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Thread: Patterson-Gimlin Film: A Sasquatch Massacre?

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    Default Re: Patterson-Gimlin Film: A Sasquatch Massacre?

    Quote Posted by DNA (here)
    I want to go back to the deal about dogs tracking Bigfoot. In the video below we have firsthand testimonial from a police attempt to track a Bigfoot that had wondered into a town, the first attempt with dogs failed, but for some reason a second attempt at using dogs was successful.

    This video documents various run ins the US military has had with Sasquatch. At 10:20 into the video a book by Rick Berry titled "bigfoot on the eastcoast" he reported on a case from june 1976 where many residents called about a 10 ft non-human that smelled of rotten fish guts and dog excrement. The police used canines to hunt the creature, but the dogs had no interest in tracking the creature. The following day more reports came in and residents were told to stay safe in their home. Dogs were again brought in and this time the dogs tracked it to an interstate tunnel. A few weeks later the creature re-emerged and the US Army was called in to handle the situation. Many folks believe the Army did in fact kill the creature. Media silence was then noted on the situation, and it was at this time that folks began to feel a government cover up was taking place.

    God only knows how many BF'S the military has captured alive and dead.

    How do we explain why some dogs will track and some won't? Is it different types of training? Survival instincts of the dog? Last but not least some say they can use fear like a toy and make people/animals feel impending doom that they can't put their finger on.

    As far as BF'S being responsible for missing people I do think that they have taken people. Not to say their entire race behaves that way but some appear to.
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