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Thread: The Destruction of Russia - Understanding the history of Russia vs the West over the last two thousand years

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    Default The Destruction of Russia - Understanding the history of Russia vs the West over the last two thousand years

    JC Collins has a brilliant new article out, The Destruction of Russia.

    He places the current demonization of Russia in the context of a struggle going back at least two thousand years, between the Russia and its various allies, and the "Western Bankers" who descend from the Greco and Roman empires and whose power now extends over much of the world, including China's financial and political leadership, and the dominant Muslim religion, Sunni.

    Both World War's I and II had as one of their motives the destruction of the Russian heritage, control of their resources, and control of land trade routes across the largest continent, Eurasia. The major monotheistic religions, Christian, Jewish and Muslim, have all been major instruments in this struggle, as have the major political and financial institutions.

    The current "It's the Russians" farce in US politics is just one small chapter in this long history.

    JC Collins article begins:
    Quote Understanding the Sunni Invasion of Europe

    There is one nation in the world which stands in opposition to all that has been developed and built by the international banking interests. For thousands of years the power structure behind these interests have failed at invading, infiltrating, re-engineering, or transforming the culture and demographic of this one nation.

    At least since the time of the Hittites in the land of Canaan these interests have been successful in all their endeavours and schemes to invade, conquer, murder, enslave, empire build, and rape resources around the world. The good which has stood in opposition to this vileness has existed in symbols and actions since the beginning of recorded history, and now finds itself in a final defensive position with but a few allies outside its borders.

    The world adversarial force of which we speak is as much a part of material existence as that which has fought against it. This force has worn various convenient masks throughout history and uses those masks as a method of distraction to consolidate opposition into pre-arranged frameworks which can be destroyed or transformed as desired.

    Individual human beings unknowingly align with one side or the other through subconscious and natural decision making processes. These processes are manipulated and managed to further develop and grow the composition and influence of the world adversarial force. But be careful you are not sold on the false mask as it is designed as a mental and emotional trap from which the spiritual opposition is caged and turned into a beast of burden.

    This great battle has been fought across thousands of years and has spanned the rise and fall of all the worlds empires and revolutions. Weapons and tactics used have been everything from rocks, fire, religion, swords, catapults, the printing press, artillery, airplanes, tanks, ships, rockets, art, cultural and socioeconomic engineering, capital flows and economic sanctions, medical methodologies, information technology, and now the THAAD and other supersonic missile systems.
    JC Collins intends to write more on this, concluding for now in this article with:
    Quote The military build up from Eastern Europe, though the Middle East and Central Asia, and into Eastern Asia with military bases in Japan and South Korea, are creating a parameter of offensive capability which will inevitably be used against Russia in a two or three pronged invasion. Though Russia has recently been getting closer to North Korea, this is likely a false-narrative meant to entrap the Russians in a dual-diplomacy dead end. Such tactics have been used since the time of Charlemagne and the Khazars.

    China has mobilized ballistic missiles on its border with Russia. This would seem pointless based on the range but that would suggest something else is being intended. Russia has been mobilizing on its border with North Korea, at the same time they are suppose to be getting friendly. Under the facade and behind the mask everyone knows something else is going on.

    The international banking interests are planning to isolate and destroy Russia, and Russia is planning to defend its interests. This has been going on for over a thousand years in Eastern Europe. The same sides and alliances exist today which existed then. The pattern is well defined and some leading indicators could give us an idea of how it all may turn out.

    This article is a simple introduction to the thesis and concept we will be discussing in future articles. There are symbols and methodologies which we can trace back thousands and thousands of years to define the division between the world adversarial force and the power of human rightness. The madness of human history begins to make more sense when we view it through this timeless framework. All people who seek human rightness should support Russia in this battle. The patience and intelligence they are showing is a testament of the human spirit to survive. While armies and navies build up on their border and around their oceans, they have threatened no one. That alone should tell us everything we need to know.
    It's well worth a read: The Destruction of Russia

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    Default Re: The Destruction of Russia - Understanding the history of Russia vs the West over the last two thousand years

    Paul, I haven`t read the article (which i will do later) but let me give you something to think upon, are you aware along with all the readers on this site that there is a blockade of information from the Russia (I don`t mean just current country, I mean that whole area of the world) for the last 2000 years?

    Nothing was allowed to come to the west as information or truth or art or anything...merely tidbits came in a form of fear from the Big Bear...
    The truth about planet Earth, technologies out of this time and place, culture and influence upon the whole planet came from there...before the modern country of Russia as we know it ever since the late 18th century.

    Greek empire, Roman empire and their descendants completely twisted the truth, even about themselves and what they were.
    I am looking forward reading the article.

    Do not be surprised that soon people in the west will be shocked when the truth is revealed, people on the east will be shocked as well.
    Nothing is as it seems.
    Love, love and see what happens!



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    Default Re: The Destruction of Russia - Understanding the history of Russia vs the West over the last two thousand years

    in my opinion the best orthographic sources about how the manipulation of Czarist Russia (it's last stand) and subsequent destruction of Russia leading to Communism are:

    "The Russian Origins of the First World War" by Sean McMeekin

    "Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War" by Gerry Docherty/Jim Macgregor (absolutely the most/greatest history book ever written!!!)-


    Nick Kollerstrom's "How Britain Initiated Both World Wars"-


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