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Thread: Kidnapped by Bigfoot: The curious case of Albert Ostman

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    Default Kidnapped by Bigfoot: The curious case of Albert Ostman

    I remember reading about this incident when I was 12 years old (shortly after I became obsessed with the Sasquatch phenomenon). Albert Ostman was a prospector who was kidnapped by a family of Bigfoot back in 1924 (picked up in his sleeping bag and carried off from his campsite and held captive for a couple days). This story always made me curious. I suspect he was kidnapped for the purpose of mating with Sasquatch's daughter, though that is merely conjecture on my part. I've done many searches on You Tube over the years for this story and found snippets of info. The following clip was only posted in the last few weeks. It's a very well known case among Bigfoot enthusiasts. Enjoy...

    Dave - Toronto

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