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Thread: Charlottesville - Fake White Supremacists & NGO Money Hard at Work

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    Default Re: Charlottesville - Fake White Supremacists & NGO Money Hard at Work

    Quote Posted by Baby Steps (here)
    in the following, connections between the 'Unite the Right' psi op and leftist agitators are made.

    Police stand down instructions are detailed.

    I think 'unite the right' is totally fake- as it assists to create the delusion that the Trump movement is mainly or partly about white supremacism, whereas , at it's best it is about ceasing confrontation with Russia, returning democratic accountability to national checks & balances, uncovering the paedophile networks etc.

    Who wants us divided against ourselves? Not Americans, not black or white Americans that is. But the actual enemy is one who has built what appears to me like a huge emotional, frequency-wave impulse one-minded bee-hive which when interfering into people minds is like dropping a cloud of heroine on everyone. "Targeted individuals" are saying that it is the American government, but it isn't. We are being pushed around like tin soldiers on a chessboard by insane Babylonians who are jealous and covetous of what we have, and who we are. They use this technology in their own Babylonian countries to control their women to remain in burkhas. But now they are trespassing on our people and turned the emotion to unrest. They can also turn off certain logical parts of the brain so that people's thinking is not bright enough to find a better solution. They do this to dumb down their Babylonians in their nation so that they won't be brilliant enough to find a way out of their situation. We have ways to address greivances of any kind here in the U.S. and they need to be used properly and peacefully. In doing so the bad apples will be weeded out through firing, through prosecution, through voting for someone else.....but the Enemy does not want us to realize that OUR Foundation is correct and intact; it is being occupied by invaders who want us to turn against our own Constitution etc our own people, so as to not look at the REAL enemy: the invaders, ISIS, with their emotion-control device and other weapons. One of the distributors of these weapons is here in Sacramento County. I caught him in the act and turned him in to the FBI. I believe he has diplomatic immunity though, so I don't know how that works. Some diplomacy!!!Disgusting.

    These ISIS people and leaders first name is Framejobber, middle name is False Witness, last name is Perfidy.

    As the Bible says, "Do not be quickly shaken from your reasoning."
    and, "Do not forget or leave the love that you had at first." "Safeguard thinking ability and safeguard the heart." The founding fathers of this country, U.S., were holding Bibles when they put our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and 3 Branches of government together (Executive, Legislative, Judicial), and declared us a Republic. A Republic, not a Democracy to prevent mob rule. (not to be confused with voting party of democrat or republican)
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