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Thread: Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals 2.0

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    Default Re: Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals 2.0

    I did do my research. And I didn't find something quite like my content. I know there is a lot of content about the subject, but I gave things my own twist, wrote everything from scratch. I think that deserves a thread.

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    Default Re: Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals 2.0

    Here are the first 3 paragraphs of a very good article American “Zersetzung” by Karen Stewart:

    15 Oct 2018 – So, suddenly someone you are related to, someone you know pretty well, or your spouse, begins to have some bad luck, then massive bad luck, then never-ending bad luck. Car is vandalized – multiple times, dog is stolen, he/she may inexplicably be getting a hard time at work or even get fired. You try to be a friend, a good family member, a supportive spouse, you tell them, it will pass. But it does not seem to. You start to wonder if they are over-sensitive, over-stressed, imagining things. Starting to cause their own problems. But they have always been logical, grounded, even-keeled.

    They start to report to you that they are getting uncalled for rude remarks, rude behavior, even outright abuse and bullying from neighbors, co-workers, and complete strangers. Big deal you think, people are rude, we all experience that. Why is your loved one, friend, spouse suddenly so sensitive to this? Why does he/she think it is happening all the time? Surely that is an exaggeration? What is going on with him/her? What has changed?

    Weeks, months pass, the conversation and circumstances for this person does not seem to change. It may even be worse. It is getting frustrating for you. Others are distancing themselves from this person making him/her needier. You want to talk about other things, but this person is stuck in a rut. Then they start talking about people seeming to be following them, but always strangers, and seemingly various people, but the odd behavior of these strangers is exactly the same. How can that be? Almost choreographed. Seemingly play acting for your friend’s benefit. And saying things that touch on issues and conversations that are private and unique to your friend. Wild coincidence? How often is that possible?
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    Default Re: Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals 2.0

    Gord that article deserves attention. It is one of the sanest nuts and bolts articles I have ever read on the subject. Interesting that the author worked for the NSA and got targeted for whistleblowing.

    As for the bullies, mercenaries and ignorant order takers who participate in this atrocity, rest assured that all comes home to roost. Their nest is just as vulnerable as the people whom they are torturing.
    "The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone when we are uncool." From the movie "Almost Famous""l "Let yourself stand cool and composed before a million universes." Walt Whitman

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    Default Re: Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals 2.0

    I totally believe this Omni, I don't think you are crazy one bit. I have had voices on repeat telling me I am made of fear and that all I do is fear non stop in my head.
    They have tried to make it out as though I fell from heaven and I felt the demon and that trying to get at my soul. They tried to make out that Archangel Michael was against me and that I was bad.
    I have had voices non stop in my head as soon as I sit down for a cup of coffee in a shop, they were going she is in her head.
    They go in a males voice "you have not got a clue" they are trying to put my ego into satan fears and I have loved most of my entire life.
    I have had people follow me in queue format behind me where ever I go to places.
    They non stop accuse me of things that are not even my fault. Try to torture me with distressing voices.
    I have severe isolation issues, I can't tell others and they are trying to shut my head down.
    I have had stone walling and blame. I have no memories whatso ever and I can't think of anything at all just a pop up image. I don't have an imagination. They use frequencies that are unseen to the naked eye, they cause illusions and they don't care about you at all.
    They make it out that you heaven is against you and so they're devils and demons try to make it out that you are under influence until you get paranoid and get you to believe it is you. When you know you are not mad or crazy.
    I have had people say things in their sentences as answers to what you are thinking.
    They can ignore anything you are saying and deny that you even exist.
    They infringe on your boundaries and even if I'm asleep they are there hollering or monitoring. That is a big one for me no privacy. The angels wait to be invited in but these voices violate me.

    They make it out as though they are gone and that you are left not knowing who to trust and what to believe. I have stayed off all drugs and avoided the doctors. I have got DID because when the attack happened it left me having someone reject me but then they say you did it. Like duh no I didn't.

    I am left so exhausted from it that its prolonged and you don't know what to think or believe. The emotions that I am deeply loving etc they try to make you in their words "drip drop" lack of love etc.

    I have been monitored but I also heard "you are humanoid" so God only knows.
    My soul needs deep love and wisdom. I think Angels are here more now but I have people going "that's a memory " and then I hear "kill an angel" so something has happened and they are all ignoring it like its just me. I know I witnessed something.

    I have had loads of stuff but I need a break from it.
    I have times when I start to think about something I hear two voices one "get out of your head" and the other is "think of him" when I go to think of my boyfriend.
    Then they break your mind down to reprogram it when you are weak. That's how they did you. They say "switch" to change you into acting into a different persona.

    They use key words as well and my mind it just I find it so difficult to think of anything it 's most frustrating.
    Oh the other night I keep hearing "we deliver" I said in Jesus Christs name what do you deliver I heard "Torture"
    I also heard after asking who was talking to me in JC x3 the answer was Illuminati.
    I don't know who to turn to they have run me ragged. I got told to be on the run as an evolved person.

    Even now I 'm hearing "we did deliver" as in my twin flame and I'm so hurting anyways that's another story.
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