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Thread: The Real Life 'Martian'

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    Default The Real Life 'Martian'

    Interesting video about a guy experimenting with a completely autonomous life support system (as in "The Martian" movie):

    The previous video on the same channel is kind of an introduction to who this guy is:

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    Default Re: The Real Life 'Martian'

    BUMP ~ ... The Martian....

    Growing Potatoes on Mars

    Published on 3 Mar 2016

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    Default Re: The Real Life 'Martian'

    I met someone once who was working on the same kind of system as Jeff in the below videos, from a research project linked to NASA and March life. However, he was not growing plants up north just for looking at the necessary equipment and what thrive best, but he was doing it to develop a technologie that could decipher health plants while growing.

    This was through a kind of kirlian photo technology. By photographing the plants' energy emissions (aura), they were trying to define what health was versus a sick plant, so that they would be able to intervene fast to correct unhealthy situations on March. He told me they would bring only seeds, since other kinds of cargo are too heavy, and would have to grow everything from scratch there.

    Interesting brief chat I had with him.

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