful to us, and begin to sense a shift: As much as we may come to honour and respect the laws and moral guidelines of others, this may be a time when we find it difficult to live by the advice of anyone but our own, internal conscience.Those who are grounded enough to be acutely attuned to their ‘inner reality vector’ will see this period present a unique set of opportunities to access this firm and direct ‘line of instruction’ from above. This is the alignment of instruction between the perfected, ‘higher self’ and that of the ‘lower (ego-attached) self’ – the one who still has much to learn in their journey here on earth. Rather than a fear, it feels like an affirmation that you are on the right path, managing the universal laws successfully enough to make a difference in your life.
    This comes, in spite of all the turmoil and anguish that appears to be going on around. In fact, even this appears as an opportunity to learn something about our authentic selves.

    For many, this period, and the ensuing shadow phase (August 25, 2017 -Dec 20) will, for many, be a time of considerable frustration and delay. Those who are still unconsciously enmeshed in Saturn’s dense fabric of externally applied moral, ethical and religious structures – the status-quo world that is still ruled by fear, anger, judgement, blame, expectation, toxic shaming, etc – Saturn has a canny way of making us accountable by those very instruments.

    There are those who will continue to play into the 3D system of duality and separation. For these, Saturn will roll out whatever means it sees necessary to teach some lessons which are not necessarily experienced as “opportunities” to grow. Those holding on to lower, fear-based judgements about what’s right/wrong, good/evil, using rigid socio-political, class-based, race/culture-based, gender/sexual-based, religious or moral principles that make little sense other than to incite fear and division, will start to sense some dramas internally. The inner voice starts to plague them and in their ignorance may begin to project this out, with unfortunate consequences.

    And woe to those who have nothing going in inside at all. Those who are completely unaware that they are unaware. Those wholly dependent upon the direction or guidance from those priests and prefects of the exterior order; those blessed beings who are merely going through the mechanical motions of life; who live their lives according to patterned behaviour of their instincts and learned habits, who never question, just wait for changes or stimuli in their environment to react, and then, only en masse. This may be a challenging time for these, as we will start to see these become played.

    Of course, I don’t want to scare anyone with these reports. We just want to differentiate between the (three) different levels of awareness of Saturn:
    aware that you are aware (conscious, responsive)
    aware that you are unaware (suspicious, cynical or skeptical)
    unaware that you are unaware (unconscious, ignorant, narrow, reactive to fear, shame, guilt)
    As Saturn now retrogrades in Sagittarius in his third and last time, human society is asked to go back and assess any gaps in its belief systems. There are those who will become more aware, understanding how news, information, knowledge in just about every area is at best limited, conditioned and contrived. They will learn to choose not to play into the belief dogma of society’s struggles over what is right/wrong, true/fake, good/bad. They will keep a reserved and meditative approach instead of entering into these judgement arguments. These will see many play and manipulate what the postulate as ‘truths’ in order to manipulate others using their fears and insecurities.

    PHASE 3: August 25 – December 1, 2017 (post-shadow phase)

    Retrograde Saturn stations at 21°♐11′, turning direct, finally leaving Sagittarius Dec 20. 2017

    One truth emerges out of this period. Whatever cause, principle, or mission we may appear to stand for and agree as our ‘reality’, it is constantly changing.

    Saturn in Sadge tends to represent man’s need to withdraw from whatever beliefs, structures and traditions appear to have outlived their usefulness. It may take a thoughtful, steady approach to make amends. A more conservative, cautious, frugal approach may be necessary, particularly after the retrograde period is over.In a way, Saturn does retrogrades better than all the other planets. Why? It’s like he gives us a second chance to improve on the ever-evolving relationship formed between our ego (exterior-defined self) and the soul (internal self).
    Any conceptions that may have been mistaken, overlooked or misunderstood are, under the conscious gentle guidance of Saturn, best put to rest in the past.

    In our own wisdom, let us try to teach others who are less knowledgeable or experienced than ourselves without the pain and feelings of separateness. The best way to do this is not by admonishing them harshly by projecting our own frustrations. Trying to demonstrate how much better, wiser, tougher, ‘more real’ we are to those who are just learning, serves nothing other than the perpetuation of Saturn’s prism of duality and separation. It is through exhibiting a strength and composure, a kind responsibility to all involved that we come out of this retrograde shadow as having accomplished something concrete.

    Of course, for all those who pass this three-pronged test, Saturn will issue you with your ‘certificate of completion’ at the end of this year. By then, you will be ready to graduate onto the next level of your reality.

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: June 26 – July 2

    Current Planetary Positions
    9:50:58 PM
    Sun 04° Cancer 42' 37"
    Moon 02° Leo 53' 47"
    Mercury 10° Cancer 13' 08"
    Venus 20° Taurus 22' 15"
    Mars 14° Cancer 08' 41"
    Jupiter 13° Libra 37' 11"
    Saturn 23° Sagittarius 43' 28" R
    Uranus 27° Aries 56' 41"
    Neptune 14° Pisces 14' 23" R
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 28' 10" R
    Chiron 28° Pisces 51' 12"
    TrueNode 25° Leo 17' 17" R

    Quote With Mercury, ruler of communications and mental processes now pacing at his swiftest through the mid-degrees of instinctive Cancer, about to oppose Pluto (Friday), we get the feeling that the detonating fuse is being lit for what promises to be an explosive week of intense discussion ahead of us. This is especially so since Mercury is about to make some critical transits, including the conjunction to Mars (Wednesday), in the lead-up. The complex and tense combination of planets forming this week raises the intrigue that is occurring among us now around our deepest issues. It sets off a delicate, yet very intense process of emotional transformation that culminates in about two weeks when all this energy finds its way into our personal relationships via the Capricorn Full Moon (July 9).
    Here is a list of the main transits this week:

    ☿ ∠ ☊ Mon Jun 26 03:35 am GMT Mercury 10°♋17′ Semisquare Node 25°♌17′
    ♂ △ ♆ Mon Jun 26 06:19 am GMT Mars 14°♋14′ Trine Neptune 14°♓14’℞
    ☿ ☍ Jn Tue Jun 27 00:22 am GMT Mercury 12°♋07′ Opposition Juno 12°♑07’℞
    Pa enters ♉ Tue Jun 27 02:38 am GMT Pallas 00°♉00′
    ☿ □ ♃ Tue Jun 27 06:21 pm GMT Mercury 13°♋42′ Square Jupiter 13°♎42′
    ☿ △ ♆ Wed Jun 28 00:23 am GMT Mercury 14°♋14′ Trine Neptune 14°♓14’℞
    ☿ ☌ ♂ Wed Jun 28 07:51 pm GMT Mercury 15°♋55′ Conjunction Mars 15°♋55′
    ♀ ⊼ ♄ Thu Jun 29 01:08 am GMT Venus 23°♉31′ Quincunx Saturn 23°♐31’℞
    ☿ ☍ ♇ Fri Jun 30 00:34 am GMT Mercury 18°♋22′ Opposition Pluto 18°♑22’℞
    ♀ □ ☊ Fri Jun 30 03:43 pm GMT Venus 25°♉15′ Square Node 25°♌15′
    ☽ □ ☉ Sat Jul 01 00:53 am GMT Moon 09°♎24′ Square Sun 09°♋24′
    Ch S℞ Sat Jul 01 05:42 am GMT Chiron 28°♓52’℞ S℞
    ☉ ∠ ☊ Sat Jul 01 10:21 pm GMT Sun 10°♋15′ Semisquare Node 25°♌15′
    ☿ ⊼ ♄ Sun Jul 02 11:30 am GMT Mercury 23°♋17′ Quincunx Saturn 23°♐17’℞
    ♂ ☍ ♇ Sun Jul 02 11:56 am GMT Mars 18°♋19′ Opposition Pluto 18°♑19’℞
    ☉ ☍ Jn Sun Jul 02 01:12 pm GMT Sun 10°♋51′ Opposition Juno 10°♑51’℞

    Firstly, let us talk a little about Cancer, the sign most associated with our inner sense of security – our instinct for nurturance and protection. Cancer is a water sign, and most related to our emotional well-being.


    Why is trusting your gut instinct so powerful? Because your gut has been collecting, digesting, processing, cataloging a whole bunch of very personal, very relevant information to you for as long as you’ve been alive. Often it is doing this unconsciously, as in your metabolic and other biological processes tied to your stomach. (Cancer rules the chest, breasts, stomach, alimentary canal). We trust this area of ourselves very early in life, because it is so important to the body’s sustenance.

    A young baby will often regurgitate anything ingested that does not agree with its stomach. The reaction is instinctive. As we get older, we learn to listen to this more and more.

    When we trust our gut instinct, we are trusting an entire plethora of our subconscious experiences, drawing upon a vast network of heuristic experiences in our lives. We come to instinctively remember what agreed and what disagreed with the pit of our stomach. It is this conscious/unconscious databank of learned-experiences that we’re drawing upon, the one holding insights that are not immediately available to our conscious mind, but they’re all things that we have learned and felt throughout our lives.

    In saying this, many of us may not be readily able to access specific bits of information. Our gut has it at the ready when it is time to inform our spirit centre of how best it must decide, yet these are not often easy to articulate, let alone become credible facts. Those of us who are most tuned into our emotions like water sign people (Cancerians, Scorpios, Pisceans) operate strongest from this information centre.

    Decisions made from this deep, inner place, draw from sensations that we may only access in present-tense experience. This can save a lot of time and mental energy, since not having to overthink our next move, or trusting that little voice that informs us from within, means that we never have to be overly prepared. Nor do we need to learn the intellectual aspects of everything. Our second nature tells us what agrees with us and what must be rejected. Acting from this information is never regretful. Nor do we enter situations where we may come to resent our actions.

    THE QUARTER MOON @09°♎24′ : Sat Jul 01, 00:53 am UTC

    It is the quarter moon that becomes the first point of crisis in this current lunar month. In fact, there is a sense of outrage that we may have been played by someone more cunning, more socially or politically manipulative.

    In the lead-up, instinct-minded ♋Mercury conjuncts the fervid Mars at 15°♋55′ (Wednesday), building a burning urge to assertively say what we think, yet not necessarily know how to articulate it. This forthright need to speak our mind is coming from the pits of our inner cauldron of misshaped treatment, much of it stemming back to childhood insecurities and personal boundary violations. We refuse to feel threatened now, and can obstinately defend anything that “doesn’t sit well” with us now with some extremely heated emotional arguments.

    Both ♋planets are borrowing much from their watery trine to ♓Neptune, where sixth-sense and reflex action can fend us from either a highly refined inspiration, or a rather vague chivalrous mission to fight some impossible crusade (see Don Quixote). The fussy Virgo Moon’s earthing attempt to process some of this delicately personal, most sophisticated matter could leave us with a bad case of indigestion. Let’s just say our ‘feelers’ are strongly tuned into being matters that may not necessarily agree us.

    As the Moon edges toward ♎Jupiter (Saturday) she forms her first Quarter to the Cancer Sun, creating the first big crisis for us this lunar month. Here is the big test: Are we so concerned about the moral, legal, politically correct duties that we are prepared to compromise going with how we truly feel? Much will ride upon our scruples, and we may see many examples of behaviour that will not be pushed against its personal limits, for no reason other than something no longer agrees with them instinctively.

    As ☿/♂ forms a heated little T-square to the midpoint of current Jupiter/Pluto square, much is set to unravel which goes deeper than what meets the eye. In the past, our instinctive response to personal insults, atrocities and violations has been to try to push them down into the pit of our stomachs, banish them from our consciousness. Certain violations, stemming back to our earliest experiences have been either too terrible, or we have been too ill-equipped to utter them out loud (☿ ☍ ♇): this is the meaning of the word ‘unspeakable’. We just could not talk about it.

    These violations however, refuse to be buried. Equally as powerful as our desire to suppress atrocities is the uncomfortable conviction that denial does not work.As Chiron turns retrograde, we start to review our wound stories. We see that our folk wisdom is filled with ghosts who refuse to rest in their graves until their stories are told. Murder, rape, incest, conniving ploys to dominate and conquer against our will starts to pour out. Remembering and telling the truth about terrible events become prerequisites both for the restoration of social order and for the healing of individual victims.
    The conflict that builds up to this Hades Full Moon at 17°♑09′ (conjunct Pluto @18°♑11’℞) will be between the will to deny dreadful events and the will to forcibly proclaim them out loud (☿/♂♋ ☍♇) becomes the central dialectic of psychological trauma. Anyone who has survived atrocities will struggle to tell their stories in a highly emotional, contradictory, and fragmented manner. The square to Jupiter will only try to undermine their credibility and thereby serve the twin imperatives of truth-telling and secrecy. Only when the truth is finally recognised, can the survivors of any atrocity begin their recovery. As we have seen throughout the course of humanity’s history, far too often secrecy prevails, and the story of the traumatic event surfaces not as a verbal narrative but as a emotional symptom.

    In order to gain healing (or freedom from our wound stories), survivors may have to give up almost everything. We see it in the case where battered or abused women losing their homes, their friends, and their livelihood. We see it where survivors of child-abuse lose their identities and families. We see it with political refugees losing their homes and their homeland. Rarely are the dimensions of this sacrifice fully recognised, let alone the causes looked into. Rarely do we see the rising discontent in the world as stemming from those atrocities that did not, and refuse to ever sit well in the pits of our stomach until they are healed.
    The deeply buried psychological distress symptoms of traumatised people now begin to reach a critical mass in the underbelly of humanity’s ills. They call attention to the existence of an unspeakable little secret and yet, simultaneously they deflect attention from it when it becomes too close to being revealed. Observe the way traumatised people alternate between feeling numb and reliving the event through their acting out.

    Watch closely this week as the dialogue around trauma (☿ ☍ ♇) begins to give rise to complex, sometimes supernatural alterations of consciousness. At times, we may witness a painful, even violent sense of dissociation, which continue to lash out between us in erratic, dramatic, often bizarre symptoms of hysteria which are nothing more than disguised communications about sexual abuse in childhood (♂ ☍ ♇).

    Until these infantile reactions, which continue to instinctively resurface whenever our inner child feels triggered become addressed, they will continue to create discord and atrocity among us. Let us have the courage to see ourselves through this very critical process of transformation and alchemy by engaging in mild, non-judgmental, non-violent discussions with those we trust and love.

    Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead – July 3-9

    Quote Current Planetary Positions
    3:52:53 PM
    Sun 11° Cancer 08' 56"
    Moon 01° Scorpio 58' 00"
    Mercury 24° Cancer 02' 32"
    Venus 27° Taurus 39' 46"
    Mars 18° Cancer 33' 22"
    Jupiter 14° Libra 00' 35"
    Saturn 23° Sagittarius 15' 03" R
    Uranus 28° Aries 07' 45"
    Neptune 14° Pisces 11' 34" R
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 18' 24" R
    Chiron 28° Pisces 51' 51" R
    TrueNode 25° Leo 15' 06" R

    This week, after last week’s Mercury/Mars oppositions, the Sun now edges towards opposing Pluto (July 10), pressing tensely upon our need to shield ourselves from the subconscious forces of darkness, oppression and control. Pluto pushes for deep, transformative change, acting in ways which are not easy to identify because they exist on such subversive realms that unless one has x-ray vision, their influence is invisible. Even those who see, often struggle to deal with this still very secretive force.

    Here are this week’s significant transits:
    ♀ ∗ Ch Mon Jul 03 11:14 pm GMT Venus 28°♉52′ Sextile Chiron 28°♓52’℞
    ♀ Sqq ♃ Tue Jul 04 04:29 am GMT Venus 29°♉06′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 14°♎06′
    ♀ enters ♊ Wed Jul 05 00:12 am GMT Venus 00°♊00′ Conjunction Mercury
    ☿ □ ♅ Wed Jul 05 00:52 am GMT Mercury 28°♋11′ Square Uranus 28°♈11′
    ♃ ⊼ ♆ Wed Jul 05 04:17 am GMT Jupiter 14°♎10′ Quincunx Neptune 14°♓10’℞
    ☿ △ Ch Wed Jul 05 09:32 am GMT Mercury 28°♋51′ Trine Chiron 28°♓51’℞
    ☿ Sqq ♆ Wed Jul 05 01:33 pm GMT Mercury 29°♋10′ Sesquiquadrate Neptune 14°♓10’℞
    ☿ enters ♌ Thu Jul 06 00:20 am GMT Mercury 00°♌00′ Conjunction Mars
    ☉ △ ♆ Thu Jul 06 00:47 am GMT Sun 14°♋10′ Trine Neptune 14°♓10’℞
    ☉ □ ♃ Thu Jul 06 02:45 am GMT Sun 14°♋14′ Square Jupiter 14°♎14′
    ☊ ☌ Vs Thu Jul 06 12:33 pm GMT Node 24°♌52’℞ Conjunction Vesta 24°♌52′
    ☿ ∗ ♀ Fri Jul 07 01:19 pm GMT Mercury 02°♌48′ Sextile Venus 02°♊48′
    ♀ Sqq ♇ Fri Jul 07 09:35 pm GMT Venus 03°♊11′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 18°♑11’℞
    ☽ ☍ ☉ Sun Jul 09 04:07 am GMT Moon 17°♑09′ Opposition Sun 17°♋09′
    ♂ ⊼ ♄ Sun Jul 09 10:10 am GMT Mars 22°♋49′ Quincunx Saturn 22°♐49’℞
    ☉ ☍ ♇ Mon Jul 10 04:31 am GMT Sun 18°♋07′ Opposition Pluto 18°♑07’℞

    As the instinctive Cancer Sun ticks closer to next Sunday’s Full Moon, it means that our most expressive, authoritative sense of self seeks to embody and exemplify the energies that are strongly influential this week. We will see these come out in through the key individuals in our lives.

    Who is the adult in your life?
    Who shines brightest?

    The Sun creates a square to Jupiter and trines Neptune (Thu), two planets having a hard time reading one another in their closing quincunx this week (Wed) – an aspect that has been hovering around since mid-May. It means that our beliefs and dreams are just not aligning, which brings a maudlin state of confusion and despair because it’s hard to know just who or what to trust. It is obvious that we are failing to see things in ways that can bring us any clarity or cohesiveness, and as the Sun activates these points it is as if to say that the liberal, decadent, optimistically judgmental but pathetically ineffectual system of law/religion/philosophy (♃) is not serving us. Instead we look toward spirit (♆) or other alternatives for answers.

    In anticipation of the Full Moon, let’s look at Sun/Pluto, and really learn all as much as we can about this dynamic this week. In fitting form, we can study this one a bit more intensely .

    Sun/Pluto types are very interesting. They almost always come across as intriguingly charismatic, yet the underlying agenda is one of manipulation. They quickly need to get themselves into a position where they are above the others, from which they can exercise control. Those with the softer aspects (sextile, trine) apply this much easier than their hard aspect (conjunction, square, opposition) cousins.

    It is undeniable that until this dynamic is neutralised (brought to balance through much inner processing, or ‘shadow work’) that there is a constant thirst for power and triumph over others. Though easier concealed and managed constructively in the ‘soft’ types, it is undeniably evident in the ‘hard’ types as it manifests evidently as power struggles and, intermittently, through build-up into deeply traumatic incidents. Sun/Pluto types fail to see that others are not like them at all. They are oblivious to the notion that not everyone is seeking power/change and evolutionary leaps.

    So why are these people always seeking power? Why does everything always need to be only on their terms, and if they are not, prone to explode into very extreme behaviour that even they cannot control? What is the underlying reason why they are constantly craving absolute rulership over others?

    Fundamentally they are wounded souls.

    Deeply scarred.

    At some point during their early development there has undeniably been either one sharp, identifiably jaring psychological incident, or otherwise an ongoing series of abuses, where they have experienced a sense of worthlessness or felt undervalued by those they looked up to, usually the father figure. It seems that if this parent did not get things on their own, unyielding, inflexible terms that they would threaten all sorts of violations – abuse, coercion, manipulation, outright abandonment. This then develops into relationship patterns where validation and approval is not a basic need – it becomes a life/death psychological terror.

    The Sun/Pluto type will seek to act out this wound throughout life, drawing this dynamic out of anyone in their world, but most specifically it is from the more empathetic, gentle or healing types that they will suck most of this ‘feel good’ energy from. These kind, sensitive, caring souls (Neptunian types) have little perception of their own boundaries and hence even less defence for the licentious abuse and domination of the Sun/Pluto type.

    Energy vampires, control freaks, manipulators, conniving puppet-masters, call them what you will, but the dynamic experienced by and around these people is like a dark force and it sucks pure honest-to-goodness kindness out of the equation, leaving those in their wake feeling physically, emotionally, spiritually debilitated and drained.

    This is when the Sun/Pluto starts to really go to work. They will make those run-down types feel like they are inadequate or incapable of satisfying, helping or healing them, making them suffer whilst they are down, and as they struggle to give more, there is a strange victim/tyrant energetic that develops and perpetuates into a corrupt enslavement dynamic.

    A bitter war develops. Neither wins.

    The empathetic type blames themselves for the apparent abuse. The controlling Sun/Pluto is relentless in screwing things tighter. Eventually, as expected there is a complete energetic breakdown. Something has to die in order to be released.

    The only way to solve the problem is for the sensitive victim type to escape the Sun/Plutonian’s clutches, either through illness, drugs, or through circumstance (seeking refuge and/or martyrdom elsewhere). This usually does not solve their problem, since they are only giving prey to another depraved energy satyr.

    Meanwhile, the Sun/Pluto will try every trick possible to regain the endless caring. Taunts, torture, spiteful acts, sweet baiting until they have their victim back in their depraved clutches. Bitchiness and drama, vexation and curses, threats and vengeful acts, tyrannical overtures and reprisal, imprisonment, heavy taxation of your goodies, increased abusive acts… anything goes here to claw back the bottomless pit of your giving, caring resources. Because essentially they are there to take, take, take… Not pretty.

    Their argument is that they are there to change you, to make you a better person or give you a better quality of life. But it is still always on their own terms – their love is not unconditional, which somehow enslaves you into feeling disempowered and owing them something when deferring your fundamental freedoms.

    And the more they get from you, the more they need. It’s a madness, a power-craving addiction. The appetite of the ‘monkey on their back’ is voracious and it stops at nothing. It may be sexy, but the cost is grave.

    How to help these? Well, it’s not easy. It’s nearly impossible to communicate to them because such is their over-estimation of themselves and a complete disrespect for anyone that they refuse listen. They are hard wired not to listen. Just to demand. And always more, more, more…

    Can they change? Of course. But not by force. You can’t fight these and expect to win. They would sooner destroy themselves than give in to another power. nor can you plead or bargain your way towards changing them. In fact, the more you try to appeal to their incapacity to open up their heart and express their ‘feelings’, the more you fuel their wanton mania to crush you (and everyone). In effect, the wound of their trauma has scarred their heart so much it has made it callous. It’s best just to leave them cold and let them asphyxiate in their own toxic bile.

    Consider them to be the addict and you are their drug. The only way to even begin to assist them with their habit is to simply cut off their supply. This is really hard to do, given that these are such toxic persons. FOr some reason we keep going back. So why would we keep going back then? Because on some level, to exclude any uneasiness, pain, depression, or oppression from our lives when we don’t know what work this is accomplishing within us means that we ourselves are seeking to discover how to reclaim and hold our own power. We need to learn to do this ourselves.

    Only when we are able to consciously hold ourselves from playing into the power vortex of others, might we see how damaging the contract of entering the subversive world of pain and trauma exchange between others. We are getting stronger. We are learning to loosen the magnetic hold that exists between ourselves and our not-selves.This is where the miracle healing is happening. Loosening the bind to those who hold power over us is the great metamorphosis going on right now. THIS is where the transformation occurs. This is the true alchemy.

    We are learning to see this complex more clearly. We are improving massively, and the coming lunations in Leo/Aquarius will only highlight further how much we project or transfuse our personal power. Whether consciously or not, we readily extend our inner strength to people/organisations/bodies that purport to rule over us, intent to dominate, enslave and exploit us in the name of protection or love. And we let them because we feel we don’t have a choice.

    This week we see the reticence to play into this vortex, from all walks.
    Enough with the drama. You DO have a choice. Exercise it.
    Walk back to the centre and regain your balance.
    Cease to partake in the drama of control and manipulation.
    Reclaim your power.

    It takes extreme strength to take back our power. A great deal of light is needed to shine onto our shadow, be aware of how it dances in our lives, and how easily we let it dance into the lives of others. The recovery of our power can only happen with full-lighted consciousness that we are not obliged or indebted to anyone to restore and experience our innate well-being.

    (If you are a Sun/Pluto person, particularly the hard aspect kind, then perhaps this is you or someone very close to you. Depending on your chart, you may struggle with issues of craving outright control and interpersonal power struggles, punctuated with occasional outbursts of horrendous levels of abusiveness. This can be at any level, physical, emotional, even spiritual. Thanks to the secretive or outright denial element of this combination, you may refuse to accept see this as a problem at all. In fact, in today’s power hungry society this might even be a trait that is rewarded, even celebrated in your world. Please know, that this level of energy transfer is ultimately very dangerous, and must be held in check. If you suspect you may suffer from being overwhelmed with issues of control, possession and power, seek an expert opinion immediately.

    If you have fallen victim, or prey to such a type and feel under any threat, then just know that you have the power to save your self. Exit the relationship immediately – it’s the only effective way to save yourself from ultimate abuse and to help/heal them).

    Blessings, and have an amazing week xx.

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    CAPRICORN FULL MOON at 17°09' - Sunday July 09, 04:07 UTC
    Quote By the end of the week the level of subconscious emotion could swell to chthonic levels of pressure, waiting to unleash itself wherever/whenever we are least mindful. Anything could set off an enormous, volcanic-style eruption...

    The earth cannot swallow and hold down much more garbage. Our processes to recycle and renew have merely produced a bastardized rehash and regurgitation of something that once may have had meaning, but whose overall purpose in today's age has all but expired. Leading into the coming eclipses, this lunation shows that an intervention of the highest, most totalitarian order seems necessary to bring our displaced value system back into line. But how will this play out in a world so lost and out of control in its romance with liberal freedoms and democracy?
    Generally speaking, the Full Moon creates a stark contrast between two key areas in our personal lives:

    By the Cancer Sun’s light, our conscious will is to make ourselves emotionally happy and secure. We want a safe, comfortable home, harmonious marriage, happy family, well-functioning domestic order. The Sun is the authority - the decision making figure in our lives. He emanates his energy and light from within, does not seek to do this using anybody else's help and support. We either personally identify as resonating with this energy or we assign someone (or something) in our lives as he who shall generate these Cancerian qualities for us.

    The Capricorn Moon has practical, earthy needs. She is ambitious and her needs are pressing, her sense of duty often denies many or all emotional concerns, deferring any expression of feelings to first meet with greater social concerns and responsibilities. She invests her instinctive motions in tending to the practical necessities of life. We either resonate with this, or expect someone else to be there to support us in this way.

    It is possible that we relate to one side, not the other, or both, or none at all. It all depends on how caught up we are in the drama, and how well we are able to maintain a neutral sense of balance and objective regard in even the most personal of our affairs.

    The opposition here makes/accentuates that struggle between getting what we want meeting what we need. Since the two are diametrically disparate, much compromise is necessary, otherwise there will be irreconcilable conflict. The Moon's rulership over the Cancer Sun also suggests how highly instinctive and emotionally governed key matters can feel right now.

    The volatility of a MOON/PLUTO conjunction at 18°♑07' makes this lunation a precarious critical time, especially for sensitive egos. Anything building underneath the surface (possibly emerging as an entire lifetime of suppressed emotions) could suddenly erupt without so much as a moment notice, unleashing torrential rage and fury without any discrimination or mercy. It's just the sweet release of trauma and pain, whose volume and extent cannot be filtered or mitigated, and in the moment could be as impossible to manage as a volcano, catastrophically spewing lava onto everything that surrounds.

    This Full Moon can bring up some quite intense emotional experiences; dramas that emerge out of the deepest, most repressed and hidden recesses of our psyche.

    This dynamic manifests as torrential emotional storms in our most personal affairs. If not approached with some degree of tender handling, using compassionate analysis, extraordinary patience and perseverance to identify the emotional triggers, recovery and reform cannot begin to take place.

    Other main themes in this Full Moon play out most fiercely this time. The MARS/PLUTO opposition means the intense fight to get what we wanted either pays off, or it wipes us out so badly that we finally accept it's time to give it up.

    Either way, where Pluto is involved, there's an interminably ruthless struggle to transform someone, a battle to the brutal egoic death which (win or lose) could get so dark, so ugly, so morally and ethically reprehensible that monsters lurking here among us could appear much closer than we ever imagined.....

    ...if egos are involved, that is.

    If you have been engaged in selfish efforts to dominate and control, especially where family and security matters are concerned, don't be surprised to see others turn their ire and vexation upon you, when in a moment of weakness and vulnerability, all the ills ever committed unto others conspire at once to revisit upon your front door....

    This is a critical, turning point moment for all signs.... (
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W – Understanding the Sacred Union

    Current Planetary Positions
    10:03:08 PM
    Sun 24° Cancer 44' 28"
    Moon 28° Aries 49' 55"
    Mercury 18° Leo 24' 27"
    Venus 13° Gemini 28' 22"
    Mars 27° Cancer 48' 41"
    Jupiter 15° Libra 13' 29"
    Saturn 22° Sagittarius 21' 28" R
    Uranus 28° Aries 24' 24"
    Neptune 14° Pisces 01' 12" R
    Pluto 17° Capricorn 57' 26" R
    Chiron 28° Pisces 45' 24" R
    TrueNode 24° Leo 33' 31" R

    Quote The Sacred Union

    The true ‘sacred union‘ can only exist between two people. It forms to facilitate completion within any individual through a process of healing and regeneration that two partners may undertake together.

    Where there can exist an immediacy in honest, clear communication, a deep physical attraction and a capacity to maintain personal boundaries, then the sacred process can begin.

    Since every individual is a soul which takes embodiment in this world in order to grow and learn, the mutual growth of one another undertaken by souls as part of their love is, indeed, a soul relationship, generally agreed upon prior to coming into embodiment.

    This is not to be mistaken with the ‘karmic’ relationship, one that is characterised strongly by the emotional entanglements that it tends to lend itself to. Often, the negative emotional patterns played out between two partners generates an ongoing friction and discord when acted out unconsciously (where little of the soul of either participant being in view). In the ‘sacred union’, it is primarily the positive qualities of the soul – those inner qualities of being, that seek and find expression in and through the relationship.

    Through this soul-guided form of relationship between two people develops a gentle, loving process of purposeful purification through exercising forgiveness, kindness and compassion towards one another.

    This process of purification can be of tremendous help to couples if they share in it together. It is in their unconditional opening that they can both be conscious of the unhealed patterns which they carry and can help each other find alternative ways of dealing with these patterns, other than acting them out.

    Open verbal and emotional communication, meditation, and gentle explorative love-making are essential parts of this purification, and so, it is not a matter of just seeking psychological alternatives as the primary means to healing, but of calling upon the higher Self to assist with the lower, as well as calling upon the Universal Self to assist with all.

    Our devotion to the greater intent of the universe, and a desire to align one’s personality with the higher Self is necessary in both partners to acknowledge and to form a sacred union. This intention is ultimately the key that will liberate both from embeddedness in the karmic issues of their past.

    We are ready to embrace the next level of our evolutionary process together through our relationships…

    It is important to choose a partner who is at a similar level of the soul development. If a lack of wholeness in the other starts to become apparent as the relationship progresses, then the commitment of the two souls to living out their truth, especially of who they are to each other can become seriously tested. Difficulties that were either unseen or overlooked at the beginning start to really wear the relationship down.

    Over the past 3 years, with Pluto becoming so intensely zapped and accelerated by no less than seven exposing squares by Uranus, any such occurring difficulties that were based on damaged or unhealed portions of one or the other’s personality have not only loomed large in interpersonal affairs but have managed to surface quicker and quicker with every fresh attempt to form a new bond, escalating now to this extreme level of immediate doubt and turmoil in any relationship instantly deemed as being karmic.

    The current prevailing standard has become one where if partners in any marriage (or its contemporary equivalent) are not functioning on a soul level, or are not interested in raising their vibration to that level, then they risk missing out on the great learning and joy that could take place.

    Of course, individuals might choose to explore their own souls (and that of the universal soul) separately, or prefer to dance from partner to partner more freely in more non-committed relationship models (such as the notoriously vague and ill-defined “open-relationship’), but this ultimately does not allow them to form the intensity of the arena provided by the ‘sacred union’. Only here can both souls learn more about themselves and about their relationship with the universe than they could separately. They would learn this together, since they would foster this learning in each other.

    This has not been the case leading up to recent times. Most couples did not come together to know each other at their soul level, and also failed to make their commitment of service to the greater Spirit as part of their union. Most get together for immediate gratification, comfort or security. Unable to take seriously the sacredness or the profound nature of such a commitment, contemporary unions became increasingly based on secular rather than sacred grounds, only demonstrating humanity’s lack of awareness regarding its own identity.

    This has contributed to the deterioration of many marriages and relationships, which by the end of 2015 were clearly marked by their dependence upon satisfying a more superficial part of the self, rather than a deeper part.

    Those who are still oblivious to their soul nature, still acting from a place of deep unconsciousness, never questioning themselves or the source of their motives will similarly be unconscious about who they attract into their lives or why. They attach based purely on external needs and come to love the exterior of the other person, and come to base their love on those conditions, which in time become expectations. Since the exterior world is always prone to change and loss, expectations sooner or later turn into disappointment. Disappointment leads to pain.

    If we simply observe the escalating rate of separation and divorce in our contemporary society, as well as the high turnover in new affairs between partners today, we can see that the jolting effects of the Uranus/Pluto square have taken their severe toll on our unconsciousness over the past 3-4 years.

    Pluto, ruler of the underworld has complete claim over the dead, including those living dead – those living amongst us that are still bound to contracts to which they adhere mindlessly, whether they be cultural or ingrained deeply into family bloodline dynasties. Pluto still beats the drum that creates the slow, unconscious frequency of our karmic beat. Uranus, ruler of the bright blue skies has rained a torrential cavalcade of lightning bolts upon our zombie asses over these past years. The living dead have copped a fair flourish of rude awakenings.

    Much has come into our waking presence here, shedding glimpses that we have all but lost touch with the sacred, and come to suspect that we are largely slave to the enormous pull and manipulation of our exterior, secular dependencies, attachments and addictions.

    The sacred union will only claim its resurgence here, in our midst, when decisions about forming marriage are based on a deeper, more intrinsic understanding of the spiritual nature of such a union, and also on a more genuine understanding of who it is that one is marrying. Until then, the confusion, the pain, and the challenging dramas that many couples experience is likely to continue, with separation and divorce appearing to be the only solution to remedy the problem of pain.

    Venus, goddess of love and attraction currently makes a square to Neptune, creating some difficulties in the expressing of emotions, creativity and affections towards others. Part of this difficulty arises from an extreme sensitivity of feelings which cannot be easily integrated in real time. The other main challenge is that of an unrealistic imagination which has a tendency to create escapist private fantasies about love, avoiding facing up to those aspects of life that we dislike or which are too painful.

    Unless we make a conscious effort to psychologically cleanse our distorting emotional level, we may discover that our idealised ‘sacred marriage’ lacks a sense of honesty and direct relationship, and the impulse of attraction was founded solely on transient passions, illusions and the personal need to rely on another. This is possible when the ‘love-union’ is between two immature persons, not ready to stand in their own strength and integrity. The current transits (♀∠♂∠ ♅ ∠♆) will reveal where we have sadly mistaken a lesson for a soul-mate.

    As it happens, we see that two mature persons engaging in a mutual dance are becoming ever more cognizant in knowing that they are consciously choosing to come together to appreciate each other in the deepest possible way, and through their love to bring something precious into the world for the benefit of the entire cosmos. It is in this acknowledgement that we begin the dance with one another on angelic realms. When the angel within one, meets the angel within the beloved other, two souls are ready to engage in the cosmic dance of the sacred union, and their marriage will touch the hearts of everyone in the most unique ways.

    The true sacred union extends its love far beyond the limits of even the wildest dreams. It creates an aura or a vibe that is blessed with light, a matrix into which others can be awakened, inspired and liberated from the clutches of their own unconsciousness. We are living in exceptionally enlightened times, and as our increased emotional awareness opens us to acknowledge and to honour our own soul, so that our hearts are ready to invite and experience our own sacred union – a marriage that comes from honouring the soul of another and joining together to honour the intent of the greater Spirit.

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: July 17-23
    The New Moon's conjunction to Mars in LEO (00°A07'

    Quote This is the Napoleonic position of this warrior force (), which when imbibed into this New Moon mix makes us determined to get what we want with such dashing and spirited vigour, such assuredness of grandeur and entitlement, such irrepressible animal magnetism and charm that it isn't easy for others to deny what we consider to be our rightful claim.
    Those who resonate closest with this lunation will probably get away with all sorts of audaciousness for which, under more tame circumstances would incite outrage and resentment in others. To 'get away with blue murder' (both literally and figuratively) is probably not unlikely in instances where the violent force of one's conviction seems most 'noble' and 'divinely sent'. Leo rules the heart, so the Mars placement means it is in passionate alignment to what 'destiny ordains'. Of course, humanity and its man-made laws may have its own judgements on such cavalier conduct.
    In any sense, a bold willfulness permeates our New Moon endeavour, a proud assertion of dignity, sovereignty and valour to defend honour, crown and kingdom.... This fixed/fire Mars energy could inject the entire lunation with such overbearing force, that if in the hands of a conceited egotist could unfurl the most tyrannical behaviour (at least a snappy snagglepuss).
    If the tributes aren't forthcoming as we'd like (or demand) them, there could be dramatic showdowns, proud displays of indignation and violent temper tantrums. Leo easily gets offended or irritated when the world fails to show appreciation and support for their heaven-sent brand of despotism. It's not unlikely that the mission statements we see now appear to place individuals above the law, where they feel they only need to answer only to themselves. This must be watched, though not likely to be easily curbed.....
    Notes from the NEW MOON at 00°44' - Sunday July 23, 9:47 UTC

    Quote What else can one say other than we are certainly in it? This driving urge of ours to delve into cosmic realities, to see and to know what is beyond this physical reality is also leaving our society extremely impacted by the energies of the super-consciousness. By the end of this year it will reach such a critical mass that subtle forces, beings from other dimensions, and all sorts of other hidden energies will start to intrude upon our current reality. The more we fight and resist these, the more insistent they become. Eventually, we may need to completely give in to the process of liberating our own inner vision by channeling higher intelligence onto this earth. But for the time being, a personal struggle lies ahead:
    Here are the transits for this week:

    ♀ ∠ ♅ Mon Jul 17 01:38 am GMT Venus 13°♊24′ Semisquare Uranus 28°♈24′
    ♀ □ ♆ Mon Jul 17 02:34 pm GMT Venus 14°♊01′ Square Neptune 14°♓01’℞
    Vs enters ♍ Mon Jul 17 11:14 pm GMT Vesta 00°♍00′
    ♂ □ ♅ Tue Jul 18 01:37 am GMT Mars 28°♋25′ Square Uranus 28°♈25′
    ♂ △ Ch Tue Jul 18 01:22 pm GMT Mars 28°♋44′ Trine Chiron 28°♓44’℞
    ♀ △ ♃ Tue Jul 18 08:09 pm GMT Venus 15°♊24′ Trine Jupiter 15°♎24′
    ♂ Sqq ♆ Tue Jul 18 10:51 pm GMT Mars 28°♋59′ Sesquiquadrate Neptune 13°♓59’℞
    ☿ △ ♄ Wed Jul 19 07:17 pm GMT Mercury 22°♌13′ Trine Saturn 22°♐13’℞
    ♂ enters ♌ Thu Jul 20 12:20 pm GMT Mars 00°♌00′
    ♀ ⊼ ♇ Fri Jul 21 00:13 am GMT Venus 17°♊52′ Quincunx Pluto 17°♑52’℞
    ☉ □ ♅ Fri Jul 21 00:26 am GMT Sun 28°♋27′ Square Uranus 28°♈27′
    ☉ △ Ch Fri Jul 21 06:24 am GMT Sun 28°♋42′ Trine Chiron 28°♓42’℞
    ☿ ☌ ☊ Fri Jul 21 10:13 am GMT Mercury 24°♌24′ Conjunction Node 24°♌24′
    ☉ Sqq ♆ Fri Jul 21 12:50 pm GMT Sun 28°♋57′ Sesquiquadrate Neptune 13°♓57’℞
    ☉ enters ♌ Sat Jul 22 03:16 pm GMT Sun 00°♌00′
    ☽ ☌ ☉ Sun Jul 23 09:47 am GMT Moon 00°♌44′ Conjunction Sun 00°♌44′
    In 1993, extraterrestrial gas giants Uranus and Neptune became conjunct for the first time in 172 years. Their convergence occurred around 18-19°Capricorn, near where Pluto is is currently transiting. These two rather nebulous forces are now forming their first hard aspect, a semi-square (45°) which will make several exact hits over the next 3 years.

    The usual effect of this transit is to possess humanity with visions of a collective utopia, a state that could somehow fulfill our needs for inner development and individuality through an ideal outer world. This social idealism is likely to be so strong, encouraged by the irrepressible hope that our society may somehow support all its individuals to better themselves through cooperation, unconditional love and acceptance by being in sync with what the universe desires for all its creations. It is the type of idealism founded on the belief that humans can liberate themselves from material aggrandisement, avarice and greed by working together for a common cause and overcoming their differences. It calls for us to open ourselves intuitively to universal visions and ideals, to rely on our inner voice and listen to the answers it might provide to our questions.

    Ridiculous, isn’t it?

    What a load of hippie, tripped-out, commie balderdash… right?

    Well, the visions are all there, and on some level you probably have some version of this utopia running through your operating system too. ♅/♆ start to tighten in this first semi-square, intensely sustained over the next 3 months. It is quite possible that a significant proportion of our population will take off onto another dimension, posing a severe challenge to maintaining our collective grip on ‘reality’.

    Whilst the transits this week suggest that there may be considerable conflict among us over the way we plan to manifest our seemingly unrealistic and exorbitant ideals, there is also the notion that “hope springs eternal” and any assertion by anyone otherwise is just a really huge bummer of a buzzkill… man…

    We might be confronted by those who try to convince us that we are in the grip of some total delusion (♀- ♅/♆), arguing with them that it is actually they who are stuck in some counter-delusion, failing to see the most real thing ever possible, as we see it. Like a good dose of psychedelics, this transit serves to dissolve opinion structures and culturally preset models of behaviour and information processing.

    Of course, it is possible that we may be taking everything way too personally ♂♋, and our reaction to anyone challenging our preferred version of an ‘other reality’ may be to get upset, physically weakened or made to feel that our efforts to defend this dream are insignificant(♂- ♅/♆). It hurts and offends that those we care about fail to see things the way that we see them.In fact, such is the undermining and disruptive force of this (and several more to come) week’s transits, that those who can stand back and observe what’s going on more objectively will start to realise what the universe’s plan is: That any new idea or philosophy that comes through right now (often subtly, through our dreams and fantasies) has the capacity to slowly eliminate our lucid, waking consciousness, invade our senses and logic and take complete control over all the practical aspects of our world. Of course, the point is that whatever information seeps through gradually opens us up to the possibility that everything we were ever told to believe is wrong.Slowly but surely, the ♅/♆ design is to send society into a discordant state of chaos, disturbing and eroding all straggling semblances of (someone else’s) structure to the point where the only path that makes any sense for us to follow is guided by the little voice within…

    Which makes perfect sense why, by the end of the week, it’s all about Leo. But that’s another story. I’ll be back through the week to tell you more about this.

    For now, try not to get too touchy and react. Yes, the appearance of things is no longer definitive but limitless, and this wonderfully higher-dimensional awareness frees you from a reality external to yourself. You don’t need to prove this or argue the point with anyone to feel connected. Nor do you need to doubt it. Just live it, with integrity and pride.

    And have an amazing week…

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports


    Quote “When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everyone will respect you.”
    ~ Lao Tzu,

    It's New Moon time, and our life cycles are again being punctuated by this special reset point by the two most important bodies in our skies.

    Astronomically, a new moon is simply the moment when the Sun and Moon form a conjunction. Astrologically it means so much more. A new moon symbolises a fertile new start for us, a propitious moment to sow our seed, the time when we set an intention for any enterprise. In a rare event ("once in a blue moon") two consecutive new moons may occur under the same constellation. On the most improbable occasion, one of these sign-repeating lunations also happens to be an Eclipse.

    This is such an occasion. A double lunation in Leo - the first a New Moon at 00°♌44', the second, a Total Solar Eclipse at 28°♌53' (Aug 21) suggests that the universe might be trying to tell us something. Something specifically Leonine...

    When the Sun and Moon are both aligned in this fixed(rigid)fire(spirited) sign, we can expect some degree of pride and extravagance of manner to be infused into whatever venture we chose to place our intention.

    Leo exudes a special sense of magnetism, personal warmth, not nearly as egotistical or self-serving as people might expect. There is a boundless kindness, a fierce allegiance and generosity of spirit that radiates outwardly into those things we desire. These are preferably pursued with a kind of playfulness that is positive and inspiring....

    This New Moon is part of a rare triple lunation in Leo, including the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse (Aug 7) and the Leo Solar Eclipse (Aug 21) where the emphasis is on finding and expressing individual integrity in an age where technology and mass media threaten to compromise, prevert and homogenise the individual.
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    NEW MOON at 00°44′ LEO – July 23, 9:47 UTC
    Quote It’s New Moon time again, and our life cycles are being punctuated by the special reset point by the two most important bodies in our geocentric lives.

    Astronomically, a new moon is simply the moment when the Sun and Moon form a conjunction. Astrologically it means so much more. A new moon symbolises a fertile new start for us, a propitious moment to sow our seed, the time when we set an intention for any enterprise. In a rare event (“once in a blue moon”) two consecutive new moons may occur under the same constellation. On the most improbable occasion, one of these sign-repeating lunations also happens to be an Eclipse.

    This is such an occasion. A double lunation in Leo – the first a New Moon at 00°♌44′, the second, a Total Solar Eclipse at 28°♌53′ (Aug 21) suggests that the universe might be trying to tell us something. Something specifically Leonine…

    New Moons:

    We know that when the Sun and Moon come together to form a unit, that the instinctive attitude we adopt in order to feel comfortable (☽) easily supports the way we wish to express our intention (☉). The fusion of energies promotes a general sense of certainty and composure, both socially and privately, propelling us confidently into the intention we set for ourselves. It is as if the heart and mind are inseparably bound together, and we become imbued with a sense of great immediacy and force for application, so that whatever is done is done wholeheartedly.

    The Leo New Moon:

    When the Sun and Moon are both aligned in this fixed(rigid)fire(spirited) sign, we can expect some degree of pride and extravagance of manner to be infused into whatever venture we chose to place our intention.

    Leo exudes a special sense of magnetism, personal warmth, not nearly as egotistical or self-serving as people might expect. There is a boundless kindness, a fierce allegiance and generosity of spirit that radiates outwardly into those things we desire. These are preferably pursued with a kind of playfulness that is positive and inspiring.

    Whilst the energy of this Sun/Moon intent is engaging and benevolent, the overall emphasis and due credit must always come back to Leo, for it is the respect and adulation from the crowd for which Leo lives; their attention to the unique image we wish to create for ourselves; the dashing flair and theatrical display with which we choose to turn it on; the applause and, oh… the royalties, the tributes and accolades that critics and admirers may throw at our feet for our fine performance, and the chagrin of those detractors and cynics. Like a sort of compassionate egomaniac, a benevolent dictator as it were – Leo lights up the side of us which is going to go all out for others, be brutal in attaining a specific effect, and will not only rise to eminence for it, but will not stand to go unnoticed for our efforts.

    The Conjunction to Mars (00°A07′)

    This is the Napoleonic position of this warrior force (♂♌), which when imbibed into this New Moon mix makes us determined to get what we want with such dashing and spirited vigour, such assuredness of grandeur and entitlement, such irrepressible animal magnetism and charm that it isn’t easy for others to deny us of what we consider to be our ‘rightful’ claim to ascension.

    Those who resonate closest with this lunation will probably get away with all sorts of audaciousness for which, under more tame circumstances would incite outrage and resentment in others. To ‘get away with blue murder’ (both literally and figuratively) is probably not unlikely in instances where the violent force of one’s conviction seems most ‘noble’ and ‘divinely sent’. Leo rules the heart, so this placement means that Mars is in passionate alignment with what ‘destiny ordains’. Of course, humanity and its man-made laws may have its own judgements on such cavalier conduct, and even Napoleon met his Waterloo [see ‘hubris anger gods’]

    In any sense, a brash willfulness inflames any endeavour on this New Moon, a proud assertion of dignified or indignant sovereignty and the balls and valour to pursue glory or defend honour, for kingdom and for crown… A fixed/fire Mars energy generally kindles the entire lunation with such overbearing heat, that if in the hands of a conceited egotist could unfurl the most tyrannical fireballs (or at least a snappy toothless snagglepuss).

    One thing is certain with Mars in this position, if the tributes aren’t forthcoming as we’d like (or should demand) them, there could be dramatic showdowns, proud displays of indignation and violent temper tantrums. Leo’s vanity easily gets irritated or offended when the world fails to show appreciation and support for their heaven-sent brand of despotism. It’s not unlikely that the mission statements we see now somehow place the individual above the law, a throne position, where they feel they only need to answer only to themselves. This must be watched, though not likely to be easily curbed, except there’s….

    The square to Uranus (02°S15′)

    Needless to say, with this hard aspect now separating, it appears that there is not much sympathy for those who choose to selfishly pursue their own individualist means. Anyone who shows disregard for the dignity and empowerment of others, no matter how ‘fine and noble’ their own intention may seem could become the vent of building nervous tension.

    Uranus (in the late degrees of Aries, another fire sign) does not give a flying hoot about anyone but the self getting heard. It indicates that a wild force of resistance acts as the antithesis to anyone’s selfish & grandiose schemes. And since we’re all charged up with a piece of thunder and lightning, this could prove to be quite a storm…
    Abruptly inflamed personality clashes are likely due to disparate ideas on how to best govern over the ‘domain’ (Leo’s ‘kingdom’). Obstinate defiance, obstruction and defiance are likely to erupt over what appears nothing at all, creating a difficult battleground that may be impossible to manage. Agitators and saboteurs may surface merely to play devil’s advocates to the existing order. These would challenging the integrity of others rulership, especially those who choose to rule by might, bluff and the bluster of propaganda and pompous grandiosity, qualities for which Leo is famously criticised. They may do this for the sake of their own integrity, or merely to outshine those in control, or simply for the mere sport of it.

    Domestic matters could easily become unsettled now, especially if there are any signs of underlying tensions. Any unresolved internal conflicts, past or present, could suddenly come to snap into highly erratic, individualistic spasms to break free.

    These energies are likely too, to manifest in the wild nature of the collective.

    A kind of autocratic fever for freedom starts to spread among the masses, creating a wider atmosphere of social unrest and wilful agitation all around. Public incidents, which precipitates into group resistance or mass protests against authorities trying to seize too much control, may be quelled forcefully by the autocratic Leonine rulership using martial forces, as indicated by the Mars in this lunation.

    Sesquisquare to Neptune (01°S49′)

    Although a minor aspect, it is significant in that (along with Uranus) it indicates the powerful collective forces acting upon this lunation. Subtle energies, in the form of “alternatives” creep in to confuse and undermine matters. Lies, delusions and underhanded dealings try to subvert or weaken the honour and decree of the individual, striking at the sensitivities and uncertainties of anyone to express themselves, particularly in proud and forceful ways.

    It is therefore important to stay mindful that any endeavours undertaken with dishonest, deceptive or delusional intent will most likely suffer the same effects as pure light being diffracted through a smeared lens. Sometimes the best action is not to fight forcefully, but to humbly accept, embrace with a lack of vanity, express modesty, kindness and love without judgment.

    Trine to Chiron (02°S04′)

    The instinctive urge and determination is there to take action to clear the emotional body, exorcising it from its ego-bound ghosts of the past. Here, the expressive Leo must learn that in order to heal its issues, many of them emanating from blows to one’s vanity and sense of prestige, one must know that the heart always has the final say. If there are any such wounds, past insults or offenses to the ego, it’s best to lay them to rest, pick ourselves up and make like they never happened. The redeeming factor for Leo is in one’s ability to show strength and courage to be oneself, regardless of what others may sling against us. True integrity and ultimate self-dignity will come from learning to let go of the wound stories and focusing on finding security in fluidity and flexibility rather than rigidity.


    In a world so completely overrun by influential people who constantly pitch themselves and their ‘authority’ over us – parents, teachers, elders, peers, bosses, religious and political ‘leaders’, manufacturers and their marketeers, etc., it is important to identify just how much of who we are is genuine and true to our spirit and how much is merely a manufactured role that we have taken on in order to survive.

    Self integrity is critical here. Sometimes it is necessary to take a more aggressive stand to be ourselves, and to defend that over what is socially expected and morally correct of us. Whilst this may draw us into the world of drama, we also have a choice on how much we play into that. In the centre of our being is always the Self. Defending that against the selfishness of others becomes and imperative under this Mars New Moon in Leo. After all, if we do not proudly stand for something, we are prone to abjectly fall for anything.

    Enjoy the wonderful gifts showered upon you by this blessed New Moon xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports


    Quote Ok, so we’re seriously in Leo county now. After last week’s New Moon in the early degrees of Leo, we will soon be whacked by the mysterious powers of Lunar eclipse (Aug 7), and then, on August 21, the big one… the Leo Solar eclipse.

    Key transits in August:

    ♅ S℞ Thu Aug 03 02:55 am GMT Uranus 28°♈32′℞ Retrograde
    ☽ ☍ ☉ Mon Aug 07 06:11 pm GMT Penumbral LUNAR ECLIPSE at 15°♒25′
    ♅ ∠ ♆ Fri Aug 11 10:05 pm GMT Uranus 28°♈30′℞ Semisquare Neptune 13°♓30′℞
    ☿ S℞ Sun Aug 13 00:56 am GMT Mercury 11°♍38′℞ Retrograde
    ☉ ☌ ☊ Wed Aug 16 10:30 pm GMT Sun 24°♌14′ Conjunction Node 24°♌14′
    ☽ ☌ ☉ Mon Aug 21 06:31 pm GMT TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 28°♌53′
    ☉ enters ♍ Tue Aug 22 10:21 pm GMT Sun 00°♍00′ Enters Virgo
    ♄ SD Fri Aug 25 10:41 am GMT Saturn 21°♐11′ Goes Direct
    ♀ enters ♌ Sat Aug 26 04:30 am GMT Venus 00°♌00′ Enters Leo
    ♃ ∗ ♄ Sun Aug 27 12:18 pm GMT Jupiter 21°♎11′ Sextile Saturn 21°♐11′
    ☿ enters ♌ Thu Aug 31 03:28 pm GMT Mercury 00°♍00′℞ Re- Enters Leo
    Ok, so we’re seriously in Leo county now. After last week’s New Moon in the early degrees of Leo, we will soon be whacked by the mysterious powers of Lunar eclipse (Aug 7), and then, on August 21, the big one… the Leo Solar eclipse.

    In Leo, we learn all about integrity. Integrity and honour. And pride… The Sun’s passage through this majestic constellation asks us to bring out our biggest, brassiest balls and polish them up until they shine with glistening glow for all to notice. If these are made of the right stuff, they will be cherished and admired by others for possessing a certain indescribable quality of ‘authenticity’. This admiration then fills us with a special inner warmth which we naturally exude (as pride) and thus becomes its own, self-generating inspiration to keep shining. However, if there’s any phoniness strutting about, those puffed-up chests who try to impress that they’re best better confess before it all turns into one great humongous mess.

    Studying at the current planetary transits – and it is an exceptional year for Leo – chances are it could go either way. This could either be the most defining moment for any of us with Leo prominent in our horoscope (any Leo point/planet in your chart could be your brassy ball), or it can be the prick that bursts our bubble… All depends upon our level of consciousness about how true we are to our integrity and then, how much we feel we need to struggle just to prove ourselves.

    In this sense, it’s also not our role to judge whose balls are gleaming with brassy integrity and whose are steeped in corrupt intentions, bombast, trickery and scripted spin. It’s probably wise just to stand back a little, mind our own brass. Here, from a non-judgmental place of pure observation, we can watch the spectacular drama and fireworks display being rolled out among the ballsy big cats.

    If you do choose to get involved in the show, strut your stuff, you won’t be disappointed for someone to meet you for a showdown. Leo loves the sport devouring any contender for the limelight. Having all gone through childhood, it is likely that we can all relate to the schoolyard-type shenanigans being acted out in the various arenas around us, both public and private. One can choose whether to step up and actively engage with it, or simply be entertained by the parade, merely as an amused audience member. Remember, it’s all a big drama out there. Be mindful not to judge it as real. Learn to discern only the lesson; the moral of the fable; the essence of what is going on around us and allow it to move on. We are not looking to display our pride. We are purely seeking to stand in our integrity.

    It’s easy to see who is true and who is full of might and bluster here. Leo is a dead giveaway when he feels even a little insecure and uncertain of his prowess. On the surface ‘he’ becomes overtly theatrical, obnoxiously overbearing, verging upon being damned demanding that he be respected. When things don’t look like they’re going to go his way, Leo feigns to be mortally offended, and turns the whole show into a blast of indignation. The hysteria that follows can be scary. Those ferocious lions, tigers and bears who are resonating on the lower 3D axis of fear, domination and control are liable to tear you, or each other to shreds, just trying to prove who has the biggest, shiniest, brassiest balls.

    Let them.
    You cannot outstubborn a Leo.
    Ultimately, nothing can be Leo-ier than a true Leo.
    A true Leo doesn’t feel he needs to do anything other than to shine in his natural majesty.
    Shine in your own right, your own sovereignty. Keep on shining, and don’t ever fear – just love anyone who stands to admire, imitate or tease. If you take offense, then check in with your own integrity.

    Anyway, all that’s important here is that you are true to yourself during this month. Stay in integrity to your own centre. Avoid the high drama of that lot over in the West End, Broadway, Tinseltown, Head Office, Wall Street or Capital Hill. Their hijinx antics and special effects performances are hellbent on ensuring that we, as easily dazzled, paying pundits get the most spectacular show on earth. This show is mostly a diversion to the growing emptiness that lies behind the big facade – an apparent cover up for the lack of substance or true power that comes only from knowing that what you have to offer; what you are here to present, is coming from a place of certainty, presence and indisputable authority over one’s domain.

    In all the drama, what we are seeing are the instrumental players of the universe’s cosmic forces, setting out now to dismantle our reality structure, once and for all. This is how destiny works. In order for something to change, events must get dire and extreme. Before the new can take over, the old must die off. The old king will not go down without a fight. Before he makes way for his successor, he throws everything that stand beside him into the fray. As we have seen before throughout all history, when things are going down for the king, rather than surrender, there is a desperate, all-out dash to go out fighting. Even if this means the certain destruction of the kingdom. In this, he stands either to bring the whole kingdom down, or there must be an intervention to what is conceived as ruthless, unstoppable might.

    Look at the big egos fighting it out. They refuse to yield. They will try everything to credit themselves and discredit anyone who challenges them. They will puff up their importance and diminish and deride. They will find weaknesses in others and pounce… This is the lower, 3D-attached way of the Leo. These eclipses will highlight the shadow sides of this sign. There is much to learn about our own sense of maturity when we witness what comes out of acting with outrage and indignation. In the end, nobody wins when we engage in this relentless display of one-upmanship. Just more tyranny…

    In all of what unfolds, when observing from a non-engaging, objective neutrality (just watching wisely, engaging only with our presence), it is important not to become distracted by the style or manner of how things are being played out. Focus only on the effect that is being created. What is the overall outcome of all this chaotic drama? What is it here to teach us about ourselves?

    All that will matter at the end of the story is the truthful outcome. What will become the essential truth that we wish to take away? Let us not get too wrapped up in the personalities that come along and change the course of history, otherwise we stand to miss the lesson here. Let’s not get too obsessed with trying to make heroes or villains out of those who are actively engaged in nature’s ultimate struggle to disrupt the old order and make way for the new. Let us be observant that whatever structure was formerly in place was somehow unfair and uneven. It may have served some of the people for some of the time. But, like all structures, it failed to serve the whole. Eventually, it threw the entire planet into a state of imbalance. It messed with natural law. It destroyed the environment. It gradually became destructive to the equilibrium of its own kind by applying arbitrary judgements and values that were increasingly exclusive and unkind upon the whole.

    By placing a higher value only on certain things and diminishing or demeaning the value of all others, the world of humans has created a structure that is unkind to its feminine and destructive towards its masculine. Things we are born into, that we cannot easily change, such as our colour, gender, socioeconomic status, nationality, sexuality or creed have been used to marginalise us from ‘society’, to diminish our natural shine and individual integrity. These are the constraints of a fast-fading 3D kingdom, one that celebrates the clichéd personality over substance and truth.

    A new alchemy is now being weaved through into our collective, exposing to us what is true gold and what is merely the fleeting glimmer of a manufactured celebrity, a formulaic copycat of something that might have once seemed fine in the old order of things, but is has now only grown unnecessary, tiresome and too heavy to keep carrying on. The whole human ‘celebrity’ system of kings & queens, pop stars & popes, prefects and presidents has run its course.

    Time to let go of the phony facade of who’s more special or important out there and get to what’s real within.

    There is no joy in feeding into any system that celebrates only a few individuals as ‘worthy’ and ‘powerful’ whilst disempowering the many who, apparently, have arrived on this planet as simply “not worthy enough”. We have nothing to prove but that we are beautiful within ourselves. No need to become defensive or hysterical if this is challenged. Just radiate pure integrity, and it will bring you the respect and dignity that you deserve from others.

    WORD FOR THIS MONTH: With every shaky step you take forward, bits are falling apart. There’s no going back now. Just your progress alone is enough to dislodge any rickety bits that strangely still remained in place. All you can do is proceed in your own integrity, and do not worry about what you are leaving behind. It was flimsy and weak at its best. As you are realising, the magic veil of this delusion has served its time. And be sure, if you don’t like what you see ahead, just know that by pressing on, you will always have the option to make changes. As for the past… well, that’s beyond repair now. It has to die. Don’t get sentimental – it will not weep for you either…

    Blessings, and have an amazing month xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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