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Thread: Revelation 12 Sign - September 9, 2017

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    Default Re: Revelation 12 Sign - September 9, 2017

    The pearls of Wisdome.

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    Default Re: Revelation 12 Sign - September 9, 2017

    That's from the Enuma Elish, the Sumerian genesis story. That is not Sitchin's work. Although he goes into great detail from many directions about that topic. One of the main contentions I have with Wade Frazier is that he takes a far too literal view of reality. He believes in the geological sciences and their immutability - that the time clock can be run backwards like a tape to reveal the history of the planet with no anomalies and no unknown or unanticipated events. To me that is patently false. Even the work with the human lineage is well short of the mark, in my opinion, because what happened to humans is not natural selection or any sort of natural adaptation. We were engineered - but that can't be allowed or even considered because science does not believe in aliens. So the theories try to make sense of an event that was not natural, making a mockery of our human journey by concocting an explanation that does not fit the facts.

    Too short a post to understand the meaning, Lifebringer. It seems relevant but I'm not making the connection?...
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    Default Re: Revelation 12 Sign - September 9, 2017

    Well, September 9, 2017 has passed and nothing happened. However, there's still the planetary and star alignment on September 23, 2017 - the sign of the woman in labor pains. I'll be looking toward that date!
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    Default Re: Revelation 12 Sign - September 9, 2017

    More here... So many movies with 239 in... Just saying


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