I ran across this video portion of a speech given recently by Van Jones, environmental advocate and short-spanned White House Council on Environmental Quality's Special Advisor for Green Jobs. The reason that I chose this particular web page, which is filled with vile language, is because this video is clear and I can understand what Jones is stating.

Van Jones is controversial because he has firm beliefs and I believe, because of the color of his skin, he is hated more than others. Just simply googling his name opens up the door for the basest of language and threats.

I don't necessarily follow Van Jones, but I think that what he is saying in this video portion, is important. It appears as though he is addressing a group of African Americans and he uses the metaphor of grabbing the whip from the master and putting it down, and then running the plantation. He talks about the base organizing for the future before the 2012 election. He describes the shadow government in extremely soft words.

Velvet Revolution? Hmmmmmmm.......

Inside Out Van Jones: Grab The Whip, Run The Plantation, Take Media & Power From Mean, Dumb Republicans