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Thread: Is Antarctica the Key to Controlling the Weather?

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    Default Is Antarctica the Key to Controlling the Weather?

    Is Antarctica the Key to Controlling the Weather?


    July 2, 2017 ...... 12:55 Mins

    In this video Melissa shows when the weather modification was talked about in main stream media in the late 50's, in the days of the Cold War, how the government's expert changed his mind on the ramification of this endeavor and was heart attacked at the age of 51, Disney's propaganda film on it, the disappearance from the public of Dr. Harry Wexler’s work. Dr. Wexler was the chief scientist of the United States. He warned the D.O.D. of the dangers and was rewarded it appears, with his early demise.


    By Melissa Dykes

    In this video, Melissa Dykes of TruthstreamMedia.com explores the history of
    weather modification from Antarctica and reveals that current technology located
    on the mysterious continent appears to still be in operation.

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    Default Re: Is Antarctica the Key to Controlling the Weather?

    Excellent video!

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