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Thread: An open letter to america's college cupcakes on veteran's day.

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    Default An open letter to america's college cupcakes on veteran's day.

    Wow. Just excellent. Happy late Veteran's Day!!

    America has watched for the last year or so, as our nation’s universities have been consumed by a new strain of left wing totalitarianism that has all the traits of the haunting Marxist dictatorships of the past.

    Free thought and expression and discussion are disappearing from college campuses and being replaced by behavior and lexicons out of 1984.

    In the greatest arenas of free speech across this land, you shriek and howl and cry and stamp your feet like two year olds when someone disagrees with you.

    You have mental meltdowns when reading passages from the world’s greatest literature that somehow offend you in every conceivable way, shape or form.

    You feel oppressed and terrorized when viewing someone in a Halloween costume that you dislike.

    You are triggered by opposing views from Presidential candidates, who do nothing more than say things that you may disagree with.

    When triggered by every imaginable word, phrase and action on this planet, you find it necessary to retreat to so-called safe spaces, where you will be further coddled by counselors, Play Doh and Bubble Guppy videos.

    Like raving martinets, you accuse anyone you disagree with of being a racist, a rapist, a sexist or any other derogatory term you can create to soothe your tender and warped psyches.

    You have been told for your whole lives how special you are and these fantastical words have been reinforced by the ridiculous behavior of helicopter parents and idiotic teachers who found it necessary to control every facet of your lives and ensure that each of you precious little snowflakes received a trophy, even though many of you only deserved a kick in the behind.

    Your latest irrational tirades concern the election of PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP. Inspired by the lunatic behavior of your socialist professors, you are the laughing stock of the rest of the country as you hold cry-ins, need therapy dogs and hide under the covers in your dorm rooms because a man was elected President.

    Today is Veterans Day, when we honor those who served, which I have no doubt none of you ever have. The nation particularly honors our combat veterans who drained deep the chalice of courage and who fought against real racists, like the Nazis; real boogeymen like the Imperial Japanese Army, the Chinese, Victor Charlie, the Republican Guard and the Taliban.

    Today, at this very moment, as you tearfully meltdown because Donald Trump is our next President, our current military is in harm’s way in Mosul, fighting real sexists who call themselves ISIS.

    King George, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Saddam, these were real threats, some of the greatest madmen the world had ever seen and our veterans fought and defeated them in hot and cold wars.

    Our veterans, men and women, many of whom were your age at the time they served, never had the luxury to wallow in self-pity over imagined nonsense and monsters.

    Their threats weren’t created in the hallowed ivory towers of Harvard Yard. Their threats were created in the British Parliament, in Bavarian beer halls, in jungle outposts and jettisoned across the globe to cause havoc and death. The only thing that stopped them, the only thing that prevented the world from descending into darkness was the US military and our veterans.

    There were no safe spaces on Iwo Jima or Omaha Beach. There were no cry ins on Bunker Hill or at the Frozen Chosin. There were no counselors in the Ia Drang Valley or at Khe Sanh. There was no time to protest imaginary enemies at Fallujah. The enemies were real and were doing their damnedest to kill Americans and destroy our way of life.

    As I stated, our enemies were fighting against Americans who were mainly your age. I and many Americans have serious doubts that you aggrieved marshmallows could rise to the occasion and fight anyone, much less the Redcoats or the Waffen SS.

    How and why America has gotten to a point where being a wimp is looked upon as normal behavior for young people is the subject of another article and a disgrace in itself.

    Instead of claiming half the nation is racist for voting for Donald Trump, you precious little snowflakes might want to get off your asses and read about men who overcame real prejudice and racism and fought for their country; like the Tuskegee Airmen.

    Instead of being offended by words in books, you precious little cupcakes might want to step out of your safe spaces and read about American matadors at places like Trenton, the Wheatfield, Seminary Ridge, the Meuse-Argonne, the Bulge, New Guinea, 73 Easting and Tal Afar.

    As for the election, get used to saying President Trump.

    Suck it up buttercups

    Ray Starmann.


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    Default Re: An open letter to america's college cupcakes on veteran's day.

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    Default Re: An open letter to america's college cupcakes on veteran's day.

    Quote We are all someones daughter we are all someones son, getting a look at each other down the barrel of a gun!
    I thanked the opening post....but I only agree with a percentage of it!
    I have issues with it....the main one being an old quote

    Quote What if they had a war and no one turned up?
    So I can comprehend that many, even here on Avalon, will not like this post.......I still will post my thoughts!

    I cannot commend the veterans (of any war) for their supposed sacrifice because if they had never fought then there could have been no war!
    You might state that then the aggressor would have trampled over innocents....but then you have missed the point!
    Two sides fight, both consider their actions correct, both are considered by their home country men as 'heroes' as this is the indoctrination formed via division from birth.
    Forgetting which type of indoctrination.......both forces are comprised of individual beings who, each, have NO self constructed moral code.
    Each only follows orders and kills where and when told to.
    That is a fact.
    You cannot have a war where each being self defines their morals. This is the structure of conditioning which is necessary for new recruits.

    If in this world there were NO veterans then there would have been NO wars.

    With the above in mind....one still must address the issue of psychopaths!
    IF a percentage of the idea of humanity is actually comprised of beings which have no empathy, compassion, guilt or remorse then one should entertain the concept that they (the psychopaths) are in actuality a completely different species from the greater mass of bipedal forms considered 'human'!
    In which case you need no bogeymen or demons to explain the current dilemma enveloping this supposed planet.......you only need to address the being stood next to you?

    Quote All around me are familiar faces
    Worn out places, worn out faces
    Bright and early for their daily races
    Going nowhere, going nowhere
    And their tears are filling up their glasses
    No expression, no expression
    Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
    No tomorrow, no tomorrow

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    Default Re: An open letter to america's college cupcakes on veteran's day.

    We have hope with this one...

    He's def brash and unapologetic...but he speaks some very clear truths about the state of colleges and the youth who need "safe spaces".

    This is a link to his YouTube where he has all of his full talks at each college campuses uploaded....

    The Dangerous faggot college tour is quite eye opening.
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    Default Re: An open letter to america's college cupcakes on veteran's day.

    I first went to university in the mid-seventies and there were plenty of crybabies then, too. Funny, that generation who so wanted to change the world have gone right along with the agenda setout by the council of foreign relations. The media, which seemed to be a bit more independent then, has only become more of a ptb lapdog. Considering the publicly known disasters for western society since the sixties/seventies, such as the degradation of our food supply via chemicals and gmo, the loss of civil liberties as documented in snowdens disclosures and the doping down of the public via pharmacuetical firms, i consider that my generation has failed to hold the line for the betterment of society. We are worse off.

    What my generation, and the one before, has done in failing veterans is in permiting unjust wars to be started and waged. Cases in point, the Viet Nam war was escalated based upon a false flag event known as the 'gulf of tonkin incident' (admitted publicly as based on crap). The first gulf war started because the american embassador to iraq implied in a meeting with iraqis that the US wouldnt intervene if iraq invaded the northern half of kuwait (Sadam just bit off all of kuwait). 9/11 was an inside job (the collapse of building 7 is enough proof for that assertion) and was used to deprive americans of their civil rights and used to justify two invasions. The second iraq war was based on 9/11 and another false flag, 'weapons of mass destruction'. Currently a few american troops are dying to oust another false flag op, isis, from mosul. Isis is publicly known to be funded by the saudi and others using american arms delivered to persian gulf states under hilliary clintons direction as secretary of state.

    Although this generation may be cry babies, i blame the older generations for causing the blood of veterans to be spilled over the past sixty years. Our media and politicians did not properly expose and control the fascist strategies of the american military industrial complex. This has cost the lives and injuries to hundreds of thousands of loyal troops. This is the burden of shame my generation holds.

    My generations' burden of shame goes further in permitting the aforementioned publicly acknowledged disasters of a poisoned food chain, a drugged population and a loss of civil rights. On top of all this are the shame of the trillions of dollars embezzeled from the US treasury by blackops military projects, the debt run up by the fed, not to mention the secret drug running and other crimes committed by the ruling cabal.

    My generation has dropped the ball. I feel extreme guilt and shame as a member of this generation. Perhaps the current generation of crybaby college students are our offspring and realize what a f'g mess we're handing them. If i was their age i'd probably need a therapy doggie too.

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    Default Re: An open letter to america's college cupcakes on veteran's day.

    It's not all young people who are crybabies. It's mostly just the ones in the big cities. And their numbers are increasing with each generation. That's one of the many reasons why it was so critical that Trump win this election. Hopefully we will be able to turn the politically correct culture around too.

    I read that at the University of Michigan, they offered coloring books and play doh to students who were having emotional breakdowns because of Trump's victory. Coloring books... and play doh... at a university. Not Kindergarten, but, you know, the place where supposed adults go to learn. That tells you everything you need to know about these people.

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