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Thread: All Part of the Agenda: MK-ULTRA Mind Control

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    Default Re: All Part of the Agenda: MK-ULTRA Mind Control

    Quote Posted by bluestflame (here)
    i believe what we are seeing now was symmbolically depicted in the denver airport murals , in some the rainbows surrounding the scenes , the vehicle they will be and are using to gain thier objective , ... the children

    notice in the second one where the " rainbow" seems to evolve from ?
    I don't know if you see the same thing as I do, but this soldiers with the arab machete is a mix of soldier, nazi looking and most of all Djinn. I do not know if you know what Djinns are in the Middle Eastern mythology. They can be ordered through magic to do the deeds magicians require. Can be quite bad. Some
    djinns are uncontrollable, much stronger than the humans who conjured them. When released, you do not know what may finally happen, you are playing with fire. And they will ask benefit in return for their deeds. this is dark magic.

    And very few flags in the other painting: UK, USA, China, France, Italy (below UK and USA), Palestine, and 5 other flags I am not sure of.

    When the soldier is dead, Israel seems absent, unless I missed it. And where is Germany? Russia?
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    Default Re: All Part of the Agenda: MK-ULTRA Mind Control

    Their use, and our counter use, of symbolism is VERY important. It is at our fingertips and within our knowledge. We are way more powerful than they are. They don't want us to know that.
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