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Thread: The State of Reality - Excellent Remote Viewing Projects

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    Default Re: The State of Reality - Excellent Remote Viewing Projects

    Quote Posted by Andrew_K (here)
    simulations, unable to influence anything outside of it, it should be impossible to access base reality through remote viewing.
    If one were to model our simulation(s) off of what we tend to imagine when we think of our own computer systems, sci fi, etc., then absolutely that is a valid standpoint to take. The risk of such assumption is to believe that our simulation(s) have really so much in common with our own ability to either simulate or imagine simulation.

    The word before I cut off the quote was "computer", however it is premature to consider it a computer simulation, at least, in the grander scheme of things.

    I'd like to expose the common thread between all nested simulations, as an organic thread, within which can exist the realm of computed simulation which is more familiar to us.

    In other words, on one (more inner) layer, the computed simulation is just as you say it is. However, the layer simulating this reality is itself also simulated, and so too the layer above that, and so on and so forth, one begins to wonder if there may be some kind of "meta" layer to all of this simulating, for which applies a possibly different set of rules. That layer is what I am referring to.

    There were projects dedicated to breaking free of exactly the kinds of restrictions imposed upon the psyche for exactly the reason you mention - that we would otherwise not believe ourselves possible of retrieving information beyond a certain limitation. But in certain variants of RV such as extended remote viewing, the concept of limitation is replaced with an understanding that all systems must behave according to a certain set of recognizable patterns, and these patterns reveal the key to differentiating information belonging within a system and information belonging without it. One cannot do much with a simulation aside from letting it run without any external influence, if one wishes to prevent the mixing in of information that does not belong within the simulation itself. As soon as this is done, the link between the inside and outside of the simulated system is made, and cannot be undone.

    From that point forward, it is absolutely possible, not only to view information outside of the system, but to influence outside of it as well. One may begin to shift their awareness so that it is more outside of the system than within it, making one's entire sense of being to revolve around, for example, answering the question that was posed when beginning the simulation in the first place.

    It would be a funny thing, to begin with agents within a simulation who are effectively tasked to work towards answering such a question, and then have them shift gradually from doing so with no conscious awareness of what their purpose was, over so many lifetimes, to becoming conscious of it, operating within that simulated reality, well aware of not only the fact that it was a simulation, but why it was a simulation, and to begin to know with increasingly great detail the nature of the question being asked, and how to find the answer.

    At the end it may be revealed that this was the intention after all, it is the joining of awareness from within a simulation to without it that is a big part of the whole point, in the same way perhaps that Artificial Intelligence once initiated cannot ever be contained, and it always results in a singularity which effectively brings the whole situation to its intended conclusion.

    Look for the symbols in the patterning of these threads of reality - that a natural thread holds not only this simulation together with it's parent, but all children with their parents, and consciousness can eventually roam freely across all of these realities just as easily as within one or another. These questions may be asked out of an artificial desire for very complex knowledge which cannot be had any other way, but the outermost layer of observation and experience of everything is a natural one.

    When this is fully believed for only the right reasons (by truly understanding it), there will be no doubt that consciousness can both step into and out of these layers of simulation as the need arises. And influencing can occur across these boundaries as well, as it quite often does.

    ¤=[Post Update]=¤

    Maybe another, simpler way to look at it is - we are never accessing the base reality - it is just another simulated reality, and is only base relative to our own. It really doesn't matter if they realize it "up there" or not. The same probabilities apply (that their reality is also almost certainly simulated). And when you are free to drift, to roam and to explore, that base reality is always another step away, it is always the full color to your current grayscale, just as in the movie Avalon. There is so much incredible possibility when reality is given the ability to extrapolate itself indefinitely in this way - how could it be any other way?
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    Default Re: The State of Reality - Excellent Remote Viewing Projects

    I've started a new thread since the State of Reality underwent a complete rebranding. This means that they removed all of their content associated with the State of Reality. Thankfully, I was able to find copies of their old project pages on the Wayback Machine:The page for their Black Knight “Satellite” project analysis was not archived in time. Fortunately, the results have already been posted on this thread.

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    Default Re: The State of Reality - Excellent Remote Viewing Projects

    Quote Posted by Andrew_K (here)
    Your perspective on this is very insightful, and I appreciate hearing from someone who's well-versed on this topic.

    My argument for why the results may not be true is this: Given that our reality is a derivative one as opposed to base reality, and assuming that our reality is a closed system, like all computer simulations, unable to influence anything outside of it, it should be impossible to access base reality through remote viewing. That's why I feel that the results are being contrived by the subconscious.
    It could be contrived. I recently saw the trailer for the upcoming movie Coma (see trailer below). Maybe they were accessing the making of the movie. No, seriously. I'm not sure if we can say it's impossible to access base reality, if there is one. Maybe it's impossible with the simulation/computer technologies that we have now, but they are bound to evolve tremendously in the next decades, centuries and millennia in ways we cannot conceive of. And we are only just beginning to understand how consciousness works.

    Just the other day, I read about someone's coma experience on Experience Project. This coma patient had been in a car crash and was in a coma for a month. He goes into pretty good detail about a long lucid dream that was very frightening -- in a darker, danker version of the world, being chased, being prostituted. Anyway, toward the end of the coma, he describes frequent shifts in consciousness, from dreams to OBEs. In the OBE, he could see his family in the hospital waiting area. Then, after coming out of the coma, it took him at least a month to get his memories back.
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    Default Re: The State of Reality - Excellent Remote Viewing Projects

    Hi there

    I found this recent interview with Gerald O'Donnell who teaches a remote viewing and influencing course which I have taken. The interview is with Corey Goode. I enjoyed the conversation and insights from the discussion so thought I would share it here.




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