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Thread: We will lead every revolution against us ?????

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    Default We will lead every revolution against us ?????

    Arthur Cristian

    Re: "We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us"

    "We" are the orders, Lodges, Fraternities, Societies, Cults, Brotherhoods, Sisterhoods, etc, of Occultists/Freemasons all working together for the Grand Plan dreams that are the goals of the Grand Architect*** they have sold out to and worship.

    ***The Grand Architect, (G)od, is a fallen MAN, often referred to as Satan amongst many other names given to this nutter across the Occultists recorded ages. (G) invented the stereotypes of measurements evolving into the compass and square used to create the make believe universe ("The System"), time, space, calendar, alphabets, mathematics, geometry, myths, secret societies, Mystery Babylon, Ancient Greece, Ancient E-Gypt, hierarchies, laws, commerce, weights, distance, values, quantities, levels, planes, dimensions, status, titles, standings, race, culture, creed, administration, etc, etc, etc, all of it rooted in occults which gave birth to esoterics. .

    One "ancient", intact bloodline family (tribe) is behind all this, using their psyop programs to gather to them initiated lackeys who sell out to these Satanic Occultic/Freemasonic Inspired "Cults".

    Both the "Bad Guys" and the "Good Guys" playing out in the everyday lives of the people they influence come from the same "orders", using the Satanic/Occultic inspired tools of Chaos and Order To The Chaos, otherwise known as social engineering, which form "The System" of collective slavery where everyone, all the citizens/people, are working together for the nation, country, race, culture, creed, politics, laws, philosophies, commerce, etc, of "The System" they worship.

    It is through their social engineering programs that the Occultists/Satanists/Freemasons gain all their power and control over everyone trapped in "The System", as none of the uninitiated who don't have the eyes and ears to comprehend the social engineering of the occults can sense that we are each willingly contributing to our enslavement under the guise of being "good" tax paying citizens.

    The sex magic rituals of the Satanic (occultic) world, the sodomy, bestiality, necrophilia, pedophilia, orgies, human and animal sacrifices, etc, are documented and used to bind the lackeys to their orders through the threat of blackmail, as well as desensitize them to harm. They are all in fear of each other turning against each other at any time and so they follow rank and file, accepting the hierarchies that rule them to collectively carry out the Grand Plan. Their initiations place their loyalty to their brother/sisterhoods over their loyalty to their families.

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    Default Re: We will lead every revolution against us ?????

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    Default Re: We will lead every revolution against us ?????

    Do we really know what the 'Great Masonic Work' is, or will culminate with.

    Note: George Washington and many other revolutionaries were Masons. Illuminati as defined in the Economist is ' Masonic levels beyond 33rd Degree'...


    The USA, and the American revolution are Masonic Projects.

    TPTB exploit both good and evil energies for their aims.

    If you wanted to create a great power in the world, it is probably easier to exploit the natural human goodness, create a nation that is a beacon of light and freedom. Huddled masses pour in and unimaginable sums are made.

    You then have a great power structure, that is easier to SUBVERT than to CREATE

    The subversion is progressing, rampant secret power enables whatever atrocity needed to facilitate the subversion to be achieved with ease. The great nation becomes a DARK TOOL

    The entrained mass consciousness, steeped in the mystique and romance of past glories, cannot wrap their minds around the signs of a growing evil.
    we have subcontracted the business of healing people to Companies who profit from sickness.

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