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Thread: Deep Insights into German secret service BND via latest Wikileaks

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    Default Deep Insights into German secret service BND via latest Wikileaks

    Wikileaks publishes classified documents from inside German NSA inquiry commission

    On December 1, Wikileaks published 90 gigabytes of classified documents from the German parliamentary commission that investigates NSA spying and the cooperation between NSA and the German foreign intelligence service BND. The documents include 125 files from BND, 33 from the security service BfV and 72 from the information security agency BSI.

    It should be noted though that all documents are from the lowest classification level and lots of them are just formal letters, copies of press reports and duplications within e-mail threads. Nonetheless, the files also provide interesting new details, for example about the German classification system, BND's internal structure, the way they handled the Snowden-revelations and the use of XKEYSCORE.

    Link to more Information about it:

    In it for example the not so commonly known BND classifications:

    Documents from BND are classified according to the official German classification system, which has four levels, corresponding to those used in many other countries:

    color code: blue or black; equivalent: RESTRICTED

    - VS VERTRAULICH (VS Vertr. / VSV)
    color code: blue or black; equivalent: CONFIDENTIAL

    - GEHEIM (Geh. / Stufe I)
    color code: red; equivalent: SECRET

    - STRENG GEHEIM (Str. Geh. / Stufe II)
    color code: red; equivalent: TOP SECRET

    Besides these common classification levels, it was suspected that there would be at least one higher or more restrictive category to protect highly sensitive information. This has now been confirmed by various letters from the Wikileaks trove, which mention the following two classification markings:


    color code: ?; equivalent: TOP SECRET/SCI

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