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Thread: A view from Tintin around the theme of objective inheritance, hacking and fake news

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    Default A view from Tintin around the theme of objective inheritance, hacking and fake news

    “About IP addresses, you can just make them up. Do you know how many specialists there are now?” (Vladimir Putin to Megyn Kelly, 2017)

    One of Donald Trump’s prime roles as the President of the Corporation of the United States of America (USA Inc.) as any effective CEO would do in any other business (remember America is not the same as the USA business conglomerate run from, and owned by, The Crown Corporation in the Inner Temple of the Ciry of London) is to undertake the strategic objectives of the Board who determine policy.

    One of these policies is to neuter the internet and to effect global censorship roll-out, thereby stifling the flow of any information that runs counter to the corporation’s objectives, maybe mirroring that of China and the prototype (test-run) model now in place in Turkey, Here’s a piece from George Herbert Walker Bush addressing the UN on September 11th 1990 at 9.09pm (note the date) on the subject of objectives:

    “The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times our fifth objective – a new world order – can emerge….”

    'Our fifth objective' leaps out doesn't it? The 'our' is whoever is behind the business, company, the USA Inc.

    The inquisitive reader may be inclined toward wondering what the first four presumably already achieved objectives were - 3 of which presumably those laid out by Albert Pike in the 1870s, yes, 1870s (three global conflicts pitting Britain against Germany, the West against Russia, and Christianity against Islam would constitute a likely three of four of these) or indeed how many other objectives there are in the wings.

    The point and thrust here being that Donald Trump is a stark-staringly obvious part of, and willing participant in, a plan, an objective, obvious to any of us who have been researching for some time and probably not news to many of us here in the forum. Anybody would be absent of sound mind to think that this ‘selected’ as opposed to ‘elected’ individual would be at all a positive thing for humanity. The sirens rang way before the 2016 election. This is a very dangerous individual - please remain vigilant.

    On hacking and fake news:

    A very important point to make here is that what appear to be external hacks are more likely than not, INTERNALLY ORCHESTRATED attacks originating within rogue or specifically tasked agency compartments as a collaboration of US, UK and Israeli agencies. Most if not all these 'attacks' are inside jobs; classic false flags (as is the president of USA Inc. – a false flag president).

    An example: Russia had absolutely nothing to do with fixing US election results, AT ALL. Please stop being confused. This is a western MSM piece of fake news, (and blatant propaganda) that which DJT purports to being against but who is a prime proponent of: this remember is one of his purposes. Not for one moment did I or do I suspect that they, Russia, had any involvement at all. Your usual culprits are likely to be associated USAmerican, British, and Israeli, not Russian.

    MSM (fake) news in the west is a perpetual and addicted liar spewing untruths at just about every turn and opportunity. To provide some balance and objectivity to all this dissonant white noise and apparent confusion (or intellectual surrender and suspension of critical thought in the masses) here’s a little something from Vladimir Putin in interview with Megyn Kelly which should set the record straight, finally, and dispel some of the din around 'hacking' and who is actually responsible - know your real enemy and it certainly isn't Russia.

    - So, what's the good news Tintin?
    - The good news is that my next thread will be an opportunity for folk to protest their right to an open internet and a stop on further state intrusion: watch, and more importantly still, participate in that space.

    Here is the link to that: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/show...t-Surveillance

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