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Thread: JFK: the Assassination of John Kennedy

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    Default Re: JFK: the Assassination of John Kennedy

    T, I have read that book about five or six times. It has so many yellow highlights because of it's criss cross with my life, that it is positively eerie. New Orleans back in the day was quite a small town for a big city.

    I read Judith Vary Baker's book also. So did my father. He stated in his opinion, Judith is telling the truth, as there is no way she could know all the small details of New Orleans back then unless she did what she said she did and knew who she says she knows.

    To this day, I am convinced that my reading of "Dr. Mary's Monkey" openly during work breaks at the formerly Delta Primate Center is part of what got my job eliminated.

    I'd love to go and see them, but I doubt I'll go to the bar on Friday. That area of the city would take a good hour and a half for me to get there, at night.

    The anecdotes from New Orleans people which tie in to all aspects of the JFK thing is really amazing. I've heard many and they all corroborate Ed Haslaam's version of things.
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