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Thread: Farsight Timecross October Event 2016 - Economic Collapse

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    Default Farsight Timecross October Event 2016 - Economic Collapse

    Looks like an economic collapse is to occur in October - sometime this month. This is per the Remote Viewing of Dick Allgire. He even has a viewing of the Ouroboros Snake eating its own tale as marking the event.

    He sees people monitoring stock and financial screens - frantic phone calls etc.

    He also talks about a massive blackout event. I wonder if this is to disguise various criminal transactions associated with the meltdown. Or possibly, that it causes it.

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    Default Re: Farsight Timecross October Event 2016 - Economic Collapse

    He'd better join the queue.

    It's open season on "economic collapse" predictions right now. In fact I think there's been one predicted by somebody every month for the last 4 years since the European Sovereign debt crisis.

    Also, pick any random day during the year and there will be some office somewhere in the world where people are "monitoring stock and financial screens" and making "frantic phone calls"

    I'm not saying it won't happen but you don't have to be a remote viewer to predict it.

    P.S. The "digital 1's and 0's" he sees stretching out into the distance is the Bitcoin blockchain which may be the only electronic money that works under the scenario he's predicting
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    Default Re: Farsight Timecross October Event 2016 - Economic Collapse

    Could the collapse of Deutsche Bank be the trigger? Germany's largest bank is teetering close to an expensive set of legal claims ($14 B) from the US that would, according to The Economist, be trouble: (bold face mine)

    A $14 billion legal bill would blow a sizeable hole in Deutsche’s capital (it has set aside €5.5 billion, or $6.2 billion, for legal claims, and other cases are pending).

    Article intro:

    "When main trading ended in Frankfurt on Thursday, Deutsche Bank’s shares were 1% up on the day—cause for quiet relief in another jittery week. At close of play in New York four and a half hours later, they were 6.7% down. The catalyst: a Bloomberg report saying that “about ten” hedge funds that use Deutsche’s prime brokerage had moved part of their derivatives holdings elsewhere, to reduce their exposure to Germany’s biggest lender.

    Bloomberg noted that “the vast majority” of clients had not budged. Deutsche responded that it was “confident that the vast majority of them have a full understanding of our stable financial position”. But the news dealt another blow to Deutsche’s already battered shares, which have been plumbing 33-year lows. Deutsche has been reeling for a fortnight, since receiving a request for $14 billion from America’s Department of Justice (DoJ) to settle claims that it mis-sold residential-mortgage-backed securities between 2005 and 2007.

    But trouble begets trouble. Unhelpful rumours have been swirling that the German government is drawing up a rescue plan for Deutsche. The government denies this; Deutsche’s chief executive, John Cryan, has told Bild, a tabloid, that state aid is “not an option”. But it is unsettling that aid is even being gossiped about.

    Deutsche is not the only German bank with woes. On Thursday Commerzbank, the second-biggest lender, said it was cutting 9,600 jobs and suspending its dividend. The country’s local savings and co-operative banks are squealing about the slow squeeze on their margins—the product of the European Central Bank’s negative interest rates and a flat yield curve. But Deutsche is the biggest and most immediate headache.

    And from Reuters:

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel cannot afford to bail out Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE) given the hard line Berlin has taken against state aid in other European nations and the risk of a political backlash at home, German media wrote on Saturday.

    The government denied a newspaper report on Wednesday that it was working on a rescue plan for Germany's biggest bank, as its shares went into a tailspin fueled by a demand for up to $14 billion from U.S. authorities for misselling mortgage-backed securities before the financial crisis.

    Germany, which has insisted Italy and others accept tough conditions in tackling their problem lenders, can ill afford to be seen to go soft on its flagship bank, the Frankfurter Allgemeine wrote.

    "Of course Chancellor Merkel doesn't want to give Deutsche Bank any state aid," it wrote in a front-page editorial. "She cannot afford it from the point of view of foreign policy because Berlin is taking a hard line in the Italian bank rescue."

    It is reminiscent of the Lehman Brothers' failure, and we all know what that crack did to the economic dykes.

    Google their name for some very interesting speculation (low octane, too!)

    Like this ...


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