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Thread: Physicists claim time travel IS possible

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    Default Physicists claim time travel IS possible

    Whiteworld science is now theorizing that time travel, linked with interactions with other universes in the multiverse, is possible (imagine what the blackops know and can do since they are sixty years ahead of this announcement):

    "Physicists have speculated that parallel universes could allow for quantum leaps and even time travel.
    Researchers from the Griffith University’s Center for Quantum Dynamics and the University of California came up with the Many Interacting Worlds Theory...'In the well-known ‘Many-Worlds Interpretation’, each universe branches into a bunch of new universes every time a quantum measurement is made. All possibilities are therefore realised...' There are three main points to the MIW theory, according to the Griffith statement. First, that the universe we live in is just one of an unknown “gigantic” number of worlds, some of which are “almost identical to ours,” but most are “very different.” Second, all of the worlds are “equally real,” existing continuously through time with precisely defined properties.Third, quantum phenomena arise from “a universal force of repulsion between ‘nearby’ (i.e. similar) worlds, which tends to make them more dissimilar.' 'All quantum effects arise from, and only from, the interaction between worlds,' the physicists explained in their abstract.' "


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    Default Re: Physicists claim time travel IS possible

    Not impressed. My butt-head neighbor always claimed he could knock me into next Tuesday.
    I am enlightened, ............ Oh wait. That's just the police shining their spotlights on me.

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    Default Re: Physicists claim time travel IS possible

    Parallel universes are not a requisite for time travel.

    Considering consciousness as part of the space time field and sentience complete with intent as playing a role as a part of the field is.

    In this frame, with Space-Consciousness-Time Coordinates, the sentience of the traveler entangles to the conscious aspect of the field designated as the destination and assumes a space-time-as-matter location to arrive at, which does not violate the forward only direction of time because to the sentient awareness of the traveler the forward sequence of events continues unabated, even if travel is to the past, and the overall field of reality at the destination is moving forward just as it is at the point of departure.

    I accept that most would say that I unnecessarily added the "intent" requirement.
    -My explanation for its inclusion is in OP here:

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