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Thread: Soucouyant

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    Default Soucouyant

    "The Soucouyant (Sukuya), also called Old Hag, is a supernatural being who has made a pact with the devil to be able to change herself into all kinds of different forms. At night she sheds her human skin and changes into a ball of fire or any kind of animal and casts spells on people to turn them into animals also, but she has to slip back into that skin before dawn breaks and the cock crows, otherwise she will not be able to get back into it. So it may happen, that, when people suspect that an old woman neighbour of theirs is, in fact, a soucouyant, they may trick her by going to her house at night and destroying the skin she left behind by putting salt on it so that it will shrink and she will not be able to get back into it and thus die."


    Some folklore may in fact be related to some factual events or entities so I do not dismiss folklore due to the bizarre nature or having no frame of reference to our so named reality....

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    Default Re: Soucouyant

    if one looks at folklore as nothing but past crazies making things up (our pre-programming) but then re-examins all of this as maybe have been FACT(S) then I think we're a closer step to reality; we've been told so many things are mythical; "stoopid" ancient societies (hardly) inventing stories because they had nothing better to do with their time-

    the Ancients posessed a knowledge far greater than we give them credit for and I'm of the opinion that what we call "folklore" (regardless of how hideous folkloric practices were) are based on fact and all of this still continues to this day (sadly)- what used to be done back then in public continues to this day behind closed doors-

    stay well all-


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    Default Re: Soucouyant

    There isn't one devil/Satan there are many, the one formerly known as Lucifer no longer resides/vibrates in the lower frequencies. The name Lucifer has been hijacked/Usurped by a consortium of djin/devils/demons/entities claiming to be the fallen one. Should you have the experience of meeting or encountering one demand it say/speak its name, it can not openly use the name Lucifer it will only claim to be the Devil or Satan until you demand its true name. Modern religions have things twisted from to many translations and "opinions" of what and who the djin/demons/devils are.
    When living in a country with free thought, you'll find many do not feel the need to think.

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