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Thread: David Wilcock update 2017-apr-29: Antarctica UFO and promotions

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    Default David Wilcock update 2017-apr-29: Antarctica UFO and promotions


    David Wilcock just posted update in his site.
    With more updates from Pete Peterson about Antacrtica.

    Hope you will enjoy it as mush as I do.

    Here are some relevant quotes from the post:
    Quote We have received major new intel updates from Pete Peterson on the Antarctic Atlantis. We had hoped to get it properly written up for you, with all the ancillary research data, before this trip but we just need a little more time!

    There are many exciting developments going on behind the scenes. We have never been more busy, nor more inspired!
    Quote Pete Peterson has finally been authorized to release far more intel than ever before. Something has changed on the inside to make this possible.

    The current situation in the world may seem very hopeless and muddled, when in fact we appear to be right on the brink of incredible new developments.
    PathWalker suggest discern:
    1. Is it realy the same Pete Peterson from Camelot interview?
    2. Why should we believe now to similar doom and gloom predictions from Pete Peterson?
    3. Things has changed, yes they are always changing. This time no different "change" from many other DW predictions and promises. What is so special now?
    Quote Pete gave me a stunning depth of new information on excavations of UFO crashes in Antarctica that were already being thoroughly analyzed by teams of scientists when he got there 30 years ago.

    The data was so dense it was almost too much. This is what happens when you have "eggheads" dedicating their entire lives to studying how a gigantic, miles-wide mothership skidded along the ground before coming to a stop.
    PathWalker have strong memories for repeated 'coming mass arrest of Cabal members'.
    Quote In short, if we combine the latest intel from Corey Goode with what Pete Peterson was aware of from his work there 30 years ago, we appear to have four layers of awesome stuff in Antarctica that we will soon be hearing about in an official disclosure.

    These layers are spread out in a total of about three and a half miles of vertical space, from bottom to top.

    The first, oldest, bottom layer is from the Ancient Builder Race. It could be 1.8 billion years old, if not more. It is a vast, underground facility inside the continental landmass of what is now Antarctica, beneath the ice.

    There are ancient underground bases like this all throughout planets and moons in our solar system, as well as several neighboring ones.

    This was a vast civilization. That doesn't make their ruins on Earth any less impressive. Antarctica is the main "X marks the spot" treasure room for Earth.

    On the surfaces of planets and moons they left behind crystalline pyramids, obelisks and domes made of a transparent aluminum alloy.

    Most of the surviving remains like this are very thoroughly eroded, creating what one insider called a "Cosmic Junkyard."

    The build-outs inside planets and moons have been preserved much more efficiently. They contain super-advanced technology that is transdimensional, and still works.

    This is what allowed various beings to put themselves into stasis and fast-forward through tens, if not hundreds of thousands of years of time.

    The second layer contains a huge mothership that crash-landed on tropical-looking trees on the surface of the Antarctic continent, as it would look under the ice.

    Crushed remains of palm, pineapple and other such trees can still be found beneath this gigantic and highly impressive craft -- way ahead of what we have in our current, 'accepted' technology.

    The science breakthroughs we will get from analyzing and reverse-engineering what is on this ship will give us an incredible leap forward in technology.

    This ship is now buried beneath over three miles of glacial ice. When it crash-landed on the Antarctic continent, it was all tropical land at the time.

    The mothership was estimated to be about 450,000 years old as of 30 years ago, when Pete was there studying it along with many other scientists.

    According to Corey's data, it is now believed to be a little over 500,000 years old.

    This dates it to the time immediately before the civilization that had lived on Mars, when it was still Earth-like, was destroyed.

    NASA announced that Mars was like Earth, and had an ocean that was up to a mile and a half deep across half of its surface, just a few years ago.

    Few people have talked about it even though the announcement spread far and wide at the time.

    As several insiders have revealed, Mars was a moon of a Super-Earth during this time. The Super-Earth exploded in a great war, becoming the Asteroid Belt.

    Remember... if this sounds crazy to you, I just wrote an entire book summarizing all my research into this far-reaching insider testimony.


    This was all discussed in my new video The Antarctic Atlantis, which you should definitely check out if you haven't already seen it.
    Quote Since George Lucas was authorized to release a wealth of true intel in the Star Wars series, gleaned from research that was already well underway in the Secret Space Program, I call this ancient Mars civilization The Empire.
    Quote The Alliance is very real. They were preparing to take decisive action against the Cabal, regardless of who won the 2016 US election.

    The current president is not running the show in some sort of weird dictatorship fashion, contrary to media projections.

    Many seemingly mysterious things will make sense once the truth comes out.

    I am not saying that I like or support everything that is going on. Not at all. However, I also try to look for the positive in every situation.

    Yet, you open yourself up to awesome waves of hatred to even try to say one thing positive about this situation -- at least from certain readers.
    Quote There are many tangible signs that a visible war is playing out between the DoD / Alliance and the CIA / corporate media / Cabal factions in America right now.

    The Alliance is definitely going to win this. It is a mathematical certainty. They have much greater numbers and they are growing by the day.

    The "Vault 7" CIA Wikileaks documents were supposed to be the "Next Snowden," but that story vanished within one or two days. Why would the CIA be doing the same surveillance as the NSA?

    Simply put, this is another tool the Cabal has been using to smash any dissenters, would-be whistleblowers or Alliance members.

    Expect far more to come out about how this data has been used for blackmail, bribery and other tools the Cabal used to maintain control.
    Quote All the Cabal is doing now is trying to delay the inevitable. They know they are finished. They are just refusing to surrender until the very bitter end.

    They have already thrown the timetables the Alliance had hoped to meet way off, but they can't hold on forever.
    PathWalke is not sure the 'alliance' is better then the Cabal. Different faction but same masters.

    Earlier rounds of the Alliance's work have included a massive sweep of underground bases worldwide, purging the Cabal's holdouts in multiple locations.

    The Alliance is now taking out the last-remaining Cabal proxy armies in the outside, visible world. This is scaring and pissing off a lot of people.

    Once the Cabal's ability to conduct "false flag" military strikes is sufficiently destroyed, expect a raft of shocking disclosures to emerge.

    I have no idea in what order we will get all the Antarctica data. I do apparently have a fairly decent idea of what there is to know.

    The bottom layer we are excavating and exploring is a super-advanced underground base beneath the continental crust that is 1.8-plus billion years old.

    The second layer is a huge UFO mothership crash on the surface of the continental crust, on top of tropical vegetation, from about 500,000 years ago.

    The Empire was aware of the incredible resources available down there. Other ships landed in this same area to explore it as well.


    The third layer contains a ship that crashed more recently, trying to land above the original ship and ancient underground base.

    This ship is roughly two miles above the previous ship. In this case it landed on snow, leaving a long debris trail of smashed parts.

    The original ship had long since been buried under two miles of glacial ice. It was a forgotten ruin until the survivors of the Empire desperately needed it.

    Antarctica still had some habitable land on it during this time, but the ship crashed on snow-covered mountains in the highlands, directly above the older ship.

    Peterson was hired to find out why these ships were crashing instead of landing smoothly.

    His conclusion was that they were using magnetic propulsion and were disrupted by unique conditions in the polar region.

    Although pole shifts did take place, this area apparently still remained predominantly polar.

    During Peterson's time it was estimated that this crash took place between 220 and 100 thousand years ago. Based on Corey's intel, it seems that the consensus is now that this second crash happened 55,000 years ago.

    This was the group that had elongated skulls and became known as the Pre-Adamites.

    They were desperate. They tunneled down through two miles of ice to access the original ship, as it was their last chance. They were in survival mode.

    They were able to recover much of their lost technology and return their original ship to a semi-operational state.

    They then cannibalized much of these ships and used the parts to build a new base to operate from on the surface of the ice.

    The motherships became havens, and they were too damaged to be able to fly away again.

    Peterson noted that the symbols found inside the first ship matched nicely with the more recent one.

    Both appear to be from the same culture, though the second ship shows signs that their technology had become further advanced.


    The Pre-Adamite base seems to have survived and thrived from 55,000 to about 12,500 years ago.

    This was when the earth shifted yet again on its axis, driving the continent even further into the polar region, and freezing out the rest of it.

    The second ship was buried under another mile or so of ice. Its secrets were entombed, awaiting our own modern technology to uncover it.

    According to Peterson, another far more recent ET group attempted to land there and access this site. This was estimated to be 800 years ago. Other intel suggests it could be about 2000 years since this happened.

    This ship is far smaller and is more akin to the type we see at Roswell. It was nearly on the surface of the ice and was the first one we found.

    Again, the very powerful magnetic fluctuations in the polar region seem to account for why all of these ships crashed instead of making smooth landings.
    PathWalker argue that there are some similar patterns between David Wilcock and Ben Fulford reporting. Make one wonder.
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    Default Re: David Wilcock update 2017-apr-29: Antarctica UFO and promotions

    I don't think 3 miles of geological ice over 500,000 years would leave anything but fine grains of a mothership. Ice moves and crushes. If the argument is that it was flash flooded and instantly preserved in a solid block of ice, why didn't the inundation of water wash it away or float it away?

    edit to add:

    I suppose if you compare how stupid this sounds with 'Flat Earth', this looks quite realistic. Funny, that.
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    Default Re: David Wilcock update 2017-apr-29: Antarctica UFO and promotions

    Do you think if it wasn't for shields, that alien crafts would be crushed traveling through worm and black holes?

    35-50000 years ago is about when the emerald tablet appeared in a material that doesn't age...

    How would a map of melted Antarctica be created if it's been frozen for a billion years?

    You want to know the truth about all the et races heading towards Earth? They heard the elite were going to throw six and a half billion of us away in senseless deaths.

    They have planets ready to populate with intelligent life, and are coming to haul most of us away.

    The biggest danger of this planet isn't Nibiru, it's ourselves...
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    Default Re: David Wilcock update 2017-apr-29: Antarctica UFO and promotions

    "..on the brink of incredible new developments.."

    "..we will soon be hearing about in an official disclosure.."

    "..will give us an incredible leap forward in technology.."

    "..This was all discussed in my new video The Antarctic Atlantis, which you should definitely check out.."

    Ok. Clear. More of the same.

    The supposed insiders stories sound great and might have truth to them, though I'm convinced nothing big will come our way about this in our day-to-day lives.

    However, although raining I'm enjoying today! Be blessed all!

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    Default Re: David Wilcock update 2017-apr-29: Antarctica UFO and promotions

    I doubt all this. I doubt it very strongly. It smells of disinformation, as in a carefully designed narrative to disinform, to tell a story of pre-history that is NOT true.

    I think it quite possible there is something of significance in Antarctica. But I must say, hand on my heart, with 100% conviction, that ANTARCTICA WAS NOT ATLANTIS. Neither was Atlantis a ship, nor did it involve aliens (the Atlanteans were Human), nor are any of the stated time frames accurate. At all!

    Personally, I believe all of this to be complete garbage.

    * stipulation, just to be clear: that this not about simply faulty whistleblowing - this could be a very true story [that 'they' want to tell], but it is disinformation.
    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."
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    Default Re: David Wilcock update 2017-apr-29: Antarctica UFO and promotions

    I remember when Wilcock first appeared on the scene, and I was very impressed with him. A very humble, very spiritually focused, very interesting man.

    I just watched this show last night and that's exactly what it is. It's a show. Wilcock has become a complete egomaniac. It's like I'm looking at a completely different person. Pretty scary. It was a fun show and there were a few interesting pieces of information in there but I wouldn't take anything much that he says too seriously any more. It's a show and he's the egomaniacal celebrity.
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