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Thread: The 1990s Dot.Com Bubble era - What was all that money really used for and its effect to this day? Internet Rise in Society

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    Default The 1990s Dot.Com Bubble era - What was all that money really used for and its effect to this day? Internet Rise in Society

    Hi all,

    A more recent glimpse into the unseen layers of history in this reality. I am sure many of you have been aware there has been alot more going on in the last couple of decades. You knew on an instinct level something like this was occurring. Hence you were triggered during this time. Or activated to your perceptions that have contributed to you being here now.

    Here is the first part of 3 into how our society was influence from the 1990s so you can perhaps feel where we are at today. Have a bit of a reflection of you, where you were to now and what you felt at the time. What was all that money about of the tech bubble and the effects society is still dealing with? What was going on under Mexico? How was civilisation being shaped for a more technical era we all are part of being here? Some large foundations were being layered for sure.

    This links up to the 600 million brain drain from the decades before also...

    00:20 - Outsourced Validation, External Validation
    01:40 - Alexa.com, Stats, Amazon owned and advanced analytics
    05:25 - Amazon EBay survivors of 1990s Dot.Com Tech Bubble - The move from Stores to Online Buying trust - The Internet Age
    07:00 - Firefox Web Browser tool - Searchlight - tracking and visualise your web browsing data collection from your browsing, Analytics
    08:28 - Origins of Web Browsers 1990s - Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer - Microsoft Anti-Trust
    10:44 - The Tech Bubble Dot.com era - Fake things supporting Darpa returning off world value laundering - Military Mining Organisations - Satellite tech
    11:52 - 1990s - Andre Surveying GIS Satellite Imagery Analysis - Frequency Reading - US Bombing known when deliberate inaccuracy removed
    14:22 - Andrew - Streaming - 1990s, Darpa, Dot.com Bubble - Parts industry for large scale underground off world vessel construction in Mexico
    15:59 - Size of Dot.com bubble not appreciated for its size - 2008 was part of left over debt for Incarnation Grid control
    17:14 - Y2K Psyop - Creation of new training in universities of IT Technology People - Perceptions and support
    19:20 - Internet Implemented Mid 1980s to this discussed time - Planning reality post implementation - Internet shopping and digital market
    21:01 - Postal Infrastructure and Vatican Relationship to be crushed, elimination of Post Wizards to become IT Guys and Instant Gratification
    22:28 - Rise of Courier Organisations (FedEx, UPS, DHL etc) due to Post inefficiencies - Air Freight Courier arms
    26:59 - Social Media rise
    27:39 - Cashless to Digital Money Rise - Merchant Industry Challenge - Deregulation 1980s under Ronald Ragan thus the world took on also - visa MasterCard Credit Card
    29:21 - Financial Services Industry tax 8-15% of the Economy - Actually much higher and non public Military Industrial Complex metric
    31:34 - Financial Industry stopped supporting inventory funding - Taxation for live freight - Just in time inventory - Bond Market crash saving and Loan scandal - Derivatives
    34:48 - Secret Space - Iran contra - Energy Harvest Drug - Link to 1990s now - Supreme Court Lawyer Class preparation - 11mil Lawyers Graduate
    35:57 - WTO push - Derivative Markets - Final removal of Wizard Class for AI Tech take over - WTO came out of WHO Aids issues
    39:22 - Lawyer Class allowing common man direct interaction with Babylonia Money Curse - Comfortable life incentive to consciously choose the path
    40:28 - Consumerism and Materialism - Industry - 1990s Technological Class Graduation - University Structures - 11million of 40million graduates are lawyers - Assisting ignorance
    42:33 - Lawyer Class Vanguard assisted in suppressing Military Technology from Public Awareness and markets (TV Show - Goliath) - Pattern System
    43:31 - 1990s - Office Changes - Server and Workstations to PCs and MS Windows / Mac OS / Commodore 64
    45:22 - Oracle - Military Database Management system that was made public - Larry Ellison - Darpa's first attempt to really change Wall St
    46:53 - Search Engines of the 1990s
    47:36 - First Publicly Listed Mercenary Company - Black Water - Became own Bank - Entities - Human Resources
    49:19 - Stock Market becomes more accessible - To make Banker and Lawyer class work
    50:14 - Taking on board Karma via interactions - Video Game example, gaining from activities of Corporations - Another Derivative market
    52:04 - Stock Market - New avenue of War to manipulate Nation States etc
    53:40 - Q - Mandy - 1990s, how did it change the office from your perspective? - Manufacturing Changes and employment shifts
    58:00 - Technical Skills no longer relevant due to efficiencies - Boeing Supersonic Jet contract cancelled lay off 40000 highly skilled Engineers 1980s

    Link to the 600 Million brain drain from the 1960s, 70s and 80s:

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