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Thread: hoax killer brings own baggage

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    Default hoax killer brings own baggage

    Judging other people's motives as in this case of calling out hoaxes is always difficult. Personally learned this lesson myself when going after other hoaxes that we all carry baggage, some more than others.

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    Default Re: hoax killer brings own baggage

    In converse, the motives of hoax birthers are equally important to observe.

    I'm surprised I haven't found this here yet, but the Tengri 137 puzzle is a cicada level rabbit hole where the motives of the creators and the motives of the readers are both to be read to understand what is probably going on here.

    TLDR; it claims the message is not from our world society. The Tengri riddle is almost two years old and still going as of literally this afternoon. It was all beautiful mathematics until the Hebrew name of God yh/wh is written like a number and proclaimed that it always was. This got me really thinking. The solutions yield the universal Fine Structure Constant and inversely, this 137 prime so often discussed. Oh and then some of the responses required skilled dark web browsing!

    The prospect of this kind of contact is awesome. The words and synchronicities are mind blowingly elaborate. But the motives, Mojo... the motives. While some scream Mossad for some pretty obvious reasons, I could equally scream a varied number of others for equally varied reasons.

    Regardless, if you like puzzles, give it a go. If it isn't a hoax, Mods gotta do what Mods gotta do. I enjoy puzzles. I'm gonna go have some fun.
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