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Thread: Media Manipulation

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    Default Re: Media Manipulation

    I posted this over on my thread about Heroes - Heroes, Anti-Heroes, Villains and Fools... Research, Discussion and Thoughts on Heroism. It seems relevant here too:


    I was reading an interesting commentary on Social Engineering and Control today - The War on Consciousness posted on VISUP. It includes a short section on the use of archetypes in social manipulation and propaganda:


    According to social critic Jacques Ellul, a state of personal alienation makes an individual totally susceptible to propaganda ...:

    Quote To be alienated means to be someone other (alienus) than oneself; it can also mean to belong to someone else. In a more profound sense, it means to be deprived of one's self. That is definitely the effect of propaganda. Propaganda strips the individual, robs him of a part of himself, and makes him live an alien and artificial life, to such an extent that he becomes another person and obeys impulses foreign to him. He obeys someone else.
    (Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes, pg. 169)

    Twilight language is used to manipulate men through their subconscious. People, so submerged in the collective, begin to identify with archetypes while their own personalities are savagely suppressed. Continuing with Ellul:

    Quote In this process of alienation, the individual loses control and submits to external impulses; his personal inclinations and tastes give way to participation in the collective. But that collective will always be best idealized, patterned, and represented by the hero. The cult of the hero is the absolute necessary complement of the massification of society. We see the automatic creation of this cult in connection with champion athletes, movie stars, and even abstractions as Davy Crockett in the United States and Canada in 1955. This exaltation of the hero proves that one lives in a mass society. The individual who is prevented by circumstances from being a real person, who can no longer express himself through personal thought or action, who finds his aspirations frustrated, projects onto the hero all he would wish to be.
    (Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes, pg. 172)

    The Hero is of course one of Jung's prime archetypes and one that appears time and again in the twilight language of mass media. But this is nothing new. Despots throughout history have tried to get their subjects to identify with archetypes rather than finding themselves:

    Quote The highest concern of all mythologies, ceremonials, ethical systems, and social organizations of the agriculturally based societies has been the suppressing the manifestations of individualism; and this has been generally achieved by compelling or persuading people to identify themselves not with their own interests, intuitions, or modes of experience, but with the archetypes of behavior and systems of sentiment developed and maintained in the public domain.
    (The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology, Joseph Campbell, pg. 240)

    On the flip side of the coin, public relations gurus also created negative archetypes, which Walter Lippmann referred to as stereotypes, to demonize before the public so that anger is misplaced. Historian Peter Levenda notes:

    Quote Stereotypes can be created, and manipulated, by the gurus of mass communications and psychological warfare. Stereotypes are culturally-loaded and therefore not 'value neutral.' We make snap judgments based on the nature of the stereotype; in the hands of the psy-war expert, a stereotype does not contain much complexity or depth. The idea is not to make the target think too clearly or too profoundly about the 'text' but instead to react, in a Pavlovian manner, to the stimulus it provides.
    (Peter Levenda, Sinister Forces: Book One, pg. 127)

    That the mass man continue to identify with archetypes while fearing and loathing stereotypes is crucial to the American way of life. It is only through the total subjection of the individual to the collective consciousness that modern Americans could be expected to make the sacrifices that they have in terms of privacy invasions, loss of freedom, work, taxation, etc. For instance, Americans work more hours than any other peoples on Earth except for the Chinese and Japanese yet a common stereotype set forth by the media is one of a domestic population s riddled with doles and sloth that it general refuses to work. This in turn inspires the population to identify more with their righteous, hard working corporate overlords rather than the 'trash' that comprises the lower classes of this country. That corporations take more in doles via the Federal Reserve's 'quantitative easing' policies that all the common folks combined is never even allowed into the debate and would be a concept barely even understood or believed by most potential voters if it were.

    *I have loved the stars too dearly to be fearful of the night*

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    Default Re: Media Manipulation

    Another method of media manipulation --

    Click image for larger version

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    Once this happens, other journalists implicitly get the message...

    Michael Hastings was born on this day -- January 28th, 1980

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    Default Re: Media Manipulation

    Here's yet another method that the msm uses to shape the narrative.

    The Number One Way Fake News Controls The Narrative

    Published on Mar 19, 2017
    In this video, Luke Rudkowski decides to share a very personal story with Arianna Huffington that relates to how CNN's Brian Stelter was just called out on his show for controlling the narrative. Larry Johnson was on Brian Stelter's CNN talking about Trump wiretapping allegations and exposed how the network along with other mainstream media outlets do pre-interviews with guests to control what they say.

    When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations,
    the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic ~
    Dresden James.

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    Default Re: Media Manipulation

    Quote Posted by Hervé (here)
    The list of alleged news-faking sites according to the MSM major news fakers... you know... that thing about the compulsive liar...

    Ha wikileaks is on there. Well is anybody in the MSM outright denying what came out about the CIA recently? No declaration of fake news? No?

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