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Thread: New 'official' website of The Illuminati?

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    Default New 'official' website of The Illuminati?

    Does anyone have any knowlegde about the intention or people behind this website: https://www.illuminatiofficial.org/?

    A friend of mine signed up for the page recently as he believed it was a group created to make fun of the illuminati or to reclaim the name. But the day after he was befriended on Facebook by two from the organisation who turned out to have several pictures of dark satanic rituals posted on the page...

    With love and thanks to all,

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    Default Re: New 'official' website of The Illuminati?

    I don't believe there is one group that fits the description of illuminati, the word itself being so charged with negative connotations would likely draw many misguided souls as those your friend described. A truly elite organization likewise would not be open for such public membership. All in my opinion, of course.

    Good to see you, Tara.
    God bless the Fae
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    Default Re: New 'official' website of The Illuminati?

    I looked at these web pages and chuckled. Then looked at the "contact Us" page and thought, "What if there are some really creepy people behind this. No effing way am I going to send them my e-mail address."

    If someone with a little more courage than me does indeed contact them, please bring some of those dark ritual pics back here.

    This web site might be a hoax, OR, there may be really creepy people behind it, who know that most of us will regard it as a hoax, BUT, know the site will attract a few curious, gullible individuals and recruit them for something.

    The Bavarian Illuminati of 1776 may be truly dead (or not) but creepy secretive people are still out there so be sensible.

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    Default Re: New 'official' website of The Illuminati?

    "Millions of people from all walks of life have committed themselves to the Illuminati’s global work for the betterment of the human species. By forgoing all divisions of religious, geographical, or political beliefs, followers of Illuminatiam strive to form a planet where all people, in all places, can live in Abundance."

    That's from the home page. There's also a a bunch of lessons like how money makes everything better and how to curl your old timey villain mustache while laughing like satan on a Saturday night.


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    Default Re: New 'official' website of The Illuminati?

    I'm sure that if they were the "real" or "official" illuminati then they would be enlightened enough to actually spell correctly, hence forth I believe this is a load of rubbish, daddy out

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    Default Re: New 'official' website of The Illuminati?

    I am not so sure about this website - my oppinion tends to change from time to time. Sometimes I think it's a fraud, sometimes I think it's real. I have asked Svali about this website, but unfortunately she did not comment on this issue. For one, Leo Zagami has commented in one of his confessions volumes - I think it was volume II - mentioning, that he has reffered these people to interpol. I has also discussed this website with one his contacts, and it was about who was behind this. He mentioned also an US-american author of several popular books, all of them promising miracles and so on, who he thought might have written the Illuminatiam - this guy is, I think, in jail now or has been fined a lot of money for fraud-books. I don't remember his name. He's pretty well-known, maybe one of you guys know who I mean. Edit: Kevin Trudeau.

    I have signed up to the Illuminati out of interest, although all a subscription gets you is mails featuring their articles and their merchandise. The merchandise isn't really expensive and they don't offer "spiritually charged" stuff, or any esoteric / occult content. In a way, the website is a bit awkward in navigation, I think, that's definitely a downside. That could have been done much better, and lets it appear less professional. The layout is somewhat unsual, too, it's ok but could be smoother. It looks really great visually, though - it's designed with care, the logos and backgrounds are really artistic, and I have to admit, I really like the look of it. I like the colors, too - it looks rather divine and golden-age. Since I read Svali's article on some underground lab in czechoslovakia (where they do rituals around the clock for spiritual empowerment) and these nephilim-children in that polish monastery, I had the idea that maybe the plan behind this webpage is to somehow gather spiritual energy (I don't believe in that, really, but they do and most people on earth do), these talismans they sell may be empowered with some kind of spiritual entity by some ritual they perform. So maybe, selling this stuff and gathering subscription is some sort of twisted spiritual programm to "gather souls". Maybe, this thing is set up in such a way, that if you sign up or buy some merchandise your soul is converted to some occult entity (you don't know that, but the Illuminati do). So that basically in the Illuminati's view - who are, to say the truth, extreme religious extremists, extreme racists and wholehearted Neo-Nazis / self proclaimed Ayreans - this is large scale spiritual programm that aids their psychic powers, and also a propaganda tool with which they induce into a broader public the legend and myth of the Illuminati's existence. The more people believe in them, possibly, the more powerful they get, spiritually. Well, I am not a spiritual expert, but somehow this how I imagine the Illuminati would set up such a thing. It' in itsself information and disinformation at the same time, it doesn't enlighten at all, but keeps you in dark. It certainly is a method of inflating the Illuminati legend.

    Is it a hoax? Well...There are loads of esoteric webpages / online shops, who tend to millions of customers. They promise all sorts of things and sell a ton of rubbish in my eyes. It is my impression, that they spent considerable effort on their messages, these messages fitting the Illuminati-Philosophy very well, being arrogant and autocratic. The scope is also very narrow, and very specific. Also they spent some effort on design. A bit to much effort, in my oppinion, for some cheap money making tool. There are loads of other ways to make money, better ways, with less effort. It is somewhat "too unusual", I think, for a hoax. If I tried to imagine the people behind this, and they were not Illuminati, then they are very creative in exploiting the Illuminati-myth. I think, they also stress the Illuminati-philosophy a bit "too much and too intensely", like as if they really wanted to get you believe in all that. But they hardly have any gain from it, because they don't really sell much at all. If you built up such a large project, you would expect, that they had much more efficient ways of making profit - but they don't. The site is much more focused on getting a message across than on selling rubbish. You'd expect they'd expand the money-making game to much greater extent. So I am not sure what to believe. On the one hand, it seems unlikely for the Illuminati to go public, but on the other hand, maybe it's just that. It's propaganda, implanting ideas and the Illuminati into the public, wether they believe or not. It doesn't provide any hard facts at all, but is definitely a good commercial for the Illuminati-idea.

    I read the Illuminatiam - their testament (see below for a link to read it online), and I was, to admit the truth, half outraged and half intrigued. It is an easy read, the font size is that of a read beginner, and it doesn't take more than 20 - 30 minutes to read, if at all. It is really well written in my oppinion. I can imagine that this book is enspiring and enchanting to all kinds of believers, especially to people, who really want to believe in the Illuminati or at least the version that is presented here. It's very epic in its scope, it uses big big words, it's definitly very absolutistic, it has the sound of a true testament, excellent rethorics. Whoever wrote that book knew how to address people, bringing across a very specific message in a somewhat subliminal, hidden way. I'd call it double-tongue-talk. It says a (witch sounds nice) but implies b (which isn't so nice), they cloak one thing by another. In my oppinion it reads like a confession of how powerful they really are, but you need not worry about that. It is a true piece of propaganda that twists your mind, plays with your feelings, that is never straightforward, but full of nasty implications between the lines. It definitely implicates some higher power, and it tells you basically, that you are at their mercy and that this is good thing, too. You are in your rightful place, the bottom of the pyramid, where you belong, and they are at the top of pyramid, where they belong - this being the divine design - and always have been: Watching out for you (spying on you...). It's really intense and jammed to the brim with Illuminati spirit.

    Some quotes. Just listen to it. It's incredibly arrogant, incredibly autocratic and very charming in subliminal way at the same time. I recommend reading the full book, it makes your hair stand up on end.

    "Answers to many of your questions are contained in these pages: Our methods, our developing technology, the sources of our wealth, the future of your world, and the root of our power."

    "While our daily operations must remain confidential for your safety, we strive to create a better understanding between us and those we have been entrusted to protect". This implies that they rule the planet and that their seemingly "god-given" task is to protect you. It also implies that they are born to lead.

    "Some might ask: Why would a global organization relinquish their hold upon their deepest secrets in such a public manner? Why risk turning a population against us when secrecy has served so well?

    ... dramatic pause...

    "Because our enemies will do nothing"

    ...another dramatic pause...

    "The things you will read have been in effect for decades, but they already being planned decades earlier than that. Anyone who reads this book as means to subvert our power will find their scheme to be futile". (This really reminds of the Simpsons Aliens: Resistance is futile, earthlings!) It goes on: "The components are so deeply established in your society, there is nothing anyone could do to change them even if they tried. Not even the world's most powerful leaders can alter planetary law."
    It gets even better:

    "In fact, we are so certain of our influence over your mind - and the media we have bombarded it since before your conception - that we haven't the slightest fear of you doing something about anything you read within its pages."
    (Jesus Christ!!! Just listen to this!)

    You can read the Illuminatiam in full, though in low quality resolution (it's looks like it has been photographed), here: https://de.scribd.com/document/33282...Illuminati-pdf
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    Default Re: New 'official' website of The Illuminati?

    They say a lot of bull****. More lies.

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