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Thread: Just another 9-11 thread, move along~

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    Default Re: Just another 9-11 thread, move along~

    The affect of (/11 represents a wound to our collective psyche. IN this regard, to move past it in the healthiest way, through a process from which we may derive strength, confronting all aspects of what contributed to the event, sort out those responsible and seeing to it that they are held to account is required.
    -A macroscopic equivalent to an individual confronting an issue in their own psyche. "Let's move past it" without fully dealing with all necessary contributing factors formulating the issue, without each factor being resolved is the crutch of the uninformed, covering for latent damage, lying to themselves as they assume, "Everything is okay."

    -That stance leads to fractured relations, inability to truly share from a depth of your understanding and to see your self as equal to others in every way.
    To the collective, as stance of "Let's move past it" without confronting the source issues that enabled the event promises more of the same in the world we are seeking to improve; it is untenable.
    True growth is often difficult, the difficulty must be embraced, and the process seen though to its end.

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    Default Re: Just another 9-11 thread, move along~

    I've been "ready to move on" my whole life. My standard answer to any complaint about the injustices of this system is, "It doesn't have to be this way." and, "It could change over night if we really wanted it to."

    9/11 was not a one-off but an inevitability - with worse still to follow. But it does not all stem from our masters or their megalomania, we have ourselves to blame as well. We have judged and we have passed sentence on many of our fellow citizens. We have turned a blind eye to the repercussions of our lifestyles, even when they have led to the devastation and destitution of strangers in far off lands. Even when our lifestyles demand the procurement of more energy, oil and resources by whatever means necessary. Even when we choke on the fumes of our belching factories and get sick from the poisoned water.

    There are so many personal examples of resistance. Anything that runs counter to the wishes of the system is worthwhile, even if it costs money or time. Resistance must be the response to repression - even if it is only the repression of a certain class or sub-section of society.

    Solidarity is the only way to ensure change. But even solidarity cannot happen until the majority understand the true state of affairs in our reality as it is today. That is what they are good at: keeping the people divided. Anything can be used as a means to divide the populace: sports, politics, religion, money, clothes, tax...whatever. Unless the average Joe can be made to see past the subterfuge, solidarity is not possible.

    So until then we are all we got - and resistance is all we have.

    (In a way, searching for the deep answers is also a form of resistance because it runs counter to the official story.)

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