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Thread: Chemtrail on, off, on again!

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    Default Re: Chemtrail on, off, on again!

    Quote Posted by Cidersomerset (here)
    Quote I think this is one of the best Chemtrails videos ever made

    ^ it says removed by user ...
    I think Rocky may be referring to this vid he posted here...

    Anonymous GLOBAL AWAKENING Message 2017

    Anonymous GLOBAL AWAKENING Message 2017

    Published on 31 Jul 2016
    Anonymous Message 2017 - You have to watch this!
    Something big is going to happen!
    This is the latest Anonymous message to the global public.

    That is weird, I just watched it when I posted that, things are disappearing and reappearing that quickly...

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    Default Re: Chemtrail on, off, on again!

    Hi Cider { and Gillian }
    In some previous post, I asked whether anyone had knowledge of { http://www.chemtrailsprojectuk.com } Olga Raffa. Max Bliss { really ? },, for when I wrote to Olga, giving my theory that; if I was " on the other side ", I would think a Double-pronged attack would seem reasonable, therefore, I have ALWAYS questioned the validity of adding " ADBLUE " to all Diesel Engines across the Western world. For Exhaust emissions are frquently around populated ares - AND at Street - Level...
    The manufactures cliam it is to reduce Nitrous Oxide levels.... { Not having done O - Levels, do not know chemistry... }

    But I probably upset Olga, when I suggested the Paris Confrence was just a lot of hot-air !

    I am also unsure whether David Lim was [is] a genuine man, who has been victimised by Reading Uni, and a smear campaign set up to discredit him, for when he failed to get enough support, he nevertheless did a considerable work on the Somerset Flooding. For this reason I'm asking is CPUK is the " gate-keeper ", and David the Genuine one ? ? ?

    Any thoughts ?

    PS to ALL, { whether in UK or not } UKColumn.org News [ 13:00 ] Mon - Fri is an honest source of well - researched fact.

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    Default Re: Chemtrail on, off, on again!

    Quote Posted by Ashy67 (here)
    It certainly looks compelling but I think different thermals and moisture content can cause vapour trails to stop and start. I wonder about how effective spraying something at 20 thousand feet is given how windy it is up there and the spray would dispurse ( in the case of the UK out to sea). I think if you wanted to effectively control people with a chemical agent it would be far easier to put it in the water supply.
    Hmm, put it in the water supply, but what if they don't drink tap water or enough of it to have the desired effect.

    Maybe the active agent / ingredient evaporates at room temperature ! this would make the bathroom quite a hazardous area of ones home.

    Smelling the tap water you would say this may already be happening in some areas.

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