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Thread: Details related to the Energy Science & Technology Conference

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    Default Details related to the Energy Science & Technology Conference

    In this twitter post Aaron Murakami - free energy research pioneer & World's premier publishers of advanced energy sciences and host of the exclusive Energy Science & Technology Conference - links to information about 2017 year's conference.

    On that same site you can find the link to subscribe to his RSS feed where you get rare exclusive information relating to things in the free energy research field.

    Aaron Murakami's Energytimes RSS feed

    This feed links to for instance rare information such as Eric Dollard's latest invention - the musical seismograph.
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    Default Re: Details related to the Energy Science & Technology Conference

    John Bedini and Peter Lindeman, familiar names that interest me no more. Peter had a book with tons of free energy devices supposedly, invested lots of time reading and replicating some of them. some of them works like the rain detector for example. More of a nuisance to me.
    To would be free energiers, my advice is to conduct your own research on your own garage lab based on your observations not on what is publish on the net. The ones that keeping the free energy from us owns the web I supposed.

    wondering what happened to Keshe free energy that had some people scrambling.
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