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Thread: Spirituality In Pokemon | Time Travel, Syncronicity & The Mandala Effect

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    Default Spirituality In Pokemon | Time Travel, Syncronicity & The Mandala Effect

    There are so many spiritual concepts not only in Pokemon but many of the cartoons and movies out today. In this video I explain my syncronicity experience with Pokemon, David Wilcock and Time Travel. Any thoughts?

    Video Here - https://youtu.be/PssO2Lr_RvM

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    Default Re: Spirituality In Pokemon | Time Travel, Syncronicity & The Mandala Effect

    Yes there are , but the clues become visible only to the 'initiated' , the 'experiencer' , whatever term you choose to describe your situation of ET contact going on for you at that time .
    Of all, thanks for sharing this TruthSeeker

    I have a collection of tiny holographic 'Pokemon Cards' , they're 'changelings' , can show 2 or 3 transformations of the same Pokemon character together with its name
    from the years when I've had most of my clear experiences of ET contact and communication going on ,
    I was in India at that time , for many years , in mountains , did lots of meditation and took part in the mandala rituals, among else.

    There was a time when a limited edition of these cute cards found its way to packets of Cheese Balls and Potato Chips ( you call it crisps, in either case the 'chips' connection ), over a year or two .

    I lived the way the monks and nuns lived , in those years and had no interest in 'things' , silly entertainment or material possessions. No one was 'forcing' the state of things upon me either . I was just that way and I was happy .

    In the same years, far away from the 'industrial civilisation' I have experienced some of the most beautiful things mentally , states of knowing , seeing other realms and even those occasional ET contact experiences ( all of them were benevolent in nature ).
    I've never seen a Pokemon movie ( not to this day ) so I'm probably missing good half of the story but I kept finding these little cute cards and felt a sense of synchronicity,
    connection ,
    that was purely personal and non-transferrable for me at that time . I still have them with me ( about 9 of them ),
    little innocent reminder of those days.

    They reminded me of the ET contact not only because of their apparent other-worldliness and the way they appeared , I found 9 ( in chips or lost outside ) over couple of months , always a new character , never the same one
    but because they did not ;fit in' to the 'human scheme' any other way, they did not convey any 'traditional message' .

    Number 9 is missing ...

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