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Thread: Weaponising the Weather

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    Default Re: Weaponising the Weather

    Quote Posted by gnostic9 (here)
    A brief history of geoengineering, and a focus on ground based cloud forming stations. Very interesting video, may 24/2017. Published by, aplanetruth.info
    Overall, I thought this video was good, in that it offered information that really has not been focused on enough by the other anti-geoengineering people, like Dane Wigington at GeoengineeringWatch and Patrick Riddie at Stop Spraying Us, specifically the cooling towers and how and what they contribute to the unnatural weather as well as the role of weather radar, such as NEXRAD.

    The video relied a lot on WeatherWar101's YouTube presentations, which I started to watch yesterday. WeatherWar101 has a video on its channel, which I have not watched yet, titled Hurricane Maria: Mike Adams – Dane Wigington Interview Fraud. Aplanetruth's video does not put Dane in the best of lights, either.

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