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Thread: The Government's UFO Disclosure Plan with Grant Cameron

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    Default Re: The Government's UFO Disclosure Plan with Grant Cameron

    I had to check who Brandenburg is. He's the guy who talks about the nuclear explosion evidence. That's very convincing but the one big thing that has for several years grabbed my attention about Mars is that massive semi healed up scar/gash that stretches for thousands of miles across it's 'lower belly'.

    Whenever I look at it, I always imagine a huge asteroid ( very huge ) doing a head on collision into Mars so hard that it shot strait through the crust into the liquid center, then causing a massive outshot of liquid up in the northern area where that big plateau of raised lava-field looking stuff is.

    The Gash ( but no one ever seems to talk about it ):
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    Default Re: The Government's UFO Disclosure Plan with Grant Cameron

    Quote Posted by RunningDeer (here)
    Quote Posted by CaptnNemo (here)
    Quote Posted by onawah (here)
    A prediction that NASA will present some 'soft disclosure" info this week from Simon Parkes here:
    Quote NASA's Disclosure Agenda...
    Tuesday, April 11, 2017
    Earlier this year I said that the elite were going to go for a controlled disclosure - on April 13 at around 7pm British time NASA will hold a major news conference to talk about Sea worlds or ocean Worlds - it is part of the early disclosure agenda working up to full disclosure - the agency is trialing it - to see how the media and public respond.

    Nasa link gives 404 error on their website...
    Try this, CaptnNemo: NASA to Reveal New Discoveries in News Conference on Oceans Beyond Earth
    For those who did not get to sea it!

    Quote Posted by Star Tsar (here)

    Oceans Beyond Earth

    Streamed & Published 13th April 2017

    Nasa's press conference on the ice encrusted ocean moons that are Enceladus & Europa.

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