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Thread: Teleportation or Time Travel or Both Caught on Tape?

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    Exclamation Teleportation or Time Travel or Both Caught on Tape?

    ~lower quality with audio commentary version:

    Stephen Searl Price Jr. quote:

    "I'd like to add another comment here that will answer some of the redundant questIons... I will say this again -- The video is 100% unedited by me. I say "by me" because the only editing was done by whomever tried their hardest to prevent me from uploading it. They have done this to other videos as well, where, once on YT, they're capable of blurring parts of it, manipulating pixels, and who knows what else, but i can assure you that the original copy of this is MUCH BETTER, and hidden away on several SD cards in a few different places, and i KNOW they are desperate to find it based on some interesting events and communications with certain people as of late. Additionally, what i saw that day as I videoed this event, was literally life changing, it's completely altered my world view on almost everything. It took place last October 2016, and i still think about it every single day. Here's how it went -- I honestly saw an energy spot emerge about 3 feet off the ground and about the same distance from that wall. There are NO cars driving by them since it would be IMPOSSIBLE due to the fact that the ONLY things behind them are some bushes, an area of dirt under the bushes which runs the entire length of that wall, and of course the wall itself. What some peeps are calling cars driving by or behind them is the actual portal manifesting in mid air. The huge amount of energy from the portal is causing that blurry, mirage like effect that some are mistaken for vehicles. I saw it grow into a larger blurry spot, which reminded me of one of those mirages you see in the horizon when driving on a straight road on a hot day, except this one was hovering in midair. Eventually I saw 2 distinct vertical lines appear that had a pronounced appearance of strong energy of some sort, and a slight wavy/static like look. Those vertical "lines" grew in size very rapidly as they got closer towards my car. but again they were just hovering in midair as they quickly got larger and larger until, like you see on the video, they just kind of smoothly transformed into that supposed father and son. Then of course the security guard entity appeared the exact same way. At that point i was EXTREMELY flustered, basically jaw wide open, speechless, and quite honestly, I was ****ing SCARED, man!! I sat for a couple more minutes I guess, then I saw yet ANOTHER energy spot (portal) appear, I hesitantly grabbed my phone to record again (I was hesitant big time because again it was beginning to sink in that i just recorded a God damxxn PORTAL! Me, this homeless loser with an old rickety little dog -- I love her with all my heart though -- my only shelter is my car, and i was either blessed or cursed to witness an event apparently so rare that after scouring the net for months now, I have yet to find another legitimate portal video -- lots of fancy cgi ones, but nothing which appears real...maybe there is another, point me to it if so, please.) so when i pressed record my camera said I only had like 20 or 30 seconds available in the storage to record. Now I could've sat there and went through and deleted some pics or vids that weren't important to me in order to free up storage and continue recording -- I really wish I wouldve, damxxit -- but again, I was getting incredibly nervous and anxious after seeing what i saw, so i decided to just get the hell out. I regret leaving but at the time i had a million things running through my mind, like now the CIA or FBI or NSA are going to kill me for seeing their secret technology. Anyway, you have the right to believe me or not, but i can tell you that no matter who you may talk to in the entire history of my life that know or knew me, there is not a single individual that would say I'm a liar or scammer...it really is NOT who I am in any way, God Bless. Peace. ✌"

    I accidental caught this on my vehicle's back-up cam. The Portal begins opening as a horizontal blurry/wavy/spiralling/swirling/mirage-type spot 2-3 feet in the air approximately 3-4 ft in front of the solid concrete wall at the 10 sec mark (you'll see it on the right of the screen, in-between the 2 bushes which stand to the very far right side of the wall), then 2 males walk out. Then the second opening begins in the same way at the exact same spot at 1:57 mark and 1 male walks out. No, there is not a door on that wall, nor windows. In fact the closest door is 40-50 feet around the corner from the portal. The portal opened about 20 ft behind my car at a 45 degree angle to the rear left of my car ( however it's on the right side of the screen here). The video is 100% REAL and completely UNEDITED without even the slightest bit of an enhancement/touch-up/or anything added.

    If you have any questions or any information about what's going on with this please email me ANYTIME at: schooling4all@gmail.com -- I will respond promptly. Take care.

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    ~original HD720p with almost no audio commentary:

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    Default Re: Teleportation or Time Travel or Both Caught on Tape?

    Why would anyone risk being caught on camera by coming through a portal in a car park which typically have security cameras?

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    Default Re: Teleportation or Time Travel or Both Caught on Tape?

    Quote Posted by yelik (here)
    Why would anyone risk being caught on camera by coming through a portal in a car park which typically have security cameras?
    people today won't believe it even when they see it for themselves... most are afraid of ridicule ... could be real, could be fake, could be a mandela effect people shifting from one timeline to another, bet the two people had a deja vu ...
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    Default Re: Teleportation or Time Travel or Both Caught on Tape?

    I don't know what to think of that video but it is certainly a strange one! I wish we could see it more clearly.
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    Default Re: Teleportation or Time Travel or Both Caught on Tape?

    So ... did he start recording his cars camera before anything started happening? It seems that way to me ... that is a bit odd ... like as if he knew this "portal" would be opening at that exact time?

    All I really see are typical and repeatable camera type stuff. The cars backup cam is clearly extremely over exposed against the wall of the building. When an object or person is also in this area, there will be a certain threshold of darkness that is required before the camera will register anything but white - as the people move from out of direct sunlight into the shadowed area, they hit this threshold of "darkness' as detected by the camera then suddenly become visible. The "portal" opening is the objects (people) coming across that threshold.

    Its all just typical cheap camera exposure results. A camera, especially cheaper ones can't detect the range of brightness a human eye can - maybe only half the range. In the camera world this range is measured in "stops" - aka f-stops. A human eye can detect a rang of about 8 or nine stops, most cheap cameras like you'd find in a car, maybe three or four. That means that in scenes with high contrast, like an area with both direct sun and shadowed areas, the cameras processor has to drop half the data - it does this by forcing either pure white or pure black into the image, to give you the best average for viewing on the screen. This explains why people seem to be "emerging" from the pure white area where there is direct sunlight.
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