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Thread: Astrology Forecast - New Moon in Leo August 2nd 2016 - Working Hard to Play Hard

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    Default Astrology Forecast - New Moon in Leo August 2nd 2016 - Working Hard to Play Hard

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    Published on 30 Jul 2016
    Restlessness permeates the air with an electrical charge with Uranus stationed retrograde at the start of August. Dissatisfaction may be the word that best describes what is propelling us forward with great unpredictable strides these days. The Sun shining brightly in Leo wants to create his dreams, celebrate his glory and play freely in the open fields, yet the world does present its challenges openly; An ingredient list including more then just sugar. Tuesday's New Moon being trine to Saturn says we've got to work big to play big, and Mercury and Venus moving into Virgo are ready to do the refining, polishing and adjusting needed to make it work. As they form hard aspects to Saturn and Neptune in the coming weeks we are forced to evaluate how well our values and connections are living up to reality and we are given opportunity to tweak our surroundings, how we focus our time and spend our energy to work better for ourselves. Jupiter forms an opposition to Chiron and inconjunct to Uranus through the first two weeks of August that is illuminating some of our deeper wounds and issues, bringing them up from the depths of our unconsciousness to be understood. Much raw passion may be used to ignite positive change in our life bringing us into levels of strength, more then we knew we had in us. Mars leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius may be weary after his long retrograde trek but he pushes onward towards Saturn throughout August, his final hurdle to earn his new title; To do more and act more purely in alignment with our own creative capability and truth. Great progress can be made if we do not get swept away by the tides of complexity, dramas, and escapes but rather focus our energy with precision and create a long-term sense of destiny that fulfills our deepest needs for playful freedom but in a way that is healthy, practical and works.

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    Default Re: Astrology Forecast - New Moon in Leo August 2nd 2016 - Working Hard to Play Hard

    The second half of August will be even more interesting and dramatic with the upcoming lunar eclipse. September might bring great disappontment but also disillusionment, especially for people with planets in mutable signs.

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