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Thread: 4 nights at Sailrock Resort

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    Default 4 nights at Sailrock Resort

    I was looking for a nice little vacation trip to Turks and Caicos Islands. My goal was quality over quantity, so I thought 4 nights, that's OK. As long as I have a nice balcony close to the water.

    This is what I found. Sailrock Resort, 4 nights plus flight, 25,581.261 USD. Baby, we have breakfast included in the price. Yeah but I want dinner included too. That's not included. What about wireless on the airplane? Baby, it's only 20 hours, nah you won't need it.

    The joke aside, this would be an awesome stay... But 20 hours flight time and no internet is a pretty long flight.

    A nice thing about living in Florida is that you can go to South Caicos and back with flight if you want to, for 450 USD in just under 2 hours. Pretty incredible access for those who live there...
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