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Thread: The 'Mark of a Slave'.

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    Default The 'Mark of a Slave'.

    "Published on 5 May 2017 by Kieron Lee Perrin

    Don't take this as merely a 'Game of Soldiers', it-is-very-real, extremely-dark and extremely-sinister. Yet it's information as I see, which has to be conveyed, even though the consequences of it being pour moi are far from life enhancing - they're 'in fact' life threatening. People do tend to behave horribly towards others whom speak of things they don't like hearing you see, so indeed do the people behind the systematic manner in which my life has been manipulated since likely the day I was born. Yeah ... 'The Child Slavers'.

    Get this: I am not seeking popularity, I am seeking justice. I am seeking nothing which shouldn't rightfully happen, I want money from nobody and I intend to present The State with no other option other than to act regarding my circumstances. By way of exposure, and by way of the truth.

    Also, register that I am and never have been anything to do with an organisation known as WORLDCACH. Apart that is, from raising money for them via an independent source so that they may have a presence at a conference in Poland - which was on initially encountering them. Though since said time certain members of this 'group' have done nothing but behave like a pack of Hyena's in attacking me in any way they seemingly can. As has a certain Miles Johnston of Bases fame since my first encountering him too. Neither have permission to use my name, both are continuing to, so please bear this in mind when ingesting their bullsh*t. My blog is where I'm intent on elaborating on this mind, so check my next post .."

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