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Thread: Cosmic Weather Report - The Gift of Karma

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    Default Cosmic Weather Report - The Gift of Karma

    The summer of 2017 in the Year of the Rooster offers us a chance to open telepathic frequencies to the greater blueprint of what's going on. At such times when the dominant view from the culture is delusional we need this greater view. Many of the symptoms used to diagnose a person having a psychotic break from normalcy can be applied to our species right now - the human race is in the midst of a psychotic breakdown, and this is the time to look beyond the normal signposts and guidelines for operating instructions on what to do next.

    The Rooster Summer is ripe with counter forces marshaling to break us out of the prison of modern consciousness that has become too deranged to take seriously. The inmates are running the asylum, yet the gods (so to speak) have not abandoned us, and many human beings are using the acute pressures of the age to awaken to what they're really here to do.

    This July is filled with an unusually high amount of challenging aspects to middle and outer planets, testing you to see how closely the life you're living aligns with the one you were born to live.

    Nine rigorous angles include five quincunxes, two oppositions and two squares - form a barrage of energies that keep checking and re-checking to get a celestial message through our thick heads that we're here for a purpose. This purposing test will become most acute for those whose daily lives are further from their soul purpose than those whose life more closely reflects their soul's purpose.

    If your life is pretty much aligned with what you came here to do, the cosmic gang-up will jet you to the next level or phrase of your higher purpose. If you haven't gotten your daily act in service of your higher intentions, July's going to wring you through a karmic rinse cycle that will buffet you around and around the purposelessness of existence until you pop out the other side.

    But karma is not the method the gods use to punish us for sins committed in this life and past lives - it's the method they use to bring you back to yourself when you wander, to grab your attention when life seduces you off purpose, to awaken you in the places you've gone to sleep.

    Karma is the love of the universe in action, because your karma is the one thing in space and time that refuses to ever give up on you - even when everyone else gives up on you, even when you give up on yourself - and offers you yet one more chance to bust loose of your old dysfunctional patterns.

    The way it does this is by sending you repeat patterns designed to make you recognize how the way you think, feel and act has contributed to the strange things happening within you and all around you. In such a way we graduate from being at the mercy of seemingly uncontrollable outer forces to becoming fully engaged co-creators with an organic, intelligent universe.

    Excerpted from Mark Borax - Soul Level Astrologer - July 2017 forecast
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