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Thread: TROIKA Group | Remote Viewing Projects

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    Default Re: TROIKA Group | Remote Viewing Projects

    Quote Posted by Scottoz (here)
    "Naturally, a followup campaign could be ran based on answering the "why" question. I am not sure if I read correctly, but I thought I saw somewhere in this thread that Troika said they would not be following up on this topic (although perhaps if it was another topic).

    I cannot imagine why this would be the case. Answering the "why" question is so tempting".
    Hi Triquetra

    I would be interested in knowing more about the "why" aswell, maybe Troika will do some further work on the question.

    The facility may be operated by a group of 4D entities that may want a different outcome from this simulation this time round (or it could possibly be 5D entities that have slipped other entities into the 3D simulation to disrupt the state of play).

    Maybe there are 4D entities which are unhappy with being trapped in the time loop and the predator/prey relationship they have with us and harvesting our emotional energies. There could be a group of rebel 4D entities that are seeking a different outcome on this run of the simulation (this time round), so that they experience a different outcome, maybe a way out of their situation. Maybe they are sick of being trapped in the time loop cycles too.

    I agree with LadyM, I think it would be good to start a new thread to more fully explore the topic.


    Sounds like a plan. Will be getting set up for it. To answer your hypothesis, my impression is that all of what we are calling dimensional layers (3D, 4D, 5D) exist within the simulation. Although it is very real, ascension through dimensional layers is also simulated. It is no wonder why some would turn away from it upon discovering this. But ascension also plays into the very meaning for the simulation itself, the "why".

    The important thing in going through the process of getting the information out is looking at the very act of doing so from a different standpoint. Hopefully it will be as much an exercise in tunneling deep at the source and relay of an information stream as it is going through the information itself. The point of such an exercise is also part of the information provided, which was to familiarize ourselves with the kind of "quantum handshake" useful to distinguishing good information sources from bad ones.

    There are categories for bad sources masquerading as good ones, good sources with bad information, and finally good sources with good information. These all exist on a grayscale as well. Recognizing the difference is important moving forward into more interesting times ahead.

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    Default Re: TROIKA Group | Remote Viewing Projects

    Hi everyone,

    I found this interesting video from Brett Stuart who is a remote viewer so I thought I would share it here.

    In the video he talks about the concept of Moksha, a Sanskrit word that's defined as freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth.

    In this video he looks at the process of what happens when we die, there is quite a lot of RV data which he has collected which confirms what we have been discussing here on this and other threads, such as the 4D controllers and the soul trap layer which stops humans from leaving Earth upon their death and forces them back into the reincarnation cycle. He also discusses the presence of a soul net around the Earth which stops us leaving. This is operated by dark 4D service to self entities responsible for harvesting our soul energies which they capture so that they can live in a timeless immortal state.

    When we die, our souls are in a confused and vulnerable state and easily trapped. He also confirms that it is a bad idea to go towards the light upon your time of death, this is also part of the trap and the whole process is very automated etc. I have always wondered about this and was a little bit suspicious about entering the light (I think it is a bit like an insect light trap but this is a trap for the soul).

    Overall, I found some of Brett's insights quite interesting and it seems to confirm some of our thoughts which we have discussed in this and other threads on how the process works. It also offers some additional insights on how this soul recycling and energy harvesting process works.



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