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Thread: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Special lunar eclipse message:
    Quote This week brings to a head many significant endings. If you observe things coming to an end for you now, then it’s best to make the peace with them before you let them go forever. Things from our past that we may have outgrown; ideas that we may have believed possible yet found to be nothing but dead ends; failed visions, dashed hopes, promises which had no way of ever being kept must now be forgiven, cleared away to make room for what is about to come through.

    If you have been strong, then you will have made way for things to clear around you. Becoming aware now that these are merely self-imposed limitations, you can look at them all with greater compassion and choose to let them go in a peaceful, loving way.

    In the lead-up to this eclipse period, you may have been sensing just how much you have been holding faith in some promise or someone that simply does not serve your higher self or brings you any closer to manifesting and living the dream held in your heart. On a subconscious level, we must all eventually come to accept that our conditioned expectations and limiting visions about the future actually hold us back from ever feeling satisfied in the present. It becomes evident that rather than bringing peace and contentment into our lives, they only create unhappiness and turmoil.

    Are you in conflict with life? You may not feel like you’re at odds with it, but take a closer look. How often do you get angry and lose it over the silliest little things? Or feel burned up inside because you know that part of you just wants to be happy, yet you still you feel discontented with the whole deal?

    It’s time to let life be just the way it is, let yourself be just the way you are, and say goodbye to those things which you cannot control.

    When we want things to be a certain way, when we expect our needs to be met, we can become fixated upon certain outcomes. These fixations, or attachments to things always going our way become so powerful that we leave ourselves wide open to suffering. Placing demands or too much pressure on concepts we have about how things should look and feel for us creates an energetic war within us.

    This war, projected outwards onto our world creates unnecessary hurt. This is not new. But we are seeing it most prevalently now thanks to an ever greater exposure to the world of control. The on-demand world that is more and more just a series of handling controllers. From cars, to desktops, to microwave ovens, ATM’s and online shopping, smartphones and entire social networks, vast systems that always seem to interconnect us to anything we want on demand just by controlling some digital interface, whenever we want it…

    And this way of functioning becomes an attachment that we tend to apply to our relationships. Which do not always work like that. Controlling people, whilst it’s an old thing, is now getting a little stale. And transparently toxic.

    If you want to control anyone at all, then start with trying to control yourself.

    Accept life as it unfolds, even if you do not always understand the reasons behind what is going on. As you may suspect, there are dynamic forces at work all around you, and everything is playing out for a reason. Trust that the universe is always going to give you exactly what you need; provide you with every tool that you need to become aligned with your heart centre.

    Only through your heart can you start to make contact with your higher self. Nothing/nobody out there, no matter much you try to control them or they control you is going to attune you to your intuitive centre.

    Take the gentle lessons offered by this Lunar Eclipse as the pivotal moment to release yourself from the baggage; the ties and cords of demandingness and control. Practice acceptance of all aspects in your life. Do not allow yourself to fall into a state of resistance and dissonance because this energy disconnects you from Source and from the knowledge and understanding that everything is playing out exactly as it needs to for your personal evolution and for that of the world around you.

    Let yourself fall wholly undivided into your heart centre. Surrender fully into your own personal divinity. Celebrate your courage, strength and pride to stand in your own sovereignty, away from your attachments and preside over your personal domain.

    Become aware of the light within you. Your awareness that, like the sun, you are indeed a divine source of love inspiration has the power to shift your entire perspective. When you resonate from your heart centre, you come to discover that you cease to be constantly playing into the drama of offense or defense. You begin to experience a depth of connection with the world around you unlike any other and the things you judged before as ‘wrong’, ‘bad’, ‘evil’ and ‘not good enough’ fall to the wayside. Everyone becomes your friend. Everything begins to co-operate with you, helping you to co-create the dream that you, and all the universe has been holding in its heart.

    Know that resistance, worry, arguing and fighting only limits receiving. Allow the universe, who loves you immensely and wants you to thrive to bring you all that you desire. Do not fight, grumble and moan that things, others, you are not ok. Everything is OK. Allow it to be so. Allow it to flow. Allow the loving universe to show you what it wants you to know, experience your deepest connection, your most ultimate joy and abundance, and live a life of peace and fulfillment.

    Lay down your internal resistance, open your heart and you will begin to thrive toward dynamic self-empowerment. Over the next 14 days, learn to release your attachments and desire to control the world around you. Breakthrough into full heart operation, and end your war with life once and for all.

    Stand in the centre of your world, your horoscope, your life mandala. Consciously remind yourself that you are not your limiting beliefs, you are limitless and all at one with the universal plan.

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    LUNAR ECLIPSE at 15°25′ Aquarius – Monday August 7, 06:11 UTC
    Quote ..... LUNAR ECLIPSE MESSAGE: It's time to let life be just the way it is, let yourself be just the way you are, and say goodbye to those things which you cannot control.

    It’s eclipse season again!

    Eclipses are significant events, helping to clear the way for something phenomenal and new to come into our lives by highlighting what is blocking us or getting in the way of our natural expression. Sometimes the realisation of what that is (often a part of our own behaviour) could be painful, especially if events conspire to force us to release the old and adopt the new.

    These August lunations, currently in the Sun sign of Leo, have much to teach us about individual will and natural, confident expression of the self and of course the shadow sides to all this.

    This third eclipse of 2017 (Aug 7) is the Lunar at 15°25′. Being a penumbral, it means the Moon moves through the faint, outer part of Earth’s shadow.

    Lunar Eclipses act upon our more dormant unconscious side, stirring up emotional patterns that trace all the way back to incidents in our infantile and formative development. Seemingly random events, or people from our past are likely to pop back up in our lives, triggering hidden, forgotten or unresolved issues.

    We may feel unusually sentimental, or conjure up memories that takes us back to our fractured youth. We may revisit past issues which we had not properly digested or emotionally processed at the time. Current or recent events – even subtle, indirect ones, may take us back to past episodes where we may have become disconnected or have dissociated from our spirit or heart centre.

    ......read the full astrological analysis on this Lunar Eclipse here.

    Special lunar eclipse message:

    It's time to let life be just the way it is, let yourself be just the way you are, and say goodbye to those things which you cannot control.

    This week brings to a head many significant endings. If you observe things coming to an end for you now, then it's best to make the peace with them before you let them go forever. Things from our past that we may have outgrown; ideas that we may have believed possible yet found to be nothing but dead ends; failed visions, dashed hopes, promises which had no way of ever being kept must now be forgiven, cleared away to make room for what is about to come through.

    If you have been strong, then you will have made way for things to clear around you. Becoming aware now that these are merely self-imposed limitations, you can look at them all with greater compassion and choose to let them go in a peaceful, loving way.

    In the lead-up to this eclipse period, you may have been sensing just how much you have been holding faith in some promise or someone that simply does not serve your higher self or brings you any closer to manifesting and living the dream held in your heart. On a subconscious level, we must all eventually come to accept that our conditioned expectations and limiting visions about the future actually hold us back from ever feeling satisfied in the present. It becomes evident that rather than bringing peace and contentment into our lives, they only create unhappiness and turmoil.

    Are you in conflict with life? You may not feel like you’re at odds with it, but take a closer look. How often do you get angry and lose it over the silliest little things? Or feel burned up inside because you know that part of you just wants to be happy, yet you still you feel discontented with the whole deal?
    How does this eclipse affect your sign?

    Aquarius During this Lunar Eclipse, you may sense your growing emotional craving for individuation and detachment from the demands of others, which may unconsciously motivate all kinds of changes in your personal sphere as you attempt to fill that inner void....

    Capricorn, you may feel the cosmic strain to make necessary financial adjustments in your life. Shared matters come into focus, as do issues of intimacy, sex & power – time to start laying down boundaries on what’s yours and what’s not. Your comfort zones matter, and now is the time to take care of your own needs without eclipsing the needs of others. Financial deals may reach settlement, the beginning or end of a particular debt, and mystery and intrigue may enter the picture now.

    Sagittarius, dramas surrounding the neighbourhood, common communication, getting around, deliveries and issues with siblings. Your everyday environment may change dramatically. There may be a major event in the life of a sibling. A publishing offer may open up an opportunity to promote yourself. Travel or education plans may come to completion. You might gain an entirely different perspective on a matter.

    Scorpio, your home situation is under flux. Home repairs, family dramas, and other such issues need serious attention. The demands of your personal life are now reaching crisis point. Life/work balance is necessary now to keep things healthy. Time to prioritise your personal interests so they don't affect your relationships. A major career project can come to culmination for you, making way for something new.

    Libra, this Lunar Eclipse will unveil just how much you are instinctively seeking inner approbation from your love affairs, activities of pure entertainment, or from hobbies you may enjoy. But is the emotional pleasure that you seek through these seriously going to appease you during this very conflicting moment? A crisis of authenticity may occur.

    Virgo, either you become more secure that you have all the talent necessary to do whatever you want to do, or you discover that you are pulling things off on bluff and cheap chicanery. If you’re dynamic, forceful, and assertive enough to make your own unique mark upon this world, something wild in you could be revealed right now that seems to blow us all away. if not, this time may create some turmoil and upheaval for you, particularly in your daily work practices.

    Leo, this Lunar Eclipse stirs up your instincts in one of two distinct ways: You will either discover a hidden truth about yourself that you have long been denying, or finally see something within those most significant to you, who for some reason have been keeping this truth from you....

    Cancer, some drama with regards to a spouse’s income, or your taxes, debts, and investments, may occur on a mundane level. It may be time to settle some of your debts, financial or otherwise. What makes you feel comfortable and secure needs to be balanced with attention to other people’s needs and comfort levels. There can be new money coming into your life.

    Gemini, your personal belief system is being challenged. You may feel a need to prove there is some substance to your words. All of the attention you’ve been giving to mundane affairs has you wondering when you’re going to have some fun. A leap of faith is necessary now. A critical beginning or culmination in education. If you are in business, a writer, or the like, you might reach a wider audience.

    Taurus, look at how your public image is being cultivated. Career matters come to a head, probably under pressure from personal, domestic, family, or house and home matters. Spontaneity and courage is necessary to step up and perform, possibly on a moment’s notice, so hopefully you know your stuff and act with authority to do whatever you must to demonstrate your competence.

    Aries, friendships are being stressed, or your relationship to groups or social networks are causing disruptions. You may be looking for support or validation from friends and social contacts now. A critical event involving a child or a romantic partner, or the culmination of a creative venture can occur at this time which helps to reawaken your need to start looking elsewhere for your fun.

    Pisces, you might notice that you have an overwhelming need to retreat, recuperate and much needed spiritual renewal. If you’ve been overworking yourself with all sorts of mundane activities, deeply absorbed into your work and routine, then it's time to balance your life with some down time – otherwise, you could simply feel like you are not running on all cylinders. It's possible that you feel exposed or betrayed during this time. You are particularly vulnerable to the revealing of scandalous secrets at this time, or you may be inclined to act surreptitiously, do something private, secret, or risky. Could be a job or role change at work.

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    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    from http://angstoic.com/2017/08/week-ahead-august-14/


    The effects of eclipses are felt for weeks, even months, before the event (in the case of most sensitive of people). It is important to note that since November 2016, that the earth is locked into a cardinal opposition between Jupiter and Uranus, challenging all our morals and beliefs, which temporarily releases in April 2017. Uranus then locks into a sustained semi-square with Neptune until September, warping our entire mindzones into another dimension altogether. By then, Jupiter and Uranus will powerfully oppose again for the last time, involving Neptune.

    Meanwhile, Mercury, and just about every other planet except for Venus and Mars will be in retrograde. In many ways, the more we try to analyse or define something which is best left as indefinable, infinite and divinely unspoken, the better our chances of trying to understand it.

    In this awkward period between a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar, it is as if the world is experiencing a kind of depersonalisation disorder which makes us feel somewhat removed from reality. It’s not like the “wow, this acid is awesome, man” sort-of-thing. It’s more akin to “I wonder what my heart is doing right now” and “I would love to be able to feel emotions again”.

    Dissociation, a form of hypnotic trance, is what helps victims survive the trauma of shock or abuse. The experience of any sudden jolt to the emotional & nervous system takes on a dream-like, surreal quality. Our increasingly numbed-out feelings and altered perceptions, not helped by our hapless engagement in the news from electronic media, only add to the strangeness of our experience. When what we are seeing around us ceases to fit into our concept of ‘reality’, it is easier to just detach, to forget, to make out as if nothing happened.

    We go on living our lives, but underneath, there is a weird sense of emotional detachment, a depersonalisation which occurs in order for us to deal with adjustments in our usual relationship to the exterior world.All throughout human history, the psycho-spiritual harm inflicted on the human spirit by individual violence for selfish motives are prevalent. However, these are insignificant when compared to the devastation upon the human race that results from self-transcending devotion to collectively shared belief-systems.Right now, thanks to the mayhem of the reality show that is ‘global politics on steroids’ and the media frenzy around its celebrity leaders, it seems that these belief systems are more derived from primitive identification rather than of mature social integration. Therefore, it is understandable that to survive, we are all somehow required to partially surrender some degree of personal responsibility, and slip into the quasi-hypnotic phenomena of group-psychology that has been slowly engulfing the planet throughout this year. Don’t worry, we’ve only just begun.Let your mind relax, take one of those ‘happy pills’ and float gently downstream to the public rally or political demonstration, where you will be transported into the grandest delusion necessary to cope with this strange and sad version of reality called your ‘experience on planet earth’. This world loves to be amused by hollow efforts to get counter-political, to be deceived by flattering appearances that you and a thousand of your friends are doing something to save something from possible extinction, to proceed deeper in this collective state of mass hallucination. Don’t worry at all… this world can forgive everything but the plain, downright, simple, honest truth, of course.
    Conversely, you may choose to remain in a neutral state of mindfulness at all times.

    If you do, connect to your higher mind through your heart, that is, you will see that your own experience is altering in such a way that no amount of debate and public discourse will ever help to align or appease you. The more you argue, discuss, contest, debate, try to reason with hardcore analysis, the less you will feel comforted. But you probably know this by now.

    Everything is changing. Except… it’s not out there, in the world around you, as you may be lead to believe. It is happening within. On a deep, neural, cellular level.

    Meditation (not medication or mediation) is the only way to assist your beloved human body to do this special preparatory work.

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    FULL MOON at 11°38′ CANCER – Tuesday January 02, 02:25 UTC

    Current Planetary Positions
    9:15:02 PM

    Sun 10° Capricorn 38' 45"
    Moon 26° Gemini 52' 02"
    Mercury 18° Sagittarius 05' 01"
    Venus 08° Capricorn 41' 41"
    Mars 14° Scorpio 15' 06"
    Jupiter 16° Scorpio 57' 29"
    Saturn 01° Capricorn 24' 22"
    Uranus 24° Aries 34' 16" R
    Neptune 11° Pisces 54' 26"
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 47' 01"
    Chiron 24° Pisces 38' 43"
    TrueNode 15° Leo 20' 28" R
    Quote Humans have been looking at the stars for thousands of years. In fact, other than sourcing for food and water supplies, I bet the architecture of the night skies was among the first disciplined studies. There’s a lot going on up there, and in the days before the intensity of our skies was drowned by flooding city lights and tv overtook our minds for entertrainment, the night sky must have been the greatest show on earth.

    There is much to ponder up there including god, eternity and whether we are alone, where we might come from and where we might go after we’re done in this place.

    Today, we don’t see so many stars – the brightly illuminated night glow of our urban landscapes rob city folks of the mystery that surrounds us up there. We seem content to view our entire world through the backlit image of a palm-sized gadget. We lose much connection with the heavens by forgetting to gaze to the skies and ponder our place in the cosmos.

    Two things that remain prominently wondrous and mysterious, always, are the Sun and Moon. It is especially the relationship between them as reflected by the Moon’s changing faces that fascinates us from time to time. These are hard to miss, even in the big city since we come to define our days, nights, weeks by them. The Moon becomes of special significance when she reaches her culmination point, fully illuminating our night skies once a month.

    So she stands at this particularly glorious Full Moon time, just at the cusp of the New Year.

    If the Moon rules Cancer -the sign of her dominion, then it stands to reason why, at the crowning phase of her own cycle we might feel more clutching for the safety and emotionally supportive elements in our world. Generally, the Moon’s monthly entry into Cancer activates our instinctive need to let our hearts be drawn to that place, those things, people who nourish us with the warmth and tender nurturance we need. It’s what defines our humanness. Our connection to the matrix, mother and the sweet-smelling bosom of her loving providence.

    However, in opposition to the stern, duty-laden Capricorn Sun, coupled with an sentimentally abstemious Venus, flanked by both Saturn and Pluto at either side, our need for emotional reassurance from the familiar is also met with a pressing force – one so intense that we may be overwhelmed by its harsh intent to make us face up to greater responsibilities.

    It is a case of having to find balance.

    Even if we do feel that our inner needs are being met, this very potent lunation will challenge our family spirit, domestic security, economic situation, faithful adherence to our heritage and culture. Are these things really holding us in good, healthy stead, or have we insulated ourselves too much to one side and neglected the side that tends to our responsibilities. We may at least suspect that we have become emotionally dependent, or unconsciously clinging to certain ways. Here, we are challenged to question if our habitual tendency indulge in the intimacy of our private bubble poses a serious danger to our ongoing survival and happiness outside our usual comfort levels.

    This Full Moon is a critical time, where our insecurities become heightened as we see a world which is fast-changing from the way it once promised to hold and support us.

    Of course, the past 12 months, with its major Uranian influences has deshackled us from many clutches to beliefs, custom, thoughts and ideas around established structures etc…

    As we will see over the next two years, the closer Saturn comes to its conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, the more relentless too spiritual matters press upon us, forcing us to grow – one way or another. Mounting pressure to wake up to the essential matters, to grow up, become mature and evolve into more socially responsible creatures dawns upon all humans on this highly populated planet. Enormous changes will inevitably lead humanity out of its thumb-sucking complacency and lead us into making phenomenal breakthroughs.

    Old structures and traditional modes of behaviour will start to fall away. Again and again we will be compelled to confront our secular little problems until they are thoroughly and completely absolved. Through a stripping away of our protective layers, we come closer to operating from a place of pure spirit. Through the march of political and technological progress, many of our dear old habit patterns will also disappear with the old jobs, social roles, traditions and customs of the coming age. It will happen rapidly.

    Some conflict of interests is always to be expected in the lead-up to Full Moon time. It is a time when we are faced with the possible disparity between our instinctive, unconscious needs and our more authoritative, decisive mind. We may see it played out, projected in our present-life dramas, our most intimate interactions, in which we often alternate roles in this active/receptive dichotomy.

    Are you aware of how you are being pulled apart between your consciously dutiful adult self and your needy, sentimental inner child?

    Conflicting interests between tending to personal comforts and greater, more social responsibilites may bring us to confrontations or crises points. Tough decisions must ultimately be made – ones that will affect the direction our lives take in the future. Either we are mature enough to address any pressing issues, effectively neutralise ongoing domestic dramas, restore any parental imbalances, or we may be forcibly thrust into dilemmas which (one way or another) precipitate an ending, or forced separation from those things that are no longer functioning to bring us peace.

    A near exact trine to Neptune offers a great potential for a successful resolution of these two diametric forces. However, we must be willing to take the plunge into the greater divinity of the infinite realms of higher dimensional thinking. Neptune inspires inner imaginative processes which can be integrated into our lives with a suitable form of outer expression. Environmental hypersensitivity helps us to discover a way of response that makes use of this heightened perception in creative ways. If we notice the more subtle messages coming through, we open ourselves to more compassionate, perhaps hidden or invisible dimensions of life. Acting on these, we can overcome the feeling of separation and duality and share the love and compassion in our hearts with those around us so they too can appreciate and contact the vitalising, uplifting and inspirational quality of the richly emotional inner realms.
    Trines too from the closing Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, produce intensely enthusiastic action, which can imbue whatever we do with the possibility of success. Our usual emotions are expressed in a warm, generous way, and we are able to reach out to others with a renewed confidence. This is a confidence that strengthens our ability to effectively assert ourselves – possibly because we really do feel competent and sure in what we is trying to achieve to make our lives more meaningful. We must be cautious of over-estimation of our energy and abilities, careful not to over-do things and go too far, engaging in destructive excesses. Sometimes, with best intentions, we can go too far or do to much in trying to care or nurture those around us.

    However, it is the Saturn/Pluto midpoint picture that defines this Full Moon for us. Here, we sense that this is a time when we know that we must soon come to terms with the progressive loss of the ability to avoid problems and challenges in the same familiar ways. There is a premonition that the old world is slowly going away, falling apart from the essence of our unconscious, our ancient DNA strands. Here, we are imbued with a deeper urge to return again and again to nagging problems until they are truly and completely solved.

    As we say goodbye to a very turbulent (and exciting) year, let us make our peace with 2017, who brought us one thing: The rising power to say ‘no’ to feeling excluded and marginalised, the ability to see that the old matrix is phoney, and no longer holds us in the way we might have complacently felt secure. Here, we are given the opportunity and the capacity to reclaim our individual strength, stand in the centre of our own universe, between the Sun and Moon, and unite creatively with those who wish to co-create with us. This becomes the basis of our new year’s resolutions, where we aim to dispel any notion that we do not have what it takes to make this world a more wonderful place, if only we just stay true and faithful to our instincts and intuition.


    Be guided only by your inner light and intuition.
    Trust it to show you the way, always
    through the fog of uncertainty or confusion;
    past all alluring sways of sweet temptation;
    beyond complexities of obstacle or the hostility of foe
    that life does often throw into your way.
    Feel your emotions follow gently, just behind you,
    letting you know for certain, should you stray.

    Listen to your inner voice.
    It is your sacred spirit calling;
    your divine built-in GPS,
    keeping you always on track,
    guiding you, without fail or distraction,
    helping you travel, surely
    towards your true destiny.
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    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    THE FORTNIGHT AHEAD: Dec 26, 2017 – Jan 9, 2018
    Current Planetary Positions
    10:16:29 PM

    Sun 10° Capricorn 41' 22"
    Moon 27° Gemini 31' 12"
    Mercury 18° Sagittarius 07' 29"
    Venus 08° Capricorn 44' 54"
    Mars 14° Scorpio 16' 42"
    Jupiter 16° Scorpio 57' 55"
    Saturn 01° Capricorn 24' 40"
    Uranus 24° Aries 34' 16" R
    Neptune 11° Pisces 54' 29"
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 47' 06"
    Chiron 24° Pisces 38' 47"
    TrueNode 15° Leo 20' 16" R
    What’s more scary – that you took it all so seriously back there, or that you may have to start now?

    Guess that depends on which end of the ‘SERIOUSLY’ argument you’re on.
    And then again, it’s how seriously.

    How seriously does one take all this?

    When we said it was gonna get really, really real, could you imagine that it would even matter? And who has seniority over your reality anyway… tell you to get serious, now?

    We’ll see.

    My opinion: not sure anyone’s taking anything seriously yet.
    It’s more like, #whateverdude
    Everyone’s all wised up and spiritually connected to their centre after Sagittarius.

    Unlike the past year, at this point nobody gives a hoot any more.

    Past the Solstice, VENUS’ immediate hold-up at SATURN’s Homeland Security is just her introduction into Capricorn. Sign says “ᴤ#ɪᴛ GETᔕ ᖇEᗩᒪ ᕼEᖇE”. She’s not native to Capricorn but she’s welcome, so long as she plays her cards right. Smiles cost extra.

    She’s following the SUN.

    Sol has only just ticked off his FIRST QUARTER with the MOON (04°♈48′) since they met back at the Galactic. In Aries, Luna’s not too fussed about anything but herself. She’s feeling a bit out of it all.

    Mars in Scorpio is hanging, expanding his dark horizons with Jupiter, getting buzzed out by Neptune.

    Private Party.

    Everything seems dispassionately chilled after the charade that went down on the holy day.

    What was that all about, by the way? How could one take that seriously any more?

    Venus gets closer to the Sun, almost a conjunction, for his FOOL MOON (11°♋38′ JAN02,2018). Yeah ‘Fool’, to oppose all that.

    A nice little Grand Kite forms to see in the New Year. Uranus stands to go direct – not engaged. Festivities are done.

    There’s a lot of emotion about but it’s subdued. Everyone’s wondering what happened to the ol’familiar fuzzy feelings usually vibing around holiday time.

    Maybe things are getting real… for some cats..

    .what does that even mean, ‘real’?

    Everybody’s still looking out there for a definition.

    Find out:

    By the time Venus finally catches the Sun, he has also reached PLUTO.

    Triple conjunction ♀/☉/♇ at 19°♑04′ at the THIRD QUARTER Moon (18°♎36′ JAN09, 2018). Looks like they’re all taking a T-Square from URANUS.

    Talk about your fated love-unions…

    Mars & Jupiter, working fanatically as one, sextile the whole thing. Old Nick the Stripper. Intense take-down.

    Suppose this is about the time ᴤ#ɪᴛ gets really, really real.

    The intensity experienced on a personal level by Jan 9, 2018 pretty much mark the flavour of the next couple of years. Something big is about to be borne. This next New Moon (Jan 16, at 26°♑55′ squares Uranus again. Massive jolts, on all levels of our evolutionary experience.

    Harsh. But only if you’re clinging.

    TIP: Stone-free awareness™ (this could be serious).

    Blessings, and feel free to smile through this xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports


    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,
    it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness,
    it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity,
    it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness,
    it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair,
    we had everything before us, we had nothing before us,
    we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way
    – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only….

    ~ Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

    Current Planetary Positions

    10:24:31 PM

    Sun 10° Capricorn 41' 42"
    Moon 27° Gemini 36' 19"
    Mercury 18° Sagittarius 07' 49"
    Venus 08° Capricorn 45' 20"
    Mars 14° Scorpio 16' 54"
    Jupiter 16° Scorpio 57' 58"
    Saturn 01° Capricorn 24' 42"
    Uranus 24° Aries 34' 16" R
    Neptune 11° Pisces 54' 30"
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 47' 07"
    Chiron 24° Pisces 38' 47"
    TrueNode 15° Leo 20' 14" R
    Saturn changing signs is like the end of a mini-era. When the Lord of Karma first entered Sagittarius in December 2014, it was only for a 6-month spell, briefly returning to Scorpio before formally changing signs in September 2015.

    The 2 1/2-year transit was here to teach us about faith, authenticity and Truth – things we generally get excited about but take much for granted, and often never question, just believe. If so, if we just go along, blindly and in good faith on what society tells us is true, then we may have learned some serious lessons over the past 2-3 years. We may have learned ‘the hard way’.

    As challenging as this period was, as tough as some of the lessons may have been over this time, we take away some tremendous gains and accomplishments for the times where acting upon our intuition – our own, inner truth-teller – has served us faithfully. To some degree though, we also leave behind a trail of sadness for the times we failed to believe what the inner voice was telling us, or acted in wild speculation, deceit or ignorance to our spirit.

    Any way you approach it, the Truth comes out in the end. Against the expectations, the physical pressures and limitations of time and space as sternly imposed by Saturn, we eventually come to terms with one truth – that whatever goes up in Sagittarius, must eventually come down in Capricorn. The forces of gravity are very, very strict. So, whilst it was a heartening, belief-defining period for us, it posed society and each and every individual with all sorts of moral/ethical questions and challenges to religions, politics, education, publishing and law.

    THE OLD SCHOOL – A PhD on life.
    Saturn’s change of signs will be akin to leaving your old school, the final, post-graduate year, in which tough lessons were learned, often through much exploration of your own, field studies and travels & adventures – real life-defining moments, where you may have wondered if you had the capability, substance or endurance to make it through. Whilst you may have been put through gruelling, ‘make or break’ examinations, after graduation you may look back with some sense of accomplishment and say… “well, that really taught me a lot. I wouldn’t be who I am now without those experiences.

    If nothing else, you survived, and that in itself is a testament of your ability to withstand the test of time, to some respect. So, well done! Another notch on your life-development belt. Another degree in the universe’s great university of life.

    Saturn in Sagittarius were the years you studied your PhD – a study of life’s meaningfulness – how everything fits together into one neat philosophy or manifesto, and where you eventually learned whether you qualify to teach your own philosophy on life’s truths to others (or not).

    Relatively few of us were ever born to profess this role in society. Most of us have had to contend, either pliantly or against our will, with having others impose and instill their beliefs and philosophies upon us. In this we have implicit faith that they what they are telling us is true, and we should believe.

    In short, this period has made us question whether we are the diviners of our own truth, or whether we take it from others. Through trials and tribulations, we have come to learn who and what to trust, and what, in the end informs this thing we call ‘truth’.

    My truth; your truth; the truth; ultimate truth… whatever truth.
    By this stage, as Saturn leaves Sadge, if the meaning of life still remains a mystery, you are probably still rambunctiously roaming about, in a world of wild speculation and projection, still trying to come to grips with your reality.

    If you are still speculating and trying to figure it all out, then you are most likely going to struggle with what’s about to come. As you try to ground yourself in this great scheme of things to come in a way that is meaningful – something that’s very possible with Neptune still in the first half of mutable Pisces, then an uncomfortably harsh reality may start to dawn upon you and your entire perception of your world. If you are not coming into things with a high degree of certainty and full strength in your own capability, there may be consequences.

    Why? Because we are now about to enter the harsh, grown-up, business world of Capricorn.

    Saturn Capricorn: (‘ᔕᑕᕼOOᒪ Oᖴ ᕼᗩᖇᗪ KᑎOᑕKᔕ’)
    Dec 19, 2017 – Mar 21, 2020; July 1 – Dec 17, 2020
    Regardless of what just happened there in Sagittarius, the moment Saturn steps ahoof onto the craggy slopes of Capricornia, we all enter a whole new level of ‘reality’. Unlike the vastly speculative, horse-roaming plains of Sagittarius, the terrain we will face over this next 2-3 years is far more harsh and punishing to the uninitiated. Rocky ground, steep, treacherous heights, sharp peak after peak, one common pinnacle for everyone to reach, strictly no cheating, short-cuts, piggy-back rides, and certainly no turning-back options, and only shame and disgrace should you unceremoniously slip and fall along the way.

    Not for the faint-hearted, Saturn immediately turns this part of our journey into a major test on our ambitions for worldly power, status and authority, usually manifested through our business, science, or political interests. If these areas do not interest you now, then prepare yourself for a crash course. It is by taking a hard-nosed, more professional, socially formal or scientific approach that we hope to see this period through with some degree of success. We will either become the leaders, contenders or abysmal failures of this very shrewd, sometimes excruciatingly arduous realm. There is always an objective to be met here, and by the time we graduate out of this transit (2020) we will each have some degree of a ‘business administration’ diploma in ‘How to Claim Your Stake in Society’.

    Capricorn is a Cardinal (Initiating/leading) Earth (practical/materialistic) constellation. As initiates in this school, we may immediately feel an overwhelming pressure to define just how we plan to make our mark in contemporary society. Regardless of who you are or where you stand, the calling for you now is to make a significant and worthy contribution to society. This becomes unavoidable because Saturn in Capricorn metes out a fair-minded, yet dispassionate justice: How you deal with it is another thing.

    Almost immediately, you will observe the pressure not to take on any endeavour that does not have some practical purpose behind it. Anything that does not appear to have a meritorious payoff may simply not be worth pursuing and you will learn rather quickly that it has to be ‘justified or gone’.

    To get through Saturn’s transits in this sign without feeling the guilt of wastefulness, immaturity and irresponsibility, we will need to employ some careful, skillful planning and a grown-up, practical sense of organisation. We must step up, answer the call with driving ambitiousness, place our attention on maintaining a secure footing in our social role, or job position by playing by the rules at all times. The objective is always on working towards taking the next step upwards, climbing up the steep escarpment of progress, seeking to achieve maximum recognition for our efforts, minimising any risk of losing any gains we have may have achieved so far. And the authority – the parent, boss, government official, conscience is watching, ready to scrutinize and judge your every action.

    Those whose character already possesses a degree of social impeccability, a reputation backed with a track record of dignified credibility, esteem and honour will have the early advantage. It is these highly-positioned members of our world, those paragons of respectability, who immediately take up positions of considerable authority and assume to be the masters of this period. They may appear austere, cold and emotionally unyielding, may even expect you to obediently take instruction from them without question. Being the living exemplars of their domain, we will learn to take lead, aspire to meet their expectations or accede to follow them/ be like them. Otherwise, there may be consequences…
    In this however, we will also watch them closely for any cracks or chinks in their armour. Those who lord high positions but fail to stay absolutely impeccable through this time will become exposed and unceremoniously brought undone in the most spectacularly public falls from grace ever seen (see Nixon/Watergate/1974). This is particularly likely during the periods where Jupiter in Scorpio creates a tense semi-square to Saturn (Dec 2017-Mar ’18, Sep 2018). During this time, it may seem that whatever we do is not enough to meet the expectations of others, and this creates a deep social divide that is filled not just with unfulfilled ambition, but an element of hypocrisy and spite which will create all kinds of upsets and setbacks.

    Unlike the wildness of fiery Sagittarius, earthy Capricorn chooses to stay conservative in both business and politics. Hence, it is through paying respect to traditional power structures that we expect to pass the major reality tests and life-examinations. During this period, those who lack the practical experience to deal with the responsibilities of power will fall under, and must follow suit of those who possess the capacity to attain worldly security and self-sufficiency. It isn’t just money, or practical skills, but more the prestige, honour and social clout among society that holds its victors in control.

    During this time, we will all be pressed to hold some degree of seriousness and sobriety, not just in adopting a conservative attitude but to provide a verifiable track record that we have been able to maintain our respectability in all past endeavours. One way or another, we must learn to successfully manage our own affairs, drive our own careers, be authorities in our public endeavour, even give advice to others where necessary. In short, we must demonstrate how well we comprehend and handle ourselves within larger political or economic responsibilities than just our own.

    Whether it’s through showing due respect to the established bodies, the prevailing structure, the earth itself, or perhaps learning what that means ‘the hard way’, we come to see that everything on this planet has its rightful place, its practical value, its own price. The importance shifts to each and everyone somehow finding out how they contribute to the greater social scheme by doing the work (paying due respect) that this planet so needs us to do, both as unique individual and as a collective unit.

    Saturn in Cardinal/Earth in is his domicile (ruling) placement, so he can afford to be the hardest task-master of all. His justification for meting out discipline/punishment/karma comes from his indisputable sense of earnest accomplishment. He has done it all the hard way, every step of the way, and now it’s our turn. According to this force, everyone should earn whatever they deserve through the merit of their own efforts. There are no ‘free rides’ in Capricorn. Just due credit for efforts made. In the highest, most trusting sense, those who either already are or manage to graduate to the top will not only achieve their just rewards, but then responsibly seek to help others help themselves.

    There will be times during this period where people might use their acquired wealth and material goods to control others. This is especially true as this transit evolves towards the end of its run. How successfully power and authority are achieved and administered will depend on the level of understanding and the degree of spiritual awareness of each individual, tribe, collective culture.

    Those who generally cultivate a strong sense of family pride and honour; who encourage strong traditional rule, often from established, influential families who are highly respected in the community will emerge as the leading exemplars of this period.

    However, those born into wealthy and socially prominent families are also in danger of being extremely callous about human values, mainly because they lack a certain empathy which relates to the experience of personal struggle without resources. With Pluto also in this sign closing a conjunction in January 2020, we may see the ruling classes closing tighter and tighter into extremely conservative and authoritarian regimes. Unless there is a fair degree of spiritual cognizance about what general governance is trying to achieve, and Capricorn, being the Sea-goat is capable of much wisdom and compassion, there may be a harsh, unforgiving administration of social order and structure.

    Social imbalances are likely to see greater division in the population, seeing social and economic inferiors as manipulable commodities rather than as sensitive human beings. Again, this tendency can be offset, particularly through 2019 (when the North Node in Cancer opposes Saturn), dredging up crises and calls for greater spiritual understanding and compassion, afflictions of collective fate which seems inherited from past incarnations. As it was during his transit through Scorpio, Saturn in Capricorn can help humanity reach either the heights of spirituality or the depths of materialism and selfishness, and this will probably play out as an extreme polarisation of both – one versus the other.

    As a whole, this period eventually presses us to take a deeper look at the dynamics where parent-child neglect, poverty, abuse and family dysfunctions have often been overlooked or ignored as the source of many problems in our society. A child raised without structure and discipline becomes a burden to itself and others in later, adult years. The lessons we learn through these years provide the necessary impetus for projects and ventures to learn how best to overcome these early, formative difficulties, and through improving our parenting we learn to allow individuals to achieve greater self-reliance and fuller empowerment. We come to learn that parenting, like governing is a serious business and if not handled with a great degree of presence of mind, not just for now but with respect to all posterity, it creates individuals who struggle to hold their own place in society as they grow.

    Some of the current symptoms of a fast-fading consumerist culture – one which thrives on achieving fame and fortune through superficial celebrity status, the fostering of disposable relationships just to get what one needs to feel important stems from our lack to appreciate and to promote any true aesthetic sensitivity.

    Any individual or culture whose primary choice is to judge things solely according to their price-tag, hashtag or facile media-celebrity status is subject to being placed under intense scrutiny, denigration and possibly condemnation of character during this very harsh time.

    We are encouraged to maintain a lightness, a sense of humor and an understanding of life’s deeper values – beyond mere materialism and status. The desire for status, if carried too far, can become an unsatisfying end in itself rather than providing a structure by which we each contribute to the greater social order.

    Here is a timeline of the greater planetary aspects to Saturn during his passage through Capricorn.

    ASPECTS involving SATURN (Summary)
    Many of the effects of specific aspects to Saturn over this period will be covered in individual articles, published periodically on this website. Generally, the more harmonious aspects to Saturn in Capricorn will highlight themes where we focus on maintaining a composed, upstanding code of conduct, keeping an untarnished sense of integrity and consistency in our character where business, political, and professional dealings are concerned.

    During more difficult (hard) transits, we may have to contend with the more mean-spirited, unscrupulous side of Saturn, where to achieve wealth, power and prestige come at some expense to one’s feelings and community concerns. Here, there can be a tendency to use literal, unyielding and unforgiving interpretations of the law for unfair advantage or even cruel measures to get to the top. The most dire effects of this sort of thing will be seen toward the late part of 2019, and 2020, when the Saturn/Pluto conjunction builds to a rise of extremist, unyielding power structures, and dictatorial behaviour, especially in government/corporate bodies.

    Of course, any unscrupulous means to advance one’s position will ultimately have to align with the forces of natural law, and as the cycle progresses, such conduct almost certainly brings about reversals of fortune, defamation, public disgrace, and, ultimately, a fall from power.

    Let us now learn all about taking our responsibility to society seriously, without imposing our expectations, our attitudes and our rules too rigidly.

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Uranus goes Direct at 24°♈34′ – January 2, 2018
    Uranus in Aries has been in Retrograde (Rx) since August 2, 2018. The effects of retrogradation upon any planet pushes its usually exteriorised operation towards more subjective, internalised applications.
    On January 2, 2018, Uranus appears to station, shifting gradually into direct motion. How does such a shift alter the expression of this more radical, revolutionary, disruptive force?Current Planetary Positions
    9:13:55 AM

    Sun 12° Capricorn 10' 24"
    Moon 19° Cancer 47' 39"
    Mercury 19° Sagittarius 35' 51"
    Venus 10° Capricorn 34' 52"
    Mars 15° Scorpio 11' 11"
    Jupiter 17° Scorpio 12' 32"
    Saturn 01° Capricorn 34' 53"
    Uranus 24° Aries 34' 13"
    Neptune 11° Pisces 56' 26"
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 50' 04"
    Chiron 24° Pisces 40' 58"
    TrueNode 15° Leo 14' 33" R
    Quote Uranus energy is the obstinate urge to resist convention, to rather do things in our own unique way. Why do we take this way? What urges such irrepressible desire to break away from the standard and accepted mode of conduct and veer out into something different?

    The answer lies high above our cerebral cortex, in the astral plane where negative and resistant thoughts hover and accumulate, randomly pulsing into our individual nervous systems whenever we connect to the sky-god. Its operation is at the ‘electrical’ level, where in an instant our brain is suddenly zapped with an idea that seems so foreign, it feels as if it is being transmitted to us from another dimension. Yes, the source of these Uranian ideas feels alien to us, because they appear to be coming from a place beyond that with which we are familiar.

    Like a lightning bolt along the horizon on a moonless night, our world is suddenly illuminated with an insight into what lies beyond the standard, old way, and we cannot resist becoming excited about espousing a brand new way; irrepressibly urged to share it with others.

    In the period where Uranian energy turned retrograde (Aug 2017 – Jan 2018) this urge – to pursue a genuinely different direction became internalised. Like a mad professor who locks himself away in his lab to experiment with some new invention, or the revolutionary who recedes into his den to draft his wild manifesto, or the meditator who channels profound new insights towards a more progressive way of being, this energy is processed within, pulsing and re-pulsing through one’s entire nervous system, producing a fresh analytical formula for a ‘provocative new truth’ which is taken into complex development until it jolts all priorly-programmed thinking to become rejected, rewired, and soon to be revealed when the planet finally spins into direct motion.

    In this way Uranus Rx affects us all. We may sense that we have seen more than just a mere glimpse of something new, evocative and disturbing in these past few months. Its applied, internalised development has spurred our formerly conventional understanding into a frenzy of new mental activity. We eventually come to contemplate a possible new approach in our lives, or perhaps we see it mounting in the lives of those around us. One way or another, we just know that things are changing, and our old-familiar world is never going to be the same again once these energies are expressed and exteriorised.

    Or perhaps we are given to stand strong, imbued with an inner rebelliousness to stolidly resist change.

    Interestingly, our more conservative side, the one that dislikes any deviation from a tried-and-trusted routine, is also subjected to this internalising effect. Here we may sense an uncomfortable awareness of the rebelliousness in others. We experience any unusual new inklings as rude, crude or unsettling to our constitution and with Uranus in Aries, this energy socialises itself via the guise of radical conservatives, traditionalist zealots, and enemies of dreamy enthusiasts and futuristic utopians.

    Do you know somebody like that? Are you one of these? Have you been holding your tongue in stony hibernation for these past five months? In any case, a formidable clash is soon likely to emerge, one which is likely to cause serious disruption in the outer world.

    If our traditional viewpoint is too stodgy or super-straight-laced we may have felt an enormous irritability against anything unusual or radical during this retrograde period. It may be that you have been hearing alarm bells ringing, heralding that your precious, orderly structure may be about to undergo a sudden shift and you don’t like it one bit. In this case you may be formally mounting your own counter-resistance against any suspected attacks.

    Or perhaps you may be forced to admit that your old methods are no longer sustainable, and resist as you may, must decide that might have to fold, retire, give it up for the change that is about to occur, or simply fight this out. Such drastic action might come as a great upset to many, but whether we are planning a surprise counter-defense or a sudden resignation, this is also the energy of Uranus Rx at work. Do you know some individual, group or company that fits this description? (Is it indeed you?)

    So, what’s going to happen when all this comes to a grinding halt in a couple of days and Uranus goes direct?

    [image matrix software]
    You guessed it. …. Kaboom!
    When one becomes intuitively inspired, excited or unnerved about some extra-sensory notion of change, and one stews and bubbles and writhes with this idea (perhaps losing sleep) for some months; when one repeatedly hones their argument to a such point where it becomes nothing less than a livewire of irresistible electric forces, then look out!

    Uranus incites a tendency to rally all affected individuals into groups of like-minded minions (whether for or against revolution) towards a common visionary movement. These movements may emerge as ideological as in the form of protests, strikes, innovation breakthroughs, industrial reforms, political upsets etc., or, in the notable absence of a conscious resistance the movement, this force may manifest as a seemingly random act of nature (or man) where a sudden quake or calamity is set into motion wherever people have not been able to generate change for themselves One way or another, an explosive force creates an unprecedented event that comes to rally people together in response to a sudden disruption of the old way.

    It may be termed as such, but this is no ‘accident’.

    It is the influence of our unexpressed collective thoughts for change and resistance, sent into the astral planes, accumulating strength and developing into a burst of energy that when it gathers enough punch, finds its way to instantly ground itself here on earth.

    One thing looks certain. These next few months are set to pack an astonishing furore not yet seen in our lifetime. These forces have been considerably intensified since the Uranus/Pluto squares (2012-15). As such we are not strangers to the reality that our world is now in a state of unmitigated and relentless change.

    What exactly are we talking about? I think you know… Nobody reading this article can possibly think things are fine and rosy in this world. Everyone can sense that things just cannot stand the way they are. No matter how much pressure is applied, eventually nobody will be able to hold back the growing tide of wild reformist views, whose horns are trumpeting increasingly louder and louder by the minute.

    Whether it is governments, corporations, right-wing nations, fuel & power companies, banks, religious groups, cults, secret societies, billionaires and media magnates, there is a growing cacophony of dissent about those who try to suppress, deny or enslave the very individual freedom so blindly and obstinately governed by the individualistic insurgency of Uranus in Aries.

    Does this mean revolution? Maybe, but not necessarily a bloody war. Certainly there is going to be enough rebellion to force a shift towards something that caters to the new human ability to make a stand for greater individual rights. Whether we are willing to accept it or not, every individual living being on this planet desires freedom from oppression. Events will conspire that precipitate a breakthrough, to stand away from those who try to suppress our need to do and be the way we wish to be, without compromise.

    Direct Uranus energy is expressed through many of us during the several bouts of cardinal aspects from now till Aug 7 2018, when Uranus travels between 24 degrees Aries and 2 degrees Taurus. More updates here as events unfold……

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    THE WEEK AHEAD: February 12-18

    Quote It is so important for us as sensitive, yet sensible individuals to maintain a sense of connectedness with life.
    If we disconnect by putting up walls to protect ourselves, running away from life's challenges, or evading dealing with others we just end up exhausting, victimising, and alienating ourselves.
    This journey can be far more rewarding, effective, and healthy for us if we have the courage to work with our sensitivities rather than have them working against us.
    With the Partial Solar Eclipse at 27°08′ Aquarius only days away, we are still in the critical mid-eclipse ‘gateway’ zone, where all manner of absurd and wonderful things could happen, and most likely already has. By now, the Blood Lunar eclipse has forced us to accept that certain personal relationships have ended for us, some of these still stuck in our memories from months, even years ago.

    As our sense of time starts to both pick up and slow down, we unavoidably focus our attention upon the fundamental truths about what those relationships were really all about, and why they went so sour for us.

    We see too, how it exposes the true character of all those around us at the moment; how many unresolved elements that we are still dragging with us from the past continue to repeat, with even greater intensity. This forces us to make strong judgements; makes us want to strongly disconnect from certain people, groups and certain cultural habits.

    The eclipse itself acts like a big magnifier of life’s underriding themes, pushing them to the fore so we can deal with them now, once and for all.

    Here are the main transits for this week….

    ♂ Sqq ♅ Mon Feb 12 08:34 am GMT Mars 10°♐16′ Sesquiquadrate Uranus 25°♈16′
    ☿ ∠ ♄ Tue Feb 13 03:47 am GMT Mercury 21°♒01′ Semisquare Saturn 06°♑01′
    ☿ □ ♃ Tue Feb 13 10:39 pm GMT Mercury 22°♒24′ Square Jupiter 22°♏24′
    ☉ ∗ ♅ Wed Feb 14 02:23 am GMT Sun 25°♒20′ Sextile Uranus 25°♈20′
    ☉ ☌ Jn Wed Feb 14 10:44 am GMT Sun 25°♒41′ Conjunction Juno 25°♒41′
    ♀ ∠ ♇ Thu Feb 15 03:55 am GMT Venus 05°♓15′ Semisquare Pluto 20°♑15′
    ☿ ∗ ♅ Thu Feb 15 03:08 pm GMT Mercury 25°♒23′ Sextile Uranus 25°♈23′
    ☽ ☌ ☉ Thu Feb 15 09:07 pm GMT Moon 27°♒08′ Conjunction Sun 27°♒08′
    ♀ ∗ ♄ Thu Feb 15 11:20 pm GMT Venus 06°♓16′ Sextile Saturn 06°♑16′
    ☿ ☌ Jn Fri Feb 16 06:13 am GMT Mercury 26°♒31′ Conjunction Juno 26°♒31′
    ♂ □ ♆ Sat Feb 17 11:21 am GMT Mars 13°♐22′ Square Neptune 13°♓22′
    ☿ ☌ ☉ Sat Feb 17 12:28 pm GMT Mercury 28°♒47′ Conjunction Sun 28°♒47′
    ☿ enters ♓ Sun Feb 18 04:29 am GMT Mercury 00°♓00′
    ☉ enters ♓ Sun Feb 18 05:19 pm GMT Sun 00°♓00′
    The Aquarian Sun’s closing superior conjunction to Mercury forms a sextile with Uranus accelerating development of all kinds, finely honing our intuition so that we can instantly evaluate all facts and render a judgement that supersedes anything we have known before.

    Observe carefully what is going on in your life as objectively as possible this week. See things for what they truly are, without emotional filters, deferring any need to make any final decisions till such time when you are sure that all the facts are in.

    Eclipses can often see to things that your best laid intentions probably don’t come off exactly as you planned them. Unforeseen circumstances and changes of direction are likely to occur – real curveballs that nobody could have predicted may come along and blow all expectations.

    So hold off for now. Make careful note of all new information; the amazingly clear insights; the seemingly random messages and signals flooding into your consciousness from just about everywhere you turn your head. These will provide important cues for you to consider in your understanding of why this period is so significant and how much your life is about to be take an exciting new twist.

    As humanity continues to become ever more sensitive over these next few years – thanks largely to the entangled supernatural forces of Uranus (♅) and Neptune (♆). These outer, gas-giant planets act very subtly and invisibly upon our senses, bringing hidden truths and realities to light. Our goal becomes to find our own unique way to speed our evolution onto a higher dimensional level of awareness.

    Picture it like our planet being showered by certain frequencies of reflected and rarified starlight, bouncing back onto us via those mysteriously distant planets in our solar system. This combined effect of these magical lights seeks to disrupt and dissolve some of the baked-on, crystallised patterns of behaviour, still negatively trapping us within our cultural milieu. Of course, there is also the danger that many will get washed up in these and seek only escape and mysticism, simply for the ‘trip’ and not the ‘learnings’.

    These energies are impacting our pre-conditioned tendencies to shut out, deny, distort and dissociate ourselves from enjoying a spiritually pure, lighted experience. They seek to liberate humanity from the repressions society imposes upon the conscious mind via our parental and social infrastructures, such as formal education and cultural norms and standards.
    The shuttling stream of these complex cosmic energies gradually inspires and enlightens the nervous system and the imagination with deeply profound insights about our personal and collective journey here as humans. As these mystical and spiritual realities can be seen more clearly, they start to erode and dissipate our half-baked cultural myths as well as dissipate our familiar, fated karmic imprints.

    At times, this can be a conflicting process, since the lower-grade tendency would be to escape and dissociate. Mars’ passage through the ♅/♆ curtain this week could spell ineffectiveness due to erratic, self-absorbed, unhinged, ungrounded actions. Those operating at a low-level consciousness could slip into their favourite ‘victim’ routine, whether through drugs/alcohol, evasive or escapist activity, or just a dumpload of emotional drama.

    Those who have been consistently hurt by others in life will only see the world as having terribly wronged them, so they reprise and repeat their mournful saga of abuse and victimhood onto everything and everyone that they encounter.

    Everything becomes a trigger to these people’s damaged sensitivities, so they are easily set off into defensive reaction. Dissociated from the present, the spirit is too blindsided by their bruised and battered ego to see all the healing and support that the universe has to offer them – if only they would only open their eyes, reach out and make contact.

    Broken, angry people usually look no further than what they want to see. Even if their self-defeating behaviour is brought to their attention in a compassionate way, they react with either acceptance or denial of blame and persecution. Unfortunately, this keeps them bound into the victim archetype throughout their whole life.

    Tremendous floods of light will allow those who see clearly to take every action to either help those who cannot, or to swiftly move away to avoid being dragged back into the shadows. We cannot force help on others and by the end of the week we may feel exhausted or just disheartened in our efforts if we cannot help.

    Ultimately, the early-boarders on the ‘freedom train’ will have come to learn why it was so important not to make any drastic decisions this week. That train is about to take off onto a plain which elevates them slightly above the deeply entrenched misery of those who refuse to let go of their emotional baggage. Uranus promises surprises for everyone, and by the time the Sun and Mercury simultaneously shift into Pisces (Feb 18), we will all begin to see our dreams unfold in a brand new light.

    Meanwhile, the karmic forces ruled by Saturn are not going to give in without a fight. They will desperately try to keep us all entrenched and firmly rooted into our old accustomed places using fear and intimidation.
    As Saturn, now in earthy Capricorn continues to hold fast by building a thick, crusty outer layer around our ego complexes, in attempt to block these liberating ♅/♆ light frequencies, the real split within society starts to emerge.

    Saturn’s (♄) steady approach towards Pluto (♇), also in Capricorn, means that the subversive drive to control and manipulate the human spirit will become ever more intense and ever more present whenever we try to express our fundamental human liberties. Many of us may continue to go along, working for those whose intent is to secure and reinforce power using insidious means.

    Given enough force, and without any resistance, these combined ♄/♇ planetary energies will start to develop into a staunch totalitarian force. As they continue to close in tightly, so too do the measures for discipline and control begin to emerge out of the darkness.

    By 2020, they will have found ways to apply the all the available instruments of global business and governmental infrastructure in an attempt to tighten the screws on personal and collective freedoms by trying to enact more stringent and intrusive laws, building firmer systems to regulate, enforce and control humanity into separateness and isolation. We feel this, and are also keenly aware of how we also choose to play into their corrupting use of power, lies and organised concealment of truth.

    Hence, a tremendous paradoxical phenomenon occurs as we see the greatly disruptive forces fighting for spiritual liberation going up against those of oppression and darkness. If we look closer, we can see these elements begin to play out between us, in our relationships with others.

    This week begins with the Capricorn Moon hovering over this harsh ♄/♇ midpoint. We may feel a strong urge to connect to deeply subconscious forces and to bring up whatever is there to be examined. This not only lays down the foundations for the week, but gives us the grounds upon which we must tread if we aim to separate ourselves from the whole victim/persecutor/saviour routine.

    By definition, victims are those that have experienced a trauma of some sort at the hands of some unenlightened satyr. We see them going through the whole gamut of emotions and external circumstances that they are supposedly under. Constantly, they are trying to wrap their heads around what happened to them, casting blame, scorn, shame and inadequacy upon themselves and those who persecuted them.

    It is becomes a constant struggle trying to regain some sort of balance in their mind. Because they feel violated, ripped-off, confused, afraid, insecure, ashamed, guilty, impotent and at a loss for words/actions/thoughts. Some of them visibly still feel numbed, knocked out of the engagement, even in shock.

    Someone whose mind is stuck in a state of crisis and chaos is constantly looking for a hand to either hold them through their pain or to bite off.

    Be mindful how you come to feed into this energetic this week.

    Blessings, and have an amazing week xx
    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018
    see also…

    Venus in Pisces: Cosmic Scopes (Feb 10 – Mar 06)
    SUPER BLOODY BLUE MOON ECLIPSE @ 11°37′ Leo – January 31, 13:27 UTC
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    A S T R O L O G Y O F N O W The Week Ahead March 05-11

    Quote After the Sun/Neptune and a triple conjunction in the late degrees of Pisces with Chiron, inner planets Mercury and Venus shift into combatant Aries by early mid–week. We switch from dazed and confused to crazed and abused, and squares to Saturn means that someone cops a rap on the knuckles with the nasty stick for shooting smart at the mouth. Meanwhile, the harsh dose of reality swings the mood into somber, maudlin undertones, since the other major switch on our cosmic radar this week is Friday’s Jupiter’s station to go retrograde at 23°♏13’℞.

    Here are the main transits this week….

    ☉ ⊼ ☊ Mon Mar 05 05:02 am GMT Sun 14°♓34′ Quincunx Node 14°♌34′
    ☿ Sqq ☊ Tue Mar 06 00:46 am GMT Mercury 29°♓30′ Sesquiquadrate Node 14°♌30′
    ☿ enters ♈ Tue Mar 06 07:35 am GMT Mercury 00°♈00′
    ♀ Sqq ☊ Tue Mar 06 01:25 pm GMT Venus 29°♓28′ Sesquiquadrate Node 14°♌28′
    ♀ enters ♈ Tue Mar 06 11:46 pm GMT Venus 00°♈00′
    ♃ S℞ Fri Mar 09 03:24 am GMT Jupiter 23°♏13′℞ Station to Retrograde
    ☽ □ ☉ Fri Mar 09 11:21 am GMT Moon 18°♐50′ Square Sun 18°♓50′
    ☿ □ ♄ Sun Mar 11 07:01 am GMT Mercury 08°♈00′ Square Saturn 08°♑00′
    ☿ Sqq ♃ Sun Mar 11 10:41 am GMT Mercury 08°♈13′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 23°♏13′℞
    ♂ △ ♅ Sun Mar 11 11:23 am GMT Mars 26°♐24′ Trine Uranus 26°♈24′
    ☉ ∗ ♇ Sun Mar 11 11:52 am GMT Sun 20°♓51′ Sextile Pluto 20°♑51′
    Jupiter last retrograde period was in Feb-Jun 2017, leaving his Rx shadow at the beginning of September. This means that we have been traversing new areas of growth, learning new laws, higher understanding and integrating all-new knowledge since early September.

    Exploring new ground, trying to make sense of everything that is coming through and perhaps put a some meaning to it all has been exhausting, especially since Saturn has been so harsh on Jupiter (semisquare) for the past 3 months.

    However, it is the period since December 12 2017 that is most important to us, since Jupiter’s had also been in his shadow zone, meaning that all new material covered since then will be revisited not once, but twice over during the next 7 months.

    Yippee! Are you ready for some powerpoint revision and the slide-show pics from the trip?

    Jupiter in retrograde is beyond the classroom or the textbook. It requires us to go into an experiential-style learning – the actual re-living through something vastly wonderful and life-expanding, turning it into a highly personal spiritual journey in order to explore it to its full potential.

    By reviewing all our research and study during the retrograde period, we aim for an incorruptible insistence of the truth, so when Jupiter turns direct again (July 16) we have all our principles aligned so convincingly that nothing can sway the meaning of our argument, and hence the conviction of our beliefs.

    During this period of internal expansion, a certain idealisation may start to take precedence over practicality. Since our experiences become subjectified during the retrograde period, our working hypotheses on life may become more important than life’s mundane everyday experiences.

    read the full article….. JUPITER IN SCORPIO: Oct 11 2017 – Nov 9, 2018 http://angstoic.com/2017/10/jupiter-...17-nov-9-2018/

    As Jupiter retrogrades through Scorpio, we see a lot more projection of ‘truth’ going on. People start to point and shoot poison tipped ‘truth-bombs’ about what they wholeheartedly (swear-to-god-like) believe to be their honest truth onto others.
    Since it’s most likely just subjectified hypotheses at this stage, there’s an awful danger that those going around preaching sermons from their very own, home-made gospel; absolutely convinced about they believe to be ‘truth’, may turn out to be simply living on a prayer (or a death wish).

    Rx Jupiter Scorpio can press a point so intensely, with such emotional ferocity and utter violence of conviction that we could all at once see the worst and best come out each time a case is being heard. Kinda creates a paradox, since whenever we see someone driving an a hard line, it makes us want to flinch and quiver both is acceptance and dissent. Our response become just as extreme as their tenet and dogma. We are both likely to understand and misunderstand their point; both accept and reject their argument; both be in complete awe and detest them; respect and despise that person for all they represent.

    Do you know someone who might fit that description? Someone you may have been studying with, learning from, wanting to understand life better through? Perhaps you’re that person – someone who’s prone to push their wheelbarrow of learnings; their unsubstantiated sophisms and half-baked aphorisms across to others in such a fiercely unrelenting manner?

    Those who are prone to hold extremely one-sided views or impart extremist beliefs; who are a bit highly strung, sexually tense, all banked-up with frustration from feeling completely misunderstood; who feel repressed or abused by others could become quite fed up with how things are working out in their world.

    Watch this, it’s an interesting phenomenon. Since Jupiter entered Scorpio in mid-October 2017, there’s been a lot of dirt raised, and the way to get justice has been to go public. Hang that filthy laundry out for all to see. It’s been all about the smirch that it’s left on us more than worrying about the cause though.

    People are seriously at their wit’s end about the stupidity or blind ignorance, the arrogance or abuse of those people who just fail to see their point, or worse, have trespassed their prerogative have been given to exact their revenge. These same people and – as always with Jupiter, there has been a swelling growth in bandwagonettes and copycats – will over these next few months feel an incredible urge to have all the freedom and liberal space they need.

    By the middle (Ides) of March, when Jupiter completes his third and final semisquare to Saturn, the knives come out for those autocratic types in a big way. We see it in every institution where the heads of state have been less than impeccable.

    Jupiter wants us to grow and integrate, to explore the unknown mysteries of this universe, experience the great highs that been kept from us, be known and eminently famous and woe to anyone who tries to get in our way. Saturn wants to stop that. It becomes a fight, and Saturn isn’t going to let this nonsense go down so easily. Someone has to stand their ground, and keep all the excitement and speculation in its place right?

    We shall see how it all turns out. (read more about the Jupiter/Saturn here) http://angstoic.com/2017/12/jupiter-...uares-2017-18/

    In the meantime, we’re up un down. Day by day we continue to swing from happy to sad, happy, sad…
    It’s a test of faith, and it’s gotta end somewhere.

    Something about the ides of March feels ominous…
    See what happens.

    Blessings, and have an amazing week xx
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    ARIES NEW MOON (April 16) Messages & Intentions

    Current Planetary Positions
    9:57:45 PM

    Sun 23° Aries 08' 16"
    Moon 16° Pisces 49' 53"
    Mercury 05° Aries 00' 13" R
    Venus 15° Taurus 52' 18"
    Mars 14° Capricorn 33' 46"
    Jupiter 21° Scorpio 23' 59" R
    Saturn 09° Capricorn 07' 43"
    Uranus 28° Aries 10' 19"
    Neptune 15° Pisces 20' 57"
    Pluto 21° Capricorn 15' 54"
    Chiron 29° Pisces 46' 04"
    TrueNode 12° Leo 26' 47" R
    Quote NEW MOON at 26°02' ARIES

    Fellow travellers,

    There is nothing more exciting than a Uranian New Moon, especially in Aries. You just don't know what you're going to get (or give) under such stars. As usual, we offer extensive material to help provide reference and guidance through this lunation.

    Against the backdrop of sobering pressures imposed by that stiff, board-of-director type energies currently in the Capricorn stellium, the Aries lunation presents a clear and present danger - a brazen dissent from any conservative structures of traditional parenting, big business and stodgy governmental types.

    There is utter irreverence everywhere, and paradoxically intense need to contain and control.

    This lunation is all about discontent with the system - a break from the consensus and a split into the individual, freedom-loving self. The Sun/Moon conjunction - only a couple of degrees away from Uranus (now in the final degrees of Aries) urges us to direct our pent- up energies in most untethered and unhinged ways, spasmodically expressed along unique or unusual lines.

    It's both middle fingers in the air, flipping the establishment the B.I.R.D.

    Extraordinarily disruptive events create news that is bewildering and insightful, just when it's least expected, in ways that are impossible to predict, with consequences nobody can imagine, let alone know exactly how to handle...

    And yet, when freaky and provocative things happen, nobody really ought to be surprised either.

    This high-voltage power punch of speculation and innovation has just been waiting to happen. They should have seen it coming. Genius strikes hard, bringing to light energies in the subconscious and illuminating the entire planet to a new level of consciousness.

    All at once, all become vitalised by the newsflash that exposes us to the constraints of Saturn/Pluto's past/future controls, allowing us to look freely at their mechanics and giving us the option to break loose and follow our own path.

    Yes, dammit!

    Just like we always wanted to....

    ... but hey... There are at least two sides to every story, right? Well, in this case, every individual has at least two sides and where there's liberation & freedom, there's also a great deal of insecurity and chaos. And we cant have freedom and revolution and expect to have security and order around us.


    Here's a couple of things to consider as we launch, headfirst into this explosively irascible next few days, then come down to earth as we deal with the fallout of our radical intentions over the next few months:

    First, there is the sudden, revolutionary intent set by the events of the Uranian New Moon and Chiron blasting into Aries...

    Then, there is the earth-grounding, self-effacing aftermath when Saturn turns retrograde, followed by Pluto. Uranus also enters Taurus (May). The world begins to look different, and so do you.

    But then, you knew it couldn't stand as it was... didn't you?

    This dynamic and fiery New Moon is unquestionably a time when the irrepressible force to shift into entirely new and totally unfamiliar territory becomes our only option in some area of our lives. With Aries, we don’t need much imagination, there’s no planning, no apprehensiveness or fear about safety or consequences, no promise of love and glory, no brains even… just an intuitive urge – a will and need to be something, go somewhere new.
    With Uranus, much of the events happening on a greater level will affect every individual personally. Uranus brings innovation through breakthroughs to the existing structure, and whether these are presented as technological, political, sociological or natural events they have the unstoppable effects of suddenly disrupting the social order in irrevocable ways.
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    THE WEEK AHEAD: April 16-22

    This life is not a dream. But it could be.

    It could be a dream. Your dream come true perhaps. In which case, you may be currently living a life filled with enormous lightness, able to observe everything around you without holding any great emotional charge, no attached emotional strings or pulleys, no unseen dramas or manipulations – completely independent – free from any influences that are not entirely of your choosing; able to tend to those with the utmost sense of responsibility, kindness and respect.

    In this sense, you are at least pulsing into present tense and consciously aware that life on earth has taken on a whole new, much more exhilarating pace. When you are conscious of your own being, everything that you affect or has the power to affect you can be turned on (or off) at your discretion without having to suffer or administering pain.

    With Chiron in Pisces, all pain is sourced from forming unconscious or self-denying emotional attachments, and being able to release those would be the ideal way to heal. That’s the premise for living the dream, anyway. Nothing too fancy.

    Or this life on earth could fast becoming a nightmare. Which means, you’re still not capable of being aware of how you haplessly allow yourself to get emotionally dragged into the drama of the physical world and of all its theatrics.

    In any case, whether awake or in our deepest slumber, our dreaming faculties have been getting a right-royal Jungian workout lately as humankind struggles to process some of the phenomenally rapid etheric light-messages shuttling through into our consciousness…

    Here are the main transits for this week:

    ☽ ☌ ☉ Mon Apr 16 2018 01:58 Moon 26°♈02′ Conjunction Sun 26°♈02′
    ☿ ∠ ♀ Mon Apr 16 2018 08:20 Mercury 04°♈49′ Semisquare Venus 19°♉49′
    ♀ ☍ ♃ Tue Apr 17 2018 07:00 Venus 20°♉58′ Opposition Jupiter 20°♏58′℞
    Ch in ♈ Tue Apr 17 2018 08:26 Chiron 00°♈00′
    ♀ △ ♇ Tue Apr 17 2018 13:01 Venus 21°♉17′ Trine Pluto 21°♑17′
    ♄ S℞ Wed Apr 18 2018 01:00 Saturn 09°♑09′℞ SR
    ☉ ☌ ♅ Wed Apr 18 2018 14:00 Sun 28°♈29′ Conjunction Uranus 28°♈29′
    ♀ Sqq ♄ Thu Apr 19 2018 21:23 Venus 24°♉09′ Sesquiquadrate Saturn 09°♑09′℞
    ☿ Sqq ♃ Fri Apr 20 2018 00:25 Mercury 05°♈40′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 20°♏40′℞
    ☉ in ♉ Fri Apr 20 2018 03:13 Sun 00°♉00′
    ☉ ∠ ♆ Fri Apr 20 2018 17:28 Sun 00°♉35′ Semisquare Neptune 15°♓35′
    ♇ S℞ Sun Apr 22 2018 10:25 Pluto 21°♑17′℞ SR
    ☽ □ ☉ Sun Apr 22 2018 21:47 Moon 02°♌42′ Square Sun 02°♉42′
    Last week we spoke about the growing tensions, rising all over 3D land – especially with Mars hitting the extremely hard-core, bone-crunching midpoint that is the Saturn/Pluto influence in Capricorn. A curious situation emerges, since both ‘heavy’ planets are now dead stationary, about to turn retrograde. Mars merely came along to throw some well-contrived fireworks into the mix.

    What was it all about?

    We shall see…

    The screws, however, are set to tighten on just about everyone who fails to understand the limits and limitations of power and control. Everywhere now, the greedy monsters of use & abuse have grown so large that they have all but hijacked the establishment and running roughshod over its administration. They will continue to tax the strength and energy of those who are blindly willing to keep feeding them out of fear and negligence to act, and it is arguable whether it is already too late to stop them. How are you contributing to feeding the monsters? Are you prone to being possessed by control demons yourself?

    read all about the SATURN RETROGRADE (Apr 17 – Sep 06) transit here http://angstoic.com/2018/04/saturn-retrograde/

    Meanwhile, retro Mercury in Aries goes direct again, and with so much self-centered mental energy dragging, it’s no wonder that everyone’s a bit over all the #mefirst #metoo & #mememe movements and memes.

    read all about the MERCURY RETROGRADE in ARIES transit here http://angstoic.com/2018/03/mercury-...de-horoscopes/

    Of course, as Mercury contacts the Venus/Jupiter opposition this week, the feminine scorn continues to snarl with a vengeance, as we’ve seen since October when Jupiter went into Scorpio. Venus’ trine to Pluto sees that she will not only become replenished, refilled and reimbursed, but vindicated with an enormous sense of self-empowerment too, especially if she can work with a particularly viciously judicious lawmaker.

    read all about JUPITER IN SCORPIO: Oct 11 2017 – Nov 9, 2018 here http://angstoic.com/2017/10/jupiter-...17-nov-9-2018/

    Chiron, master of the storybooks and tales best told in parables is about to crash-land into a being here on planet earth. Yes folks, enough of hearing all the ‘victim’ tales from all the Chiron in Pisces-style light-workers, shamans and the bodhisattvas. Starting this week, and over the next 12 months we see a brand new face emerging among us. Though he’s audacious, bold and freakishly grotesque, wilder, more provocative that anyone can imagine – the dude is here, he’s hurt and he definitely intends to introduce us to a new, more self-centered pain and hit the heal deal head on. More about that during the week….

    However, the big ticket and first cab off the rank this week – and I’m sure you are already primed by now – is the explosive New Moon in Aries. http://angstoic.com/2018/04/aries-ne...ntions/Forming just moments into Monday, and only a couple of degrees away from a conjunction to the obstreperous Uranus, nothing intends to be move faster and break more things than this boisterous bolt of lightning, channeling into this lunation with all the tact of of a tectonic shift and all the subtlety of Stalin.

    Song of Uranus
    Bristling breakages, break-ups & breakdowns,
    breakaways, breakthroughs, break-ins & break-outs now.
    These are a few of my favourite things
    Something unheard of is trying to begin…

    Chaos & maelstrom, detachment, disorder,
    shock & upheaval just outside the border.
    Rebels revolting extremely it seems,
    these are a few of my favourite things

    Deviant minds with unorthodox mindsets,
    eccentric geeks hacking internet outlets.
    Wilful extremists just blowing up things,
    pulling a few of my most frightful strings.

    Earthquakes and tremors, lay blame on the faultlines
    ‘lectrical storms that expose and enlighten.
    Freak winds that spark fires, engulfing you in –
    These are a few of my most deadly stings.

    Genius bolts coming down with solutions,
    radical jolts expedite evolution,
    state-of-the-art technological feats
    render the old and worn out obsolete.

    Future is here, put away expectations
    unleash the beasts of experimentation
    blow this world open with progressive thought
    show your excitement, don’t look so distraught

    Freedom from ‘that’ and from ‘him’ and from ‘it’ now
    agitate, shake, liberate and acquit now
    set the alarm for the ‘Now’ to begin,
    bring on a few of my favourite things…

    And so it goes. There is a massive build-up of pent-up pressure waiting to ‘break loose’ now, as if the world is tired of being held to ransom by the shenanigans and antics of self-important bullies and impossibly tyrannical narcissists. The gig may be up, and the impatience to bust loose may no longer be able to be contained, but there’s a whole bunch of work that goes with dealing with the aftermath that entails the fallout from an explosive, earth-shattering event.

    I know a lot of people are ready, wishing a “bring it on moment”, but with Saturn/Pluto goose-stepping into position, we are hardly ready to take on (or leave) the auspices of the regime.

    STRONG REMINDER: this is no time to get emotional. There is important work to be done. Stay present, thoroughly unsentimental otherwise, yes, you will fall prey to fear, anger, heartbreak and loss. Don’t look behind you – that’s all gone – nothing to see. Stay present, one foot in front of the other and keep marching…

    Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018
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    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    FULL MOON at 08°10′ SAGITTARIUS, Tuesday, May 29 2018, 14:20 UTC
    Current Planetary Positions
    11:18:38 PM

    Sun 06° Gemini 47' 00"
    Moon 20° Scorpio 25' 02"
    Mercury 26° Taurus 14' 08"
    Venus 10° Cancer 16' 46"
    Mars 04° Aquarius 13' 34"
    Jupiter 16° Scorpio 00' 46" R
    Saturn 07° Capricorn 55' 23" R
    Uranus 00° Taurus 38' 29"
    Neptune 16° Pisces 21' 45"
    Pluto 20° Capricorn 59' 37" R
    Chiron 01° Aries 48' 21"
    TrueNode 07° Leo 48' 21" R

    Quote We are looking for answers. The great unknown has never been greater. It seems the more information that becomes available to our minds, the greater too is the unknown. So much data flooding in, some of it like missing pieces of a puzzle that is millenia-old. The rational mind is busily trying to scan, find relevance and assemble it all into a coherent, more credible bigger picture, something that will put the heart to rest and liberate us from our own darkness and ignorance.
    Meanwhile, it seems that there are proponents of certain ideas in this world who have taken out a full-scale, supernatural assault upon the very premises of what constitutes common, rational sense – either by spreading misinformation of continuing to withhold vital facts. Whilst this seems set to continue through the next 2-3 years, on a most personal level our logical, conscious minds are wrestling, grappling with facts, trying to make sense of what’s going on. We need to feel like there’s some meaning to it all, and either this sits well with our intuitive selves or we get a little restless.

    Such is the dilemma we are experiencing under this blessed Full Moon.

    As the Mercurial GEMINI SUN flips and flitters our conscious mind, trying to decide which way it will go, the Sadge moon feels an inner restlessness. We may find ourselves in a quandary, becoming more and more perplexed about what to believe and how it all fits into our accustomed, socially indoctrinated ways of looking at the world. At its height, the Full Moon could leave us feeling just a little unsettled and on edge about what we are hearing and how it ties in with our past customs and ethics. It may send us on an existential quest to know the truth. For only this will set us free.

    This is the purpose of this lunation – to make us feel so conflicted with what we’re hearing that we have to ask: Is the current system working for us, or does it need to be reviewed, revised or relinquishing altogether?

    Why are our belief systems subject to change?
    Why do they differ from person to person?
    Why can’t the truth just be the unilateral, indisputable truth?

    Perhaps it is our age-old existential questions are always generating exciting new information, either hidden or specifically being distorted from and by us. We are at the cusp of change. Against the context of an ever-expanding universe, we cannot afford to hold a physically constrained or limiting worldview for too long. The information age has unleashed a tsunami of rapidly shareable data and just like Guttenberg’s printing press brought knowledge to the masses, held only by the ecclesiastical and royal elite 500 years ago, the streaming internet has digitally activated our conscious minds to generate, communicate and process much more content than ever, overcome the bounds of physical and cultural restraints and got more more humans than ever imaginable talking among one another.

    This exponential torrent of accessible intelligence has all but assaulted out minds, trying desperately to help us change. Our minds must work harder to filter the useful from the shrapnel, the true from the prevaricated, the relevant from the distracting, the freely available from the encrypted, which in itself is always evolving along with us. We are at the precipice of liberation, but to enact it we must first understand the things that have been kept from us for so long. To do this, we need context from those who speak the truth in the veritable sea of collective delusion because to understand something is the only way to truly become liberated from it.

    Yet, after all our study and thought, we must still only concede that we are drawing upon a limited set of ideas to make a general statement, ideology or manifesto, whose own validity is in itself often expired as soon as it is pronounced, only leaving us exposed to further questions. And also, we can see all the blockages still imposed both by world ‘leaders’ and us, as ‘individuals’ in the name of privacy and security.

    Regardless of the vast volume of information available, it remains still limited, compared to the infinite expanse of the unknown universe. In a limited world, with limited knowledge, the seed of our argument (our ideas) will at some culminating point in its lifecycle come to be dismissed, dispelled, debunked or simply rendered insufficient. At some point, new information will come along and blow old theories out of the water. Like Copernicus (round earth), Newton (modern cosmology) and Darwin (species evolution) new information brings light upon antiquated theories, making them all at once seem superstitious and incomplete.

    The lunation (SUN/MOON) cycle is a cycle of relationship. It is the “archetype” of all cycles involving the relationship between two celestial factors moving at different speeds. The lights symbolise the most essential functions in every living organism, and when they come into opposition they symbolise the conscious effacement of our most primal existence, and therefore of relationship; for there is no existence without relationship.

    Most of us rush into a variety of relationships without consciously facing them; we are drawn into them by biological and psychological needs and wants, by the spells of “Karma,” or by our inherent complexes and illusory dreams.
    This Sagittarius Full Moon thus creates a conflict around indoctrinated beliefs – a diametric split between the conscious information coming into our unconscious being, and how well we can relate to it given what we’re used to believing so far. The close inclusion of Saturn in a ‘yod’ type formation to the Sun/Node suggests that we are facing difficulties or lacking confidence to find a common purpose with others. Yet, we will still need to work hard and patiently toward this. Our intuition cautiously accepts or shrewdly rejects what is true. Either way, with the Full Moon’s fiery trine to the Node, a deeply spiritual truth is uncovered about how we are intrinsically connected to others and something shifts.

    Of course, this is all very personal. Depending on the nature of our own ideas, we each look to satisfy our faith in highly personalised ways. If our quest is of a spiritual or religious nature, we will seek to know whether God will save us from despair. If our quest is of a romantic kind, we seek to know whether love is eternal. If our quest is creative we seek assurance that our art will last forever. If our quest is for immortality, then we seek to know how to overcome our biological limitations, and so on…

    It is only after we exhaust the many inconsistencies and hypocrisies in our relationships that we face up to certain truths about them. At this, culminating phase of the Moon cycle we might come to discover their true purpose and value in our lives.

    Each Full Moon confrontation brings us into greater awareness about our inter-dependencies, thus resulting either in fulfilment or in an eventual breaking-up.

    In other words, the Sun/Moon opposition gives us an actual capacity for a consciousness which was only latent or unclearly expressed in any existential relationship.

    The pertinent themes of this lunation create a confrontation for both parties in any relationship (whether past or present). The head-to-head conflict forces us to either transfigure our lives – change/amend our philosophy/doctrine/constitution/belief, or otherwise agree to hold diametrical positions, split or separate.

    Therefore, the Full Moon either produces illumination in consciousness, or emotional frustration, bitterness and heartache, anger and resentment…

    A concurrent Venus/Saturn opposition hardens matters of the heart, crystallising our understanding about the limitations of conditional relationships, alliances and bonds. Any romantic, material or financial investments (set around Dec 25, 2017) now only serve to make us increasingly unsatisfied and uncertain about their ability to allow us to feel free to keep growing, learning, evolving.

    The Moon governs our memorised patterns of behaviour – basic habits which stem back to our early childhood and even before we were even born (in the womb). Our emotional patterns are formed through our early environment, over a repetitive series of routines (etched into our neural pathways), of which we are commonly highly unconscious. In the case of Sagittarius, we have been habitually conditioned to accept that what we are told is true is our accustomed truth.

    The personal autopilot inside has been trained (over ‘many moons’) to fly along a certain flight route, forming what constitutes our trusty ‘belief system’. We want to believe it because it makes us feel safe. Thought patterns and instinctive reactions are stored deep inside the cellular structure of our body nervous system, ready to send messages to the thinking and doing brain whenever we feel uncomfortable.
    Becoming conscious of these, and how these ‘feelings’ (which turn into habitual behaviours) tend to sabotage our capacity to feel well is the first step towards changing some of the most basic scripts in our subconscious operating system. If we want to see positive change, we not only have to ‘think positive’, we have to feel that positivity in our body. “Positive thinking” alone does nothing if deep down, unconsciously, your body is still dancing to the tunes of negativity.

    The Gemini Sun offers us an opportunity to consciously change the information that feeds the unconsciously adhered to belief-patterns stored within our cellular body. Through mindful practices, writing, counselling, philosophical dialogue, meditation, we are able to confront, uncover, then decide how it is we must rewire our nervous-system to amend or let go of beliefs and habits that no longer serve us.

    On this Full Moon, feel into what is coming in by way of usual and unusual information channels. Where are you sourcing your observations from? What do you believe and what is no longer supportable? How much is true for you? How does it enrich your withstanding beliefs, about your yourself; your world and what needs to be relinquished in order for you to grow, change and be free?

    You are not alone. You are constantly in relationship. Here is your opportunity to develop that relationship into something that supports your quest to find truth. Use the knowledge to become liberated from delusion, to change your way of thinking so that you have unilateral choices on how to live.

    Blessings, and have an amazing Full Moon xx

    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    THE WEEK AHEAD: June 18-24

    Current Planetary Positions
    2:53:24 PM

    Sun 26° Gemini 34' 11"
    Moon 22° Leo 20' 38"
    Mercury 10° Cancer 10' 23"
    Venus 04° Leo 33' 41"
    Mars 08° Aquarius 43' 05"
    Jupiter 14° Scorpio 07' 23" R
    Saturn 06° Capricorn 33' 59" R
    Uranus 01° Taurus 32' 44"
    Neptune 16° Pisces 29' 32"
    Pluto 20° Capricorn 36' 05" R
    Chiron 02° Aries 17' 28"
    TrueNode 06° Leo 29' 49"
    Quote It is all about reaching into the heart of relationship this week…
    Life is really all about relationships anyway. Relationship to self, to others, to the things we own, the things we desire to possess, relationships to past, future, tribe, country, nature… god (?) – we exist only in relationship to everything…

    Here are the main planetary transits this week… (all times in UTC)

    ♆ S℞ Mon Jun 18 2018 20:32 Neptune 16°♓30′℞ SR’grade
    ♀ ⊼ ♄ Tue Jun 19 2018 10:55 Venus 06°♌27′ Quincunx Saturn 06°♑27′℞
    ♀ ☌ ☊ Tue Jun 19 2018 11:38 Venus 06°♌29′ Conjunction Node 06°♌29′
    ☿ △ ♃ Tue Jun 19 2018 19:43 Mercury 14°♋00′ Trine Jupiter 14°♏00′℞
    ☉ ☍ Vs Tue Jun 19 2018 20:14 Sun 28°♊30′ Opposition Vesta 28°♐30′℞
    ☉ Sqq ♃ Wed Jun 20 2018 08:05 Sun 28°♊58′ Sesquiquad Jupiter 13°♏58′℞
    ☽ □ ☉ Wed Jun 20 2018 10:51 Moon 29°♍04′ Square Sun 29°♊04′
    ☿ △ ♆ Thu Jun 21 2018 03:59 Mercury 16°♋29′ Trine Neptune 16°♓29′℞
    ☉ in ♋ Thu Jun 21 2018 10:08 Sun 00°♋00′
    ♀ ☍ ♂ Thu Jun 21 2018 16:55 Venus 09°♌03′ Opposition Mars 09°♒03′
    ☿ ☌ Pa Fri Jun 22 2018 09:32 Mercury 18°♋43′ Conjunction Pallas 18°♋43′
    ☉ ∗ ♅ Sat Jun 23 2018 05:58 Sun 01°♋45′ Sextile Uranus 01°♉45′
    ☿ ☍ ♇ Sat Jun 23 2018 09:24 Mercury 20°♋28′ Opposition Pluto 20°♑28′℞
    ☉ □ Ch Sat Jun 23 2018 21:39 Sun 02°♋22′ Square Chiron 02°♈22′
    ♄ ⊼ ☊ Sat Jun 23 2018 23:27 Saturn 06°♑07′℞ Quincunx Node 06°♌07′
    This week the relationship dial is clearly pointing to our most intense interpersonal affairs as we see the Venus/Mars opposition align itself tightly along the Lunar Nodal (☊/☋) axis.

    Matters, especially between the “female ego” and the “male ego” don’t get more critical in this astrologer’s book, and whilst there are some great opportunities to see things crystal clearly, these often won’t come without some discord and strife, especially around mid-week with the Quarter Moon. Relations of all kinds are very raw and tender at the moment, but particularly among the conventional, heterosexual persuasion. Things have been entirely stressed since Venus met Mars at 19°13′ VIRGO in October 5 last year, when actress Ashley Judd accused media mogul Harvey Weinstein in a breaking story by The New York Times, effectively launching the #MeToo movement.

    Much has transpired between the sexes in the wake of #MeToo, bringing the idea of sexual harassment and assault into the public consciousness, precipitating an entire shift in awareness around creating a more positive workplace culture for women. For men, there have been opportunities to grow more actively in ways that promote healthy, respectful ways of “being a man”, and most notably in the business world there has been an increase in corporations seeking to understand why sexual harassment in the workplace is so pervasive. Whilst this Venus/Mars cycle has had quite a strong evolutionary effect, it commenced at a time when several other crucial factors were critically playing out in the heavens (♅ ∠ ♆ | ♃ ☍ ♅ | ♄ △ ☊, as well as aspects to the actual conjunction) which i will not go into here. (see chart).

    Many standard relationships have been rocked since that time, and any dynamic that seemed to skate uncomfortably close to the thin ice close of the abuse, rape and harassment culture was either brought to a head, or is coming up to measure now. In practice, it’s only the brave and most enlightened who have able to make inter-gender dynamics work optimally due to awareness of respectful values and healthy boundaries.

    Of its own merit, the current ♀ ☍ ♂ pitches the hypersensitive sexes against one another in perhaps one of the most intensely passionate (love/hate) contrasts in a long time. Conjoined along the bilateral Nodal axis, this opposition suggests that much of the primal, archetypal dramas activated to play out between feminine & masculine in October ’17 now grant us all a golden opportunity to propel our spiritual evolution forward a good notch or two. As with all oppositions, much depends on the forces of awareness, mediation and mindful balanced activity. Provided we can temper those gargantuan, self-absorbed egos enough to see what is really going on between us, there are enormous chances for us to make tremendous leaps in understanding one another’s needs and insecurities.

    Venus’s conjunction to the Leo North Node calls her courageous heart to stand forth and seek peace and harmony, but only in a self-dignified, self-empowered terms. She desires nothing more than to rule over her own interests, to proudly express herself in the truest integrity and hold her head up high at all times for everything she represents. She refuses to put herself in any situation, love affair, project, partnership where she is not valued as a special, creative contributor – one who not only adds considerable value but is highly appreciated for her unique talents.
    Of course, the quincunx to judgemental Saturn leaves her most cautious, wary or mindfully apprehensive about getting involved with anyone at all who tries to drag her down. That gnarly past keeps dragging up all sorts of fears, worries traumatic memories – particularly about taking on certain roles which are going to leave her exposed, unrewarded and discredited. She finds it hard to trust Mars, who appears to be still resonating defiantly in discordant frequencies of an outdated culture, exhibiting some oddly distant and seriously aloof behaviour towards her.

    If Mars in Aquarius comes to the table, he do so swearing to reform himself, or at least “change the world”. Stationing himself on the South Node (June 26), he has his work cut out for the next few months. For one, he has absolutely no chance of changing anything unless he can see how his own toxic behaviour, cultured by a fading tribal/pack mentality, no longer serves his own personal growth, let alone that of his humanity.

    Here, in our most intimate relations, we are all about to see the karmic pros and cons between asserting ourselves with others in a competent, cooperative way, and what happens when we bully and step over each other to snatch what we feel is our god-given entitlement over others. Lots to learn here, and both sexes are complicit is fomenting the toxic strands the produce inequity in every area, not just the employment marketplace but socially domestically and romantically.
    Of course, any kind of crass, angry, brutish behaviour is up for serious review this week. Whilst on one hand, it cannot be sustained in any loving, kind relationship, there is a certain animal magnetism exuded by Mars when expressing our inner warrior which, although dangerous, can also appealing for its candour, honesty and directness. In a strange, masochistic sense, the masculine is cruising for a bruising by forcibly thrusting himself into the line of punishment. Therefore, we meet the conflicts we have to have, fight them out head-to-head, tooth and nail to the death so that the maximum awareness of our interpersonal issues can finally allow the final decision-making process to be made.

    Do we have the courage it takes to do this evolution thing together, or are we simply going backwards?

    Mercury’s aspects are interesting this week, prompting that we will do everything within our power to create a healthy, emotionally fluid discourse among our kind. A grand water trine offers a very imaginative, compassionate flow of thoughts and discussion. Those who are capable of attuning their mind to envisioning some exciting new potentials will start to naturally shift into an elevated, more sympathetic and understanding way of communicating. On the negative side, this grand trine may see us engaging in ideas which are unrealistic or excessively idealistic, and the opposition to Pluto may leave us wide open to manipulation and full scale head-****ery, especially by the workplace narcissist and the ruthless, faceless corporation (watch out for volcanic eruptions and explosive exposés there).

    The Sun spends his last days in breezy Gemini, the quarter Moon at the critical 29° Virgo is here to test whether last week’s New Moon intentions are truly on the level – not just a bunch of eloquent ideas that have blown away in the breeze but truly practicable and grounded by real execution. Moving into Cancer, Sol enters the most personally confronting part of the year. With oppositions to malefics Saturn and Pluto, and the series of Eclipses, we are set for some phenomenal times ahead… (all for the greater good, of course).

    On this week’s Cosmic Bus, we expand further on our understanding of the lunation cycle, as well as taking a deeper look at this evolutionary shift happening in our relationships. Also, we explore Sol’s entry into Cancer, how it may play out for us in the weeks ahead.
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Neptune Retrograde – The Impossible Dream

    Current Planetary Positions
    9:42:46 AM

    Sun 28° Gemini 16' 26"
    Moon 17° Virgo 35' 29"
    Mercury 13° Cancer 36' 10"
    Venus 06° Leo 37' 58"
    Mars 08° Aquarius 53' 40"
    Jupiter 14° Scorpio 00' 29" R
    Saturn 06° Capricorn 26' 15" R
    Uranus 01° Taurus 36' 45"
    Neptune 16° Pisces 29' 33" R
    Pluto 20° Capricorn 33' 44" R
    Chiron 02° Aries 18' 59"
    TrueNode 06° Leo 32' 02"

    It seems that sometimes; some experiences; some people, seem completely out of this world. Yes, they are really happening for someone – in someone else’s world, but are they real for us, in our world?
    Like, when you hear people talking about past lives. “In a previous life I was Cleopatra”... which would then be followed by a most interesting, intricately woven, quite feasible story, with plots of intrigue, mystery and romance from a person you may personally know very well, but they’re talking to you like they are enchanted, infatuated with some alternative notion of themselves. And chances are, if what they are sharing with you is simply a gratuitous attempt to glamourise their Ego – if the story has no symbolic correlation to any theme of how you are experiencing this person in this very lifetime, then this story is most unlikely to capture your imagination, even allow you to capture any of the complexities of what they were trying to relate. In fact, it may confound and confuse you, to the point where you fail to connect (even wish to avoid) with this person.

    This is the danger of Neptune in Retrograde: We simply struggle to get our highly abstract ideas across to others because their nature is so acutely personalised and slightly removed from our current reality that our vision becomes difficult to, grasp, even by ourselves.

    Neptune seeks to take us to a higher dimension. Its energy activates the faculties of imagination, fantasy, intuition and sensitivity towards others and access to quantum realities and alternative realms.

    That fantastic novel, or movie, or tune that manages to lift your spirit out from its usual mundane drudgery, its dull rancour or lifeless boredom and take you away to another dimension appeals to your Neptunian side. Through the sheer force of your own imagination, those breathtaking moments of true inspiration are Neptune at work. It is the ability not just to sense, but to be vividly moved into an exalted state, one that is often incredibly difficult to articulate into your own, ordinary, every-day terms. But are those visions capable of capturing the imagination of others, or are you indulging into a personal trip into some schmaltzy sentimentalia?

    Ghosts, spirits, aliens, quasars, UFO’s, conspiracy theories and all sorts of wonderful alternative realities are such phenomena that you may hear about often, but there is often scant evidence to substantiate or credibly qualify these into our mainstream acceptance. It is because those who experience these are at a loss to explain them in tangible terms. Only the ultra-sensitive, refined and mystical few who are attuned to these subtle influences and have direct access to their alternative realms, and somehow find ways to introduce these to us in ways which we find appealing and acceptable.

    The mystic, the inspired movie director or artist, the guru, the poet, the miracle healer, the visionary dreamer, the psychic medium, the Christ and martyr of his cause are some of the personified forms that Neptune presents itself. Yet it is often in their life’s work, one that requires an enormous amount of sacrifice of worldly gains, and often through great personal struggles that we see their benevolent effect. Society will often be at the ready to isolate and discredit those operating in the questionable functions of Neptunian energy by labelling them as crooks and shysters, liars and bandits, mentally infirm, or as persons of doubtful or dubious character. There is a very fine line between the mystic and the swindler and this is marked mainly by the degree to which the individual seeks to use these wonderful energies to gratify their own ego.

    Our ability to relate our connection to the divine source to others with a sense of egoless-ness and humility is what determines how well others will accept our inspiration. Being truly egoless requires us to thoroughly omit imposing our own presence and heightened self importance when expressing higher dimensional energies like compassion, and universal truths. The effectiveness of our ability to inspire others when relaying our Neptunian message rests upon our ability to avoid arousing any suspicion of deceptiveness or delusion on our part. We must be convincing that our deeds are wholesome, and not tainted by some personal predilection.

    And so this also tests our ability to be honest with ourselves, because with Neptune the propensity to become entangled, even confused between acting upon our inspired visions and the gratifying our ego must always be held in check. Often we are so overwhelmed that we are unclear of our true motives. We want to surrender to the infinite seas of the collective oneness, draw our inspiration, but the temptation is always there to misuse the glamour and intrigue to create the enticing self-image of an enchanting ‘magician’ or ‘ideal being’ to others.

    Neptune may enter our lives to wash over us like relentless succession of calm, soothing waves, subtly taking us to that higher place where we can personally experience the infinity of life in all its quantum splendour and delight. It becomes a gradual elevation or disintegration into other dimensions beyond our limited physical confinement to a linear time/space. Is is the ultimate acceptance and belief in the Great Oneness. It may present itself as an inspiring mystical experience, an encounter with another individual whose influence raises our awareness to a myriad of possibilities and who provides a direct channel into the collective source of inspiration.

    Neptune may also enter our lives through an illness, or through agents like alcohol or drugs, through a “supernatural” experience such as a profound dream or a “divine visitation”, or through a devotion into art or music, or a religious, or spiritual, or “magical” confluence into the great divine. Or it could enter our lives as a mistake, that may or may not work in our favour.

    However we wish to play it, we need to ride it out and understand that the end result will be to dissolve and spiritualise our ego.

    With Neptune turning retrograde at 16°♓30’℞ (June 18), the tendency to take this energy in a completely subjective way means that we feel it far more sensitively than when it is direct. Our intuition and receptivity to the subtle nuances of higher realms becomes ever more acute and refined.

    When Neptune turns direct again (November 22) we may begin to sense the ability to feel (receive and transfer) this energy in a less subjective manner. Therefore we have a better sense of discernment of what is real and what is simply unbelievable. Its direct motion can help us realise where in fact we might have “lost ourselves” (or others) in translation. It will therefore become time to come to grips that there have been instances where we may have undermined ourselves or the situation (others). Whether it was through our excited impressionability, confusion, vague understanding, idealised notions or outright deceptiveness through lies, mischief or fraud – we now have a chance to clear up the mess and come clean.

    Neptune’s effect seems negated or diffused when it sounds like it is attached to something personal, like a fantastic story that “happened to you”. It is only when we are mindful to convey our visions in terms that are more symbolic or poetic (say through music, art, literature, mysticism, dance, even sport). Anything that allows a connection of our vision to others through its appeal to the collective rhythm and eternal enchantment).Yet, unless we are truly capable of relating our innermost visions to others without the temptation to indulge these to ego attachment, we face not only the danger of feeling misunderstood but severely in for a rude awakening. Although we may sense an infinite connection to the voice of the universe, it may seem that the intensity of how personally we are affected by this energy causes difficulties when trying to relate our wonderful, yet at times, incongruent ideas across to others.

    Neptune’s ultimate aim is to dissolve our ego, thereby creating a more immediate access to spirit. In retrograde mode, the planet’s energy subjects us to feelings of disengagement, misunderstanding and victimisation, from one another. In the most personalised sense, we may enter the domain of the spirit realms quite easily.

    Solitude and silent meditation are perhaps the most prefered setting for this period.

    Yet the moment we try to relate our inner landscape to the outside world we may find our visions only creating a confused or messy situation, particularly if we are trying to use linear terms. Understand, that the kind of attention that we will draw from others for this type of expression is very prone to serving us poorly by wearing down, or undermining our connections. Our higher self may feel struggle to connect to the empathy or sympathy around us, whether personally or socially. Ultimately, if we cannot connect to others on the highest level of their capacity to show true compassion, forgiveness and inspiration, we threaten to damage the free-flowing interconnectedness between each other.

    Just remember, we are all going through this together. Only expect from others what you are prepared to encompass in yourself. This period may be a little challenging. It is best to practice on refining your own spirit by honouring the virtue your own sensitivity, processing these internally, allowing yourself to melt into a divine sense of ego dissolution through silent wonderment, spiritual self-nurturance and a meditative stillness.

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    The Week Ahead: Jun 25-Jul 01
    Current Planetary Positions

    Sun 03° Cancer 12' 38"
    Moon 25° Scorpio 03' 56"
    Mercury 22° Cancer 52' 30"
    Venus 12° Leo 36' 30"
    Mars 09° Aquarius 11' 27"
    Jupiter 13° Scorpio 43' 30" R
    Saturn 06° Capricorn 03' 33" R
    Uranus 01° Taurus 47' 43"
    Neptune 16° Pisces 29' 00" R
    Pluto 20° Capricorn 26' 42" R
    Chiron 02° Aries 22' 29"
    TrueNode 06° Leo 19' 00" R
    Quote This is a testy week, which may leave the uninitiated feeling a little skittish as the Sun finds himself in opposition to a dignified Saturn in Capricorn upon the Full Moon. Here, at such a seriously self-doubting time, even the most authoritative among us may start to question our relative importance to others. Seem that just the slightest contest upon our good character could conjure up all kinds of hidden uncertainties and insecurities, making us question whether we have what it takes to hold it together. A lot depends on how we take criticism, but in a world so sensitive, yet held together on such flimsy pretences, let us not be surprised to see some folks over-reacting and losing their composure at the slightest little protuberance or mini-challenge.

    You? you’re going to stay cool, right?

    Here’s the main transits for this week….

    ♇ ☍ Pa Mon Jun 25 2018 08:04 Pluto 20°♑26′℞ Opposition Pallas 20°♋26′
    ♀ □ ♃ Mon Jun 25 2018 17:20 Venus 13°♌41′ Square Jupiter 13°♏41′℞
    ♂ S℞ Tue Jun 26 2018 20:47 Mars 09°♒13′℞ Station to ℞etr
    ☉ ☍ ♄ Wed Jun 27 2018 13:29 Sun 05°♋51′ Opposition Saturn 05°♑51′℞
    ♀ ⊼ ♆ Thu Jun 28 2018 03:41 Venus 16°♌28′ Quincunx Neptune 16°♓28′℞
    ☽ ☍ ☉ Thu Jun 28 2018 04:54 Moon 06°♑28′ Opposition Sun 06°♋28′
    Ce in ♍ Thu Jun 28 2018 09:02 Ceres 00°♍00′
    ♀ Sqq Ch Thu Jun 28 2018 23:19 Venus 17°♌24′ Sesquiquadrate Chiron 02°♈24′
    ☿ in ♌ Fri Jun 29 2018 05:17 Mercury 00°♌00′ Enters Leo
    ☿ Sqq ♆ Sat Jun 30 2018 04:35 Mercury 01°♌28′ Sesquiquadrate Neptune 16°♓28′℞
    ☿ □ ♅ Sat Jun 30 2018 13:02 Mercury 01°♌59′ Square Uranus 01°♉59′
    ☿ △ Ch Sat Jun 30 2018 20:10 Mercury 02°♌25′ Trine Chiron 02°♈25′
    ☉ ⊼ ♂ Sat Jun 30 2018 23:29 Sun 09°♋07′ Quincunx Mars 09°♒07′℞
    Jn in ♉ Sun Jul 01 2018 08:47 Juno 00°♉00′ Enters Taurus
    ♀ ⊼ ♇ Sun Jul 01 2018 11:56 Venus 20°♌17′ Quincunx Pluto 20°♑17′℞
    ♀ Sqq ♄ Sun Jul 01 2018 17:31 Venus 20°♌33′ Sesquiquadrate Saturn 05°♑33′℞
    With the triple-eclipse season just approaching (Jul 13 [S], Jul 27 [L], Aug 11 [S]), a time of considerable crisis lies ahead for all of us, so we best prepare to demonstrate our sense of individual will as authentically as possible, show how we have the strength to stand in our own sovereignty, or otherwise prepare to capitulate our personal power to the pressing tide of environmental influences now starting to polarise their forces en mass along the extreme peripheries.

    If there’s ever been a time to make amends for matters unresolved and balance accounts unsettled, now may be the time. The Saturn/Capricorn Full Moon presents some cold, hard, sobering realities upon our all-too-comfortable (yet long-neglected) situation, and we know that unless we are ready to face the muzak of the ‘real world’, get our act straight, maintaining a balance on things could get a little tricky in the weeks and months ahead.

    Mars stations to turn retrograde (Tue), directing his militant forces inwards, and while we begin to subjectively reflect back on times or events where we may feel we have failed to protect or defend ourselves appropriately, others do the same. During the retrograde period, any past instance where we may have felt sublimated, twisted, distorted, denied or felt to have betrayed our self-interests can launch us into an intense inner journey of resentment and wishing to ‘make things right again’, as our personal warrior seeks to recover his broken connection with the Higher Self. It is as if we’re seeking a pardon, or a blessing from above for actions committed that may not have turned out so favourably.
    However, the quincunx of Mars to the Sun serves as a stymie. You may sense that any current strains upon your health, vitality and general competence must be dealt with directly in order to vent or release pent up anger and frustration. Feelings of isolation, loneliness and lack of purpose have been allowed to develop because, over recent times, you have allowed yourself to be trodden upon. If you feel you have let things go too far, fallen prey or victim to someone who has played dirty tricks on you, allowed others to exploit you, or try to cash in on your ideas, then naturally you may feel the frustration deep within, and the usual way to vent it might be to be angry at your world.

    On a higher note, the wiser, more mindful, less self-absorbed individual will be able to process this inward-turning journey of Rx Mars more constructively, take a less subjective or personal course of action and see how all these base, survival-style (dog-eat-dog) energies are not helpful but are only perpetuating the state of anxiety all around.

    Conducting a clear, meditative, root-cause review of any past instances where you may have acted with the sole intention to satisfy your own ego desires, you may come to own how these may have served to aggravate situations for you and the world revolving around you.

    By choosing to integrate any past regrets into purposeful attempts to close off, resolve and dispel any ongoing disputes or hostilities, we set the ball rolling for true repair work. This can be achieved by working directly towards reaching closure with those whom have ‘wronged’ us (forgiveness goes a long way), by offering our energetic resources towards a project/cause or by rekindling of relationships that are based on co-operation rather than competition.

    Beginning with yourself, choose to overcome selfish, lower tendencies in your desire complexes – actual addictions and dependencies in your life, such as materialistic greed, sex, public success, alcoholism, drug-taking, unhealthy relationships, over-spending and the like – activities that seize control over you. It is time to break free of these negative patterns of behaviour by acknowledging the crippling effect that they have over you and the harmful impact they’re having on every aspect of your life.

    Becoming more outwardly engaged in ways and means that serve the higher self, looking after yourself will help you to make healthier choices to break the patterns of abuse, possession, addiction or co-dependency. Of course, with any toxic situation (job, love affair, marriage, home-lease) there is really little that can be done but to end an unhappy/unhealthy relationship. Remember that you always have choices and the hard truths landing all through this week will help you see this.
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    MARS in Retrograde-the longest-lasting, angriest lunar eclipse of the 21st century
    Jun 26-Aug 27
    "This is most likely to peak around the Aquarius Blood Moon, a most auspicious event when Mars will be tightly aligned to the Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27 (the longest-lasting, angriest lunar eclipse of the 21st century). Being incited by this epochally epic lunation (also in square to URANUS, in bullish Taurus) we can expect inordinately rebellious expressions among the entire throng of dissatisfied partisans of any ideological group of malcontents…"

    Current Planetary Positions
    11:27:19 AM

    Sun 05° Cancer 01' 14"
    Moon 18° Sagittarius 16' 32"
    Mercury 26° Cancer 01' 11"
    Venus 14° Leo 47' 19"
    Mars 09° Aquarius 13' 04"
    Jupiter 13° Scorpio 38' 25" R
    Saturn 05° Capricorn 55' 11" R
    Uranus 01° Taurus 51' 29"
    Neptune 16° Pisces 28' 36" R
    Pluto 20° Capricorn 24' 04" R
    Chiron 02° Aries 23' 26"
    TrueNode 06° Leo 08' 43" R
    "Mars is the planet which symbolizes personal action, the energy and drive to demonstrate competency, masculine sexuality and a force employed to assert or defend our own unique identity, often at any cost.
    The dynamic effect of Mars is often experienced in through our physical relationships and, both in the natal chart and by transit, shows how we struggle to survive against the adversity of nature and its foes, and how we strive to meet our individual needs for carnal, materialistic and physical fulfilment.

    In its highest, most conscious-minded operation, the action of Mars can be employed as a defender and preserver of the Higher Self, thus ensuring our best possible chances to complete our spiritual mission here on earth.

    Mars does this whole ‘defender-of-the-self’ thing regardless of whether we are aware of our ‘higher purpose’ or not. The little warrior within becomes immediately aroused and inflamed for action whenever we feel threatened on any level.MARS IN RETROGRADE: Jun 26- Aug 27
    When Mars turns retrograde, his fiery energies are directed inwards. We start to reflect back on events or incidents where we feel we failed to protect or defend our self appropriately. During the retrograde period, any recalled event – whether recent or historical – could become the trigger to our ego becoming sublimated, twisted, distorted, denied or betrayed. Any sense that we have let ourselves down could instigate an intense inner journey, as our personal warrior seeks to restore his connection to the Higher Self.

    During his retrograde, it would appear that Mars’ reflects upon past efforts, sees instances where he has felt unsuccessful in upholding boundaries and starts to ruminate upon matters. Rather than asserting his forces outwardly, he seethes internally with the fires of regret, self-denial and repressed anger.

    Motivated by an incentive for personal retribution or ‘setting matters straight’, those affected by this ‘backward’ transit might be tempted to make a valiant but mis-timed attempt to ‘correct’ any discordant actions of the past. Typically, the less consciously we act under the auspices to ‘right the wrongs’, the more we appear to others as either coming on too strong, too late, or be driven by totally unrequited force.

    Then, in the midst of rejection, as if sensing the danger of humiliation or defeat, we quickly pull back, retreating deeper into an inward state of anger and disgust with ourselves. In this, we may become infuriatingly trapped in a recurring spiral of self-reproach and discontent.

    Familiar with such destructive cycles? Perhaps you were born with a retrograde Mars yourself.

    Anyway, during the next few weeks it is this process which needs to be checked, since individuals who become prone to act in this mode are now inclined to express Mars energy in a subjectively anguished, wild, and apparently hostile manner, exhibiting all sorts of destructive behaviour, particularly upon themselves or towards their own kind.

    This is most likely to peak around the Aquarius Blood Moon, a most auspicious event when Mars will be tightly aligned to the Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27 (the longest-lasting, angriest lunar eclipse of the 21st century). Being incited by this epochally epic lunation (also in square to URANUS, in bullish Taurus) we can expect inordinately rebellious expressions among the entire throng of dissatisfied partisans of any ideological group of malcontents

    Driven to make amends for any actions perceived as ‘failures’, ‘disappointments’, or for their reticence to take any action at all (when action seemed most necessary), there could erupt a sudden tendency to over-react, to ‘undo a wrong-doing’ or to over-compensate for any under-performed deeds.

    So goes the desperate recourse of the individual who becomes dangerously trapped in the destructive cycle of the ill-expressed Mars in retrograde.

    Sensing bitterness for past actions
    Feeling driven to make amends
    being blocked or rejected by others
    Anger becomes internalised
    Mental/physical/spiritual/emotional aggravation
    Surfacing later as aggression (expressed as inflammatory symptoms/reactions)
    Seething over-reaction and blame
    Anger at one’s world
    On the higher note, the more mindful, less self-absorbed individual is able to process this inward-turning journey of Rx Mars more constructively, taking a less subjective or personal course of action.

    Keeping a meditative, or reflective view of instances where they may have acted with the sole intent to satisfy ego desires, they come to own how these may have served to aggravate situations for them and the world around them.

    By choosing to integrate any past regrets into purposeful attempts to close off, resolve and dispel any disputes or hostilities they set the ball rolling for true repair work. This can be achieved by offering their energy resources towards a project, cause or rekindling of relationships that is based on co-operation rather than competition. Beginning with the self, the individual can choose to focus on overcoming any selfish tendencies in their desire complexes that seize control over them, becoming more outwardly engaged in ways and means that serve the higher self.

    “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”
    ~ Buddha
    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018"
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    FULL MOON at 06°28′ CAPRICORN: June 28, 04:54 UTC

    "It’s Full Moon time again.
    A time of heightened awareness.
    The dawning of realisations and of coming to terms…
    …coming to terms with the cold, hard, unfeeling realities of life.
    Current Planetary Positions
    1:03:51 AM
    Sun 06° Cancer 30' 52"
    Moon 07° Capricorn 03' 13"
    Mercury 28° Cancer 30' 38"
    Venus 16° Leo 35' 01"
    Mars 09° Aquarius 12' 22" R
    Jupiter 13° Scorpio 34' 42" R
    Saturn 05° Capricorn 48' 15" R
    Uranus 01° Taurus 54' 29"
    Neptune 16° Pisces 28' 10" R
    Pluto 20° Capricorn 21' 52" R
    Chiron 02° Aries 24' 04"
    TrueNode 06° Leo 02' 04" R

    Full Moons have a powerful effect. They can augur the recognition of an achieved success or a bitter disappointment; help us to fully see exactly where we must make adjustments; point to where we need to mediate towards forming clearer agreements; press us to decide whether to persevere in a set direction or to change our ways, and, in some cases capitulate – accept that it is time to mark an ending or a separation to whatever is troubling us.

    Such are the powerful, self-effacing portents of the Moon’s culmination phase to her cycle with the Sun. The opposition of their zodiac signs serves to accentuate the duality and polar contrast of their inherent natures. It can be confronting moment for many. This month’s Full Moon at 06°28′ Capricorn may affect most of us somehow, but particularly those whose charts show cardinal planets around this degree. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity is generally one of emotional ease vs difficulty, domestic vs public affairs, home vs career, nurturance vs discipline, maternal vs paternal, matriarchy vs patriarchy.

    By the Cancer Sun’s light, our conscious will is to make ourselves emotionally happy and secure. We want a safe, comfortable home, harmonious marriage, happy family, well-functioning domestic order, a steady and reliable world to hold us. The Sun is our authority – the decision making figure in our lives. He emanates his energy and light from within, does not seek to do this using anybody else’s help and support. We either personally identify as resonating with this energy or we assign someone (or something) in our lives as he who shall generate these Cancerian qualities for us. The Sun in this equation is challenged by the hard, unfeeling, judgmental Saturn.

    The Capricorn Moon has practical, earthy needs. She carries the burdens of propriety and moral obligation with an air of ambitiousness to meet society’s expectations of her and her family. Her personal needs are overruled by a sense of duty and responsibility to her role as a citizen, an upstanding parent, a holder of structure and discipline, and respectable social status. Deferring any display of emotion, she reacts to most situations with a hardened, ‘grown-up’ sense of sobriety and seriousness. Fear of being judged is a common motivator for this moon. She is conditioned to criticism and discipline and her instincts to judge and reprimand are her way of keeping herself and others in line.
    The Moon in Capricorn is not in a hospitable place. Astrologers mark that she is in detriment, and in conjunction to ruler Saturn her seriousness and toughness are imbued with an ominous sense of meanness, and pressure. It is the mother with the tough love, the partner who is punishingly unsympathetic, the house which is devoid of nurturance or comfort, the country that has no social security or any strong sense of community cohesion, focused more or law and policy than the well-being of its people. It represents a people without a unified history or culture, a place without a postcard, a world so barren and cold that it seems uninhabitable, except by the toughest, meanest hombres.

    Some of the manifestations which may present in our lives under this Full Moon are:

    A repressed or inhibited emotional life

    There is little comfort or solace in our inner world. Denial of our ‘feelings’ could means our home/neighbourhood/family seems cold, uncomfortable or uninviting. Appealing to others, especially to those from whom we seek support on an emotional level is futile – they just don’t accept anything that is not upstanding and socially responsible behaviour. We must step up and pay our dues. It’s like trying to avoid a parking ticket by crying to the officer writing the infringement – they are not moved.

    A sense of duty and social responsibility

    The instinctive reaction will be to “do the right thing” by society, and for the greater good. Personal interests and predilections may need to take a back seat as we step up to meet our social imperatives. We must. There’s no slouching, no staying in bed, no calling in sick, no dodging – duty is calling and we must step up to meet whatever we have signed up for like mature grown-ups. Time waits for no one.

    Difficult expression of feelings

    Getting emotional, or simply exhibiting an emotional reaction seems only infantile, impractical and just damned ridiculous. To the Capricorn, the public opinion is sacred. It is therefore deemed irresponsible to reveal how we truly feel to others. And who cares how we feel anyway? Of course, this is not necessarily the most compassionate approach, but Saturn and the laws of gravity and karma are very, very strict.

    Inwardly ambitious

    Climbing the social or corporate ladder of success is often the instinctive, underlying motive to everything. Public or professional success is possible because efforts are focused on worldly areas where feelings don’t have to function. By insulating or denying emotions, we could achieve success in business.

    A sober-minded, practical outlook on life

    There’s really not much room for mirth and laughter when there’s work to be done. Being responsible is a serious business, and the moon in Capricorn ensures that the austerity is cast upon everyone it deals with, whether it’s in our place of business or with our family or children. Often the home is run like a business and family life has certain functional expectation to it.

    So what is the general theme here? Obviously we are becoming painfully aware that we must take a more sombre, self-restrained and conservative approach to how we deal with matters that are pressing us now. Whilst our social relationships may lack a sense of warmth, spontaneity, enthusiasm, and naturalness, crippled by emotional defensiveness, coldness and caution, there is a reason. The growing attitude of distrust and pessimism toward life and people is forcing us into a social crisis, something that will be activated through the coming eclipse season in July/August. It is this limiting and negative worldview that exists now, blocking the release of personal potentials and diminish life enjoyment that motivates us out any complacencies and onto the streets.

    With the Moon clearly in the most uncomfortable place to support a mushy, touchie-feelie Sun, there is a clear conflict of interests. The most punishing lessons are that we need to break off our connection with our comforts and security blankets, conduct a ‘reality audit’ in the areas that we seem to have become too sentimental or clingy or emotionally dependent, and grow up fast."
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    THE MONTH AHEAD : JULY 2018 …..an astrological synopsis

    Current Planetary Positions
    Sun 12° Cancer 02' 49"
    Moon 15° Pisces 56' 38"
    Mercury 06° Leo 53' 31"
    Venus 23° Leo 11' 23"
    Mars 08° Aquarius 53' 41" R
    Jupiter 13° Scorpio 24' 41" R
    Saturn 05° Capricorn 22' 43" R
    Uranus 02° Taurus 04' 43"
    Neptune 16° Pisces 25' 55" R
    Pluto 20° Capricorn 13' 33" R
    Chiron 02° Aries 25' 18"
    TrueNode 06° Leo 02' 11

    "Three consecutive eclipses, an intensely personal encounter with Mars, retrogrades aplenty and a chaotic maelstrom from the outers…
    ….prepare for a major shift in gears.

    PART 1
    MARS and the BLOOD MOON

    Those observing the night skies on the evening of June 30 will see the transiting MOON approaching/passing by an unusually bright red star.

    That’s no “star” – that’s MARS, and he’s unusually close to our earth, almost as close as he was in 2003 which was the closest in 16,000 years. Starting now, July will be best time to observe our fiery warrior in his full brilliance, dramatically brightening our night skies for this, and the next few months. Astrologically, July produces exceptionally significant Mars activity, since he is currently stationing (turning retrograde) at the T-square midpoint of opposing JUPITER/URANUS, unpacking quite a lot a heat and stress from our interpersonal affairs and the releasing of steam inspiring quite uninhibited displays of anger and hostilities. Of course, Mars’ prolonged alignment along the South Node augurs some seriously mistimed actions which only lead us into trouble, disputes and hurtful quarrels without ending. The key note for this month then becomes: “if you’re angry and you’re fixing to go right down there and fix it, just don’t go there, you’ll go nowhere, walk away, let it be to be free”.

    Presenting as a brilliantly flaming red portal to the indeterminably disruptive curiosities and jolting upsets held in store for us by URANUS’ governance of the astral plane, MARS becomes brighter, redder, angrier and closer to the earth by the end of JULY, when he will not only square the sky-god, but also combine with that spectacular “BLOOD MOON of the 21st CENTURY”.

    Please, do not underestimate your own good fortune to be alive in such times to witness such an event. If you are in clear skies tonight, do take the time to meet this increasingly foreboding “god of wars”, as my ancient counterparts would have declared him. Sit for a moment and ‘get a feel’ too of the kinds of energies coming through you, unconsciously triggering and stirring within your emotional body now.

    ⍟ What sort of themes (particularly social/ideological) are being activated deep within you now?
    ⍟ What kind of a future society are you feeling yourself living in?
    ⍟ How will you work towards/actively compete/fight to protect or create this world?
    ⍟ Can you really count on anyone else or are you in this alone?
    ⍟ Who are your emerging adversaries?

    These questions will provide important clues, acting as a prelude to the main event on July 27, when we will get to witness the longest-lasting Lunar Eclipse this century (full duration of 103 minutes)

    It will be a spectacular sight indeed and you might not believe that MARS will actually be almost twice as bright (x1.8) as JUPITER as he menacingly glares at us from the SOUTH NODE, less than one degree away from the BLOOD MOON.

    Will be talking about the very intriguing astrological complexities of this month all this week, so stay tuned to our #ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ and #CosmicBus updates. Meantime, set a reminder for yourself to go outside tonight and observe this splendid MARS phenomenon, hovering over the ominously potent dragon’s tail ☋. By the end of the month, we learn the importance of being truly free in our actions, how to base our actions on the deepest conviction of what we feel inside, and learn about the perils of trying to do things the way other people want us to do them, no matter how much it means to them.

    PART 2

    Meanwhile the SUN – the lead player in our world – still in Cancer, has found just how hard it is to form an emotional rapport with what can only be described as a pessimistic (☉☍ ☽/ ♄) and increasingly tougher-to-please crowd (☉ ⊼ ♂ ).
    By the middle of July, his clinging neediness and haunting insecurity forces him to take extreme measures to shield himself against what he considers overwhelmingly ruthless and invasive forces. These are strongly tied to his subconscious addictions, which are highlighted in the lead up to the first Partial Solar Eclipse, occurring on July 13, 2018. (☽/☉ ☍ ♇). Any forced attempts to dictate his unyielding terms upon others not only fail to summon the kind of support and co-operation he so badly desires, but threaten to alienate him from all those he wishes to control, complicating matters rather severely. Some damage can never really be repaired and the Cancer Sun, as our respected authority, is best advised to mind his own backyard and respectfully leave others to tend to theirs.
    Even though his confidence grows, difficulties continue to ensue when the SUN enters the proudly commanding LEO (Jul 22), expressing a strong desire for power, persisting even when it is obvious that others stubbornly refuse to grant it (☉ □ ♅, Jul 25). This makes him very difficult and touchy (☉ ⊼ ♄, Jul 26) where, by the month’s-end BLOOD MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE (Jul 27) he feels he is losing all personal control and composure, declaring a full-scale fight against the world, demanding total supremacy in one of the most hostile, anti-social attempts to prove his self-worth in history (☉/☊ ☍ □ ♅). Things change after that. Severe tension over his repulsively hubristic pride builds into severe breakages – severed connections which are hard to fix and setting the scene for long-term animosity and acrimony, ultimate marking his demise.

    Of course we are speaking metaphorically, and where we refer to the transiting Sun, we are speaking about our evolving ego, the source of light upon our current consciousness and how it illuminates our awareness of self. Most challenging will be differentiating our operating in the lower, hubristic frequencies of ego, which finds security and importance from others vs the authentic, higher self which seeks assurance only from oneself.

    Any highly-charged combative state of affairs and interpersonal negotiation currently developing in our world will peak by the end of July. This long-stressed attitude of clashing inner energies was triggered about 12 months earlier, when the SUN conjunct MARS in Leo on July 27, 2017. In aim to take a more authoritative stance, to defend one’s own honour and integrity, a proudly defiant field of action was initiated. Underlying stresses have accumulated in the masculine for over 12 months, and in now reaching a point of outward projection as low-vibe shadow-adversaries in the exterior world, erupting in arguments, dissension and conflict.

    Of course, we see some of this already brewing in the first days of July. The ‘wise-ass, know-it-all experts’ (☿ □ ♅ ☍ /☋) who try to obstinately ram their opinions down others’ throats are dangerously at the point of causing bitterness and resentment.

    On the surface this may not appear to be a fine start to the month, but obviously there’s a much bigger ‘universal’ purpose to all this tension (though not apparently obvious to all). Those who choose to see any ego-challenges with holistic wisdom will learn to neatly navigate through this month with some degree of foresight, choosing to avoid unnecessary drama and use the energies constructively to set workable new boundaries around old intrusions.

    Ultimately the separation between ‘inner-guided’ individuals and those still operating under the herd mentality will become starkly obvious, and the two ‘levels’ will learn to focus their attention away from one another….

    The key emphasis on MARS and PLUTO this month means that the dominant resonant frequencies are largely of the anguished, demanding kind. Lots of ego-driven activity can (and will, eventually) land us in all degrees of intense arguments and hot water with those who either do nothing “until it’s too late” or those who blindly oppose, engaging on the most self-ingratiating and unconscious attitudes of “live and let die” will suffer the greatest consequences.

    Yes action is necessary, but it must be guided with presence of mind and driven by the forces of kindness and compassion for all involved.

    To put it into more general terms, the continuing duelling forces of Saturn’s conservative world (♄) versus Chiron’s true maverick spirit, both squaring again, now in Cardinal signs, shift from mild disdain into utter disgust of each others’ ‘unacceptable style’.

    For the next two months we will see those involved in the periphery of our society subjected to severe derision and character denigration from those who claim to stand tallest. Much shaming and blaming is attempted and rejected, neither side willing to accept that this is a crisis forcing us to get a clearer picture of just how much we limit ourselves to conventional science, business, education and economics at the expense of integrating a truly holistic approach to healing and spiritual growth.

    This continued tension serves one purpose, in that it may potentially stir a deeper understanding of why we tend to block any non-rational approaches to healing. This is probably because many existential philosophies of the west still refuse to acknowledge those of the east dismissing them as superstitious or primitive, but mostly this is out of fear that they must learn to listen and accept that certain things are changing.

    SATURN’s earth trine to URANUS generates unusual opportunities to ground ourselves into matter, raising enough awareness for many to rise out of our infatuation with ‘economic structures’ and efforts to ‘preserve things as the are’. Something is missing in order for that picture to be a sustainable vision, and as we learn to take greater risks with letting the past fall away, we also take a more progressive attitude, becoming zoned into the here/now principles of time and space, making the most of our experience in present tense and hopefully shuttling our minds into the magical possibilities of the quantum field.

    This is indeed a difficult shift to make, since many of us (of a pre-millennial generation, or born pre late-80’s) have been hard-wired to stay busy, servile to a co-dependent system, continue to scale for secular heights within a corporate or domestic structure, “succeed” in the indexes of material wealth, and rely on various forms of insurances to feel safe. Naturally, this kind of success is no longer sustainable and means little or nothing to “the millennials” (and those who came after them) whose own values are certainly more transient and less materialistic.

    This is primarily the crux of why the URANUS/NEPTUNE semisquare period (2017-2021) becomes so disillusioning to our current structure, especially when much of what we imagined to be real is suddenly exposed, or revealed to be surreal or absurdly worthless. It must be said that thanks to the constant avalanche of absurdity to which we are being subjected on a daily basis, we may subtly deduce there is much more to life than enslaving ourselves to the great white hoax.

    Whilst many of us are wising up to the phoney dangers and threats being preached to us by an expiring system of governance of the crumbling establishment, it is questionable whether anyone dares to come out of their ‘safe space’ and do anything about it. This is typical human behaviour – everyone is increasingly annoyed but waiting for someone else to do something about it.

    Of course, out of this mass-indolence, fear or ignorance comes the critical emergence of a ‘new world order’. It is the resource-rich but spiritually insecure power-mongering narcissists, who realise that they are fast-losing their grip on the system. They become concerned about those who are potentially seeing through the transparent veneer of their fake power-structures are now mounting a somewhat Machiavellian assault upon our weaknesses and sensitivities.

    Whilst the Sun in Cancer, issues will continue to be around about homeland security, families and nationalism. Towards the end of the month, the Sun’s shift into Leo sees matters shift more towards maintaining central control – a theme which will intensify through August and in the ensuing months, for various additional reasons, least of which being that people have no ‘right’ objecting to government control.

    Let us be clear with one thing – ‘WAR’ is not entirely out of the question for those highly-charged particles who are buzzing on negative, ‘survival’-based energies. Enemies are easily created to be blamed and vilified for one’s disposal, especially when personal comfort zones are compromised.

    This is easily breached in such highly sensitive times. Those unconscious individuals/groups who seem to be heavily governed by the three lower-level forces for self-preservation – ♂/ ♄ / ♇ (personal/social/spiritual) will easily be activated to fight, protest, blame and disparage. Whenever the lower-vibe ‘survivor-being’s insecurities becomes triggered, he is also mindlessly likely to succumb to engaging into the malefic, destructive forces of the universe. Steering clear of these will take enormous presence, courage and strength, especially when they start to amass and move in groups.

    Both Mercury and Venus (as evening stars) currently seem less effective in translating individual thoughts and feelings into congruent and palatable agreements. Their relatively minor operation through weaker signs/aspects produce a series of disjointed randomness and abstract concepts this month. From the moment Venus enters Virgo (Jul 10) and Mercury slows to finally retrograde at 23°♌27′ (Jul 26) we identify that there are slim or zero chances to broker any peaceful negotiations on old agreements – a situation which remains vague and ineffectual throughout all of August.

    Without taking a ‘good/bad’ ‘right/wrong’ stance on this, let us simply observe that the world as we know it will have certainly ripped at the seams by this month’s Blood Moon.

    As individual observers, we will either actively, consciously assist in this fundamental schism, or sit back and let it happen anyway. Either way, we invite the seemingly ‘chaotic’ forces of outright transformation to come through and send humanity through a state of deep, comprehensive, alchemical realignment.

    Peace and many blessing to all, and have an amazing month xx"

    Keep on the pulse of our tribe with regular updates @ angstoic.subscriptions
    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018
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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports


    "Yes, the anticipation is grand!! Whilst it feels strangely ominous heading into this rare, triple-Eclipse period, the evolutionary effects brought upon us are entirely extraordinary. This is due to the loaded alignments upon the critical Moon's Nodal-Axis and the string influences of planetary heavyweights like Pluto, Uranus and Mars - all crucially involved to stir and shake things up.

    If you too are feeling a strange sense of excitement, overwhelmed by bigger-than-usual feelings, sensing something momentous is unfolding in your life, then be certain to lighten your holdings, breathe yourself back into this present moment and be prepared to deal with three major curveballs, coming your way...

    #1. Partial Solar Eclipse at 20°♋41' - 13 July 2018 at 02:48 UTC
    visible from some parts of southern Australia, including those in Adelaide and Melbourne, will see a very small fraction of the eclipse.

    We all want to feel loved, accepted, to be a part of something - something close and personal that will nurture and support our entire being like it was always 'meant to be', make us feel like we're one of the 'family', hold us close and tight, keep us safe, warm and secure, give us a purpose to live here... like 'home' itself.

    Wouldn't that be lovely?
    At least that's the dream scheme right now.

    However, this First Eclipse sees our humble intention at risk of being severely corrupted or manipulated by an invisible, yet extremely unyielding pressure to meet with some rather demanding terms - forces that are themselves darkly intent on pushing us out of our comfort zone, hold a gun to our heads and demand that we either change or face certain destruction.

    Hmm... now there's a motivation for you. Fortunately, there is a myriad of ways to help you navigate through this, and we have learned to build magnificent vetting systems to vet out those pesky and disruptive influences that are going to eat away at our precious resources. So long as you take a creative, compassionate approach and don't try to avoid dealing with the very core pressure that is forcing you to change, your lessons will be tremendous.

    #2. Total Lunar Eclipse at 04°♒45 - 27 July 2018 at 20:21 UTC
    visible in large parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Totality will last for 103 minutes, making it the longest eclipse of the 21st century.

    The MOTHER of all Lunar Eclipses, flanked by the two Solars where both Moon (Cancer) and Sun (Leo) are in dignity (respectively). Yet there is nothing dignified nor respectable about how this flaringly red evening spectacle steals the show.

    Total lunar eclipses are known as Blood Moons because of the reddish-orange glow during the procession. On this evening the Moon is at its farthest from the Earth, appearing smaller than ever. The cold, unfeeling effects of the Aquarius Blood 'Micro-Moon' Eclipse, conjunction with an über-bright Mars will signal a time when the unconscious impulses of human nature will instinctively seek to connect with others to impose their ideological will upon others.

    By July 27, situations between us bubble and seethe to reach a critical mass for change and reform, forcefully or angrily pushing for progress but arguably, since the whole thing hangs on the South Node, pulling us in the regressive direction.

    Strength and courage are necessary to maintain individual, heart-centred integrity and not become swept up in the tides of anger and blame.

    #3. Partial Solar Eclipse at 18°♌42' - 11 August 2018 at 09:59 UTC

    Visible from northern and eastern Europe, northern parts of North America, and some northern and western locations in Asia.

    Perhaps the most ego-crunching/crushing of all these three eclipses, since it highlights all kinds of conflicting behaviour between our adopted styles and attitudes and the effects that we are trying to achieve. Inconsistencies emerge as we discover that the results we are getting (prestige, dominance, notability/notoriety) are not satisfying the means. We are either doing too much/pushing too hard or not enough to match our method with meaning. Though may feel a necessary pull to curb back the drama and control, we also fear jeopardising the fun - the very essence of the things we most love, that bring us joy and laughter too.

    THESE ECLIPSES ARE A TOTAL GAME-CHANGER TO OUR USUAL ROUTINE, AND THE FUN AND GAMES WE USED TO PLAY.... not only in the home and amongst loved ones, but in the business/politics arena too.

    The world is changing, and we must make some very tough decisions on which way we're going to play along with those who come into our lives and those who... well.... just have to go.

    Ultimately, this is about personal progress - we have to shift into a higher gear if we are to properly evolve, learn to tap into our creative source and produce something integral and true, stand strongly only in our individual sovereignty and not lean upon the back of others or take the resources of this planet for granted.

    Many may struggle, but it is in our interests to stand strong, proudly demonstrate (to the best of our natural ability) just how to stay with the natural pace, maintain a buoyancy of lightness and keep swimming towards the new earth.
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    THE MONTH AHEAD: SEPTEMBER 2018 – An astrological synopsis

    Current Planetary Positions
    2:34:07 PM

    Sun 07° Virgo 22' 27"
    Moon 26° Aries 48' 50"
    Mercury 19° Leo 53' 10"
    Venus 22° Libra 30' 29"
    Mars 28° Capricorn 40' 50"
    Jupiter 17° Scorpio 00' 19"
    Saturn 02° Capricorn 34' 41" R
    Uranus 02° Taurus 20' 42" R
    Neptune 15° Pisces 17' 49" R
    Pluto 18° Capricorn 59' 15" R
    Chiron 01° Aries 09' 02" R
    TrueNode 05° Leo 28' 15" R
    "Seems much like time has frozen still this past month, with all planets beyond Jupiter hardly moving a single degree, and recent stations of fast-movers Mercury and Mars also creating a rare and eerie stillness so one can more carefully observe the absurd theatre of our daily lives against a more steady and consistent starry backdrop. The theme, of course is one where huge, revolutionary tides are seen to be swelling across this entire planet – sea levels rising ominously and people are slowly daring to do the incredulous and the incredible just to make a point. In this, we too are pressed to accept irrevocable changes in our midst, both at the most intimately personal and at the broadest social level, hopefully by learning to change our attitudes and perceptions regarding whatever changes we see going on around us.
    The Virgo Sun’s first big moment is around the New Moon (Sep 9) when there is so much nudging for us to release the worries and the ties to misconceptions and angst-ridden disappointments with our past and just move on. Yes, we either awaken to the ultimate truth (☉ ☍ ♆), that to change the future we must change our victim stories from the past, learn to forgive and to retrieve our spirit back here, in the present tense. It is here, from a heart/mind coherent space (☽ ☌ ☉) that we can set a new intention to move forward without any hang ups and regrets. Much purging and releasing toxic attitudes is a vital part of the alchemical process (☉ ∗ ♃ |☉ △ ♇), and the backdrop of bigger energies (♃ ∗ ♇, ♄ △ ♅) is working steadily to help enhance our mental and intuitive faculties to make this possible.

    An optimistic and positive outlook toward life through the exploration of higher ideals, elevated ideas and attitudes is imperative this month, and we are urged to travel in this direction, both as a form of self-discovery and an outward unfoldment, especially using our daily routines as a medium by which we can eventually express our insights and manifest into the world something that others can use.

    The stationing of Saturn to direct (Sep 6) is met early in the month by the final semisquare from Jupiter (Sep 3) and if this is not the ultimate test of how far our faith can carry us, then we may truly struggle to get through this next few week with a positive and healthy disposition. I say this with much caution, since I am aware too of much greater forces that are still trying to dour our collective spirits down into dark, depressive feelings, as if a heavy black cloud has descended over our planet without any apparent reason. Here, we learn to get in touch with the silence within and know that everything in this life has a purpose.

    In a sustained midpoint picture, which carries over from August, the ♇ – ♄/☊, it feels like humanity is now engulfed in a united state of mourning and bereavement over a world that can no longer be, an expired dream that now has all but perished and decayed before our weeping eyes like the death of a dear loved one – someone who gave our lives meaning and context but without whom, nothing much seems to make much sense let alone be worth living for.

    Incidents this month will push us out of our lamentful selves; our morbid self-wallowing pity and into plights which force us to rely upon the help of others to improve the current deplorable situation we find ourselves in.

    Naturally, with Mars back in Aquarius (Sep 11) clashing with Uranus (Sep 18) around the South Node, the anger and regret over the loss or impairment of something of value could escalate suddenly and erupt into unprecedented levels of panic, strife and discord in what might be one of the most tense Full Moons of the year (Sep 25). By this end of the month, a slowing Venus in the vicious Scorpio offers peace and harmony only on her own, absolute terms. This certainly will not sit well against forces fixed only on their own versions of what they insist on for maintaining uncompromised freedom (♂ □ ♅).

    Yes, extraordinary pressure is often an imperative lever to activate extraordinary levels of change and transformation, both within and around us. As many of you following this work are aware, we are fast-departing from the lower levels of unawareness and unconsciously selfish, often toxic behaviour. We are far less likely to entertain, to humour, associate and support those who refuse to resonate with us on the highest frequencies of self-responsibility and respect for the freedoms of others. The depression many are currently feeling is due to the reality of waking up to just how untenable that mode of conduct is any more. We are almost exhausted in our hope to see how many who are stuck in their obstinacy can ever change. Yet, by refusing to indulge others in their willful inability to see, we also create a critical tipping point and if triggered this will somehow wage war against ignorance, greed and the pestilence of abuse towards the earth and all its fair inhabitants.
    The individual ‘self-help’ drive, seen at the beginning of this month, therefore escalates into a full blown revolution by the end of September. Any notion of individuals unwilling to take serious ownership of their part in helping restore balance and order here (in this dire situation) is met with anger, protest, condemnation. Even violent force of dissidence may be exacted against those (including governments and institutions) who are unwilling to accept their inherent complicity in the messy state of current affairs. Of course, with Mars on the South, we have a likely situation where factions and groups will band together to pass the blame and try to shame one another rather than accept certain truths and try to collaborate or come together under unified plans towards sustainable solutions. As said before – fixed attitudes would rather break/snap than show any flexibility.

    We never said this would be easy. A point of crisis can produce all kinds of reactions and our awareness to these can either bring acceptance or denial of certain truths. With Saturn/Chiron involved however, there are all kinds of patriarchal wounds that are being stirred up here, aching to be resolved. Humans being humans – still effectively enshrouded by their fragile egos, we must come to expect that anything taken as a personal affront could suddenly stir up an uncontrollable anger. In many cases this will be vented, and whether privately, or en masse through revolutionary movements, it sets the scene for some “interesting” (albeit chaotic) months/years ahead.

    Advise to maintain your utmost wits and travel safely through these weeks.

    Many blessings, and please do take care in the month ahead xx

    © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018
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    Each breath a gift...

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