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Thread: Chaos - a philosophical question

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    Default Chaos - a philosophical question

    Are human spirits the only beings capable of 'true' chaos?

    Okay, this is a big question for me.

    Let me start out: my degree was science based, but not physics, philosophy or mathematics.

    My current (partial) knowledge: chaos theory, fractals behind chaos, 'sacred' geometry, mathematics being this 'cosmos' rule book of creation/ manifestation

    My current 'working model' (not committed to, just seems to 'gel' with my head ATM): gnosticism - we are infinite spirits, facets of source, living in Sophia's one sided finite dream bubble manufactured by the beautifully crafted mathematics of Yadabaoth.

    Also woud like to state my once sharp and quick mental qualities have been diminished, so now I get fugues, not strictly in the defined medical sense, but worth a look up on google for those unfamiliar with the term.

    Reason for post: A thought popped in my head - if I draw a squiggle, is it truely non-random. (I am somewhat aware of the computing problem to 'seed' random number generators etc).

    So immediately, (my science mind) fractals and chaos theory and geometry etc bombarded me saying no.

    Then my 'esoteric mind' said: 'if you are an internal spirit in Sophia's bubble then maybe'. i.e. beyond chaos.

    I love etymology so used a favourite of mine:


    This , to me is a massive and fascinating subject, I can not 'resolve' it ATM so thought I would ask possibly the best lager in the world = PA.

    (I did a search but coud not find anything relevant on PA).

    Your thoughts deeply appreciated.

    The next thought was
    Emotions are transient, compassion is eternal.

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    Default Re: Chaos - a philosophical question

    IMHO Chaos is a natural order of things, Its not a matter of being capable, its a matter of perspective. One can dwell in chaos and find the highest order, one can dwell in highest order and find nothing but chaos.

    Idk about all your labels but my model is like 13th dimensional energy ball, experiencing through all experiences emittinating in all directions in all forms. In my multidimensional experiences the more i focus and open the more i can do. in whatever reality i am.

    How can anything be chaotic if all moves to law, even in the sun, pressure/heat/energy systems always strive to balance out, but one looks at the sun and goes thats chaotic. one looks at fire and goes theres no order to it aslong as the environment has constant consist force/energy/work, even in the 11th dimension at the end of the black holes after mass compression and mass decomposition. just subatomic particles expanding and interacting, the properties of the particles involved effect the properties of the future products.

    Chaos is just the lack of the knowledge and wisdom to understand. Chaos doesnt really exist, It is but a boundary for perspective to resist to.

    As thoth says, as above, as below.

    "Fire, the inner fire,
    is the most potent of all force,
    for it overcometh all things and
    penetrates to all things of the Earth.
    Man supports himself only on that which resists.
    So Earth must resist man else he existeth not."

    -Emerald tablets - key to wisdom

    Tis is what i think atm.

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    Default Re: Chaos - a philosophical question

    A blind hog can find an acorn every once in a while..... Chaos theory....

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    Default Re: Chaos - a philosophical question

    Levels of perceived "randomness" are dictated partly by resolution or "roughness levels" as Mandlebrot would have put it. The more "roughness" (granularity / frequency / whatever the term your are used to) the more the perception of randomness when viewed from a non-drilled down perspective.

    Perception, or perhaps "available to perception" vs Absolute is the key to your conundrum ... I think.

    Then there is this ... while the Universe has order and logic almost beyond our ability to determine (hence Chaos theory science in itself), does this order apply to the "static" that is created by an ego with free will? While the universe is constantly attempting to bring order to the result of the actions of isolated egos, are these initial actions at some level, still initially ordered by the Universe in some way, beyond our ability to determine? Level of able perception determines that.

    It at some point almost a question of "do we really have freewill?"
    When you are one step ahead of the crowd, you are a genius.
    Two steps ahead, and you are deemed a crackpot.

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