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Thread: Cosmic Weather Report - Turning Karma to Grace

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    Default Cosmic Weather Report - Turning Karma to Grace

    On June 1st the hellish planet Pluto enters 19 Capricorn and stays there all month. This precinct splits humanity into its darkest and brightest sections, a point in the zodiac that, with a single glance, conjures angels and demons.

    At the same time, the shaman of higher love, Neptune, is slogging away in 15 Pisces, a degree that conjures swells of compassion out of the sea of folly.

    This clash between the Lord of Hell and the Shaman of Higher Love creates a back-and-forth tsunami that produces surges of dark paranoia and unconditional love. Each surge forward is followed by a regressive undertow, and every killing riptide produces a love blast out of mass delusion.

    Society is crumbling. Lie piles upon lie, outrage upon outrage. The soul is being sucked out of civilization by the super-rich feeding upon the middle class and the poor, aided by political parties held sway by the corporate rule of the war machine.

    In a bizarre corruption of the founding fathers, U.S. corporations were granted constitutional rights as if they were individuals. These delusions of the super-rich have them snatching up vast mountain retreats and desert playgrounds where they imagine they'll be safe from the coming storm. And the corporate media licks their boots.

    When will the insane people in charge realize that we all live on the same planet and breathe the same air? When will it get through their twisted brains that every molecule of water that was here at the dawn of earth is still here?

    The irony of our time is that things had to get this bad to awaken the good sleeping in the soul of the species. Way down deep, below the lies of politicians and the media, beneath the blindness and bigotry of the war machine that keeps people in different nations from banding together to realize how we're all being screwed, a force of progressive change is rising.

    As intense as things are getting on the world stage, i feel a great relief that the numbness is finally wearing off, the fake world is splitting at the seams, and we at last begin the work of getting on to something real.

    The Hell in each of us says it can't be done, we can't overcome the darkness of our time. and the Shaman of Higher love says, Open your heart. Clear your mind. Move forward. In such big and little ways we turn karma into grace.

    from Mark Borax
    Soul Level Astrologer
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